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VIENNA EXHIBITION. HIGHEST MEDAL AWARDED TO MESSRS. A. B. FLEMING & Co,, MANUFACTURERS OF THE VEGETABLE MACHINERY OIL. 3s 6d. per Gallon. REFINERIES NEAR EDINBURGH. Contractors to H.M. Government, East and West India Docks, and the principal Shipbuilders and Engineers in the kingdom. 6086 ODD PAPERS AND PARCHMENTS — CHARLES T. J*#1?RIES and SONS Wholesale'and BrUto? S!atl0nerS' Can>'nSe Buildings, RedclifT-street Bristol, are prepared to give a very hitrh Drice for »nr sort of OLD PAPERS for re-manufacturing fnto Pape £ of instruction addressed, "Waste Department, Bags will be sent for packing the same ;™d'. "Iion receipt of Goods the value will be forthwith remitted. Their present prices will be found much in excess of that usually given by dealers and others. 6048 ERHAND BOY. W' AX "KD AX ERRAND BOY at the Telegraph f Uffi.V, iUrnl) TUITION. "1[\^AN "ED—A Getiih'oian to attend daiiy OJ. mile T V our of Merthyr, to give Latin lessons to chil- dren. — Apply, by letter, to A.G., Telegraph Office, Merihyr. 6088 TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. IT ANTE D—A respectable youth as an AP- T T PRENTICE to the General Drapery business. —Apply to Mr E. MEREDITH, Waterloo House, Mer- thyr Tydfil. 6089 SERVANT MAID. WTANTED—A GENERAL SERVANT.—Apply VT at the Telegraph Office, Merthyr Tydfil. 6100 RED LION INN, YNTSYFELIN. DANIEL HAVARD \TILL provide a PIE. to commence on MONDAY, VT OCTOBER 27th, 1873. Tickets, One Shilling each. 6095 TESTIMONIAL TO ~THE REV. D. D. PEIliCE, ON HIS LEAVING THE CURACY OF ST. DAVID'S CHURCH, MERTHYR. ANY Member of the Church who wishes to sub- scribe to the above Fund may do so through the Treasurer, ED. EVANS, Esq., Brecon Old Bank or the Secretary, B. R. S. FROST. 135, High-street, Merthyr. 6097 J^OTICE~OFKEMOYAL. T. J. DA Y IES, Late of the Temple Bar Tavern, RESPECTFULLY thanks his Friends and the tt Public for the liberal patronage accorded him whilst at the Temple Bar Tavern. He now desires to intimate that he has just Removed to the VOLUNTEER INN, HIGH STREET, MERTIIYR; Where he hopes to receive a continuauce of public support. Patrons will find every attention paid to secure their enjoyment, and the quality of all Refresh- ments, whether Ales, Wines, or Spirits, will always be found unsurpassed in the District. 6064 STAR AND RAILWAY ItfN, ABERDARE. WILLIAM DANCE (late Sergeant of Police at V V Merthyr), begs to inform his friends and the public that he has taken the Star and Railway Inn, Trap-road, Aberdare (between the Abernsmt Station and Aberdare), and hopes to secure their patronage. Wines and Spirits of the best quality. <> 5955 SALUTATION IXN, PLYMOUTH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. MORGAVLLOYD, PATTERN MAKER, CARPENTER, AND UNDERTAKER, BEGS to acquaint his Friends and the Public in general that he has re-commenced businass in the above trades. Ail orders entrusted to him will have his best at- tention. Coffins made on tho shortest notice, and at the most reasonable prices. (31191 REMOVAL OF OFFICES. MESSRS. PEARCE AND SHAPTON BEG to inform their friends and the public that they have Removed their Offices to PONTYCAPEL BIHW"){Y, near Merthyr. All orders and communications addressed there will have prompt attention. 6016 ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ACTS, 1870 AND 1873. COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. THE MERTIIYR TYDFIL SCHOOL BOARD. NOTrCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that application by way of Petition, under the Seal of the said Merthyr^T'-dfil School B^urd, is intended to bo made to the Education Department, for an order authorising the said Merthyr Tydfil School Hoard to put in force the powers contained in the said Elementary Education Acts for the purpose of purchasing and taking other- wise than by agreement the Land and Premises herein- after mentioned, for the purposes of erecting thereon a certain School ^,1 other necessary Buildings for the purposes of the School Board, and required by the said School Board for carrying into effect the require- ments of the said Elementary Education Acts, 1870 and 1873, that is to say— ALL THAT piece or parcel of Land or ground situate at Abercanaid, in the said parish of Merthyr Tydfil, and hounded on the north by some wasteland and the National School-house and playground at Abercanaid aforesaid on the east by some waste land on tho south by waste la-nd and some cottages; and on the west by Chapel-street, Abercanaid, aforesaid and con- taining by estimation two roods, be the same