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ASSAULTING THE POLICE.—Elijah Hilton and WiUiam Jones were charged with assaulting P.C. Pawney and George Roberts was charged with citing a crowd to prevent Hilton from being taken into custody.—P.C. Pawney said that on Monday night, about 10.30, he saw Hilton in Commercial-street making a disturbance. He sent him away, but he became more noisy, and he (witness) took him into custody. Prisoner said he would not go. and threw himself on the ground. P.C. Hob then came up and assisted to take Hilton into custody. Witness received a severe blow on the chest. Prisoner also kicked Hub several times. PC. Davies and Inspector Rees then came up. Prisoner Jones ran towards Pawney and Hilton, who were then struggling on the ground, and gave him (witness) a severe and dangerous kick. Roberts said the policemen should not take them if the crowd were of the siimp mind as himself.—P.C. Rob said he saw Hilton and Pawney on the ground, and also saw Jones kick Pawney.Inspector Rees corroborated the constable's statement.—Hilton and Jones were each sent to prison for one calendar month's hard labour and Roberts, who was not so bad as the other two, was fined 40s and costs, or 21 days' in#>risonment.— Prisoner Hilton I'll stand six months for him (Pawney) again.—Mr Fowler: Bring him back. (To prisoner) At the expiration of the month you will have to find sureties to keep the peace for 12 calendar month?. ALLEGED POACHING.—Joseph Parfitt, George Bull, and Penry Probert, were summoned for poaching on lands be- longing to Mr G. Elliott, Aberaman. Mr Linton (Linton and Lewis) prosecuted, and Mr Simons (Simons and Plews) defended.—Policc-constable Childs stated that he saw defendants in a tield near the parish road leading tp Llanwonno.—A plan was put in by Mr Morgan, which showed the position of the field and the road. It was urged for the defence that the men went on a path from the road into the fiteld as a shorter way. After evidence was given on both sides, the case was adjourned for the appearance of the farmer's son. ASSAULTING A LANDLOED.—Richard Thomas was charged with assaulting and threatening Meyrick Jones, and also with damaging glass to the value of Is 2d. Com- plainant keeps the Lifeboat Inn, Cwmbach, and stated that some time ago prisoner, in company with some others, wanted beer, and, on being refused, broke two pint cups and went outside and smashed the bar window. He also struck Meyrick Jones, and said when he could catch him by himself he would keep him under water." He was ordered to pay Is 2d damage, 20s costs and fine, and to find a surety of £5 to keep the peace for 12 months. LOOK TO YOUR GUN LICENCES.—John Jones was sum- moned for carrying and using a gun without hsving ob- tained a licence for the same. Mr Hugo, the supervisor of Inland Revenue, in stating the case, said the penalty was £10, but they had the power to mitigate it to one-fourth. Police-constable Evans said that on December the 7th he saw defendant on Tonllwyd Farm in a wood. He was carrying a double-barrelled gun, and using it. He said it did not belong to him, but the person to whom it belonged had a licence. The owner of the gun was called, and proved the ownership. He was fined 50s. and costs, with the prospect of a further mitigation. THANKSGIVING DAY.—His Worship drew attention to the fact that Tuesday next would be thanksgiving day on the part of the people to the Almighty for having spared the life of His Royal Highness the Prince of ^al<«. His Wership expressed an anxious hope that nothing in con- nection with the business of this court would prevent any porson, who was so disposed, from joining in the universal prayer of gratitude. It was explained that, from present prospects, there was no reason why the court should not be adjourned for a fortnight. This was at once determined on, inasmuch as there were no cases sufficiently urgent to hold a court. — MOUNTAIN ASH. LOCAL BOARD ELECTION.