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MESSRS; H. W. HARRIS AND TAYLOR'S NOTICES. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ARCHITECTS, SURVEYORS. HOUSE, ESTATE, AND GENERAL AGENTS, HAVE just REMOVED from their Offices, in 140, High Street, to the NEW AUCTION MART, Estate and Architect's Offices, in Court Street, Mertliyr, re- cently constructed to accommodate thetr lncreased Business. They beg to Inform the Public that »U mattert entnisted to their care will be punctually, promptly, and carefully attended to. Plans, Elevations, and Specifications Prepared. Works in all Branches of the Building Trade Measured and Valued. QUANTITIES TAKEN OUT FOB ESTIMATES, &0. Railway and other Shares Bought or Bold, and daily Prices obtained on application. Offices: Court Street, Merthyr Tydfil. 6021 TO THE GENTRY, PROFESSIONAL AND AMATEUR GARDENERS, & OTHERS. J) U T 0 H B U L 1J S. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR RESPECTFULLY announce that they have just jEt reoeired direct from Holland their annual supply of the best DUTCH BULBS, consisting of a selected assortment of Double and Single Hyacintht, Narcissus, Tulips, Crocus, Iris, Jonquils, Double and Single Anemonias, Ranunculus, Liliums, ftc., 4c. An early inspection of the above at their Offices, Court-street, Merthyr Tydfil, will be esteemed a favour. Auctioneers' Offices, September 18th, 1873. 5999 MB. DANIEL DAVIES' NOTICE. Established 24 Years. MR. DANIEL DAVIES, AUCTIONEER AND GENERAL BUSINESS AGENT, 19, IVOR STREET, DOWLAIS. 6076 THE WANT OF THE AGE SUPPLIED. HOW often do we hear the remark, I don't feel V«1 and how many persons pass the whole of their lives in that unpleasant condition! WHAT IS THE REASON Simply this: The stomach la allowed to get out of order, and the whole sysUui is consequently deranged. Medloal airlce Is frequently postponed till a serious illness supervenes, and if the health is restored, it is often after much suffering, and always with the unpleasant addition of A DOCTOR'S BILL. How is this to be Prevented1 The experience of nearly half a century has proved that in KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS may be obtained a safe and efficient remedy for ALL DISEASES, that taken in time, they will prerert, and by their use, in variably cure, all complaints. They are cheap, accessible to all and from their vegetable composition, they PURIFY THE BLOOD by an easy and expeditions process To heads of familis hey are invaluable, as, where they are used, NO OTHER MEDICINE IS REQUIRED. Prepared solely by JOHN KITJ, Esq., of Prospect Hall, Woodford, Essex. Sold by all Medicine Vendort at la. lid to. Od., and Wi. Od. Wholesale Depot, 22, Bread street, London. 6062 ATTTATVTTC REMEDIES FOR THE v AFFLICTED. DR. ROBERTS'S CELEBRATED OINTMENT CALLBD THE POOR MAN'S FRIEND," Is confidently recommended to the Public as an unfailing remedy for wounds of every description, for ulcerated sore legs, even if of twenty years' standing cuts, burns, scalds, bruises, chilblains, scorbutic eruptions, pimples on the face, 6ore and inflamed eyes, sore heads, sore breasts, pllas, fistula, and caneerous humours, Ac. Sold in pots, Is. lid., 2&. Cd., lie.. aud 2fs. each. Also his PILULA ANTISCHOPHULJB, confirmed by glxty yeare' experience, to be one of the beat alterative Keaieines ever compounded for purifying the blood, and asisting nature in aU her operations. Hence they are used In scrofula, scorbutic complaints, glandular swelling, parti- cularly those of the neck, Ac. They form a mild aL ¡ ouperior family aperient that they may be talten at all times without conflnemeut or change of diet. Sold in boxes at Is. lid., 28. id., 40. Gd., 110., and !2.. Sold ky the Proprietors, BEACH and BARNICOTT, at their Dispensary, Bridport, and by all respectable medicine vendors. -6062 We J. WHILE, DISPENSING CHEMIST, 128, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, RESPECTFULLY invites attention to his Amiirra GLOBULES," a substitute for Castor Oil, his latest speciality. Being tasteless and very small the Globules are a great boon to ladiee. who object to the taste of that medicine. Sold In boxes at If. each. Also to the fol- lowing amongst many of his Proprietary Articles;—Syrup of Camphor, for COugM. Colds, &c., is an invaluable remedy for all affections of the bronchial tubes. Sold in bottles, Is. lid.-Seres-Tersiscum-a new combination of Sarspa- rilla with Dandelion. A most efficacious alterative, tonic, and purifier of the blood. 