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TREDEGAR INTELLIGENCE, PETTY SESSIONS, Tuesday, Oct. 28th.-Before Dr. Goates, Mr J. W. Richardson, and the Rev. W. Hughes. —James Cokely, puddler, Stephen Ryan, and James Abbot, were charged with sleeping and being drunk at the Tredegar Works, on the morning of the 28 th. The offence was proved by P.C. Craig. It appears that these persons (especially the first-named) have been the means of creating a strike among the puddlers at these works, who were idle for some days during the course of last week, by which a great loss was incurred to both employer and employed. Cokely was fined 20s and the costs, or 21 days, and the other two 10s and costs or 14 days. AFFILIATION.—Thomas Reynolds, moulder, of Bri- ery Hill, was charged by Mary Davies, Ebbw Vale with being the father of her illegitimate child.—Mr C. # frarr'es appeared for the complainant, and Mr Plews for the defence. From the evidence of the complain- ant it appeared that she was a single woman, and that » e J8* e?Kaged every Saturday night at the house of tne itev. K. Parry, until about ten or eleven o'clock. On one occasion, and which was afterwards continued, defendant accosted her, and the familiarity resulted in the birth of a male child on the 18th of June. During rlla the whole time the intercourse was alleged to have taken place, she was well aware that the defendant was a married man. A witness of the name of Susan Jones was brought forward to prove that defendant had been in complainant's company, but the evidence of both complainant and witness completely broke down under the cross-examination. The case was therefore dia* missed. THEFTS.—James Price was charged by Richard 0. Crooks, of Ebbw Vale, with stealing a pair of driving reins. The depositions went to show that the attention of the wife of the prosecutor was called to the sound of the reins falling outside the shop. She then called the attention of her husband, who made a search and found the reins missing. No one was near but prisoner whom he followed to the Wine Vaults and charged him with the theft. Prisoner denied the charge. The reins were not found till yesterday (Tuesday), when P.S. Flem- ing found them among the casks at the Wine Vaults, Prisoner denied the charge, and the Bench, considering that the case was not sufficiently proved, dismissed the ease. He was then charged with stealing 194 lbs. of oil coal, the property ef the Ebbw Vale Company, Limited. The offence was proved by P.C."Crowley, and P.S. Fleming, and when the ease was reported to the manager, he expressed a desire that the charge should be pressed, as it was a special article belonging to this company alone. Committed for 14 days with hard labour. STABBING.—Pat Boar, a labourer at Rhymney, was charged with stabbing a young person of the name of John Burns, on Saturday night last, at the Royal Arms. Complainant was drinking at the public house named on the night in question, and having occasion to cross the form lie struck against the prisoner, who, in return, struck him on the eye, and on the complainant rising a scratch took placa between the parties, a third per- son having to separate them. Prisoner was expelled frem the house, but subsequently, in about a quarter of an hour, he returned with a knife in his hand, and without any provocation whatever he deliberately struck the complainant with the knife in the head. James Ryan, boots and ostler at the house, and Richard Morrissey corroborated this evidence. Mr T. H. Red- wood, surgeon of the Rhymney Works, described the nature of the wounds inflicted, two in number—one an incised wound, about one inch long, and the other a punctured wound, about a quarter of an inch. They were scalp wounds, and were not considered to be dangerous. Committed for trial at the Usk Quarter Sessions. THE BENCH AND THE SOLICITORS.—During tha pro- ceedings of the court, several cases were called on in which solicitors were engaged OR both sides, but were not present to answer. The Bench expressed themselves strongly upon the point, and intimated that in future the cases would be investigated in the absence of the legal gentlemen. Subsequently Mr Plews replied to their Worships that it was his custom to stay away from court whilst a number of small and uninteresting cases were disposed of. He had sat many hours hearing such cases and doing nothing. He could have been in court earlier, but stayed away for the reason named. BEYNMAWE. PETTY SESSIONS, Oct. 27.