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PONTYPRIDD INTELLIGENCE. CHARGE OF OBTAINING MONEY BY FALSE PRE- TENCES.—At the petty-sessions, on Wednesday (before the Rev. D. Williams, Mr. A. H. Jackson, and Dr. Leigh.)—George Francis Price, accountant. Pontypridd, was charged with obtaining £10 from W. Clements, wine and spirit merchant, Gloucester, under false pre- tences, on the 10th November last. Mr. D. W. Davis prosecuted, and Mr. Simons appeared for Price. The witnesses on both sides were ordered out of court. The first witness called was the prosecutor, William Clements, who said: I live at Gloucester, and am an auctioneer and accountant. I was formerly in the wine and spirit trade. Some time ago I had a corres- pondence with Mr. Price relative to tbt) Railway Inn, Llant.wit. I received the letter produced, dated Nov. 6, from Price. In consequence I met him at Treforest station on the 10tn of November, and drove with him to the Railway Inn. We went over the house, made inquiries, and called on the owner of the house. Mr Morgan, the landlord, was not at home. Mrs Morgan was at home. Mr. Price said to her we had come to look over the bouae; she said she knew nothing about, it. I then asked him what authority he ha-i for letting the house. He said, "I received a letter from Thomas Morgan yesterday morning, and he wishes nu- particularly to let the house quickly, as he is not com- fortable at Maesteg, so far from his wife and children." I then took an inventory of everything in the house. I saw the owner of the house again, to see if he would accept me as tenant. Mr. Harry is the owner, and lives next door. He was unwIlling to treat with me in the absence of Mr. Morgan. Price then repeated what he had said before, about having received a letter from Mr. Morgan, authorising him to let the house. By the Bench: Did you see this letter?—IMo. —The landlord then agreed to let me have the house. I then asked Price what he really wanted for the house. He saio he was instructed to ask £100, but would take XSO I agreed to give him £ 80. This took place in the Railway Inn. He left to speak to Mrs. Morgan, came back, and said Mrs. Morgan objected to sell the beds. It was then arranged that I should be allowed B10 for not taking the beds. An agreement was then written out by me, and signed by Price, whereby the contents of the house (except the beds) were sold for £ 70. I paid Price £ 10 as a deposit, and he signed a receipt on the agreement. About a fortnight afterwards 1 met Price by appointment again at 1 reforest Station. I was going to Llantwit to take possession and settle. I wanted hira to come with me, He said he couldn't, as he had important business up the Rhondda Valley. I said, I hope it's all right." He said, Oh yes, but if they should want £9 or JE10 more I advise you to give it; as you had the house very cheap; they are making some bother about it." I then said, "Have you made the deposit all right and paid it over?' He said, Yes, 1 have made it all right; you need not trouble about it," or words to that eftect. I proceeded to Llantwit alone, and found that Mr. Morgan repudiated the arrangement. I was obliged to make a fresh agree- ment with Mr. Morgan, and pay him an increased sum. I have not had the deposit returned. Cross-examined He first saw Mr. Morgan when he went to take posse s- sion. Mr. Morgan said he had instructed D. Evans, auctioueer, to dispose of the business. He did not say that Price was acting as clerk for Mr. Evans. Mr. Morgan said he could not let the business for the sum agreed for with Mr. Price. There was a meeting after- wards at Mr. Spickett's office, about the middle of December. Mr. Morgan said there that he author sed Mr. David Evans to advertise, and let the business. Mr. Evans was to have attended the meeting, but was not present. In the end of September, or the beginning of October, witness told Price that he would give him a bonus of £5 for getting him a good house. Had not to the best of his recollection promised him a commission for finding tenants for houses. He had paid Price £5 commission for getting him the Railway Inn, Llantwit, on the 18th November, the same day as he paid Price £10 deposit. Never promised Price £10 for getting him a house. On the same day of the meeting at Pont- ypridd, witness went te the Wheatsheaf with Price. Did not promise him a commission if he found a tenant for the Railway Inn. Sundry letters from Price were handed to witness, who admitted having received then). He met Price afterwards, after he had seen Mr. Mor- gan. Price might have said it was a scheme of David Evans to get the commission instead of himself. He did say that he had had a quarrel with David Evans. Price said to Mrs. Morgan "This (pointing to witness) is the gentleman to whom I have let the bouse." Did not hear anything of Evans until he went to Llantwit the second time.—Thomas Morgan, (Llyfnwy) landlord of the Railway Inn, repudiated all connection with Price as his agent; gave him no power or authority to act, for him. Never heard a word about the agreement with (dements until the 12th November. Never wrote a letter to Price in connection with the transfer, and never received any depo-it from Price. At an interview with Price in the Winstone's Hotel, and in the presence of a friend, witness stated that Price, in answer to a question, admitted that he had never bad any authority irom him to act as his agent in disposing of his house to Clements. At this stage of the proceedings it was deemed desirable to adjourn, as the remaining witnesses would in examination and cross-examination occupy more time than could be given to complete the case. The accused was remanded till Wednesday next.

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