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==-- MISCELLANEOrs. Tiie apprehension? or famine ill Bengal are increaa- tng. There is no rain, and prices are rising' rapi'-Ily, Relief has been organised, and the Viceroy h:i? pointed a Commission. The shipwrecks on our shores in 1872 exceedeu uhuse Df thè previouB year by 060. ThA death is announced of Mrs. Fulford, the wi-iovi it the late Bishop of Montreal. The yellow fever in Memphis is decreasing 411 deaths have occurred within the last fortnight. The 13th Hussars, under the command of Lieut. Col. Miller, will shortly embark for India. The Bank of Prussia has raised the rate of discount Jor bills from 41 to 5 per cent. Father Beck, the General of the Jesuits ih Italy, las re301ved to proceed to Belgium. The Royal Agricultural Society are to be invited ;0 visit Taunton next year. A good site has been ob- tained. The vessels captured by the Insurgents off alen- sia had on board 1,800 packages and specie to the'value if 20,000,000 reals. In consequence of sudden illness, Mr. Roebuck had, an Monday, to disappoint his friends at Dewsbury, who expected an address from him. Sir Sydney H. Waterlosv, Bart., Lord Mayor if London, has been appointed to the Pommission of the Peace for the County of Londonderry. Lord Carysfort, the owner of extensive estates in the counties of Wieklow and Dublin, has given £3,000 towards the improvement of Arklow Harbour. The Corporation of Dublin have resolved to promote a Bill in Parliament next session giving them power to raise money for the extension of the waterworks. The Italian original of the Pope's letter to the Ger- man Emperor has been published, and it corresponds, exactly with the German version which has already appeared. Eaward Hunter, a gasman earning 31s. a week, has been sent to prison co for four months by the Scar- borough magistrates for gross neglect of his four chil- dren. The site for military winter quarters at York has been selected. Colonel Belfield, R.E., has been in- structed to negotiate for the purchase of about 100 acres. Lord Napier of Magdala is about to compile a hand-book for the use of British officers serving with the native army. Mrs. Arthur Arnold, wife of the editor of the Echo newspaper, has consented to become a can- didate at Chelsea, for a seat on the London t'ch .1 Board. Mrs. Arnold is a strong advocate of religbos training. The hills round Balmoral were on Monday thickly Coated with snow to their base. Notwith>taiuI. the coldness of the weather, the Queen drove out in the forenoon in an open carriage. The Oriental Congress held ia Paris this year Was such a decided success that it has been deter- mined to'continue the movement, and the next will be held in London. The statement made in some of the newspapers that Mr. M. P. D'Arcy, M.P., had lodged £100.tOO frith Cardinal Cullen for the erection of a new Ro- faian Catholic Cathedral, is authoritatively contradicted. Whittington Heath, about two miles from Lich- field, has been chosen as the site for depot and camp for the annual training and exercising of militia and "Volunteers of the midland and surrounding counties. Prince Bismarck has written to contradict the re- ported interview between himself and a correspondent of the New York World. He .ays there are many lies abroad at his expense, but this last fabrication is extreme enough to betray itself. If Henry V. becomes King of France, there will, it is said, be a complete change in the fashions. The ladies will be deluged with, white, blu., and silver; lilies will bloom on half the bonnets, and everything be ornamented with jieurs-de-lis, from a bonbon box to an umbrella handle. The America-i Emigration returns for the year end- ing June 30th 157:3, when comp:1red with those of the previous year, shew an increase of 13,217 in the British arrivals, and of 8,502 in the German. England is now a close competitor with Ireland in the number of emigrants sent out. It is anticipated that the roll of students at the Glas- gow Cniversity this year will be exceptionally large In all departments, owing to the fact that many of the old alumni are matriculating again in order to be present at the inaugural address of Mr. Disraeli, which is looked forward to with great enthusiasm by the whole body. The Melbourne Argus states that the Governor of Queensland has released Captain Booth, of the schooner Jason, who was sentenced to five years' imprisonment for kidnapping in the South Seas. Hi has only served two years of the time. The tine of £50 has alto been remitted. Archbishop Manning made a speech in favour of temperance to many thousands of people in Trafalgar- square, on Monday evening. Dr. Manning also referred to education, and said he wished to ha ye every Catholic child sent to a Catholic school. Madame Patti has appeared at Moscow. Amongst the tributes of admiration which fell at her feet vas a bouquet of dimensions so enormous that three men were obliged to come forward and carry it away. This Was presented by the Prince Dolgorouki. In Japan there is a missionary difficulty pending^ Several persons who went out under the auspices of missionary societies and afterwards entered into the service oÎ the Japanese Government, have had their civil employment withdrawn. The Americans teach- ing in Yeddo College hav" also been dispensed with. The