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ABERDARE POLICE COURT. TUESDAT.—Before D. E. WiW tms, Esqr. ANOTHER JUSTICE WANTED.—Luckily the number of cases set down for hearing to-diy fell far below the usupt average, eige the inconvenience ? Isin'J from the want of a second magistral) would have been severely felt. It wri indeed by a mere r -ident th.t the atten- dance of the gentleman above named was secured-we being given to understand thtt he wpq debarred from attending the Brecon Qucv- r Sr s'ons as lie had in. tended, by some '"rejulaiity in the a1' of the first train at Merthyr. The majoiity of the c,ea which follow in the drunkards' 1st, br I one poraon of the charge el;minated, so that the matter might be taken cognisance of by one justices, the cbargr., as they were y worded, reqtl') ing two to adjudicate upon them. William Jenkins, stoker, found by P.C. Thorns i TraD-road. on the 7thinst.,(hjnk and fighting with another individual, who ran for it directly the con. stable hove in si-bt, Win f'1..d 31 and the costs.—Herry Edwards, sinker, found by P.C. Evans :'1 Wind-street the same night, denudrd of p'most evei/ra*j of cloth- ing, standing like a pc t amid pn incessant downpour of rain, was fincd a like sum.—Evan Edwp-ds, lampman, a notorious fellow, charged by P.C. Thomas with drunken and riotous conduct in High-str st, on the 13th inat., was ordered to PÀY a fine of 10 and the COgh. -Henry Walte.. labourer, picked up by P.C. James in Commereivl Phce, on the same night, in a helpless state, was fined Et and the costs.—Wm, Poole, collier, arrested by P.C. Emanuel in Nav ^al'on-ror I, Mountain Ash, under sim'V- c,-cumstp -,c i. was similarly dealt with, ai also were Jo'eph Matthe vs, col'!er, picked up by P.C. Ford, n Cardiff-road, Ilountain Ash, the same night, and Jam-9 Quick, labourer, lugged out of Sey- mour-street, th'" (Tu -day) mo^>:D": by P.O. Jamei. Walters and Quick were committed to gaol for seven days' each with hard labour in default of paying the amount of penalty respectively I-npo du) on them. A MISCHIEVOUS YOUNGSTER —Edwin Bowden, 14, a respectably-dre sed hd, wf summoned for doing damage to a ralway truck, the nrope^y of Messrs. Elliott and Company (Powel' Duh yn) to the amonnt of 21 6<L—A watchman, named EV?T?S, who ,4 employed by the Company, swore that on the 19th Hst. he saw the defendant (with whom were a lot of other lads) raise the break of a tuck which stood t., a siding at Cwmnrol Co"iery, and pHce a long wooden rafter in one of the wheel. by means of wirch he sent the truck down the line at a frnious rate. It collided with a loaded wagon, which it threw oft tbe I:'1e and damaged to the amount named in the summons. The mother, who accompanied the boy, could not see why her son had b an summoned more than the re,t of the clrldren who were assisting him.—H:s Worship imposed a fine of Is, in addition to the amount of dam? ^e and cos. Co>r, STE^LTNa.—Thomr i Colhrd, labourer, was charged with stealing 611bs. of corl, the nropertyof the Abernant Iron Company, on the 9th inst.—Jr\S. Pawy deposed to seeing the pi ioner go about s;x o'clock in the morning of the day :'1 question to a truck in the Cwmbach aid-vjy, jump on the buffers and take off a large lump of coav which he ultimately shouldered and walked away with. Witness went after him and asked him why he came there to look for coal. He re- plied that he thought it no harm he hr 1 not a bit in the house that morning. Wloans brought him to Aberdare, where the coal was duly weighed. The value of it was sixpence, and the owneu were Richard Fothergill, Esq., M.P., and others. The prisoner was not employed under the Messia. Fothergill and Com- pany. The young man now consented to be tried by an Aberdare Bench of Magistrates rather than at Quarter Sessions by a jury. He was, therefore, ordered to be remanded for a week. Bp'l was taken for his appear- ance, himself and one surety in JB10 each. oo-- GELLYGAER SCHOOL BOARD. The monthly meeting of this Board was held on the 9th inst. at the Library, Pontlottyn, under the presi- dency of Mr J. Rees, chairman. The Rev. A. Davies, pursuant to notice, moved-" That the spla\y of the master at Fochriw School be raised to £60, and the sewing mistress 110. 