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m — — ? AN EVENING BEVERAGE.—CACA'OINE.—The Food Journal says :—" A new process to which the nibs are subjected, the principal part of the oil is effectually removed, a thin beverage, well adapted for afternoon or evening use, as a substitute for tea, being the result. The flavour of Caca'oine will, in addition, be a great attraction to all."—Each packet or tin is labelled, "JAMES EPPS & Co., Homoeo- pathic Chemists, London." Also, makers of Epps's Milky Caca'oine (Caca'oine *nd Condensed Milk). 4715 BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES, for the cure of Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, or any irritation er soreness of the throat, are now imported and said in this country at Is lid per box, put up in the form of a "lozenge." It is the most convenient, pleasant, safe and sure remedy for clearing and strengthening the voice in the world. The Rev. Henry Ward Beecher says I have often recommended them to friends who were public speakers, and m many cases they have proved extremely serviceable." The genuine have the words "Brown's Bronchial Troches on the Government Stamp around each box. Sold by all medicine vendors.—London Depot 493 Oxford Street. 4531 "THE LION, THE NET, AND THE MOUSE.TO prevent Pirates, and unprincipled Traders from deceiving the public, the proprietor of POWELL'S BALMX or ANISEED has been compelled to adopt the above Trade Mark (Lion, Net, and Mouse), and this design will in future continue to appear upon the wrapper of each genuine bottle, and any one imi. tatiug it will render themselves liable to fine or imprison- ment. The following letter will boar testimony to the wonderful curative properties of this old Cough Medicine. —" Her Majesty's Gun Boat, Netley,' Wick, North-East Coast ef Scotland, 7th September, lS68.-Deax:Sir,-Huing had a most distressing and Severe Cough, which caused me many sleepless nights and restless days, I was recommended by His Lordship the Earl of Caithness, to try your most invaluable Balsam of Aniseed, and I can assure you with the first do so I foand immediate relief, even without having to suspend my various duties and the first small bottle com- pletely cured me, therefore I have the greatest confidence in fully recommending it to the million. Most respectfully yours, W. Linzell, H.M.G.B. 'Nefcley.To Mr Pewell." Prepared and sold by Thomas Powell, 16, Blackfriars Road, London and sold by Chemists and Medicine Vendors tlrrought the World. In bottles only, at Is. l^d. aud 2s. 8d. each. Ask for POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANI8EED." [4339 FLORILINE !—For the TEETH and BREATH.—A few drops of the Fragrant Floriline on a wet tooth brush produces a delightful foam, which cleanses the Teeth from all impu. rities, strengthens and hardens the gums, prevents tartar, arrests the progress of decay. It gives to the Teeth a peculiar and beautiful whiteness, and imparts a delightful fragrance to the breath. It removes all unpleasant odour arising from decayed teeth, a disordered stomach, or tobacco smoke. The Fragrant Floriline is purely vegetable, and equally adapted to old and young. It is the greatest Toilet discovery of the age. Sold at 2s 6d by all Chemists and Perfumers. Prepared only by H. C. GALLUP, 493 Oxford Street, London. The word "Floriline" is a Trade Mark." 4831 VALUABLE DISCOVERY FOR THE HAIR !!—A very nicely perfumed hair dressing called The Mexican Hair Renewer," now being sold by most Chemists and Per. fumers at 3s 6d per bottle, is fast superseding all Hair Restorers "—for it will positively restore in every case Grey or White hair to its original colour, by a few applications, without dyeing it, or leaving the disagreeable smell wf most Restorers." It makes the hair charmingly beauti- ful, as well as promoting the growth on bald spots, where the hair glands are not decayed. Certificate from Dr. Yere- mann on every bottle, with full particulars. Ask for "THE MEXICAN ILua RENEWER," prepared by H. C. GALLUP, 493 Oxford Stteet, London. 4831



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