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-.LiJ ENGLISH NOVELS, A Novel for f'ixlJencA, per postdil. FOR A SAKE, by WATTS Philips. c.TALBOT HAltLAND, by HAUKISON AINSVOUTII:. 'llUSli: MONJSY, by OUABLKS H. HOPS. The above Novels contain the same quantity of roadinfcas the u8ual 2 or 3 vol. N ovds, with the addition of ti rst.cla:os Engrav- ings. LQndo!).: Jolm Dicks, 313, Strand and ail nooks"ll""s. 1YTONUMENTAL "SCULPTUIIE .—Granite, AJ*. MAJtBDE and STONE TOMliK on view. Tlie largest stock in the ](ing,loll1. HIP1;Ü.I:-ii LA J;LE Li,:TTISnS IN LEA D.-GAFFIN, Ga, Quadrant, Recent SLreet, LOil\loll. W. BRASS. ILEED, STRING, & DRUM & FIFE BANDS.-lll¡.¡sical Instruments of every description t he best & cheapest, to be had of ,1. MOO It K, II u,ltlers- field. Bands supplied ftt wholesale prices. Old inst rum i'nts bOI,I,h t or ta.1{pl1 in excl}ílllge. Patterns, prices ifc testinionialspost tree. Musicfwany kind of band. Patronised hy Ihe Army, Navy, ltiflo Corps & Principal Professional & All1;t(,IJur Hands of the United Kingdom.l'ianoforte;JIarmoniml1s & II" I'p8 I>yt,]", best makers. /CLEANLINESS. -W. O. NIXEY's Refilled v^1 BLACK LEAD soI,1 everywhere by all Shopkeepers. CLEANLINESS—W. G. NIXEY's Refined BLACK LEAD for polishes stoves, &e., equal to burnished sled, withont waste 01' dust. W GTNIXEY'S Refined BLACK LEAD. • "Cleanliness,"—The proprietor hU;;R to <'AUTi O \T Uiv publicnpainst beinp imposed upon by unprincipled tnidesmi'M who, with a view of deriving jj;re;er protit, are manutactunn. and vending SPURIOUS IMITATIONS of the above artice. Aakfor W. G. NIXEY's BLACK LEAD, and see llial ir>; liare ii. 12, Soho Square, VJIJ\loll, W. 0- AKEY-&SON's EHIERYa1Hl BLACK y/ lead MILLS, ]-!lai;kfriars Road, ]J()lH1oI1, S. _0- AKEY's SILVERS1\íITHS' SOAP non mercurial), [')1' CLEANING (1,n/1 POLISHING Silvnr, Elect,ro- plate, Plate Glass, ,\1 arb Ie, &e. Tablets (id. 0_ Al{EY's Vi elling-ton KNIFE Packets 3d. each tills (id., Is., 2s. li,1. and Is. each. Indiariibber KNIFE EOARDS from Is. 0,1. each. F^AKEY's GOODS SOLD Everywhere l3y ^Ironmongers,Oiluien,Urooers, ISrushmakers, DRII^ISTS.&C. W. H. ATKINSON'S ;,|~1HAMPION PLATE POLl S II." Is only Sixpence a J)OX. Sold everywhere by (-h^uiists, Ironmongers, Grocers, &C. BA-IINR P-õwclef-,vasaw.ardcI.¡ TWO GOLD MEDALS for superiority over everyother. YBATMAX'K YEAST POWDER SnpCrl(); A to liAIUNG POWDER (:)1' YEAST, adopted by Hu Majesty's Government, and used in Iter Majesty's Ivitehei. I^HEAP JE'vVELLEJ:1Y.-Shopkeepers 8,11d Hawkers will tind 1wst assortment and lowest prices U, fOl11Jd-i<litch, RC. Gilt & Vulcalute .1 <•«•- etlery. Clocks, Wa.tcbes, Musical Boxes,Cutlery,Gor-ubs. SpecU- oles, Pens, Pipes,Purses, 10. P.Goods.Cataloguesfree. Est U lh,o. nnHE VILLAGE BROUGHAI\r, tho Victoria .I.. Brougham, anrl the Park Brougham, HEGTSTJé!tIW. First, fúrms perfect open or closed carriage second, Brougham and Victoria; third, p-ougham, VICtona and Driving Phaeton, all in the most perfect. n:ai,ner. Can be made any Size. Drawing gent. J. BI!;I)I,ECOMJlfc,57^G t.QuHen St., Lon? Acre, Loudon. HP HE BATHS, ST. LA WI! EX( 'E-O.N-SE A JL THE GRANVILLE HOTEL. The OZONODIZED and IODINE BATHS, in