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NOTICES. REDUCTION IN PRICES j T W. GUNN begs to draw attention to Messrs. W & A GTLBET'S f ,J • new Book of Prices (a copy of which will be supplied on application), and h s great pleasure in notifying a reduction in the price of the following WINES & SPIRITS, upon which an increase took i in the course of last year, and also the addition of some new brands, which will be found vcril.v the attention of consumers ARTICLES REDUCED IN PRICE Per Per Kotue Dozen Castle VM Gold MARSALA SHERRY Reduced to 14 16 Castle A Pale MARSALA SHERRY Reduced to 1 6 18i Castle C Pals MARSALA SHERRY Reduced to 1 8 £ G Castle D (.-old MARSALA SHERRY. Reduced to 1 8 £ 0 Castle 3 Brown MARSALA SHERRY. Reduced to 18 :¿o, Castle Proof BRANDY Reduced t( 3;' 36/ Castle Proof IRISH WHISKEY Reduced to 3 36/ Castle BO IRISH WHISKEY proof,, Reduced to 8 3 33' Castle Proof SCOTCH WHISKEY Reduced to 3 36 Castle 80 SCOTCH WHISKEY proof Reduced to 3 3 89 Castle Proof RUM Reduced to 3 36 Castle JO RUM proof Reduced to 3.3 E9 Castle F COGNAC proof Reduced t" 4 48 Castle FO COGNAC proof Reduced to 4 9 57 NEW VARIETIES OF WINES Castle VP Pale MARSALA SHERRY from Sicily 14 IG' Castle AA Gold MARSALA SHERRY from Sicily .16 18 Castle 1A PORT a pure Portuguese Wine .19 21' Castle 1871 VINTAGE PORT from the Douro 2 2 26r Castle SACRA TENT a Sacramental Wine 2 4 28/ J. W. GUNN supplies Messrs. W & A GILBEY'S WINES & SPIRITS at fixed Lender, prices, thus offering to the public the convenience of selecting from a stock from which a twentieth part of the Foreign Wines consumed in the United Kingdom is supplied The following are some of the advantages that W & A Gilbey's system offers, viz. :— The extent of their purchases at the vineyards enables them to give the best value to the public Having 1.600 Agents there is in every Town a Stock supplied from the largest and vust zaric.l in the world Single Bottles as samples can be had of any of their 200 varieties Prices and quality are everywhere alike Security is ensured to the purchaser, as every bottle bears their seals and labels guaranteeing quality, measure, and strength J. W. GUNN, Grocer, 67 & 68 High Street MERTHYR -10


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