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The Cheapest Furniture Warehouse…

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The Cheapest Furniture Warehouse in Merthyr is at 6 4- 7, Victoria Street. MOSES GOODMAN, "ir>EGS to announce that he has now on hand a Large, Magnificent, and well-assorted Stock of Furniture, fp of the very best Manufacture in the Trade, which he confidently offers, both in respect of Quality and Price, as unsurpassed in Merthyr or elsewhere. The following prices will convey an idea of the prices, and as for the Quality, an inspection is solicitedPRICKS £ i. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ *■ d. Chert of Drawers 100 to400 Fettherbeds. 0 0 10 to Is. 3d. perlb. Cheffioneers 200 and upwards Milpuff beds 0 8 0 „t0 Mahogany loo table 10 0 Wood bedsteads 0 4 6 and upwards Mahogany hair-seatedspringsofas2 10 0 to 4 0 0 Easy chairs. 0 18 0 Mahogany couch 2 10 0 and upwards 6 cane-seated chairs for ••••??« Pembroke table 10 0 6 mahograny chairs for 4 French bedsteads 10 0 Well maderound tabic 4a. er withturned Gilt pier glasses 160 toSOO Square tables 0 6 0 and upwards Iron Bedsteads 060 ..200 Paliasses • J" « 6 Windsors for 0 17 0 Washstand and table 0 10 0 6 Beach Chairs for 110 Looking glasses « S 0 6 Grecians for 0 19 0 Boxes from 080 and upwards. Settles, Benches, Tables, &c., suitable for Publicans, to be Sold Cheap also a number of Emigran^Boxes^^Likewise, other Articles too numerous to mention, equally cheap and all well made >ew and gecond Hand FLR. ITLRE of everj description —M. G. pledges himself that all Goods sold by him are made on the premises and of the best description Parties leaving the neighbourhood, wishing to dispose of tlieirGoodsn,^ .fTLrfi i"!™ v^e fo,r the same Two PIANOS for Sale, in good order. A large stock of IE^ 6S' finQ? he Iron has risen. N.B.—Most Money lent on gold and silver plate, watches, rings, &c. 6034