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MESSRS: H. W. HARRIS AND TAYLOR'S NOTICES. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ARCHITECTS, SURVEYORS. HOUSE, ESTATE, AND GENERAL AGENTS, HAVE just REMOVED from their Offices, in _i M 140, High Street, to the NEW AUCTION MART, Estate and Architect's Offices, in Court Street, Mertbyr, re- cently constructed to accommodate their increased Business. They beg to inform the Public that all matters entrusted to their care will be punctually, promptly, and carefully attended to. Plans, Elevations, and Specifications Prepared; Works in all Branches of the Building Trade Measnred and Valued. QUANTITIES TAKEN OUT FOR ESTIMATES, &0. Bailway and other Shares Bought or Sold, and daily Prices obtained on application. Offices: Court Street, Merthyr Tydfil. 6021 TO THE GENTRY, PROFESSIONAL AND AMATEUR GARDENERS, ? OTHERS. DUTCE BTILBS. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR RESPECTFULLY announce that they have just received direct from Holland their annual supply of the best DUTCH BULBS, consisting of a selected assortment of Double and Single Hyacinths, Narcissus, Tulips, Crocus, Iris, Jonquils, Double and Single Anemonias, Ranunculus, Liliums, &c., &c. An early inspection of the above at their Offices, Ceurt-street, Merthyr Tydfil, will be esteemed a favour. Auctioneers' Offices, September 18th, 1873. 5999 MR. DANIEL DAVIES' NOTICE. Established 24 Years. 1 MR. DANIEL DAVIES, AUCTIONEER AND GENERAL BUSINESS AGENT, 19, IVOR STREET, DOWLATS. 6076 THE WANT OF THE AGE SUPPLIED. HOW often do we hear the remark, I don't t t feel wel and how many persons pass the whole of their lives in that unpleasant condition ? WHAT IS THE REASON ? Simply this: The stomach is allowed to get out of order, and the whole system is consequently deranged. Medical advice is frequently postponed till a serious illness supervenes, and if the health is restored, it is often after ranch suffering, and always with the unpleasant addition of A DOCTOR'S BILL. How is this to be Prevented ? The experience of nearly half a century has proved that in KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS may be obtained a safe and efficient remedy for ALL DISEASES, that taken in time, they will prevent, and by their use, in variably cure, all complaints. They are cheap, accessible to all and from their vegetable composition, they PURIFY THE BLOOD by an easy and expeditious process. To heads of familis hey are invaluable, as, where they are used, NO OTHER MEDICINE IS REQUIRED. Prepared solely by JOHN KAYE, Esq., of Prospect Hall, Woodford, Essex. Sold by all Medicine Vendors at Is. lid., 2s, 9d., and 4s. 9d. Wholesale Depot, 22, Bread street, London. 6062 VALUABLE REMEDIES FOR THE V AFFLICTED. DR. ROBERTS'S CELEBRATED OINTMENT CALLED THE POOR MAN'S FRIEND," Is confidently recommended to the Public as an unfailing remedy for wounds of every description, for ulcerated sore legs, even if of twenty years' standing cuts, burns, scalds, bruises, chilblains, scorbutic eruptions, pimples on the face, sore and inflamed eyes, sore heads, sore breasts, piles, fistula, and cancerous humours, hc. Sold in pots, Is. lid., 2B. 9d., lie., and 228. each. Also his PILULiE ANTISCROPHUL/E, confirmed by sixty years' experience. to be one of the best alterative medicines ever compounded for purifying the blood, and assisting nature in all her operations. Hence they are used in scrofula, scorbutic complaints, glandular swellings, jparti- cularly those of the neck, &c. They form a mild and superior family aperient that they may be taken at all times without confinement or change of diet. Sold in boxes at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s., and 22s. Sold by the Proprietors, BEACH and BARNICOTT, at their Dispensary, Bridport, and by all respectable medicine vendors, 5962 W. J. W'HILE, DISPENSING CHEMIST, 128, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, RESPECTFULLY invites attention to his Ilti APERITIVE GLOBULES," a substitute for Castor Oil, his latest speciality. Being tasteless and very small the Globules are a great boon to ladies, who object to the taste of that medicine Sold in boxes at Is. each. Also to the fol- lowing amongst many of his Proprietary Articles; Syrup of Camphor, for Coughs. Colds, &c., is an invaluable remedy for all affections of the bronehial tubes. Sold in bottles, jg iid Sarsa-Taraxacum—a new combination of Sarspa- riHa with Dandelion. A most efficacious alterative, tonic, and purifier of the blood. 6077 TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. Just published for two stamps. HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH. By Dr. BARNBS, M.D. (U.S.) A TREATISE on the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS, and TREAT- MENT of all Diseases depending on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical De- pression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self- Distrust. Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and many other ailments which, if neglected, bring the sufferers to an early Death. Together with Hints on Chronic Rheuma- tism, Gout, Neuralgia, Epilepsy. Hysteria, and all diseases of the ntrvous and alimentary system. The Appendix to this valuable work contains many useful PBESOBXMIONS for the alleviation of suffering and the cure of minor disorders, with full instructions for their prepara- tion and use. Contains also some friendly advice on Hygiene, or the WAY TO PRESERVE HEALTH. Illustrated by numerous testimonials from grateful patients who have been restored to health through the author's instru- mentality. Sent poit free for 2 stamps or by letter post 3 stamps. or Address, Dr. J. A. BARNES, 48, Lonsdale-square, Barns- bury, London, N. 6059 CONSUMPTION AND SCROFULA. TO Avoid and Cure them, address, enclosing seven stamps, to JOSH. D. PHILLIPS, [6014 5, LOVELL'S-COURT, PATERNOSTER-ROW, LONDON, E.C BILL-POSTING IN MERTHYR. CHRISTOPHER PULMAN, BILL-POSTER & TOWN C CRIER, 17, Victoria-street, Merthyr, undertakes Bill-posting and Distributing throughout the town and neighbourhood. 6056 All Orders bV Post or otherwise carefully attended to. 2696 AGENTS SELL it SECURED IN TINFOIL PACKETS. It is free from all mineral colour, or other adulteration — and therefore wholesome and invigorating — of great strength and delicious flavour consequently very economical. Qualities from 2/- to 4/- per lb. Sold by authorized Agents (Chemists, Confec. tioners, &c.) throughout the Metropolis and in nearly every Town and Village in the Kingdom. ¡ ^OCAL, AGENTS:- MERTHYR LEWIS, Chemist, Georgetown: to WHILE, Chemist, 128, High Street. Sims, chemist Mm-ri«tnn Bevan, Post Office ■Aberdare. Thomas 70, Mil! Ppoof, Edwards, stationer street_ Pontypridd, Davies, chemist Dowiais c'.lemlst Pontlo-tyn, Davies, PostOflice • > Emamfii Rhymney, Dixon, chemis. Ebbw Vaie 'Con,fectioner Tafi's Well, Williams Hirwain, Si'ma Jvf' cl?emist Tredegar, Jenkins, chemist Hirwain, Jones ch I Tredegar, Jenkins, chemist JOHNSON rr?1 Troedyrhiw, Knox, chemist Dealers, &, Co., Wholesale Tea re' Southwark, London, S.E. 691 NOT1 CES. 98, HIGH STREET (NEXT DOOR TO THE CASTLE HOTEL), MERTHYR. AUTU M IT F-A. S H I 0 IsT S M. SAMUEL R ESPECTFULL Y iuforms tho Public that he is now showing the Latest Novelties in 1[ I\T -R MILLIFERY, DRESSES, JACKETS, MANTLES, SHAWLS, SKIRTS, FURS, &c. 6009 GEORGE LONGDEN & SON, NEEPSEND GANNISTER MILLS, SHEFFIELD, AND MYERS LANE GANNISTER AND FIRE CLAY WORKS, LOXLEY. GROUND GANNISTER Of special and selected descriptions for Lining- Steel Melting Furnaces Foundry Cupolas Gas Furnaces and Retort Bessemer Vessels Brass Casters' Furanaces Furnaces generally Puddling Furnaces Metal Furnaces BEST GANNISTER, CNGBOUND, IN LUMPS. COMMON GANNISTER, UNGROUND, IN LUMPS. GANNISTBB FIRE CLAY, UNGROUND. 6078 W. T. GRIFFITHS, IRONMONGER, MERTHYR, Begs to announce that he has a LARGE STOCK OF KITCHEN RANGES By Eminent Makers. THESE Articles are highly appreciated at all times by those who use them, but especially so now that Coal is so ecaree and diear. They are clean, easily managed, efficient and economical, saving theircost in a short time. ) 147, HIGH STREET, NEAR THE CROWN INN. 6025 ARTIFICIAL TEETH. H. W. GRIFFITHS, SURGEON DENTIST, (And Assistant for a considerable period to Mr. T. Rees,) D ESP.ECTFULLY informs the Public of Merthyr, Aberdare, and Neighbourhood, that he may be oon- JLVi suited professionally, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, at 3A, Victoria-street, Merthyr. All operations in Dentistry ca and skilfully performed. Artificial Teeth, guaranteed to answer all the purposes of Natural Teeth, supplied at Mode- ra Charges. Children's Teeth regulated. Consultations Free. The most careful attention paid to all orders. Charges strict Moderate. #sr ADDRESS—3A, VICTORIA STREET. 6027 WHY GO TO BRISTOL, AND PAY MORE P THE 64TELEGRAPH STEAM PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES 50, HIGH STREET, (OPPOSITE THE MARKET SGITT-A-TRE,) MHRTHYB TYDFIL. RETAIL STATIONERY WAREHOUSE, 49A, HIGH-STREET, P. WILLIAMS ANNOUNCES that having every facility, which Steam Machinery and the Employment of the most Competent "Workmen can render, for the execution of Printing Orders, he respectfully solicits a continuance of public patronage. His Charges for Posters, Bill Heads, Circulars, and every kind of Printing Work, are as Moderate as any in the district, and at least ten per cent. lower than the usual Bristol prices. For the Expedition in the execution of Print- ing Work, the TELEGRAPH PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT will bear favourable comparison with any Printing Office either in Bristol or the Principality whilst for COLOUR PRINTING, Cards, Printed Headings, and work requiring special care and taste, the resources of the Establishment—embracing as it does, an assortment of almost every kind of Plain and Fancy Type, and the engagement of a numerous staff of efficient Compositors—ensure these desirable advantages, DAY BOOKS AND CASH BOOKS Of every size, binding, and thickness, always in stock; and Purchasers will find them as cheap as can reasonably be tUsiied* TO THE TRADE. Printing, Binding, Ruling, Paging, and Perforating for the Trade, At the TELEGRAPH Printing Office, Merthyr Tydfil Good Workmanship-Moderate Charges—and Promptitude in the Execution of Orders—have been the prominent features in the businses operations of this Establishment for the last Twenty Years. — —. —i j ■ T Goods of the value of £2, and upwards, delivered Carriage Free at all Railway Stations in South Wales. SOLE dGENT IN MERTETR FOR THE EUREKA INKS. SCHOOLMASTERS & HEADS OF FAMILIES ARE respectfully invited to the STOCK of SCHOOL BOOKS and SCHOOL APPARATUS at the TELEGRAPH Office. There are Primers, Reading Easies, Spelling: Books, Grammars, Histories, Arithm3tic Books, Geographies, and PictioK- a ies; also Slates, Exercise Books, and Copies, the latter ruled to any pattern, with or without headings, and adapted for the teaching of round, small, large,or angular hands. GENERAL STATIONERY. No Person studying economy will buy WRITING PAPER by the quire. The Wholesale Purchaser buys his Reams by weight, and so does every Retail Purchaser who appreciates the maxim that a "Penny sayed is a penny earned." PLAYING CARDS At various prices fro Tenpence to Half-a-Crown per pack. GROCERS' SHOP BOOKS of every thickness, plain and interleaved, suppHed at p'er gross or per dozen, at as cheap a rate as any respectable House in the Kingdom. THE BINDING DEPARTMENT HAS CAREFUL ATTENTION, and every means is adopted to secure Elegance and Durability in the work produced. ACCOUNT BOOKS to pattern, and bound in every form of binding; paged and indexed CHEQUE BOOKS Of every description supplied, Numbered and Perforated; TO WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS. PENS, Ink, Envelopes, Pfcper, School Books, Books of Fate Dream Books, Table Books^alentines^Penholders and Pens, t and Slate Pencils, supplied to Shopkeepers for Sale, and to Hawkers, at Who THE "TELEGRAPH" PEN nd "No pen can Has been a public favourite for the last twenty years. It is still unrivalled as a pen for common use, anai flo pen can tell|" its many merits. It is anti-corrosive, and is therefore more durable than any other kind of p » wrting it is the nearest approach to the quill Sold at 3d. per doz., or 2s, per gross. COLOUR BOXES (ENGLISH AND FOREIGN), From 6d. to 138. each. These Colour Boxes, as supplied at the TELEGRAPH Office, obtainedHlie Prise of the Society of Arts, and are speeially recommended by that Society for general use. SUNDAY SCHOOLS WILL find at the Retail Stationery Warehouse of the TELEGRAPH Office, a large number of Pips J^S^Reward English and Welsh), in plain and elegant bindings also a varied assortment of Reward Books, and Picture Reward Cards. There are likewise on sale Sunday School Instruction Books, of various kinds and prices. THE GROCERS' GUINEA AND HALE-GUINEA SHOP LEDGERS Either Single orjDouble {Entry, are manufactured on the Premises, and are unsurpassed, at the price, in respect of size or quality, iior good value they are especially recommended. WRITING PAPER An excellent quality can always be had at the TELEGRAPH Office, at Is. per lb., and Envelopes at from 4d. to 6d. per 100. Those vvho purchase under this system save fully CO per cent. THE TRAVE-TJ^NG DRAPERS' POCKET LEDGERS Are made in all sizes, paged, 'and indexed, if desired. They are stronglybound, and calculated to bear" knocking about.' pUttxtietg Are informed that for J Ca?"ds' ihfi assortment at the U Office will be found ample. PAP E R -B: A 2sT C3- I 2ST G- S To be Sold Cheap at the TELEGBAPH Office. THE ADD RESS :— THE 'TELEGRAPH" PRINTING ANI? STATIONERY ESTABLISHMENT 49a, and 50, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. 602S N0 tices. WHEN YOU ASK FOR GLENFIELD STARCH SEE THAT YOU GET IT, As Interior Kinds are often Substituted for the sake of extra profits. 0028 ~TO~THE NERYOW ANDDEBILITATED. CONSrt/T A LOKDOX PHYSICIAN "WITHOUT TEE. DR. HENRY SMITH, who has devoted twenty- five years exclusively to the treatment of Diseases of the Nervous System, resulting from Exhaustion of Nerve- power, the result of indiscretion, will, for the benefit of Pa- tients., who cannot consult him personally. on receiving a statement of their case, send by return a letter of advice with instructions, which, if followed, will ensure a cure TESTIMONIALS TO DR. HENRY SMITH. Dr Smith has received up to date March, 1873, Fourteen Hundred and Eighty-five written Testimonials from Patients who reside in the country in proof of his successful treatment, conducted by correspondence only. Address, Dr. H. SMITH, 8, Bmton Crescent, London. Just published, post free for two stamps, GUIDE TO HEALTH OR ADVICE AND IN- STRUCTIONS for the cure of Nervous Debility, by PR. HBNRY SMITH, M.D., of the University of Jena, Author of The Volunteer's Manual," &c. A Medical Work on the New Special Treatment, by Botanic Medicines onjy, of Nervous, Mental, Itld Physical Debility, Lowness of Spirite, Indigestion, Dimness of Sight, Want of Energy, and Premature Decline, and ALL Diseases of the Nervous system, resulting from exhaustion of Nervous Powwr. Gives Instructions for the Development and strengthening of the Human Body, how to acquire|Health and Strength, secure Long Life, and avoid the Infirmities of Old Age. Illustrated with Testimonials from grateful Patients, with means of Cure used in each case. The Pamphlet will be sent free by Post to any address on RM&IH^PF two penny stamps. 