0077 TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. Just published for two stamps. HOW TO EN8URB HEALTH. By Dr. BARKIS, M.D. (U.S.) A TREATISE on the LAWS GOVERNING LIFI, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS, and TREAT- MENT of all Diseases depending on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical De- pression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises ia the Heed and Xars, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirlte, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self- Distruet, Ditttneee, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and many other atlmeont. which, if neglected, bring the sufferers to an early Death. Together with Hints on Chronic Rheuma- tism, Gout, Neuralgia, Epilepsy. Hysteria, and all diseases of the nervous and alimentary system. The Appendix to this valuable work contains many useful PKXSCXIPIIONS for the alleviation of suffering and the cure of minor disorders, with full instructions for their prepara- tion and use.. Contains also some friendly advice on Hygiene, or the WAY TO PRESERVE HEALTH. Illustrated by numerous testimonials from grateful patients who have been restored to health through the author's instru- mentality. S*nt post free for 2 stomps; or by letter post 3 stamps. gr Address, Dr. J. A. BAMM, 48, Lonsdale-square, Barns- bury, London, N. 6059 CONSUMPTION AND SCROFULA. TO Avoid and Cure them, address, enclosing seven stamps, to JOSH. D. PHILLIPS, [6014 5, LOVEIX'S-COUBT, PATERNOSTER-ROW, LONDON, E.C JBIL L-POSTIN G I~N MERTHYR. CHRISTOPHER PULMAN, Bill-POSTEB & TOWN e CRIER, 17, Victoria-street, Merthyr, undertakes Bill-posting and Distributing throughout the town and neighbourhood. 605C All Orders by Post or otherwise carefully attended to. 2696 AGENTS SELL (PURE TEA, f SECURED IN TINFOIL PACKETS. It is free from all mineral colour, or other adulteration — and therefore wholesome and invigorating — of great strength and delicious flavour -consequently very economtcal. ———i_ Qualities from 2/- to 4/ per ib. f Sold by authorized Agtnts (Chemists, Confcc, tioners, &c.) throughout tht Metropolis and iff Marly cvtry Town and Village in the Kingdom. LOCAL AGENTS:- MERTHYR LEWIS, Chemist, Georgetown: WHILE, Chemist, 128, High Street.) A hp-ram an £ ims, chemist Morriston, Bevan, Post Office Evans, chemist Pontlettyn^Davies, Post Office Wiis, Rees, ch4mist „ Emanuel, confectioner Taff 9 H ell, Williams 35bbw Vale, Jones, chemis Tredegar, Jenkiru, chemist Birwa hemist Troedyrhiw, Knox, chemist Birwa hemist Troedyrhiw, Knox, chemist JOHNSON, JOHNSON, & Co., Wholesale Tea Dea Southwark, Londwrn, 13.4 6109 NOTICES. 98, HIGH STREET (NEXT BOOB TO THE CASTLE HOTEL), MERTHYR- AUTUMN AND WINT EE FASHIONS. M. SAMUEL J^TSSPECTFULLY luforma the Public that he is now showing the Latest Novelties in MILLIKEBY, DRESSES, JACKETS, MANTLES, SHAWLS, SKIRTS, FURS, &c. 6009 SHOW-ROOM IS OPENED THIS DAY (FRIDAY), OCTOBER 24TH. GEORGE LONGDEN & SON, NEEPSEND GANNISTER MILLS, SHEFFIELD, AND MYERS LANE GANNISTER AND FIRE CLAY WORKS, LOXLEY. GEOUND GKATN NI8TBR Of special and selected descriptions for Lining- Steel Melting Furnaces Foundry Cupolas Gas Furnaces and Retorts BewWier Brast Casters' Furanaces Furnaces generally Puddling Furnaces Metal Furnaces BEsT GANNISTBB, UNGROUND, IN LUMPS. COMMON GANNISTER, UNGROUND, IN LUMPS. GANNISTBB FIRE CLAY, UNGROUND. 6078 W. T. G-BIFFITHS, IRONMONGER, MERTHYR, Begs to announce that he has a LARGE STOCK OF KITCHEN RANGES By Eminent Makers. THESE Articles ere highlyappreciated at all times by those who use them, but especially so now that Coal -1. WfK) scarce and dear. They are clean, easily managed, efficient and economical, saving theircost in a short time. b 147, HIGH STREET, NEAR THE CROWN INN. 6025 ARTIFICIAL TEETH. H. W. GRIFFITHS, SURGEON DENTIST, (And Assistant for a considerable period to Mr. T. Rees,) BESP.ECTFULLY inform* the Public of Merthyr, Aberdare, and Neighbourhood, that he may be con- salted professionally, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, AT 3A, Victoria-sweet, Merthyr. All operations in Dentistry ca and skilfully performed. Artificial Teeth, guaranteed to answer all the purposes nt Natural Teeth, supplied at Mode- rn Chsrges. Children's Teeth regulated. Consultations Free. The most careful attention paid to all orders. Charges Strict Moderate. 6KT ADDRESS—3A, VICTORIA STREET. 