ft,1,liticn to their curative properties, are prollonnoc,ll)y all who haveti ied them to be the most. perfect and luxurious baths 111 the world. Amongst many- of the more recent testimonials we lliLye selecteLI the following::— FKOM HIS hRACE THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLK "The Granville, St. IÆwrenc(ê-01!.S(')a, Thanet, Vet.n, IS7!. "I heLVe been in a great many baths both III tIllS COUll try- awl abroad, and I have never found any to compare with those ltt this hotel. The water apparatus fen douches, &:u., is unequalled, & the comfortof the Ozone Bathsundeso! ib"ble.-S¡;WCASTLE." I^AGLE IXS UR AN0E COMPANY JjU Established 1807. (FOR Ltvics ON"T,y). 19, PALL MALL, LONDON. Premiums '"S-" Invested Fund's £ 3.216,3j*j. Interest & Dividends (beinj; £ 1 Ss. Od. per fcent! £ 137,73i. FORTHER SECURITY—A Snùscriheà Capital more than £ 1,500,000 The Expenses of Management are under S per cent. NEXT DIVISION OF surplus IN 1S72. GEORGE HUMPHREYS, Actuary and Secretary. FTHUBB'S Patent SAFES & Strong-Room DOORS, to resist \Vedg-es. Drills, and Fire, List ofpriees free.-CHUnB, awl SON, Makers tq the Hank of England, 67, St. Paul's, London, Manchester, Liverpool & Wolverhampton GEO ROE PRICE'S PATENT (Prize Medal 1802). FIRE and BURGLAR PROOF BOOK and PLATE SAFES are the b0st amI nheUJJest in the trMle. GEORGE PRICE, Cleveland Safe and Lock \Yorl¡s,\Volverha,mptoll. A NEW SPECIAL PACKAGE TOBACCO. HIGNETT'S "GOOD as GOLD." (Registered title). A combination of the finest full-flavoured TOBACCOS. This article will be found a luxury to old. smokers. Sold only in Packets of 1, 2, nnd 4ounoes. HIGNET.r, BROTHERS & Co. 60, Whitechapel, Llverpoo1. SIX G:EfNUINJ!HA V ANA CIGARS kZJ (as sample) Post. Free for Two Shillings, from GEORGE BOTTEinLL & SOXS, (Established 30 Years,) 33, Cheapside, London. A ell each packet. TTYARCY'S Celebrated DTJBLliN STOUT, JJ ANCHOR, BREWERY. DUBLIN". (Largest .Brewery in lieian<1 but one.) Prices and terms on APPLICATION. "WCTTWICK'S Gold Medal BAKING POWDER ■m-9 Makes nice Bread, Tea Cakes and Scones without Yeast. CHOLERA, Diarrhoea., Small-Pox, Fevers, and Skin affections, the jiredisposition tn, jt; (»rov«ji(od hy PYRliTlC SALINE. Obtain awl take It as directed.-Sol<1 by Chemists eveiywh"n\ and the Maker, H. LAMPLOUGH, 113, HOLliORN, LON 1 .OX. JP^R. J. COLLIS CHLOB,ODYNR, THE GREAT REMEDY of tile day for QOUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, and NEURALGIA, II. fow doses will cure all incipient cases. Caution.—The extraor- dinary medical reports on the efficacy nf Chlorodyne ren,lerRit of vital importance that tile pul,1ic should obtain the genuine, whioh is now sold 11nder the protection nf Government antho- rising a stamp bearing the words" Dr..T. C01Iis Browne's Ohlo- rodyne," without which none is genuine. Sep ,1ecisioll of Vice- Chancellor SirW. l'age Wood, the"Time^, "July Jfi, 181>4. Soldin bottles, Is. Hd., 2s. 9d. & 4s. 6c1., by all chon-d-its. Sole manufac- turer, J. T. ])A VEKPOItT, 33, Gre»<- T-:•«•.».U-st., London.W.C. PROTECTED BY ROYAL LJ. t TERS patent: African Rheumatic Oil forthe Cure of Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, Lumbago, Pains in the Limbs. Price 4/6 per J ottlo, duty included. The most effectual Cllre ever discovered. Londoll Wholesale, Agents Edwards, 38, Old Change; Butler and Co., 4, Cheap side F. Newbery & Son, 37, Newgate Street; Barclay & Son, Farring- don Street; Sungers, 150, Oxford Street. l{nf1\IEL's PHOTOCHItOJm<J, A NI5VV Jt_aJ POMMA11 til to change grey hair & beard to their orir;i(,a.