1 This was seconded by the Rev. J. P. Williams, The Rev. G. C. F. Harries complained that the school pence were not properly collected, and could not see why the ratepayers should be c; lied upon to raise the salaues of their teachers when tney neglected to look after the fees, and so depilve themselves of what would be a pait of their remuneration. He moved as an amendment that the salary be J655, half grant, and half school pence, and that of sewing mis. tress £10. This was seconded by Mr Laybourne. On being put to the vote the oi;ginal proposition was carried. Mr J. Lewis, pursuant to notice, moved- "That the motion passed at the lasi Board meeting with reference to lending the Board schools for other purposes should be rescinded in the case of Deri." The Rev. G. C. F. Harries moved a direct negative, and after a short discussion, Mr Lewis withdrew his oLlginal motion, an" it was agreed-" That the schoolroom be lent for this time only to the members of the Indepen. dent congregation for the purpose of holding a concert, and that a charge of 10s be i lade." The Rev. G. C. F. Harries moved—"That the managers of the several Board schools instruct the masters to see after the arrears of school pence, and to report to this Board of any cases that may require investigation." It was or- dered that a precept be given to the o /erseers for the sum of JE400. The inspector's report of the Treedy- rhiwfuwch School was read, and considered very un. satisfactory. Mr Lonie and Mr William Thomrs "Tere appointed managers of Trosdyrbiwfuwch School in the room of one deceased and another removed. There were six applications f< r the mastership of Troedyihiw- fuwch School, and after examhvng the testimonials, which were all of a veil hifjh character, the Board elected Mr David Thomas (Lland'irfel). There wee 18 applications for the post of master, tJ."ee for that of mistress, and five for that of infant mistress of the new Pontlottyn School, but as the sitting had bsen rather a protracted one it was agreed to adjou.A the considera- tion of this malter until Thursday next. RHONDDA VALLEY TNTELITG-ENCE- STRA NGE DiacovMT.—On Tuesday afternoon last, as some beys were at play close tv the Rhondda river, near Hafod, one of them noticed Bometh:ng glittering im- bedded in the gravel, and on pictrng it un discovered it to be a watch. The number of the watca is 50,383. PONTYPRIDD INTELLIGENCE. PUBLIC-HOUSE OFMNCt.—On Wednesday (before Mr Gwilym Wi'Hams), Griffith Griffiths, Ffrwd Amos. Rhondda Valley, was charged with bein^ riotous, and refusing to quit the Turberville Arms when requested to do so. Tue landladv was called by the police to give evidence against defenaant, but during her examination she appeared very reluctant to give evidence. Did the defendant break some plates at yoar house at the time in question?"—" Yes, he had broken some plates which were of but little value.The Superintendent: Please to ask her, sir, if he damped a chafr!- Witness (laughing) Well, YCl, sir, two chairs were damaged. -The Bench And you have forgiven all by to-day ?— Witness: Iss, sir.—He was fine i 58 and costs. E. Thomas was charged with refusing to quit the Cross Keys Inn, Tonypr ndy, when requested to do so.—The landlady admitted, in answer to the Bench, that the defendant WM drunk when he entered the house, and yet he was supprcd ",ith drink. Ihe compk;nant wa^ told that she was liable to be fined herself.—Defendant was fined 15s 2d, including cc to. —— Wm. John, Farmer's Arms, Drebanog, was chrrged with refusing to admit P.C. Jenkins. The constable said that on Sunday, the 5th instant, he knocked at defendant's door. He was in uniform at the time, but the door was not opened. Shortly afterwards he saw a number of men in a field at the rear of defendant's house, and two of them were drunk.—Defendant protested that the only rep-ion for not opening the door was that the Jo«k was u stiff," and that he iv 1 failed to o; ;n it.— The constable said he had not henrd anyone attempting to open the lock.-Defendant WPS fin-, 20s and costs. --W}D. Beecb-Am, Louisa Bcecham, David Griffith, and Eliza G-iffith, married couples, living at Ferndale, were charged with the above offence.-P.C. Coleman discovered the defendants and others, whose cases were disposed of last week, drinking at Brynffynon Inn, near iSglwyswonno Church, which is in a lonely part of the mountain, between Aberdare and the Rhondda Valley.