6027 WHY GO TO BRISTOL, AND rA Y MORE? THE "TELEGRAPH" STEAM PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES 50, HIGH STREET, (OPPOSITE THE M:A.E.K:ET SQUARE,) MERTHYR TYDFIL. RETAIL STATIONERY WAREHOUSE, 49A, HIGH-STREET, P. _"W" ILLIAM S ANNOUNCES that having every facility, which Steam Machinery and the Employment of the most, Competent Workmen can render, tor the execution of Printing Orders, he respectfully solicits a continuance of public t«trot)(ce. His Charge# forFoulera, Bill Heads, Circulars, aiid every Kind of Priutin^ Woik, aie as Mofieifite as any in the district, end it least ten per cent, lower then the usual Bristol prices. For the Expedition in the execniicn of Plint- ing Work. the TELEGRAPH PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT will bear favourable comparison with al,y Printing Cilice either in Bristol or the Principality whilst for COLOUR PRIKTIWG, Cards, Printed Headings, and work requiring special care and taste, the of the Establishment— embracing ss it does, an assortment of almost every Kind of Plain aud Fancy Type, and the engagement of a numerous staff of efficient Compositors—ensure these desirable advantages, DAT BOOKS ABD CASH BOOKS Of every size, binding, and thickness, always in stock; and Purchasers will find them as cheap as can reasonably be desired- TO THE TRADE. Printing, Binding, Ruling, Paging, and Perforating for the Trade, b At the TKLEQRAPH Printing Office, Merthyr Tydfil. Good Workmanship—Moderate CMrgee-and Promptitude in the Execution of Orders—have been the prominent features in the businses operations of this Establishment for the last Twenty Years. „ „ — .1.1. »• — Goods of the value of £2, and upwards, delivered Carriage Free at all Railway Stations iu South Walt;s. SOLE AGENT IN MERTHYR FOR THE EUREKA INKS. SCHOOLMASTERS & HEADS OF FAMILIES ARE respectfully invited to the STOCK of SCHOOL BOOKS and SOIiOOL APPARATUS at the TELEGRAPH Office. There are Primers, Reading Easies, Spelling Books, Grammars, Histories, Arithmetic Books, Geographies, and Dictior a ies also Slates, Exercise Books, and Copies, the latter ruled to any pattern, with or without headings, and adapted for the teaching of round, small, large,or angular hands. GENERAL STATIONERY. No Person studying economy will buy WRITING PAPEK by the quire. The Wholesale Purchaser buys his Reams by x« weight, and so does every Retail Purchaser who appreciates the maxim that a "Penny saved is a penny earned." PLAYING CARDS At various prices' fro Tenpence to Half-a-Cruwn per pack. GROCERS' SHOP BOOKS of every thickness, plain and interleaved, supplied at per gross or per dozen, at as cheap a rate as any respectable House in the Kingdom. THE BINDING DEPARTMENT HAS CAREFUL ATTENTION, and every means is adopted to secure Elegance aud Durability in the work produced. ACCOUNT BOOKS Ruled to pattern, and bound in every form of binding; paged and indexed CHEQUE BOOKS Of every description supplied, Numbered and Perforated: TO WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS. PENS, Ink, Envelopes, Paper, School Books, Books of Fate, Dream Books, Table Books, Valentines, Penholders and Pens, and Slate Pencils, supplied to Shopkeepers for Sale, and to Uawkeis, at Wholesale Prices. THE" TELEGRAPH PEN Has been a public favourite for the last twenty years. It is still unrivalled as a pen for common use, and "No pen can telll" its many merits. It is anti-corrosive, and is therefore more durable than any other kind of pen whilst for ease in wrting it is the neaxest approach to the (juill. Sold at 3d. per doz., or 2s. per gross. COLOUR BOXES (ENGLISH AND FOREIGN), From 6d. to 13s. each. Thesv- Colour Boxes, as supplied at the TELEGRAPH Offce, obtained the Prize of the Society of Arts, and are specially recommended by that Society for general use. SUNDAY SCHOOLS WILL find at the Retail Stationery Warehouse of the TELEGRAPH Office, a large number of Bibles and Testament (both English and Welsh), in plain and elegant bindings also a varied assortment of Reward Books, and Picture Reward Cards. There are likewise >«n aale Sunday School Instruction Books, of various kinds and prices. THE GROCERS' GUINEA AND HALF-GUINEA SHOP LEDGERS Either Single or Double IEnNY. are manufactured on the Premises, and are unsurpassed, at the r rke, in respect of size or quality. I or bvud value they are especially recommended. WRITING PAPER An excellent Quality can always be had at the ^TELEGRAPH Office, at is. per lb., and Envelopes at from 4d. to 6d. per 100. Those who purchase under this system save fully 50 per cent. THE TRAVELLED DRAPERS' POCKET LEDGERS Are made in all sizes, paged, land Ind exed, if desired. They are stronglybound, and calculated to bear "knocking about." jafUnttwjs Aw informed t Cards'tho asflortm^N. TEUW&A?H Oxnct will be found ample, -p H-A-ZtTG-IzcsTO-S To b* Sold Cheap at the TEUGBAPH Office. TEN ADDRESS;— ■ THE "TELEGfiAPH" PRIHTI(i6 AND STATIONERY ESTABLISHMENT 49a, and 50, liligh Street, Merthyr Tydfil. 6022 NOTICES. "WHEN yOU ASK FOR GLEN FIELD STARCH SEE THAT YOU GET IT, As Inferior Kinds are often Substituted for the sake of extra proflts. 