\ colour, far sllJlcrior to dyes or so-called hair-restorers, Price 3:<j. UG, Strand, ]2;<, Regent-st., 24, Cornhil1. Sold bv all rerfumorN. ( <OUNT ST. GEElvlXlNRS~Ceh7bra.ted LIFE TEA, l1swl pl1re or rnixed with other tea regulates OW RYS- tem, improves the digestion .bly,ces the nerves, prevents diseases, & promotes longevity. Pric.-1 per canister. S.Id by allChemist.- W BOUGHT IRON TUBES of every l' deAcription for STE £ !I, G-A.S, WATER &c., &c. TAUNTON, lCESTIS1t'L'ON, and HAYWARD, fcScar_Tube Works, Birmingham. t 'CLAFE and SURE." STEAM BOîLEft J SAFETY, E('ONOMY of FUEL and SPACE, NBSFIK-E OF I^'IMINIR, OWL simplicity of Repairs. -\AT_KN LYOLIJKLI CO., Hennge-st., Birmingham. )It .)'" :MILKERs STRONG HOLDFAST fl omA and FIRE-RESISTING, (non-conducting & steam. "nerating) SAFES, CH EST:), DOORS, an <1 STRONG lWOMS, •ith all the Improvements suggested by half a, Century's speriencein the manufacture of nearly 200,000 Safes, which owkecp thc HookR, Deeds, Cash and valuables of the Nobility, lergy, and Gentry of the kingdom; an(1 of the professional and men of London, Li verpool, Manchester, Leeds, &c. Glasgow, &c.; Dublin, Belfast, and the world over,- • any hundreds of which hwe saved thpir contents in destruc- i ve FIRES and attrwks of BunG ¡,Ans. PIIOSNTX SAFE •VORKK, LivicRPOor,. Depots: Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, I>ondon Depot: 47a, Moorgate Street, City, near "It" Dank of England. J'arHculajis, skeR, prices, post free. ASPHAL TE RO OPIN G-~F EtT. 01iE PENNY per square foot. {1ROGGON & CO., MANUFACTURERS, U Albion Wharf, 10, Upper Thamps Street, London. 59, George Square, Glasgow. -2, Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. TEA.-To Consume 01' to Sell again. WEBSTER BROS. 39, Moorgate-st., CIty., I" have a large stock of well-selected Black TEAS from 1'6 to 2/4 lllld supply Very Fine Strong Rich Congou, at 2/0, Very Choice Souchong, 2/10. Orders for £ 2 worth sont carriage 1,aid to all parts of England; £ 4 Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. 13.0RWIOK's- Gold Medal BAKING POWDEE Makes Puddings, Pies and Tarts, sweet and wholesome. LIEBIG COMp ANY's EXTRACTûCM:EAT Makes EXCELLENT BEEF-TEA, for 2Jd. A PINT. CAUTIUN.-None genuine without Daron Liebig's the illventor's certificate on every jar. Uest and Cheapest Stock for Beef-tea, Soups, Entrees and Sauces DYES.—18 Colors, 6d. each.- RIBBONS, WOOL, SILK, FEATHERS, Completely Dyed in 10 minutes without soiling the hands. Full instructions supplied. Of all Chemists., GJMALL-POX, FEVERS, & SKIN -IYISEASES.- Predisposition to prevented by Lamplough's Pyretic Saline Agreeable vitalising & invigorating, its effects are remarkable in their cllre & prevention. Take it according to new directions. Sold by Chemists & the maker, H. Lamplough, 113, Holborri Hm, E.C. ||LUE BRICKS.