6024 Address Dr. IT,S»MRPU. 8, Burton Crescent, London. FOR p I I( ,p- ARE an invaluable preparation for Inflammation, Distemper, Coughs and Colds, Wheezing, Difficulty of Breathing, Fevers of all kinds, Measles, Eruptions of the Skin, Itchings, Rheumatism in the Limbs, Costiveness of the Bowels, Loss of Appetite and Condition, will improve their general health, and make them thrive and fatten better. Price Is. 9d. per Dozen.—Pigs take them freely in their food. Read the following, selected from Hundreds of Testimonials:- 5, Lister Gate, Nottingham. Mr. Calvert,-Dear Sir,—We have a pig which was expected to die for three months, when a frJend wished us to try your Powders, and through the use of the same it was restored to perfect health, and is now UPWARDS OF EIGHTY STONES WEIGHT. We have been the means of many others using them to the same advantage, whicti testimonials we can bring forward to your satisfaction.—We remain, Sir, yours &c. 0. S. CL/ UKK & CO., Pork Butchers. Nottingham, Jan. 3rd. 1869. Mr. Calvert,-Dear Sir,—We are in receipt of your com- munication, and have seen the ruan who owns the Pig. The above statement is perfectly true.-We are Sir, yours truly. PARR & ATHERTON, Chemists. Hutton Cranswick, Nov. 9th, 1871. Dear Sir,—I have used many medicines for pigs, but never found any to answer so well as Calvert's Pig Powders. They feed quicker when taking them, and I had one that took the SECOND PRIZE at Drittield Show, which took the Powders for a fortnight before and now I have one seven weeks old weighing Five Stones. I can confidently recommend them.- (Signed) JOHN PARKER. — To L. B. Ross, F.C.S., Esq., Wholesale Agent Prepared only by J. II. CALVERT, Chemist, Hull; and Sold by all Chemists and Village Shopks-pers in Wales. 6029 EMINENT P £ /? GEORGE'S^VI* //PILE 4 GBAVEL\% £ I FILLG. | | 5 ll PROPBISTOB, I O t VJ.E. GEORGE, M.R P S.Jf 5 HFFIWAM Thoadt you have ntered and DEIMIRED for gress and tried Remedies in vain, be aasored there U aUU a safe and speedy cure for yen AT a imall cost by nllng GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS, which are NOW recognised by alia# being the best Medicine yet discovered for PILE AND « KAVKI>, «B well M for the following PAIDG, wbieh, In Ninety-nine Cases out of every Hundred. «RE casaed by thesa painful Maladieg»— PAIN IN THE BAQK. FLATULENCY, QRlPlNa,COUA, A SENSE OF WEIGHT IN THE BACK AND LOINS, DARTING PAIN8 IN THE REGION OP THE HEART. LIVER. AND KIDNEYS. OONSTIPATION. PAINS IN THE THIGHS. 80METIM&8 SHOOTING DOWN TO THE OALF OF THE LEO AND FOOT. SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION OF URINE. PAINS IN THE STOMACH. AND ALL LIVER COMPLAINTS. Thousand* HAVE been WIRED by theae Pill. UD MIW who H*d been pronounced HOPEIEM. b«en T^TRMGHLT ra&oced « health by aloft ase. B J ONE BOX WILL EONVTWOE THK^MQBT BCBPHCAT OF TITRT ICIFJFICACY. m order UmftxU nftrittg from OS9 or BOTBqt then Uaiadiet, tlu Proprietor PREPARE! FegeUibU Semtd) » thi /oUennng form*. No. lv—OBORAIE'S PILE AND GRAVEL FILLS. No. a.-GHBORGHE'S GRAVEL PLLIS No. 8.-GJDORCU1'S PILLS FOR malppllno. Important TettimoniaU ul" btfonmnUd to any aidrttt ON receipt of a ttamptd emmlov. Sold is Boxes, II. AND 24.9d, by all respectable Chemists. VMI BOX is RAOIACTBD BY TIlE OOVXUMIN 8TA.IT?. NOTICE.—The word» « PILE AND GRAVEL PtLLS" are Copyright, and enUred at Stationeru* HaU. LONDON Barclay Sutton Newbery Sanger BØJTOI). Squire, & Co. BRISTOL Collins and Ropor Pearce & Co., &.c. LIVERPOOL Evans, Sons, and Co.; Clay, Dodd, and Case Rairnes and Co. 6030 a Impurities of the Blood. These wonderful Pills are valued at the humblest hearths a well as in the houses of comfort and wealth. They work a thorough purification throughout the whole system, without disordering the natural action of any organ, and eradicate those germs of complaints which consign tens of thousands to an early grave. Indigestion, Bilious Complaints, and Sick Headache. No organ in the human body is so liable to disorder as the livejr, and none is more apt, when neglected, to become seriously diseased. Remember when nausea, flatulency, or acidity on the stomach warns us that digestion is not proceeding properly, that Holloway'¡,¡ Pills regulate every function, piyc strength to every organ, speedily remove all eauaca of indigestion, bile, and sick headache, and effect a permanent cure. I Weakness and Debility. In cases of debility, langour and nervousness, generated by excess of any kind, whether mental or physical, the effects of these Pills is in the highest degree bracing, renovating, and restorative. They drive from the system the morbid causes of disease, re-establish the digestion, regulate all the secre- tions, strengthen the nervous system, raise the patient's spirit, and bring back the frame to its pristine health and vigour. The Pills and Ointment are sold at Professor HOLLOWAY'S Establishment, 533. Oxford-st., London also by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World, in Poxes and Pots, at is. lid., .2s. 9d., -tg.ed.. Us., 22S., and 33s. ea^h. The 2s. 9d.sizo contains three, tho 4s. 6<L, size six, the lis. site sixteen, the 22s. size thirty-three, and the 33s. size 'ifty-two times the Quantity of a la. L^D. Box or Pot. The smallest Box of Pills contains four dozen; and the smallest Pot of Ointment one ounce. Full printed directions are affixed to each Bor ar.d Pot and can be had in any language, even in Tuekiah, Arabi £ Armenian, Persian, or Oeinose. 