60S8 "TCTTTIE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. CONSULT A LONDOX PHYSICIAN WITHOUT YEE. DR. HENRY SMITH, who has devoted twenty- five years exclusively to the treatment of Diseases of the Nervous ^j stem, resulting from Exhaustion of Nerve- power, the result of indiscretion, will, for the benefit of Pa- tients, who cannot consult him personally, on receiving a statement of tboir case, send by retuin a letter of advice with instructions, which, if followed, will ensure & cure. TESTIMONIALS TO DR. HENRY SMITH. Dr. Smith Ms received up to date March, 1873, Fourteen Hundred and Eighty-five written Testimonials from Patients who reside in the countrv in proof of his successful treatment, conducted by correspondence only. 1,Lir Address, Dr. II. SMITU, 8, Burton Crescent, London. Just published pos't free for two stamps, GUIDE TO HEALTH OR ADVICE AND IN- STRUCTIONS for the cure of Nervous Debility, by Dr. G STRUCTIONS for the cure of Nervous Debility, by Dr. HENRY SMITH, M.D., of the University of Jena, Author of Tle Volunteer's Manual,"&c. A Medical Work on the New Special Treatment, by Botanic Medicines only, of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lowness of Spirits, Indigestion, Dimness of Sight, Want of Energy, and Premature Decline, and all Diseases of the Nervous system, result ing- from exhaustion of Nervous Power. Gives Instructions for the Development and strengthening of the Human lclily. how to acquiretllealth and Strength, secure Long Life, and avoid the Infirmities of Old Age. Illustrated with Testimonials fivm grateful patients, with mieans of Cure used in each case. The Pamphlet will be sent free by Post to any address on receipt of two pennyf stamps. 1024 Address Dr. II. SMITH, S, Burton Crescent,fLondon. i, FOR PIGS L;- ARE an invaluable preparation for Inflammation, Distemper, Coughs and Colds, Wheeling, Difficulty of Breathing, Fevers of all kinds, Measles, Eruptions of the Skin, 1 tellings, Rheumatism in' the Limbs, Costiveness of the Bowels, Loss of Appetite and Condition, will improve their general health, and make them thrive and fatten better. Price Is. Del. per Dozen.—Pigs take them freely in their food. Read the following, selected from Hundreds of Testimonials:— 5 Lister Gate, Nottingham. Mr. Calvert,-Dear Sir,—We have a pig which was expected to die for three months, when a friend wished us to try your Powders, and through the use of the same it was restored to perfect health, and is now UPWARDS OF EIGHTY STONES WEKHIT. We have been the means of many others using them to the same advantage, which testimonials we can bring forward to your satisfaction.- We remain, Sir, yours &c. IJ. S. CLARKE & Co., Pork Butchers. Nottingham, Jan. 3rd. 1869. Mr. Covert,—DeM e are in receipt of your com- munication, and have seen the man who owns the Pig. The above statement is perfectly true.—We are, Sir, yours truly. PAltR & ATIIERTOK, Chemists. Ilutton Cranswick, Nov. 9th, 1871. Dear Sir,-T have use many medicines for pigs, but never found any to answer so well as Calvert's Pig Powders. They feed quicker when taking them, and I had one that took the SFCOND PRIZK at Driffield Show, which took the Powders for a fortnight before and now I have one seven weeks old weighing Five Stones, I can confidently recommend them.- (Signed) JOSTN PAKKES. — TO L. B. Ross, F.C.S., Esq., AYhoksale Agent Prepared only by J. H. CALVERT, Chemist, London and Sold by all Chemists and Village Shopkeepers in Wales. 6029 £ .nunent P/i $IC */T GE0Rge'S^V%> PTLE 4 GRATEL\\ £ | PILLS, TT | O V. pbopribto*, m jn k \J.E.GEORGE, M.E.P.SJ* i "■ HIRWAIN, ORGAII Thonffb you have safTcrediuiddempftlred ftr yes" and tried Remedies In vain, be aaewred tkere to still A safe and speedy cure rer yon at A ■■•all cost by USING GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAYEL PILLS, which are now recognised by all** being the best Medicine yet discovered for PILE AND GTCAVEI,, as well as for the following painS, wbiÙt in Ninety-nine Cases out of every Hmmdred, Mt caued by these painful Maladies i— PAIN IN THE BACK. FLATULENCY, GRIPING, COLIO, A SENSE OF WEIGHT IN THE BAOK AND LOINS. DARTING PAINS IN THE REGION OP THE HEART. LIVER. AND KIDNEYS. CONSTIPATION. PAINS IN THE THIGH.. SOMETIMES SHOOTING DOWN TO THE CALF OF THE LEO AND FOOT, SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION OF URINE. PAINS IN THE STOMACH. AND ALL LIVER COMPLAINTS. Thousands have been cured by these PW, at msay who bad been proaouaced hopeless, have beem theieachly restored to health by their use. ONE BOX WILL CONVINCE THE MOST SCBPZIOAL cø THEIR EFFICACY. In order to IUfl 2U who may be uterine from on or BOrB of tiuse Maladiet, the Proprietor preparti t\ii YMttabl* Remedy im the following fornu. No. l.—GBORGB'S PILE AND Q-BJKVBXI PILLB, NO. 2.—GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. Mo. 8.—GEORGE'S FILLS FOB THE PILES. Important Testimonial* will beformartUd to any addreu on receipt of a ttamptd emtiope. Sold in Boxes, Is. It.1t and 21. 9d., by all respectable ChemiiU. JVKRT BOX 18 PRT5BSTED BY TH* GOTEMJOCWTT STAMP. NOTICE.—The words PILE AND GIUYEL PRLLS" are Copyright, and entered at Stationers' Herti. LONDON HarcJay Sutton Kewbery Sanger Barron, Squire, & Co. BRISTOLCollins and Koper Pearce & (Jo.,&c. LIVEHI'OUL :-Eyans, Sous, and Co. Clay, Dodd, and Case Haimes and Co. 6030 PO ag INTMEN,T All sufferer? coughs colds, ss.hrna, and oreeular a.^on of the hratt are eamoiU rrecmmende.l. I ml. Holiday's ,c: rcbio.jGii.tiD.nt vv,U ^tr.nett'ronl br^t, and back, as ihe ca ;v >• twee a t-s.y. In\a.ias may confidently re>v uroi itie bun^iie al e-fer.? lese'tmsr Irom this treatment • this O.utnu-at.no n?o&t trustworthy remedy far all iuurna' aud [-stc-mal ."ilmcnta of ilie throat. Bad Legs, Pad Breasts Ulcers, Ab- scesses, "Wounds, and bores ot kinds. Mav bo A'oiooshly healed by the application of this Oint- nic.t o 'he rarts" t-lfteted, after they have been duly fomented withwarmws.er. Liuicr the action.of this powerful Ointment, Tided bvThe v'i"?, tl!C depraved humours of tho body WJH be i u'e^'v retroved even scrofulous mCers and foul eores, however old or inveterate can thus be cured. The Mother's Friend.-Skin Diseases however Desperate, may be Radically Curod. £ caldhe?d<; itch, b'ctehes on the skin, scrofu'Oul Eores or king's cvil, and buch like afieetions, yield to the mijhty pewer of this fine Oint ment, provided it be well rubbed around the rfleeted rarts .wo or three times a day, and the Pills be taken according to tbe punted directions. The rills and Ointment are sold at Ficfessor HOLLOWI.1 s Es'abl^hmcnt 533, Oxford-street, London; also by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine through-out the Ciri- S Worid in and PotB- at Hd-. 2s. 8d„ 4s. 6d., Us 2>s and 33s. each. The 2s. 9d. size contain- three the'IS 6d size sis, ^10 ll3- size sixteen, the 22B. siie thirty- three, aDd the 33°. eize fifty-two timei the quantity of a Is. ljd. Box or Pot. The smallest Bosof Pil, contains four dozen; and the smallest Hot of Ointment one o .nee. Fun printed direct-ons are affised to .-aeh Box and Pot, and can be had iu any language, even in Turk.ih, Arabic, Armenia*, Persizuis Qr Chinese, NOTICES. I REDUCTION IN PRICES | T W. GUNN BEGS to draw attention to Messrs. W & A GILBF/Y S J J • new Book of Prices (a copy of which will be supplied on application), and has great pleasure in notifying a reduction in the price of the following "TINES & SPIRITS, upon which an increase took J place in the course of last year, and also the addition of some new brands, which wi;l be found worthy the attention of consumers ARTICLES REDUCED IN PRICE Per Per Bottle Dozen Castle VK Gold MARSALA SHERRY Reduced to 1 4 16/ Castle A Pale MARSALA SHERRY Reduced to 16 18/ Castle C Pale MARSALA SHERRY Reduced to 18 20/ Castle D Gold MARSALA SHERRY Reduced to 18 20/ Castle B Brown MARSALA SHERRY Reduced to 1/8 20/ Castle Proof BRANDY Reduced to 3/ 36/ Castle Proof IRISH WHISKEY Reduced to 3' 36/ Castle DO IRISH WHISKEY proof Reduced to 3 3 39' Castle Proof SCOTCH WHISKEY Reduced to 3/ 36/ Castle SO SCOTCH WHISKEY proof Reduced to 33 39'{ Castle Proof RUM Reduced to 3 36 Castle JO RUM proof Reduced to 33 39/ Castle po COGNAC proof Reduced to 4 48 Castle FO COGNAC proof Reduced to 4 9 57/ NEW VARIETIES OF WINES Castle VP Pale MARSALA SHERRY from Sicily 14 16 Castle AA Gold MARSALA SHERRY from Sicily 16 18/ Castle 1A PORT a pure Portuguese Wine 19 21/ Castle 1871 VINTAGE PORT from the Douro 2,2 26/ Castle SACRA TENT a Sacramental Wipe 2/4 28/ J. W. GUNN supplies Messrs. W & A GILBEY'S WINES & SPIRITS at fixed London prices, thus offering to the public the convenience of selecting from a stock from which a twentieth part of the Foreign Wines consumed in the United Kingdom is supplied The following are some of the advantages that W & A Gilbey's system offers, viz. :— The extent of their purchases at the uneyards enables them. to give the best value to the public Having I,6oo Agents there is in every Town a Stock supplied from the largest and most varied in the world Single Bottles as samples can be had of any of their 200 varieties Prices and quality are everywhere alike Security is ensured to the purchaser, as every bottle bears their seals and labels guaranteeing quality, measure, and strength J. W. GUNN, Grocer, 67 & 68 High Street MERTHYR SINGER'S SEWING MACHINES. NEW BRANCH OFFICE FOR MERTHYR TYDFIL. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 100, OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. RESPECTFULLY intimate that, considering the importance of the town of Merthyr Tydfil as a centre of trade, and the large and rapidly increasing demand for Singer's Machines in the district, they have OPENED A BRANCH OF THEIR OWN under the management of Mr LUKE OWEN, at No. 1, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, for the sale of their popular Machines, together with every requisite for their proper use. Mr LUliE OWEN pur- poses waiting upon all interested in Sewing Machines forthwith. Intending purchasers will therefore do well to see him personally before settling the puzzling question, What Machine shall I buy ?" All communications will receive prompt attention, addressed to THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, No. 1, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Instructions on the Machine, together with Price Lists and Samples of Work Free of Charge. 6020 W. T. GRIFFITHS, GENERAL IRONMONGER BAR tRON, STEEL & OIL MERCHANT. 147, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. FURNISHING IRONMONGERY. FARM IRONMONGERY. Baths, Toil*t Sets, Iyory and othar Table-Knives, Electro- chaff cutters, Turnip Cutters, Horse Power Ploughs, Fencing Plated Cruets, Forks and Sp"no, &c., &e. Wire (with free use of Straining Machine), Pig Troughs, Mowine Machines, Pikes, Rakes, £ c., «fcc. IRON MASTERS', COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, AND B RAILWAY CONTRACTORS' IRONMONGERY. BUILDERS' IRONMONGERY. Iron Tubes and Fitting), Files, Shovels, India Rubber O-.I, Sheet and Hose, Plate and Horse Nails. Sheet Zinc, Copper Locks, Bolts, Hinges, Register Grates Kitchen Ranges, Sash in Sheet and Bar, Grindstones, Anvils, Forge Bellows, Weights, Ovens, Cut and other Nails, &c., &c., in con- Brass Steam Fittings, Powder, Fuse, Rope. siderable quantities. Sole Agent for Merthyr for W. F. THOMAS & Co.'s CELEBRATED LOCKSTITCH SEWING MACHINE, also Agent for the WILCOX & GIBB'S. Sole Agent for all South Wales for CHATWOOD'S "INVINCIBLE" SAFES-the only British Safes worthy of a Prize Medal at Paris, 1867. Catalogues free. 6026 86 & 87, HIGH STREET, MEBTHYK TYDFIL. M. W. ROBERTS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I B O N M O IT G B B, "TTTHILST thanking his numerous Patrons for their kind favours during the past, respectfully mv es n them t« an inspection of his NEW SHOW ROOM, Containing a krge assortment of FURNISHING AND OTHER IRONMONGERS g- Special attention is invited to his Stock of GROCERS' TEA CANISTERS, SCALES, fcc., at prices which will compare favourably with those charged by Bristol Houses. Illustrated Price Lists may be obtained. BTTILDEHS SUPPLIED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Dealer in Oils, Colours, Roofing Felt, and Vulcanized Indie Rubber Goods. 6032 I: i DENTAL SURGERY. MR. E. R. GAY, SURGEON DENTIST, PI 55. HIGH STBEBT, MERTHYR. W' W O} § Attend»nce from Ten a.m. to Eight p.m. Consultations Free. S The great satisfaction given by Mr. E. R. GAT to most of the influential Families in the PQ ° town and county, including 3 R T. CRAW SHAY, ESQ., FCD EH rn 02 nf ORNRTHFA CAHTI/F, will, h# hopes, be a sufficient guarantee of his skill and experience in all departments of the Dental Profession. In order to etve Patients the full advantage of one of the most useful discoveries of Modern Srience with reference to Dental Operations, Mr. E. R. GAY has introduced into his practice the use of NITROUS OXIDE GAS, which gives perfect immunity from all pain, whilst it is unaccompanied by the slightest danger even in the most delicate constitutions. 55, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. 6033 The Cheapest Furniture Warehouse in Merthyr is at 6 g.. 7, Victoria Street. MOSES GOODMAN, BEGS to announce that he has now on hand a Large, Magnificent, and well-assorted Stock of Furniture, I) of the very best Manufacture in the Trade, which he confidently offers, both in respect of Quality and Price, M unsurpassed in Merthyr or elsewhere. The following prices will convey an idea of the prices, and as for the oualitv an inspection is solicited:— PRICES: „ A iSgd £ Bd £ I fl. U* Chent of Drawers 10 0* to 4 0 0 Feather beds 0 0 10 to Is. b- Cheffioneers 200 and upwards Milpuff beds • 8 0 ^.w,rAS Mahogany loo table 10 0 Wood bedsteads 0 i • and upwards Mahotcany hair-seatedepringsofas2 10 0 to 4 0 0 Easy chairs •• v ;• Mahogany couch 2 10 0 and upwards 6 cane-seated chairs for 0 15 0 Pembroke table 10 0 6 mahogany chairs for 14 0 French^ bed steads 10 0 Well made round table 4s. with turned leg* is- Gilt pier glasses 16 0 to 5 0 0 Square tables • « 0 and upwards v. v. v. v. °.e.