—F. W. BARROWS; Great Bridge, Tipton, Staffordshire, Manufacturer of Blue, Hed, and Brown Bricks, Tiles, Quarries, Blue and Jhequered Paving, Stable-Clinkers, Copings and Crestings. -rro-T1IE-t-A15IES. rjlHOMSON's "JDAGODA." AUTOMATIC," rjlHOMSON's "JJUPLEX." H EMPRESS." OR IN 0 L IN E S. UNBREAKABLE." CORSET BUSKS. GLOVE-FITTING," CORSETS. The best Mannufactured, always stamped with the "NAME." and Trade Mark a "CROWN." Novelties for the Spring now ready. JJ ECHI's DRESSING BAGS and CASES, despatch boxes, tourists' writing cases, jewel cases,writ- mg desks, Parisian productions, library sets in mediaeval & lea. ther, albums, cases of tine cutlery, scis8orR, razors, table knives, the magic razor strop & paste, at MECHI's, 112, Regent-st.,W. Illustrated catalogues post free. Estd. 1827. City prices charged for cash. N.B.—Mr. Mechi or his Son attends personally daily. rglHE "TOWEL" ..L WASHING MACHINE makl's Washing at home, pleasant and profitable.—120 Prize Medals amI First l'rizes. A month's free trial. Catalogue free by Post. BRADFORD & Co., 63, Fleet St., London, & Manchester. O AKER & CRISP's Patterns sent free 1}y sewling this Advertisement with Address. All the New Spring Cambrics, Piques, Fancy Dresses, White Piques, &c., from 3/11 to 10/6. Black Silks, Japanese Silks, & Silks of every 11escriptiol1 frolll 21/- to 100/- full Dress. 198, Regent-st., London. JENNER and KNE WSTUB'S Specialities. rT1HE CHOW-CHOW CASE, designed by ..I.. "tile Old Shekarry" in japanned tin, made air tight. Contains every requisite for the toilet and writing tarble tOt travelling 01' home IISO. THE PATENT BAG OF BAGS. THE PATENT A. B. C. DESPATCH BOX. THE ELl-HN WRITING CASE. JENNER and KNEWSTUB to the Queen and the Prince of Wales, :i3, St. James's Street, & 66, Jermyn Street, London,\V. UEWING MACHINES, Five Prize Medals. TAYLOR'S PATENT MACHINE (Lock Stitch) contains important improvements over all otherR.-Price from £ 4 4s. Lists & TestimonialA Frce.-Agents Sewing Machine Co., Driffield, and llolborn Viaduct, London, E.O. I31LLIARD TABLES.-THURSTON & CA, Billiard Table Manufacturers. By Appointment to H. M., (he Queen, »ND H. R. fr. the Prince of Wales. Established 1814, 14, Catherine Street, Strand, London,W.C. Lists on Application. EL B FTJRNITURE.-Fmniture similar to that supplied to the GRANVILLE HOTEL, can be obtained on application to Mr. MORLEY, South Eastern Works, St. Laurence, Thanet. SOVEREIGN PERMANENT BUILDING ^SOCIETY, 26, Moorgate St., London, E. C. Shares £ 10. each Dividend 6 per cent. Deposits reeeived at IS per cent. Mort- gage Securities only. Persons desiring to save money should send for Prospectus post free, A. R. WORMALD, Actuary& Sec. W ALKER'S CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES "t' are superseding all others. Prize Medals, London,1862. Paris 1807. Silver fromfcO 6s, Gold from £ 13 15s. 68(Cornhill. E.O. 230, Regent-st., W. & 70, Strand, W.Q. Descriptive Pamphlet free, IN0UBATORS, WARRANTED TO. HATCH ALL KINDS OF EGGS. Easily Managed, Perfectly Safe, Clean and Pretty; Complete for Pigeons, Canaries, and. small Birds 7/6, Game, Poultry and Waterfowl 20/- to £ 10, F. W. SALMON, Patentee^ £ "(? 3- &