—This hotly contested election came off on Saturday. The following list shows the result of the polling David Morgan, 935 Daniel Williams, 629 Evan Evans, 610; Daniel James, 557; John Griffiths, 526 Thomas Williams, 517 Thomas Jones, 466 J. W. Jones, 460 Rev D. Jones, 314 Thomas Charles, 35 Geo. Haggar, 15 John Davies, 12 Philip Tenchan, 5 Robert Thomas, 4 William Davies, 1. We have heard that up- wards of a hundred voters were imllified, owing to the voters having wrongly filled them up. The first five gen- tlemen named above were the successful candidates. EISTEDDFOD AND CONCERT. — One of these pleasant meetings was held at the Workmen's Hall, on Monday. The prize for competition in singing, which was open only to Bands of Hope, was divided between Saron (Aber- aman), and Bethania (Mountain Ash). Mr M. Lewis, of Ebbw Vale, officiated as adjudicator. The concert took place in the same building in the evening. Mr and Mrs Frost, of Cardiff, were the chief attractions of the entertainment. Miss E. Magor,"Mrs Parker (Mountain Ash), Mr M. Lewis, (Ebbw Vale), Mr T. Howet s (Aber- aman), Mr D. E. Coleman, Mr J..Tones, and Mr J. Hopkins, of Mountain Ash, assisted as soloists. All Passed off very well, but the brilliant playing of Mr and Mrs Frost excited enthusiastic admiration. We regret to state that so few were present at both the eisteddfod and the concert that the proprietor of the hall, for whose benefit the performances were given, will incur a considerable loss. SMALL-POX.—We regret to record that Mr J. Morgan, the landlord of the Jeffreys Arms, succumbed to this dreadful malady on Tuesday evening. fie had only been ill for a week, and he is the first adult who has given way to the disease since it has made its appearance in the town. As the disease is spreading, it behoves the Board of Health to be alive to the necessity of taking prompt measures to avert its course. IMPORTANT MEETING OF COLLIERS.—On Monday night an important meeting of the Navigation and DeepDufFryn colliers was held at the Allen's Arms, to take into considera- tion the best method of putting before the company certain grievances which they suffer from in consequence of not being remunerated for the trams of coal which, after being filled, do not reach the bottom of the pit; but owing to the speed at which they are drawn by the engine, are thrown eff the rails, or otherwise emptied of their contents. A .deputation was appointed to wait on Mr Drown to discuss the question. ,T A COLLIERS' MEETING.—A meeting of colliers and "hauliers engaged in the Navigation, Deep Duffryn, and Lower and Upper Cwmpenoar collieries was held in the Allen's Arms' long room on Tuesday evening, to take into consideration the mode the masters have adopted to pay the men, which they complain is rot according to the award of the arbitrators. The hauliers, unfortunately, refused to resume work on Wednesday, hence the colliers ot the pits are at a stand. PONTYPRIDD INTELLIGENCE. THE NINE HOURS' MOVEMENT.—A public meeting was convened at the Union Bridge, Trailwn, on Monda>" evening, to consider the best means of obtaining the pr vilege for the workmen of this town and neighbourhood. The various trades were well represented, and resolutions in support of the movement were unanimously passed. NATIONAL EDUCATION LEAGUE. A meeting of the Blaenycwm branch of the League was held at the Blaeny- cwm Chapel, Treherbert, on Tuesday evening the chair being occupied by the Rev J. W. Maurice in the absence of the chairman of the branch. The subject under dis- cussion was Mr Dixon's motion, which the meeting was unanimous in supporting. AN EISTEDDFOD AT TREOBKT. At the rc cent meetings at the Tabernaclo, the chair was occupIed ty the Rev E. Gurnos Jones, and the adjudicator was Mr D. Brython- fryn Griffiths, Aberdare. The principal prizes in poetry and prose were almost entirely swept away by Bryn- fab" and Dewi Araul." The Tabernacle Choir was successful in the principal choral competition, and the same ehoir with that of Siloh, Pentre, carried the others. Ireorky is soon to have an eisteddfod on a very large scale, in con- nection with the British School. THE NINE HOURS' SYSTEM.—The men wonting in the Chemical Works of Messrs Chivers, Todd, and Chivers, Pontypridd, presented a request to their employere, in favour of adopting the week of 54 hours, an advance of 10 per cent, and an alteration of the pay .Jay from Tuesday to Saturday. Mr J. Chivers and his manager, Mr Williams met his hands on Tuesday, to discuss the matter. He at once granted the first and last requests, but as to the ad- vance? pointed out that under existing circumstances such a proposition was inexpedient, as several contracts now maturing were based upon the present rate of wages. He, however, was anxious to meet the men as far as possi > and would confer with them at a subsequent meeting. ie nine hours system will come into operation at the establisn- ment on the 1st of March. THE SMALL-POX.