—Before Lancelot Powell and George Sharpe, Esqrs. v. Evans, and David Davies v. Evana. —This was a squabble at Beaufort, and as com- plainant desired to settle the matter, the Bench allowed defendant to do soon paying court expenses.—The same defendant was also charged with being drunk and refus- ing to quit the house—a new house—cf Daniel Davies, of Beaufort. Case not pressed. Penalty, expenses. SERIOUS AFFRAY AT BEAUFORT. -Greener v. Lewis. This was a case of using a knife during a row, on the night of Sunday, 26th inst.—Mr Leonard Brown for the prosecution, said Mr Greener was too seriously injured to be present to give evidence, prisoner having stabbed him in the breast to the depth of some inches.-P.C. Johns apprehended the prisoner at Tredegar.—Mr Powell: Is it likely to terminate fatally ?—Mr Browne At present it is difficult to answer that question. I have instructed the constable to procure a magistrate and have the depositions taken if any change for the worse sets in.—Mr Powell: The prisoner must stand remanded, SUNDAY DOQ FIGHTING.—P.C. Davies charged Isaac James and David Williams with cruelty to animals by setting two dogs to fight at Dukestown, on Sunday, the 19th inst. It appears defendants went with a bull dog to the house of Wm. Jones, near the Star Inn, on Sun- day afternoon. Jones has a dog of the bull breed, and defendants said theirs was the best. Jones led his dog in the house, but it ran out, and on James clapping his hand a fight ensued.—There was an assault case arising out of the same affair, in which James was charged with striking Ann Jones, wife of William Jones, and which was settled out of court.—Mr G. A. Jones defended, and the Bench ordered defendant to pay expenses, as there was no evidence to shew they incited the dogs to fight, or that they tried to stop them. R'\Qs, BONES, IRON, ANYTHING !—A rag and bone dealer, named Cornelius Lennan. a resident of Tinker- street, Brynmawr, was charged by the Nantyglo and Blaina Iron Company (Limited), with stealing some railway chairs, tram plates and wheels, at Nantyglo, on the 17th inst.—Mr Ward prosecuted, and Mr G. A. Jones defended. The evidence was very lengthy. The following is our summary Sergeant Wilaon heard something (these men generally do) and he paid a visit to a store near the residence of Lennan, and there found some railway chairs, broken wheels, and tram plates, which prisoner attempted to cover with some scrap iron. Previous to this, in reply to the sergeant, Lennan said no one else had any iron there except himself. Subse- quently he began to change his tale, and said some one must have thrown it where it was, and at last he said he did not know how it came there, which equivocation did not suit Wilson, and he charged him with stealing the iron, and took him into oustody. —Mr Thos. Parsey was with the sergeant when the conversation took place, and he now corroborated the sergeant in every particular, and swore to the patterns produced in court being the property of the Nantyglo Company, as he helped to make them when he worked under the Com- pany.—Mr Lewis, engineer to the Company, said they never sold or authorized any servant to sell iron such as that produced.-The chairs and wheels were compared with the pattern, and found to correspond exactly.-In the course of the hearing it came out that Joseph Bryan was alleged to have placed the iron where it was found, and that he came for it after prisoner was appre- hended, and Mr Ward said Bryan would probably hea^ of it again.—The Bench considered the case proved, and sent Lennan to prison for one calendar month with hard labour. _——————. PONTYPRIDD INTELLIGENCE, ACCIDENT TO A VALUABLS HOUSIL-ON Saturday afternoon an accident happened in the Wood-road, near the above town, by which a horse, valued at JS80, the property of Mr Hopkins, the owner of the extensive new brewery at Pontypridd, was fatally injured. The brewery dray, to which was attached two horses, was going down the road, when the dray struck against Mr Coomes's (baker) cart. The fore horse in the dray got alarmed and galloped away. In a short time the shaft horse fell, and was dragged along the road for some dis- tance, and injured frightfully about the fore parts, it was PTaminnfl by Mr Whopham, the veterinary sur- geon, who pronounced the injuries incurable, and the animal was shot on Monday.