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THE MERTHYB POST OFFICE ARRIVALS OF MAILS. The London, South .'tr-1 /l ist of Kngland, Scotland, Ireland, Bristol, Glo'stor, Newport Mon.), CardilF, l'ontrprilld, South Wales, and Foreign Parts 5.15 morn XORTll JIAJL. From Mortn ef England, Scotland, Ireland, North Wales, MoVif r, i'.ri^io!, West uf England, Newport (Mon.), Pon'yprid: Cxrdiilj and South Wales 12.50 after. from Tredegar 10.30 morn. I-ONOOJi DAY MAIL. From London, South and Eaot of England, Ireland, Bris- tol, 'o'tcr, Newport (.Von),Pontypridd,Cardill, South V\ ale.<, and i\>reigu Parts 4.15 after. DESPATCH OF MAILS- Boxcloscoat To Tredegar, Rhymnej, Brynmawr, and neighbour- hood 4.45 morn « NORTH MAIL. V- °' North Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Gios ter, liristol, Newport (Mon), Cardift", West of Luglaud, and Pontypridd 3.10 after. rp T LONDON AND GEN1CRAL DAT MAIL. I^ondon, Scotland, Ireland, North, East, and South ot England, Ulo'ster, Jlristol, Newport (Mon.),Carditf, i oatyprtdd, Soutit Wales, and Foreign Parts 10.30 morn; All Letters are despatched in the evening, with the little exception of Tredegar. Letters arc registered up to 5 in the evening at a fee of 4d., and up to at Sd, It is best to post early; the officials are more likely to despatch correctly; the work of two hours ought not to bj crowded into one hour. The Office for Money Order and Savings' Bank business is open from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening, and till 8 on Saturday? DELIVERIES BY LETTER CARRIERS. There are ilirte deliveries by Letter Carriers, 1st, 7.0 a.m., 7.30 a.m., Winter); 2nd, 1. 30 p.m.; 3rd, 5.15 p.m. SUNDAY ARRANGEMENTS. The Office is open from 7.0 a.m. (7.30 a,m. Winter) to 10.0 a.m. when it is closed Imally. There is but one delivery by Latter Car- riers, which Lakes place at 7.0 a.m. (7.30 a.m. Winter). LOXDON AND GENLJUL NIGHT MAIL. To London, Scotland, Ireland, North, East, West and South of England, Bristol, Olo'ster Newport (1\[on,), Carditi, Pontypridd, South Wales and Foreign Parts 6.30 after. THE riLLAR LETTER DOXES Are cleared daily at 3and 1.40 p.m.—Tydfil's Well;3and 1.50p.m.— GeorgeTown; 3 and 1.45 p,lll,-lI ir;h Street. On Sunday, one Clearing, at 2.15 p.m. The London and Gen. Day Mail despatched at 10.40 mom. Ditto ditto due at 4.30 after. The Bag for Tredegar and neighbourhood is made up at 6.0 morn. For Ie n, ox 2.0 aftjr. On Sunday-One delivery, One despatch. Box closes at 2.45 after. COIN LETTERS. The public are earnestly advised not to send coin, or other valu- ables, in letters without being registered. Letters observed to con- tain coin, will be treated as registered letters, and charged with double registration fee. Apply for Money Orders on a sltp of paper thus: "£2, Cai-difl, to John Jonss, By James Price, Merthyr,"