6031 NOTICES. W. T. GRIFFITHS, I GENERAL IRONMONGER BAR IRON, STEEL & OIL MERCHANT. 147, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. J FURNISHING IRONMONGERY. 1 FARM IRONMONGERY. Baths, Toilet Sets, kory and other Table Baths, Toilet Seta. I^ory and other Table-Knives, Electro- chaffcutters Turnip Cutters, Horse Power Ploughs, Fencing Elated Cruets, Forks and Spoons, Ac., &c. (Wire (with free use of Straining Machine), Pig Troughs, IRON MASTERS', COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, AND MowlnS Machines, Pikes, Rakes, £ c., .tc. RAILWAY CONTRACTORS' IRONMONGERY. BUILDERS' IRONMONGERY, Iron Tubes and Fitting*, File*, Shovels, INDIA Rubber T, T, „ C Sheet and Hose, Plate and Horse Nails, Sheet Zinc. Copper Locks, Bolts, Hinges, Register Grates Ranges, basn in Sheet and Bar, Grindstones, Anvils, Forge Bellows, Weights, Ovens, Cut and other Nails, &«., &c., in eon- Brass Steam Fittings, Powder, Fuse, Rope. siderable quantities. Brass Steam Fittings, Powder, Fuse, Rope. siderable quantities. Sole Agent for Merthyr for W. F. THOMAS & Co.'s CELEBRATED LOCKSTITCH SEWING MACHINE, also Agent for the WILCOX & GIBB'S, Sole Agent for all South NV ales for CHATWOOD'S "INVINCIBLE" SAFES—the only British Safes worthy of a Prize Medal at Paris, 1867. Catalogues free. 6026 86 & 87, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. M. w. ITobebts, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL IIR/Ol^TIIUEOIbTGrlE: R,, WHILST thanking hie numerous Patrons fbr their kind favours during the$ast, wepeotfully inv ee them t« M inspection of his NEW SHOWROOM, Containing a lerge ASEORTMONT of FURNISHING AND OTHEU IRONMONGET F. g- SPECIAL INTENTION is INVITED to his ST-OCK of GROCEBS* TEA CANISTERS, SCALES, TC., AT prioea wiioh will compare favourably with those chafed by BRISTOL HOUSES. F ILLUSTRATED Price Lists may be obtained. BUILDERS SUPPLIED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Demltr in Oils, Colttirs, Roofing Felt, and Vulcanized India Rubber Goods. 6033 I DENTAL SURGERY. MR. E. R. GAY, SURGEON DENTIST, 55, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. M \—> S ATTENDANCE F?OM TEN A.M. TO EIGHT P.M. CONSULTATIONS FREE. 03 L-H H I—-1 • • XTE GREAT SATISFACTION GIVEN BY MR. E. R. GAY, TO MOST OF THE INFLUENTIAL FAMILIES IN THE RJ PQ TOWN AND COUNTY, INCLUDING FP R. T. CRAWSHAY, ESQ., FRJ Of CYPABTHTA CASTLB, will, he hopes, be a sufficient guarantee of his skill and experience In all departments of the Dental Profession. In order to give Patients the full advantage of one of the most useful discoveries of Modern Science with reference to Dental Operations, Mr. E. R. GAY has introduced into his practice the use of NITROUS OXIDE GAS, which gives perfect immunity from all pain, whilst it is unaccompanied by the slightest danger even in the most delicate constitutions. 55, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. 60 The Cheapest Furniture Warehouse in Merthyr is at 6 T, Victoria Street. MOSES GOOD MAN, BEGS to announce that he has now on hand a Large, Magnificent, aud well-assorted Stock of Furniture, of the very best Manufacture in the Trade, which he confidently offers, both in respect of Quality and Price, as unsurpassed in Merthyr or elsewhere. The following prices will convey an idea of the prices, and as for the quality, an inspection U solicited^ ^PRICES £ s d £ s d Thest of Drawers 10 0 to 4 0 0 Feather beds 0 0 10 to Is. 3d. per lb. Cheffioneers 2 0 O and upwards Milpuff beds 0 8 0 to 0 35 0 Mahogany loo table 100 Wood bedsteads 0 4 6 and upwards Mahogany hair-seated spring sofas 2 10 0 to 4 0 0 Easy chairs 0 18 0 M,ih oiranv couch 2 10 0 and upwards 6 cane-seated chairs for 0 16 O T^KRNVJ T*HLO 10 0 6 MAHOGANY CHAIRS FOR 1 4 0 PEMB O E "• •• *• I N 0 WELL MADE ROUND TABLE 4S. ER WITH TURNED LEGRS 5S. 6D. ERPT,B$2F I« » A « » « O IRON BEDSTEADS 060 ..200 PAHASSES 0 10 0 6 WINDSORS FOR 0 17 0 ASHSTAND AND TABLE 0 10 0 6 BEACH CHAIRS FOR 110 LOOTING GLASSES 030 6 Grecians for 0 19 0 Boxes from 0 3 0 and upwards. Settles, Benches, Tables, &c., suitable for Publicans, to be Sold Cheap also a number of Emigrants' Boxes. Likewise, other Articles too numerous to mention, equally cheap ai d all well made. Jsew and Second-Hand FLRisITLIlL of every description.-M. G. pledges himself that all Goods sold by him are made on the premises, and of the best description. Parties leaving the neighbourhood, wishing to dispose of their Goods, may caU, and they will have the utmost value for the same Two PTANOS tor Sale, in good order. A large stock of IRON BEDSTEADS on hand at the Old Prices, although the Iron has risen. N.R-Most Money lent on gold and silver plate, watches, rings, 4c. 6034 TO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN SEARCH OF A CABINET, UPHOLSTERING, AND BEDDING MANUFACTORY. D AY I D HART, Of I) P0ntmorlais, and 60, Glebeland, Ilerthyr, invites attention o his -krticles of Cabinet and other work, which will found to the best productions emanating from any expensive London Credit Firm. H"T'S SYSTFX ol, BusiNE;ss. W„FL, O_A1,.V W.,HINN in every description secondly, legitimate economy in prices, giving the public the full benefit Firstly, Quality and EVE|T AWNPUO GOODG IN PUIN FIGURES fourthly, the taking ia exchange «• <«■ him to quote the following Moderate Charges Es. d. z Ld* d. I2 12 0 Full-slie Feather'Bed, Bolster, MUlpuff Bed full size and best RAWING Room Suit. 12 1^ v two pUlows 6 b 0 quality 0 16 6 Mahogany LOO V' "J' Milpuff Mattresses 1 1 0 Millpufi Bed full size second Mahogany hair seated spring O PALI^SES 0 I4 0 quality 0 10 6 'chairs' 0 LFI 6 Iron half-tester Bedstead 1 12 6 Stair & passage Oilcloth from ..010 Mahogany hair-seated chairs. Q IRON FRENCB BED5TEAD 0 15 6 Picture Frames at half the usual /pembrokeTables. 