-Defendanta were fined 10s and costs each. AN EARLY BIRD,—Mr. David Williams, the Mill, near the above town, shot a fine woodoogk on Wed. nesday last In Craigylan, within a short distance of the town. HUNT EXTRAORDINARY.—On Friday, while the rain poured, and the floating mist swept in gusts athwart the mountains of Rhondda and Eglwysilan, there sud- denly appeared on the Rhondda-bridge, in the contre of the town, a nimble-footed denizen of the fern?. Its started look betokened that it was not accustomed to the haunts of man. The visitor was no other than a fine hare. There were several persons in the neighbour- hood of the bridge, who made a rush at poor puss, who made many ineffectual rushes to escape from falling in- to their hands. But suddenly, PS if finding that es. cape was impossible, and as if crying, in a language of her own, Anywbere-anywhere out of the world," the poor creature vaulted over the parapet, and fell into the flooded river beneath. It floated bravely and struggled gallantly for dear We. At this moment an elderly citizen ran to the scene with a loaded gun at halfcook, intending to shoot, but the gun, as ;f appre- ciating the scene more humanely than its owner, refused to go off. The citizen did not fling the disobedient fire- lock in the flood after the hare, but ran to another posi- tion to receive the creature at the back of the Butchers' Arms, where many othars had congregated. At this moment an intelligent retriever dog, belonging to Mr Evans, jumped into the water, and then followed a most exciting race, which wp, continued for about 200 yards, when puss was caught and brought out alive by the noble animal. BOARD OF H"\LTH.—On Wednesday the first meet- ing of the newly established Board was held, and there was a full attendance of members. Upon the motion of Mr. Penn, which was seconded by Mr. Robert Thomas, and carried nem. con., the Rev D. W. Williams, Fairfield House, was elected chairman for the ensuing three years. The rev. gentleman took the chair amidst cheers. He delivered some remarks of a general character, remarking that the duties they would have to peiform were new to them, but he trusted his long experience at Boards somewhat of tha same nature would be of some service to them (hear, hear). He trusted the various appointments would be filled to the satisfaction of even their opponents (" hear, hear," and laughter). He complimented Mr. Jabez Evans upon the energy he had displayed during the contest, and concluded by thanking them for the honour done him in being elected thei chairman. Mr. Robert Thomas proposed Mr. Penn as their vice-chairman. This was seconded by Mr. William Davies, Pwllywaun, and carried. The chairman s Mid the next duty they had to perform was to elect a clerk. It was the general custom to appoint a prof lsional man to that office. He had been much pleased with the manner in which Mr. Harry L. Grover had managed matters in connection with the recent election (hear, hear)-and lie thought him well qualified to act p1 their clerk. He had pleasure in pro- posing him for that office. Th;s was seconded by Mr. Penn, and cai .ied unanimously. The chairman said it was necessary next to appoint a trpp surer, and he pro- posed Mr. W i'liams, manager of the West of England Bank, to fill the office. This was sc jonded by the vice- chairman and carried.-Mr. Robert Thomas proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Frank James, Merthyr, the returning-officer, for the excellent manner in which he had conducted the recent election of members to that Board. This was seconded by the vice-chairman and carried. Mr. James's representative retuued thanks on behalf of that gentleman.—The meeting was then adjourned to Monday evening next. +• TREDEGAR INTELLIGENCE. ANNIVERSARY.—The anniversary of Elvin Indepen- dent Chapel wps held on Sunday last, when sermons were preached at Saron Chapel at two and six o'clock, by the Rev. R. Williams (Hwfamon), of London, and on both occasions the chapel was crowded to overflow- ing. The emir ce of the preacher brought people to- gether from a'l <e surrounding district, he beinj also a bard of the hi<jhr -t class, having won the cha'r at the late Rhyl Eisteddfod, when Mr Gladstone del, -vered his admirable speech, and, we are collect, had gained the like honour severrl times before. A collection was made et the close of ef oh service, and the total amounted to £47. On Monday a lecture was also delivered by Mr W'ama, on The Young Men," on which occasion Saron Chapel was again quite crowded, and all were highly pleased with the very eloquent manner he handled the subject. PETTY SESSIONS.