—There are signs of the number of small-pox cases diminishing in this town and neighbourhood. The guardians have at last contracted to build a hospital for the purpose of isolating the pauper patients from the healthy. But why have not the vestry done anything to isolate the non-paupers is a question generally asked. It is to be hoped that the disease will entirely vanish before the hospital is ready, and before the vestry meeting is held, but the apathy of the proper authorities in the face of the epidemic is something remarkable. Papers are about to be circulated throughont the district to inform the public of the penalty those will incur who may be guilty of removing a patient before he or she is perfectly cured. It appears that a little time back a patient half-cured wayen^ed fiu*a this town to Miskm Lodge, which caused no little alarm in the neighbourhood.. • i • „ RHONNDDA VALLEY .The small-pox is not diminishing in the lower parts of the valley. There arc many cases ot great virulence in the neighbourhood of Cymmer and Dinas. The medical men grumble that the proposed house- to-house visit has not been made, and that things are allowed to remain as they were. As an inustration of the sanitary condition of Dinas, it is stated that to 16!) houses there are only ten privies. The great drain to n lower part of Dinas was-the old feeder, but from the time that was stopped matters have been in a shocking condition and as if inviting disease, The Local Board have given notice to the authorities of the parish of Llantnssant to call a vestry meeting without delay. EDUCATION. — MEETING IN SUPPORT OF MR DIX'ON S MOTION.—On Friday evening a meeting was held in the Sunday School-room under Penuel Chapel, for the purpose of endorsing the action of the Education League in sup- porting Mr Dixon's motion to expunge the 25th clause of the recently passed Elementary Education Act. Mr Chivers occupied the chair.—After a few remarks in favour of the excision of the offending clause the Rev W. Thomas (Tre- hafod), moved —" That it is the opinion of this meeting, that nothing short of the unconditional repeal of the 25th clause of the Elementary Education Act of W0, and the omission of the following from clause 74, providing for the payment of the whole or any part of the fees of any child where the parent satisfies the School Board that he M un- able from poverty to pay the same,'—will give satisfaction, and meet the just demands of the country."—This was seconded by Rev E. Koberts, and carried.-—The Rev E. Pavies proposed That this meeting regards the payment of public money to denominational schools, as detrimental to the national system of education, and in violation of the rights of conscience and liberty, and is of opinion that such money should be paid to schools -under popular control and for secular education only, and that the religious education of each district should be thrown upon voluntary effort."— This was seconded by the Chairman, and carried.—The Rev W. L. Harris proposed the following resolution — That this meeting approves of the motion which is about to be made in Parliament by Mr Dixon, M.P., for amending the Elementary Education Act of 1870, and also resolves to present the following petition in its favour. Also that the members for the county be requested to support the motion." The. speaker maintained that every child should be com- pelled to attend school, and instanced Prussia, where com- pulsory education obtains, as suffering from very little pauperism He further maintained that where Government grant is given to schools in which the Bible is read, that grants only should be given where the authorised version vas used.—This was seconded by the Rev W. Thomas in Welsh.—A vote of thanks to the chairman, which was suit- Ably acknowledged, brought the proceedings to a close.-A -*>etition was signed by the Chairman on behalf of the meet- Vg) setting forth the objects sought to be accomplished,