1 2 6 Circular front marble Washstand 1 15 0 price • 17 0 Painted or PoUshed Wash- Millpuff from ljd, per lb. Sis Windsor Chairs!. 0 18 0 stand and Table (pair) 0 15 6 Stair rods (per dozen) 0 2 6 „TI»R eanallv cheap, and competition and contradiction defied. The trade and country dealers supplied at WH^ALE PA<SS ^WHERE economy and style are equally an object with ladies and gentlemen, they should favour Tuv-M HART with a trial Order.—Observe the address Star Cabinet Works, 9, Pontmorlais Merthyr Second-hand Depot, 60 Glebeland, Merthyr.—N.B.—Orders for Goods must be accompanied by a Merthyr reference or a remittance. 6035 LIFE PRESERVERS. DAME EUBOP A^S INFANT'S LIFE PRESERVERS. EVERY MOTHER in Europe, and in the "World, will in the course of time use the above valuable medi- cine they have wonderful power In relieving, and, as if by magic, cuVing the Irritation »f Teethlng, Con^sionf, Infla- mation of the Lungs. Fits, Co.tiven.ss, Sour Breath Loose- ness of the Bowels,.Constant ▼omlting, Wheeling in the act of Breathing, Bronahitis, Small Pox, Scarlatina, Measles and Feavers of all sorts. Thousand of Children die annually in Ensland and Wales alone from improper treatment, which could be saved to their family and posterity, as swre as night follows day," if Mothers would see no other medicine but the Europa Life Preserver.. They are Tamnted by the pr,)prie- tor to excel in virtue every preparation hitherto offeted to the nubile. They contain no preparation of opium er deadly mineral, but are a compound of Vegetable Growths. The wonderful restorative action upon the infant system is not known but to the Inventor, wko, after a practice extending over 25 years in hie profession, has been enabled bv severe and careful study to off.r to Mothers such a safe and certain f rativa Dosseselng in • mvrellou* degree such curative i^ffftR rarel^ff «ver, attained, but through Providential qualities, 7> ot pjjygieal research—which has been'appropriate^ denominated Dame Europa's Infant's Life Preservers.— Mothers by using them save their offspring, fiCane the dreaded Doctor's bills."—Thousands of grati- fyingtestimonies have been received, and are daily pouring In recording their extraoidinary virtues.—Mr. John Jenkins, Colliery, Rkondda Valley, states: Your Powders ougkt to be anlversaUy known their useful- nMScaanotbe doubted; I always keep them In the house, A-r_-Mr Thomas Thomas, manager, Ton Foundr> \strad, Rhondds, states: As for your luropa Life Preservers, their pf^ H-ts are wonderful. I always keep th&m by me, and when- ever there's any disturbance of whatever kind in the health of any of my younger children, a dose or two of your Powders bring them round quiekly. I recommend them all I possibly can.—Mr John Davies, chemist, Swansea, writes: Mr. and Mrs Lewis's child, Gellyoir, Corseinon, near Llanelly, has found wonderful relief from your celebrated Powders, Dame infant's Life Preservers, after many other remedies h £ dbeen tried in vain—A Pembrokeshire Lady writes:-I formerly used Powders (using a well-known and excellent nreuaration), but since I was Induced to try your Life Pre- I have, for obvious reasons, discontinued all others. —Mrs Alfred PARfitt, Waodfield Hotel, says—I have used VOUR Life Preservers" for years, and can speak of them in the hiehest terms. They are of no less value than what you represent them to be. 1 shaU be happy to answer any inquiry that may be made as to their virtues.—IMPORTANT.—The onrietor would wish those that give the "Europa Powders a tAal to understand that the first dose often induces vomit- inff this must not alarm them, it la only a proof that the mftdicine is producing hopeful effects,—CAUTION.—When vrm ask for "Europa Life Preservers," see that you get tbom, as other apparently cheap but worthless substitutes may be offered by unprincipled parties. Every genuine packet has I"a the proper label, and the Inventor's signature wiitten on the Government sta P.-NOTiez-The title Dame Europa's T^IFMTA' Life Preservers" is copyright and entered at iv» Honor's HaU,—Bold by all Cliemists and Medicine Vendors, nlftrvwliere, iu packets, at Is. lid, and 2s. Od. each.—Whole- oaipi-WM. Mather, London and Manchester Barclay & Sons M™T wholesale houses and from the Sole Proprietor, B. A. ^g0. Family Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd. 0030 DIG ONLY two medicines really act upon the Liver; one is Mercury ot Blue Pill, the other Dandelion, isands of constitutions Have been destroyed by Mercury, Blue pill, or Calomel. The only safe remedy is DR. K.IUG's DANDILION AND QUININE LIVBB PILLS. t, very gently on the Liver, giving immediate relief £ ^ases of Bile; Indigestion, Sick Headache. Loss of H;*f) Giddiness, Spasms, Heartburn, Flatulency, >crvouv App r mit and lai dUorders of the Stomach and Liver. street, Oarendisft ia<wa»n, IMPORTANT NOTICE. rHE SWANSEA ROYAL k SOUTH WALES UNION FRIENDLY SOCIETY. (REGISTERED BY J. TIDD PRATT, ESQ.) Chief Offices-41, WIND STREET, SWANSEA. HAVE Opened District Offices in Pontypridd and Aberdare, Mr. D. O. THOMAS being appointed District Manager for Pontypridd, and Mr. THOMA.8 MORGAN, 53, Bute Street, Aberdare, is appointed District Manaeer for that place. E900 paid in the District. 