Melbourne Press represents the political condi- tion of Fiji as demanding instant attention frv.il Lord Ximberley. It is affirmed tbat in v: ;w of the open rebellion declared against the local Government there is no longer a. middle course between annexation or complete recognition. i In referring to the outbreak of cholera at Xaples, a writer in the nmes observes that eVl!lry epidemic that visits the city reveals the fact that there exist in the streets and under the streets, and in lllltIly uf the private dwellings, all the elements for tne genera- tion and propagation of disease. Asto the ultimate triumph of the Carlists, it w .uld be unwise to attempt to predict anything. All 1 can say is that the -Madrid Government will find it has far greater obstacles to contend with than its jour- rial. lead one to suppose, and the day is more distant when the country will be left to a career of peace and properity than mrmy of its well-wishers at thi" moment imagine.—Daily Neics Correspondent with the Carlisti. Mr. Harmon, M.P., and Mr. Holker, M.P., the members for Preston, addressed a large meeting in that borough on Monuay night. Mr. Holker contrasted the various speeches which had been made by members of the Liberal party during the recess, contending that the "great united party" is really falling to pieces. Mr. Hermon warned his constituents that he Ashantee expedition would be a very costly affair, and he criticised the manner in which we had acquired the Dutch possessions on the Gold Coast. At the meeting of the subscribers to the univer- sity College of Wales a few days since, it was stated that the interest which the working men of Wales \vcre taking in the College was very encouraging to its pro- moters. The quarrymen of Festiniog had subscribed towards a scholarship fund; and tne men of the Bethesda quarries were doing the same. The com- mittee, Mr. Owen said, hoped to raise afundof £ 50,000, to be devoted towards permanently endowing the Col- lege. Mr. Bradlaugh delivered his third lecture in New York on the 11th Oct. The New Yui k Tribune of the 13th, speaking of Mr, Bradlaugh, says :—" lie makes an earnest but by no means violent plea in favour of land reform, and gives a definite plan for re- storing to cultivation the waste lands of the aristo- cracy. The :r:jsent lecture was not less remarkable than those which have preceded it in its skilful and compact statements, its evident sincerity of purpose, and its unfailing tact and discretion." The Liverpool School Board has adopted a report from a special committee recommending the introduc- tion of elementary scientific instruction among the "extra subjects into all the Board schools, and the establishment of science classes of a more advanced character, wherever possible, in connection with the Board's evening schools. Although this report has re- ceived the sanction of the present members of the Board, it rests with their successors to say whether or not it shall be carried into effect. The Society of Artd are trying to impress on the G0Ternment; the policy of encouraging museuniB like that of Bethnal-gruen, and of making them part and portion of a national system of aiding technical in- struction and secondary education. Their memorial sets forth that the Museum has been visited in less than eight months by more than a million of visitors, a number which probably exceeds that of the visitors to all the other metropolitan museums and galleries during the same period." M. Lacroix in the continuation of his work "Manners and Customs of the Middle Ages," says that from the establishment of the Franks in Gaul down to the fifteenth century inclusive there were but tw 1 meals a. day people dined at ten o'clock in the morning, and supped at four in the afternoon. In the sixteenth century they put back dinner one hour and supper three hours, to which many people objected. Hence the old proverb — "Lever a six, diner a dix, "Souper a six, coucher a dix, Fait vivre l'homme dix fois dix." The Bishop of Gloucester spoke on the attitude it was desirable for the Church to maintain towards Nonconformity, and the possibility of ultimate reunion, in his charge to the clergy of Stroud on Monday. His lordship saidhe did not believe in reunion, hut though they might never bring it about, nor ever hope to see corporate return, they might do much, by Kindness and Christian courtesy, towards those who dissented from the Church, but whomightlove, honour, and adora (jurist cruciiied as earnestly as themselves. The announcement that the Jockey Club have re- scinded a rule prohibiting two-}'tar-< .Ids from running until the 1st of May is received in a serious spirit; by the limes. The decision thus adopt L it ob- serves, bears directly upon a quesr',>n aiieJfcmg the breed and quality of horses in this country—a subject of such urgency as to awmest a Parliamen- tary-inquiry only the other day. xu France and Ger- many great efforts ha>'o been made of late years to encourage a. good breed of horses, and with this view early running has been expressly forbidden. Such legislation- appears to us entirely conformable with reason, and, we must needs add. Ill' re adapted to na- tional interests thl.:i that which has iudt been a,n- Jj»QUnc#d from Newmarket, :?