—At the Po'lce-court on Tuesday, before Dr Coates and the Rev. W. Hughes, Abraham Morgan was swora in ?s corstable to the parish of Aberystwith. OBTAUHG A WATCH UNDER FA^SE PRETENCES.— Henry Seth, of Gamfpch, Nantyglo, was charged by Tobias Field, of Newport, with inducing him to dispose of a silver watch by sale under fplse pretences. Prose. cutor stated that the watch was of the value of 1:2 5s, and that the prisoner, !n the month of September lpit, represented himself to be a tradesman living at Nanty- glo, and that he was now building some houses in that place. He had a watch himself, and wanted to pur- chase another for his w.fe. In proof of this statement he pointed to some houses which were then being bu"t as his own. Under th's representation prosecutcr sold him a watch and chain. Sub. equently he found out the statement of the prisoner wai false, wherefore the cause of the present proceedings, the watch having been eventually pawned at the shop of Coleman Foley, at Biynmawr. Evidence of the accuracy of the statement as regarded the houses was given by Mrs Mary Johnson the real owner, unto whom the prisoner had applied for rent of one of the housei to be used as a shoemaker's shop, to which the witness entirely objected. The pri- soner asserted in defence that prosecutor called at his house and wanted to sell the watch, asking 10s at that time and 51 per month until the whole amount was paid up. Having only 7s in the house at the time, he bor- rowed the sum of 33 to make up the 10s, which be paid to the prosecutor ps instalments, and the conditions of sale were written on the day-book of the prosecutor, if he had the wish to show it to the Bench. The Bench considered there was a prima facie case, and committed the prisoner to t'ke h's trial at the Usk Quarter Sessions. SERIOUS ASSAULT.-Thomas Jones, who appeared in Court with a bandaged head and marks of several cuts on his face, charged John Welsh with violently and un- provokingly assaulting him at the works, at Tredegar, on Friday morr:ng last. The parties were at work on Thursday night, the former part of the night being spent in a certa:n amount of practical joking, compris- ing some rough play. About four o'clock, however, a dispute arose ps to the cutting of some long aod shoiu rails, and prosecutor desired the prisoner to come on a little quicker, in consequence of which prisoner struck the prosecutor with a heavy tongs, which felled him to the ground, and afterwards recommenced the assault by striking him in the face with a stone-jar, a splinter of which hit Thomas Powell, who ran to the assistance of Jones, and the jar itself breaking with the force of the blow on Jones's face. Corroborative evidence was given. Dr Brown, the works' su-geon, gave evidence as to the nature of the injuil 7. Mr Dixon, who appeared for the defence, wished to show that provocation had been given by the prosecutor. Ultimately the prisoner was committed for ttl?\ ASSAULT ON RAILWAY OFFICIALS. — At a special Petty Sessions ou Monday, William Hawkins and George Plumber were charged with committing a vielent assault on David Jarman, station master, and Lloyd, a porter, at Nantybwch station, on the London and North. Western Railway, on the 4th inst. It appears that on the evering of that day the defendants came to the station and commenced wheeling a wheel-barrow, and annoying some girls, who had 2ome there to wait for some friends. When interrogated is to their mean- ing, Plumber struck Jarman, and the other had Lloyd on the ground, the station-master's lamp being taken away from him. Plumber also had a bottle in his hand with which he struck Jarman. Jarman informed the guard thatpiisoners were unfit to go by train, and a general scuffle then took place. For the defence it was stated that they were only larking with the girls, and that the officipls unwisely interfered, which resulted in a disturbance.—The Bench thought the case a very serious one, and, considering the persons upon whom the assault wps committed—railway officials-they committed the defeadants to prison for ]4 days.


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