6038 DR. HUNTER'S Special Loctures to Young Mea, on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES. WBen to marry, with advice to those who contemplate marriage, pointing out certain impediments which render married life unhappy, and direction, for their speedy removal. Should be read by all who value health, strength, and Manhood, and wish to attain a happy old age. Post free on receipt of two stamptl -Address, SECBBTAKY, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. óm RELIEF FROM COUGH IN TEN MINUTES. HAYHAN'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND, for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, and all disorders of the Chest and Lungs. It promotes expectoration, abates fever, and allays the cough. Agreeable to the palate, it is admi- nistered with ease and safety to CHIL-PRBK M well as ADULTS. It will be found to give instantaneous relief, and if perse- vered in it will scarcely everfail to effect a rapid cure. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL. Amport Firs, Andover, May tOth, I860.—Sir,—I have for some years had your Balsam of Horehound for Mrs. H. H. Webster, and intended writing to tell you how much benefit she has derived. She was considered consumptive, but the Balsam has quite restored her, and she is now quite strong. I have recommended you dozens of customers, and all have been pleased with it.-I am, yours. Ac., H. B. WKBSTBB. N.B.—There is a saving in taking the larger bottles. Wholesale Agents-W. Sutton 4 Co., Barclay & Sons London Collins & Roper, Bristol; and Evans, Sons, & Co., LiCA?TioN-As unpricipled parties are offering an imitation for sale the public are requested to observe that the words '• HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOBBHOUND are stamped on the bottle, without which none are genuine. 6039 PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS, p Largest Stock in Wales. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, 4 QUEEN STREET, CKOCKHERBTQWN, CARDIFF, AND 13 AND 13A, GVILDHALL-SQ-CARE, CARMARTHEN. PILANO FORTES By all the Best Makers, PIANOFORTES For Sale and Hire, on easy terms. PIANOFORTE Supplied on the Three Years' System HARMONIUMS For Churehea and Chapels. HARMONIUMS For the Drawing-room, the School- room, or the Cottage. HARMONIUMS Supplied for Monthly Payments, Music half-price post free to any address. Captains and Shippers supplied on liberal terma. Price List pojit free an applicat: on. THOMPSON AND SHACKELL, CARDIFF AND CARMARTHEN 0010 JSMO TICES. ETOTleacH, BILL POSTER, AND TOWN CRIER, 63, CARDIFF STREET, ABERDARE. AH Orders promptly attended to. 6041 NOTFLLS P^EQUIKEIX CATHERY'S SELZINE APERIENT, ANEW, pleasant, refreshing, and safe medicine FOR Billious Affection. Indigestion, HeartBura, Acidity of the Stomach, Costiveneas, Gout, Loss of Appetite, Affections of the Liver, JTC. DECIDEDLY the most apreeable and one of the most useful medictneE ever off#red to THE public and possessing the Medical Properties so beneficial in all the above complaints. It immediately relieves distressing pains of Nervous Headache. For Blotches or Eruptions of the Skin it is a Delightful Cooling Summej Medicine. PICK-ME-UP, OR REFRESHER. THE folk)VYING, morning, afeer free indulgence at the taJft, or tbe extra glass, a Morning Draught of this valuable medicine, its effects are truly marve lous. In large bottles, 2s. each. Of aN Chemists, or sent to any address on recent of stamps, by C. CATHERY, 12, DALSON RISE, HACKNEY, LONDON. Wholesale of all PateLt Medicine Houses. Sold by 1M Chemists. 6986 LOCAL AGEXT—Merthyr, Mr. Walter Smyth, Chemist. JUST PUBLISHED, A Second set of THREE CHORAL HYMNS (NOR 4, 5, and 6,): O Paradise "A few more years^'shall roll"; and "The roseate hues of EARLY dawn."—Complete, price Is. NEK The music composed and inscribed to the Congrega- tion of St. David's Church, by Edward lawrauoo, [Organist and Choir Master). Also a Second Edition (revised), of the Six Re- sponses to the Qosumandments (as sung by the Ohoir jf St. David's Church, Merthyr, composed by Edward Lawrance), complete, price Is. net.-May be db- tained of Messrs. Farrant and Frost, Stationer, High Street, Merthyr at the Post Office of the Compose* AR of the Publishers Novello, Ewer, and Co., London 6023 FREE AND ASSISTED EMIGRATION TO QUEENSTOWN AND NEW ZEALAND. EDW ARD DAVIES, Bookseller, Circle, Tredegar, AGBNT for Free and Assisted Emigration to QUEENSLAND and New Zealand. FuH partlcufeajg on application. 6(H2 MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS STATIONS. OMNIBUSES tween MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS asunder:— a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. Leave Merthyr 9-0 11-0 12-35 4-30 6-15 Arrive at Merthyr 10-10 12-30 3.10 6-40 10-30 FARES: Merthyr to DOWIAIS STATION SHI. Dowlais to Merthyr 6d. ^T-HE Omnibus to the early MORNING TRAIN has been taken off for the winter months. 