«'rc-ral coal pits are idle in Leicestershire, owin, to a strike. The Belgian Minister of Public Works has resigned TIle jt-rnperor of Germany made a large purchase t- guns at the Vienna Exhibition before leaving. An exhibition is to be held at Peel Purk,"Maneh'« ter, on the 18th of December, of appliances fur savin' .8,1. The London Coal Market raised its prices on Sa., turday morning to 42s. per ton. There is a break in the direct cable between Eng land and Lisbon. Telegraphic communication is stopped betweev Shanghai and Amoy, except by way of Russia. The death of Dr. Grace Calvert, of Manchester the eminent chemist, is announced. The moving bog has been partially turned into th Carrabet River, but it is still likely to submerge th town of Dunmore. The Dowager Duchess of Athole has had a sever fall from a horse at Dunkeld. Her right arm wa br0k<ôn above the elbow. A plasterer named Whitely, apprehended, as \1. supposed, in a drunken condition, has died in the In- firmary a.5 Lev's. The Jo/r, Ty'l hears that Mr. Forsyth, Q.C., liafc b ■ asitcd to reconsider his determination not tl; t-uuid agam for Bath. A requisition is being influentially signed in the City of London asking Canon Gregory to stand foi tne ."chool Board. .ihs Constantinople journals state that General Jg- na'jeii ia the first ambassador who has ever receive the insignia of the order of the Osmanli set in dia monds. The Swiss Government has requested Germmn and Italy to appoint agents to officially inspect the works of Sc. Gothard tunnel executed this year. Air. Salisbury hali retired from the candidature for the Flintshire boroughs, in favour of the sitting member. Air. Ellis Eyton, however, actively continues his canvass. Captain Gilbert Stirling is engaged to be mar- ried to the Hon. Norah Westenra, youngest sistei of Lord Rossmore. "My Dear Grey" has been suggested as a happy specimen of nomenclature for the two-vear- old lilly by Lecturer ortof Reaction.—Sporting Gazette. The post of Deputy-Assistant Adjutant-Gene- ral of Royal Artillery, at head-quarters, will fall vacant early next year, Major Traill's period of ser- vicx terminating at the end of January. It is stated that Colonel Gordon has accepted the post offered to him of euocjssor to Sir S. Baker by the Khedive, and if so, the Khedive is to be very much congratulated.—Army and Navy Gazette. /U'-ry Williams, the victim of the murderous assault in Richmond-park, has been discharged from the luc'r.uond Infirmary, where she has been a patitut. ever billce the occurrence. x fcim.vuieut is to be asked to authorise the formation of a new road round the northern and western sides of Finsburr Park. At present it is kept open all night for the benefit of two gentlemen who have a right of road. There js 110 charge in the relative state of parties at "V ersailles. M. Dupanloup has requested all the cures of h]5 diocese to utfer up prayers for the monar- chical restoration. The separate reports of Mr. Bright's speech, and the descriptive articles referring to it, telegraphed from Birmingham to numerous journals, conveyed a quan- tity of matter equal to 8u columns of an ordinary newspaper. The American journals announce the death at Kewhaven, in Connecticut, of Dr. Stockmann, one of the leading members of the general republican movement of Germany in 1848. The hides thinks the news which reaches us f-iom Calcutta, respecting the threatened famine, is of very serious importance, and there should be no delay in preparing to deal with it. It isreported that the Comte deChambordwill issue a manifesto, but the beneml impression is that he should have come forward at an earlier period if he intended to influence opinion. The last sitting of the Left Centre ha3 produced & very great impre¡;jjj'H1. Mr. Fox, private secretary to the Nawab Nazim of Bengal, has expired rather suddenly. His loss is niudj fait by hit ilifhness, to whom he had been a faithful adherent through the Nazim's troubles v» ith tne British Government. The keuor.-l states that Mr. Gladstone has been stay- ing for about ton days, and it is said as a self-invited visitor, at Garendon Park, Leicester, the residence of Mr. Ambrose de Lisle, the well-known pervert to Rome, and one of its most ardent proselytyzers. The steamship Great Britain, under the command of Captain Chapman, ?ailed on Saturday, from the Jersey, for Melbourne and Brisbane. The Great Britain takes out about SCO passengers, 95 being saloon pa vitiigers and she carries also an extensive general cargo. Mr. Woolrych, the London magistrate, lias imposed a. nne of £4 on a policeman for neglect of duty, by getting drunk and going to sleep when he ought to have been patrolling his beat. Drunken- ness is said to be increasing in the Metropolitan police foroe. Captain Speedy, who, aa lieutenant, distin- guished himself in tho Abyssinian campaign, and was recentlj tutor to Priuca Alain a vn, son of the late King Theodore of ..Abyssinia, ha* entered the service of the Rajah of Larut up jn the handsome salary of £ i:'J00 per month. A Portsmouth correspondent writes :—"It is now the practice in Stokes Bay, just outside our har- bour, to explode torpedoes one* or twice a-week in about twenty f?fh-"ns of water. The fish, from a smelt to a lass, come to tns surface and areeasily captured." —liruud Arrow. The answers received at the Admiralty from officers on some of the foreign stations, enable the Lorcr. of the Admiralty to