°.7 ?,? S u SB •• "• v. US JSSaS—r. v. r. S l Settles, Benches, Trble. *c„ suitable for Publicans, to be Pold Cheap also a number of Emigrants' Boxes• Like1^ other Articles too mmierous to mention, equally cheap aud all well made. iSew and Second-Haim j-Hon description.-M. G. pledgee himself that all Goods sold by him are made on the premise^ and of the bwt description Parties learina tL neighbourhood, wishing to dispose of the'r fGT%mH^Dc»"v^ S'If „ nhl PriS although the same Two pIa*« >S for Pale, in ROO<1 order. A large stock of IRO>. BEDSTEADS on hand at the Old Prices, although the Iron has risen. N.B.—Most Money lent on gold and silver plate, watches, rings, &c. mo LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN SEARCH OF A CABINET, UPHOLSTEEING, AND I BEDDING MANUFACTOH*. D AV I D BART, Of 9, P0ntmorl4ts, and 50, Glebeland, Merthyr, invites attention to his Articles of and other work, which will be found equal to the best productions emanatlDi from any expenJlve London Credit Firm. SY8TEM. IMI, Ecom B«H> IS M *? » 'o "S" M "6 Mthostny Loo Tables. y.. « 2 0 M^^P^r°esses'; 1 1 0 Millpufl^ B^"f\iii"siM second M»hc#»y hail seated spring 1Mattresses # ou 6 Sofa* ■ • • • • • • • • • • •" • 1fi fi iron half-tester Bedstead 1 12 6 Stair & passage Oilcloth from ..010 MahoflVirhclr-iwted chain. 0 16 6 y^nchBedstead 0 15 6 Picture FraSes at half the usual Q^gy Chairs fro* circular front marble Washstand 1 15 0 price Mahogany Pembroke 1 2 6 Ciwdarf Polished Waah- MtllpufT from 1R per lb. ^S«ora^alia- 0 18 O sUndandTaUe (pair) 0 15 6 Stair rods (per dozen) 0 2 6 and contradiction defied. The trade and country dealers supplied at Every oth«r article equally cheap, and competitio eQUauy an object with ladies and gentlemen, they should favour Wbole»ale Pi ires —Whera economy ,-dd —Star Cabinet Works, 9, Pontmorlaia, Merthyr Second-hand DefK)t, be accompanied by a Merthyr reference or a remittance. 6035 NOTICES. Ii. C. LEACH, BILL POSTER, AND TOWN CRIER, 63, CAFJoIIT SrnEET, AKEKHAKE. All Orders promptly attended to. COil NO 1JILLS REQtTIREIX OATHEETS SELZINE APERIENT, ANEW, pleasant, rc-freshinsr. and safe medicine for Billi'ius Affection. Indigestion, Heart Burn, Acidity of the Stomach, Costiveness, Gout, Loss of Appetite, Affections of the Liver, 6:C. DECIDEDLY the most agreeable and one of the D most useful medicines ever offered to the public, and possessing the Medical Properties so beneficial in all the above complaints. It immediately relieves distressing pains of IS'ervous Headache. For Blotches or Eruptions of the Skin it is a Delightful Cooling Summer Medicine. PICK-ME-UP, OR REFRESHER. THE following morning, afrer free indulgence at the tai/le, or the extra glass, a Mornirg Draught of this valuable medicine, its effects are tru-" marvellous. In large bottles, 2s. each. Of all Chemists, or sent to any address on receipt of stamps, by C. CATBERY, 12, DALSON RISE, HAl. KNEY, LONDON. Wholesale of all Patei-t Medicine Houses. Sold by al Chemists. 5YG5 LOCAL AGEXT—Merthyr, Mr. Walter Smyth, Chemist. JUST PUBLISHED, A Second set of THREE CHORAL HYMNS (Nos. 4, 5, and 6,) O Paradise "A few more years'shall roll"; and "The roseate hues of early dawn. "-Complete, price Is. net. The music composed and inscribed to the Congrega- tion of St. David's Church, by Edward Lawrance, (Organist and Choir Master). Also a Second Edition (revised), of the Six Iie. sponses to the Commandments (as sung by the Choir of St. David's Church, Merthyr, composed by Edward Lawrance), complete, price Is. net.—May be ob- tained of Messrs. Farrant and Frost, Stationer, High Street, Merthyr at the Post Office of the Composer or of the Publishers Novello, Ewer, and Co., London OUliS FREE AND ASSISTED EMIGRATION TO QUEENSTOVVN AND NEW ZEALAND. E D "W A II D DAT IES, Bookseller, Circle, Tredegar, AGEXT for Free and Assisted Emigration to .r\ Queensland and New Zealand. Full particulars on application. G042 MERTHYR AND DuWLAIS STATIONS. '-Ni I B -u 11 E OMKIBrSES will run be- tween 0 AXD e¥..¥, D 0 WL A I S asunder:— a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. Leave Merthyr 9-0 11-0 12-35 4-30 6-LS Arrive at Merthyr 10-10 12-30 3-10 6-40 10-30 FARES: Merthyr to Dowlais Station OIL. Dowlais to Merthyr The Omnibus to^the early morning train has been taken off for the winter months. 