more or less. and at present unoccupied. AND NOTICVE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, that Plans and Sections of tl tt: said Land and Premises, with tha quan- tities thereof intended and proposed to be taken under and by virtue, of the powers and authorities of the said Elementary Education Acts, may be seen and inspected at all reasonable hours at the Office of the undersigned, situate at Ohureh-street, Merthyr Tydfil, in the County of Glamorgan, between the 24th day of October instant, and the 30th day of November next. Dated this 23rd day of October, 1873. SIMONS & PLEWS, 6099 Solicitors, Church-street, Mertbyr Tydtil. SALE BY MR. W. P. STEPHENSON. THE BUTRILLS, N EAR CARDIFF. MR. W. P. STEPHENSON Has received instructions from tho p roprietor, Colonel Harry Davies, late United States Consul for Cardiff, who is about to return to A merica, to SELL BY AUCTION, At the Royal Hotel, Oardiff, on TUESDAY, 28th day of Oc rOBER, 1873. at Two for _i_ Three precisely, subject to conditions of Sale to be then produced, and in one Lot, all that very valuable FREEHOLD MANSION AND LANDS, 30a. 2r. 32p. (more or les-(3) in extent, enclosed within a ring- fence known as t ne Jjiitrilla, and situate in the Parish of Merthyrdov an? an hour's drive from Cardiff, and 4.j miles from t^e Fagan's Station of the Great Western Railway The situation ói this charming residence is unrivalled for its picture ^qtje beauty. It stands nearly at the top of a gentle eminence, sloping down to the sea, and overlooking. Barry jBiand, with its harbour, and cotn- j5* .cenaive views of the Bristol Channel, from which tn_e boundary of the property is distant not more than a. qu.>lx"cer of ,t mile. The Man sion contains on the ground floor dining, drawing, br eakfast rooms, and library, all opening out of a fine v? stibule, tastefully paved with encaustic°tiles, the hbral" ý opening into a nuble conservatory, 8Uft. lcn^ by l'8ft. wide, which is fitted up with hot-water pipes of the most moduli construction, by Evans, of Wolverhampton, with centre fishpond and fountain in full pw and shaded by luxuriant vines, planted in a. vine be irder, which has been laid along the outside; beyorW on the same floor, but completely separated from, ^he reception rooms, are the kitchens, servants' haH, kousekeeper's room, pantries, dairy, and usual oPico s and on the first floor, approached by principal ?.nd secondary stair-cases, are situate bedrooms, dress- ing-) mollis, aud bath-room, with hot and cold water supply, and closets, all opening on each side of a spac iou8 corridor. The water supply is unfailing and very abundant, and the drainage perfect. In front of the Mansion, and leading down to the lawn. by two well-designed stair-cases, is a terrace with a handsome balustrade of Bath stone. There is also a capi'i croquet lawn and ball court. Tlie KITCHEN GAUO-N is stocked with the choicest fruit n- 'es, .:nd shore is besides a good orchard. At the sout'iffii extremity of î.;18 grounds are two summer hou"s, built in ta.icy trick. '1' STABTTN'G is ample and well-arranged, b°i:.g com- prised iu a oiock ere, :ted in the roar of tile house at a suitaole detune", and includes coach-house, harness- room, cow-horse, piggeries, hen-houses, hay-lofts ser- vants' rooms, &.c., &c. There is also the usual farm outbuildings. The Bu'rils is situate on the main road within a mile of the villages of Cado:ston and Barry, and very easy of access. It abounds in game, being nearly encircled by a belt of cnver, and in the midst of the preserves of the Wenvoe Castle Estate. There is good fishing in the immediate neighbourhood, and excellent sea-bathino- close at hand. ° The present proprietor has spared no pains or expense in the improvement and embellishment of the property, which is in every respect suited for the residence of a family of distinction. Early possession may be had. Plans and particulans may be had on application to Messrs Ingledew, Incc and Vacliell, Solicitors, » Cardiff- or to the Auctioneer, 21, Queen-street, Cardiff, from whom cards to view may be obtained. 1)096 THOSE LADIES who have not yet used the GLEI ,'FIELD STARCH, are respectfully solicited to give it a tri; d, and carefully follow out the directions printed on every package, and if this is done, they will say, li ke the Queen's Laui. dress, :that it is the finest Starct < they ever used. When you ask for Glenfield Starch, ase that you get it, as inferior .kinds are flften substitute 4 for the sake of extra profit ?,

Friday, October 24, 1873.


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