6043 THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY WAREHOUSE, HIGH STREET, (Opposite the Vale of Neath Railway Station) MERTHYR TYDFIL. W JAMES, PROPRIETOR, THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP. FOR FURNISHING IRONMONGERY THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, FOR IRON BKDSXKAD3 RPHE SOLTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP ^NLSPETE0LEUM'I>ALIAI FI:S'& BENZOLINS OILS. RPHE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY X SHOP, FOR PARAFFIN £ BESZOLINE LAMPS THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, FOR HAYWOOD'S BEST CUTLERY THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, FOR BRUSHES: SCRUBBING, BLACKING LAUNDRY, AND BALUSTER. THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, FOR GREENSLADE'S PLANES, PATENT SASH TOOLS, £ DUSTERS. THE SOUTP WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP, FOR CARPENTERS' and MASONS' TOOLS, &c. THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP. FOR BCILDERS' AND GENERAL IRONMONGERY. THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY SHOP FOR LUBRICATING OILS,ANTI- FRICTION and OTHER GREASES, WASTE, Ac. 6044 The Journal of Metals, Manufacture, and Science. I RON (With which is incorporated "Ltic Mechanic#'MagaainS') (ESTABLISHED 1823), Is the Organ of the Metals, Coal, and Manufacturing Tradet. THE following new features have been introduced into "IRON —Price List of Birminguam and District and Sheffield Manufactured Hardware Goods.-Asticleo on the Manufacture of Iron and other MetajB.—Aj-tielet on Trades Unionism, or relations between Capital AND labour.— Descriptive Notices of Iron Foundries, Manufactories, &C &C._Trade Reports from all the Centres of Produetion OF Metals and Hardware in Great Britain.—Reports of tie STATE of the Metal and Hardware Trades in Belgium, Prancrf, Spain, Germany, Austria, Russia, Sweden, America, AUSTRALIA, China and Japan, India, &c. TERMS or SUBSCRIPTIOy. Single Copies, Price Sixpence Annually, paid in advance. including postage to all parts of the United Kingdom. 2AA. — Cheques and Post Office Orders to be made payable to Ml. W. J. RCSBY, and to be crossed London and County Banit Offices of IRON," 99, Cannon-street, London, E.C. tfacing the South Eastern Railwav Terminus.) 0045 KERNICK'S VEGETAB L E PILLS. IF you suffer from Headaches, Bilious Complafefe, Indigestion, Costiveness, Rheumatism, or Tlo-Doloreux. TRY KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no ocn- finement in doors, strengthen the system, and have beeu tried by thousands, who pronounce them to be the best MEDV cine in the world. Cefn, Mertbyr, September 8th, Dear Sir, — Daniel Humphreys, weaver, Ynysyfelin Factory, near this place, suffered from severe pains in the stomach for four or five years, and had tried many things fox it but all to no purpose, until he happened to meet fOlD agent in Merthyr the first IvO pills hg took did more good for him than all the others he had taken put together. and by the time he had taken the six pills he felt totally free from pain and ever Bincfe—ikftt is for the last five yean -lie keeps your pills in his house, and whenever be leelc any similar symptoms he ha.s only to take two of your pilla and he is all right again and Mrs. Humphreys also, who usually suffered from flatulency, has found them the best remedy for an attack of that sort He wishes to send you thlg in thanks to your agent, who was so kind to him. I remain yours obediently, ROBERT PRICE." Thousands of other Testimonials, equally gratifying might be published. KERNICK'S PILLS" give energy to the system, need no bpecial rules with regard to diet, and are universally declared to be the Hest Medicine of the 19n4 ever discovered, PREPARED ONLY BY S. P. KERNICK, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. Sold in Boxes at Is. L £ d. and 7J<L By the appointed Agents and most respectable Chemists AND Druggists, with directions for restoring and preserving health. KEKKIC K'S YE BETABLB WORM LOZENGES Are the most efficacious remedy ever introduced for Worms. Tbey may be takeu by children of all AGES with perfect SAFETY aud arc also useful for children of delicous storoacha AND pale complexions. ——— SIR -A woman ga,e two of the lozenges fcrfive mdfn- ings, and by so doing the child got rid of no less thap eighty worms.—DANIEL MQltuAloi, Nelson," "W. Harris, of Cefncoed, miner's child, had got rid of 140 worms in a week,whilst taking a box of your worm losengea, and she has improved wonderfully in health 6L £ oe,"—JXQ, PRICB, Cefn, Merthyr. A customer of mine, a short time ago, bought a box of your worm lozenges to try their effect on his child, who was very ill. The little boy god rid of forty large wonns and so many small ones that they could not reckon them. J AMES MEYKJCK. From Mr. MORGAN, Pesdarrar" SEND me 12 dox"u Of your valuable worm lozenges; they are curing all the cØÜdICIP n this neighbourhood." f08 X'KEFAFIED eSLY BY ^vwrTVT S. P. KERNICK, MANUFACTUBING DUKE-STREET. *t>y the Sold in Boxes at 1«. 1 ^^CbsmuimaflttDruggmS Agtnte, AND most IW*YEE»**>VMAIM