6u43 THE SOl-TH WALES IRONMONGERY WAREHOUSE, HIGH STREET, (Opposite the Fale of A cath Railway Station) MERTHYR TYDFIL. W. JAMES, PEOPEIETOE, THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, full FLRNlSUlXG IEONMONGEKY HE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY T SHOP, FOR IROK liLDSXEADS RI^HE SOL TH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP ^ETK0LEUM< pAltAFFIX, & BEX20LIXE OILS. THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, FuKPAKAFFiy i BEAZOLINE LAMPS THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, FOK HAYWOOD'S BEST CUTLERY THE SOUTH WALES IROXMOXGERY SHOP, FOE BRUSHES: SCRUBBING, BLACKING LAUNDRY, AND BALUSTER. THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, FOR GREENSLADE'S PLANES. PATENT SASH TOOLS, £ DUSTERS THE SOUTI-I WALES IRONMONGUI^ SHOP. FUR CARPENTERS' and MASONS' TOOLS, &c. I'HE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, FOR BUILDERS' AND GENERAL IRONMONGERY. THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP FOR LUBRICATING OILS,ANTI- FRICTION and OTHER GREASES WASTE, &c. 01144 The Journal of Metals, Manufacture, and Science, IIR, O IfcT," (With which is incorporated "J 'he Mechanics' Magazine") (ESTABLISHED lS2a), 18 the Organ of the Metals, Coal, and Manufacturing Trades. THE following new features have been introduced into "IRON —Price List of Birmingham and District and Sheffield Manufactured Hardware Goods.-Articles on the Manufacture of Iron and other Metals.—Articles on Trades Unionism, or relations between Capital and Labour Descriptive Notices of Iron Foundries, Manufactories, die &c -Trade Reports from all the Centres of Production of Metals and Hardware in Great Britaiu.-Reports of the State of the Metal and Hardware Trades in Belgium. France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Russia, Sweden, America, Australia, China and Japan, India, to. TERMS OF sunsCKIPTIOJf. Single Copies, Price Sixpence Annually, paid in advance, including postage to all parts of the L nited Kingdom, 2ss. tid. Cheques and Post Othce Orders to be made payable to -Air. W. 3. RUSBV, and to be crossed London and County Bank. Offices of IRON," 911, Cannon-street, London, E.C. facing the South Eastern Railway Terminus." GOiii KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. IF you suffer from Headaches, Bilious Complaints, Indigestion, Costiveness, Rheumatism, or Tic-Doloreus. TRY KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no con- finement in doors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands, who pronounce them to be the best medi- cine in the world. ——— Cefn, Merthyr, September 9th, 1869 ••Dear Sir, — Daniel Humphreys, weaver, Ynysvfelin Factory, near this place, suffered from severe pains in the stomach for four cr five years, and had tried many things for it, but all to no purpose, until hv happened to meet vour agent Id Merthyr the fir&t tico piiis he took did more good for him tlian all the ot.icrs he had takeD put together, and by the time he had tat en the six pills he felt totally free from pain and ever since—that is for the last tive years -he keeps your pills in his house, and whenever he feels any similar symptoms be has only to take two of vour pills and he is all right again and Mrs. Humphreys also, who usually suffered from flatulency, has found them the best remedy for an attack of that sort lit wishes to send YOU this in thanks to your agent, who was so kind to hilu.-I reiu,,iii, yours obediently, ROBERT PRICK" Thousands ot other Testimonials, equally gratifying might be published. "KERXICK') P1LL;> give energy to tile system, need no bpecial rules with regard to diet, and are universally declared to be the Best Medicine of the kind ever discovered, PREPARED ONLY BY S P KERXICK, MAN) rACTUBIXG CHEMIST D U K E to I R E E T CARDIFF. Sold in Boxes at Is. lid. and 7Jd. By the appointed Agents and most respectable Chemists and Druggists, with directions for restoring and preserving health. KEENICK'S "VEGETABLE WORM LOZENGES Are the most efficacious remedy ever introduced for "Worms. They may be taken by children of all ages with perfect safety, and are also useful^ or children of delicous stomachs and pale complexions. "gIK A woman gave two of the lozenges icr tive morn- ings, and by so doing the child pot rid of no less than eighty worms —Daniel ,\1 o■ .vn, kelson. "W Harris, of Cefncoed, miner s child, had got rid of 140 worms' in a week,whilst taking a box oi y^ur worm lozenges, and she has improved wonderfully m health since."—-J>o, ^customer of mine, ft short time ago,bought a box of your worm lozenges to try their effect on ius child, who was very ill. Thp little boy god rid of lortj large worms and so many small ones that they could not reckon tnem."—JAMKS MEVKICK.. From Mr. Moiioa*, Pecdarran.—" Send we a <lo-?en your valuable worm lozenges they are curing aU the children n this neighbourhood." prepared «»Ti.r nr Wib S. P, KERNICK, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, D U K E S T R E E T, CARDIFF. Sold in Boxes at Is. lid. and "^<1, by t}¡.e &P'p;nteq Agents, and most respectable Chemists and ltraggw