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Eppa's CHOCOLATE.—La Situation, in an article entitled France et Angleterre," says:—" Nous n'vons en France qu'une seule usine oil la preparation du Cacao emploie un materiel et un personnel aussi considerables que ceux que nous avons vus dans l'usine de Messieurs Epps. C'est une veritable curiositfe dans son genre que cette immenso fabrique." The wrapper of each cake of Chocolate pre- pared by this firm is labelled "JAKES Epps & Co., Homoe- opathic Chemists, London." Also, makers of Epps's Milky Chocolate (Chocolate and Condensed Milk). 4715 NEW METAL POCKET VESTA Box WITH PATENT SPRING COTML—Bryant and May have recently intro duced a very useful little Packet Vesta Box with a most ingenious and simple spring cover; it is a novelty in every way, and will soon eeme into very general use—being of metal instead ef card, and retailed, filled with vestas, at one penn Any Tobacconist, Grocer, Chemist, 8or Chandler will supply it. 481 FLOBILINE !—For the TEETH and BREATH.—A few drops of the fragrant Florilint on a wet tooth brush produces a delightful foam, which cleanses the Teeth from all impu- rities, strengthens and hardens the gums, prevents tartar arrests the progress of decay. It gives to the Teeth a peculiar and beautiful whiteness, and. imparts a delightful fragrance to the breath. It removes all unpleasant odour arising from decayed teeth, a disordered stomach, or tobacco smoke. The Fragrant Floriline is purely vegetable, and equally adapted to old and young. It is the greatest Toilet discovery of the age. Sold at 28 6d by all Chemists and Perfumers. Prepared only by H. C. GALLUP, 493 Oxford Street, London. The word" Floriline" is a Trade Mark." 4831 BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES, for the cure of Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, or any irritation er Bareness of the throat, are now imported and sold in this country at Is l £ d per box, put up in the form of a "lezenge." It is the most convenient, pleasant, safe and sure remedy for clearing and strengthening the voice in the world. The Rev. Henry Ward Beecher says I have often recommended them to friends who were public speakers, and in many cases they have proved extremely serviceable." The genuine have the words "Brown's Bronchial Trochee on the Government Stamp around each box. Sold by all medicine vendors.—London Depot 493 Oxford Street. 4831 VALUABLE DISCOTIRT FOR THEJHAIR !!—A very nicely perfumed hair dressing called The Mexican Hair Renewer," now being Bold by most Chemists and Per- fumers at 38 6d per bottle, is fast superseding all Hair Restorers "—for it will positively restore in every case Grey or White hair to ita original colour, by a few applications, without dyeing it, or leaving the disagreeable smell of most" Restorers." It makes the hair charmingly beauti- ful, as well as promoting the growth on bald spots, where the hair glands are not decayed. Certificate from Dr. Vers- mann on every bottle, with full particulars. Ask for "THE MEXICAN HAIR RENEWER," prepared by H. C. GALLUT, 493 Oxford Street, London. 4831 MBS WINSLOW" SOOTHING SYRUP FOB CHILDREN should always be used when Children are cutting teeth it relieves the little sufferers at once, it produces natural quiet sleep by relieving the child from pain, and the little cherub awakes" as bright as a button." It is perfectly harmless, and very pleasant to taste. It soothes the child, it softens the gums, allays all pain, relieves wind, regulates the bowels, and is the best known remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea, whether arising from teething or other causes. Mn Winslow's Soothing Syrup is seld by thousands of Medicine dealers in all parts of the world at Is lid per bottle, and Millions ef Mothers can testify to its virtue.— Manufactory, 493 Oxford Street, London. 4S31 THOSE LADIES who have not yet used the GLENFIELD STARCH, are respectfully solicited to give it a trial, and care fully follow out the directions printed on every packagt, and if this is done, they will say, like the Queen's Laun- dress, that it is the finest Starch they ever used. Wheti you ask for Glenfield Starch, see that you get it, as inferia kinds are often substituted for the sake of extra profits.





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