grant the applications for retireImwt under the tenDS at the recent Orela in Council, of a further number of 11 commanders and 72 lieutenants, but ad replie-4 have nut as yet been received from all foreign stations, it is found necessary to iteep in abeyance 3ft vacancies for commanders, and 35 vacancies for lieutenants. Sir Walter Crofton, in a letter to the Times, Rays the treatment of prisoners in our county p.ml borough gaols is not by any jo* 1 -i *.i .» • resses a hope that when }al- muois, W- will be thoroughly investigated. At present with a sentence of two years' hard labour a prisoner in one gaol may w pla<ed on the crank daily for ten hours during the whole of his sentence, while in another he ma.y only be there for six hours daily during the first three mouths. The now Vienna \Vaterworks, the largest in the world, have been inaugurated, in the presence of the Emperor of Austria and the Imperial Court. The water comes from the Alps, a distance of fifty-four English miles, by means of tunnels and aqueducts. The inauguration took place at the giant fountain, in the middle of Vienna, which throws up water ISO feet high at full power. The cost of the works has been t or.ty millions of florins, and they have been finished in three years and a half. THE AtJTHOH. OF THE "DUTCH REPUBLIC" IN DUMFRIESSHIRE.—Mr. J. L. Motley, the histo- mn, accompanied by Mrs. Motley and Mrs. lves, have joined the party btaying at Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfriesshire, as guests of the Duke and Duchess of Bocclfiich. Sn Michael Costa, who has been to the In- terna /inal Exhibition at Vienna, Las passed through Prussia on his return. While at Berlin Sir Michael was, by her imperial highness's command, received ill private audience by the Crown Páuces3 ll1 the new palace at Potsdam. It may eurprije many who suppose th.it the legal profession is already very much overcrowded by practitioners that there are so many as 15J original ap- plicationson the roll for next term for admission as attorneys, besides a number of renewed application.3-- London Correspondent of the Manchester Guardian. A facetious senior asked a freshman to tell him the difference between a. fac-simile and a &ick family; but the laugh was on the senior, for the fresh- man instantly replied: No difference. A sick family is a family that is sick, and a fac-simile means the same."—Student's Journal. The Spectator Relieves that Mr. Bright's spceeh Will give a new popular impulse to the Gladstone < Go- vernment. It says it is a. happy thing wlui near laying down his armour, that Sir. Bright is able to feel that he has always displayed strength and mode- ration, and that he 11:1." now crowned them both with t rich display of wisdom. The many friends of the indefatigable Conser- vator of the Hunterian Museum, Professor Flower, F.R.S., will regret to learn that his health has been so seriously affected by close applicatIOll to his duties, that at the Ia»t meeting of the Council of the College of Surgeons it was unanimously resolved to relieve him at once from work by giving him leave of absence for six months. Professor Flower will leave in a few days for K_ry nt, where it is to be hoped he will regain his ..ealth.—Medical Times and Gazette. MEAT VERSUS CORN.—The Field thinks we may look fonvard for years to come to a steady increase in the demand for meat. Various obstacles n'e in the way of the imputation of live stock, and tr.e invete- rate prejudice oi those who are likely to be the chief consumers of the futitre forbids them to avail tncm- seivps to any great extent of the best foreign supply of dealt meat; so that the former rrcd net dread w the meat market the competition which has driven him from the corn market. If, then, he can meet the anticipated demand by home-raised produce, fed and fatted perhaps upon that superabundance of grain which the foreign grower find3 it in some cases difficult to dispose of,^he vwli at once better his own position, help to utilise tue sur- plus corn supply of the world, and lower the price of an article oi consumption which goes to make the bone and sinew of the nation, and which L now very much dearer than it ought to be.. A SiNK^.va TOWN.—Northwich, in Cheshire, nas long been sinking, owing to the many hundred thou- sand tons of brine pumped from beneath by local salt- works. Now, we learn from the Norlhieicb. Guardian, it is proposed to arect saltworks capable of prolucmg 200,000 tons of salt per annum, and also to supply brine to the Widr.es alkali manufacturers, 13 miles away from iNorthwich. The company's p]an;of conveying brine would, they allege, save three shillings per ton of 8a.lt now paid for carriage and River Weaver dues, Is. 4d. a. ton on the cost of conveying slack to North- wicb, and 2s. a ton, of salt, we presume-, at Liverpool. This saving, the company affirm, they can effect by an outlay of ii'o0,000, and out of the balance of savings they promise JI, handsome dividend to their shareholders. Thii, then, is the company's scheme. It is further stated that the landowners,, through whose estates the pipes would pass, have given their consent, and that the London and North-Western Company have also come into the company's scheme. The Guardian si ys the ,yery existence«f tqrinito uageiiUsd^

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