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ABERDAiiil INTELLIGENCE. INQUEST.—An inquest was held at the King Head Inn, Aberaman, on Wednesday, before the deputy-coroner, on the body of Moses Thomas, a collier, 51 years of age, who died from injuries received a fortnight since, whilst at work in the Abergwawr Colliery. A verdict was returned of Accidental death through the fall of a stone." SMALL-pox HOSPITAL.—This much desired public insti- tution has been commenced in earnest. The parish has fifty acres of land rescued from the spoliation committee by the distribution of Hirwain common in allotments. These fifty acres are separated from the Park by the Great Western Mineral Railway, and upon them the new hospital is to be; erected. The estimated cost is about £1200. The neces- sity for the hospital appears in the fact that small-pox is on the increase. STATE OF TRADE.—It is currently stated that the Gadlys works will pass into the hands of the new proprietors on the 2nd of March next. The works are said to be paying an excellent per-centage at present. The story is revived that the Aberaman works are likely to resume work at an early date. There seems to be a greater probability of such a desirable event taking place than at any period since the stoppage. Repairs are being made, and this fact gives countenance to the report. INDISCRIMINATE ALMSGIVING. — A story is told oi three puddlers who were crossing the Merthyr mountain, a few days since. In the distance they observed a well- known benevolent gentleman approaching them. At once- they adopted a scheme to get money. One pretended to the gentleman, on his approach, that he had just been oadly hurt in the works, and that his companions were helping him home. The gentleman enquired their address. One was given which appeared satisfactory. He put his hand in his pocket, gave the poor fellow half-a-crown, and proceeded on his journey. The rumour is that the puddlers got drunk with the money, and the moral is, that charity to be useful should be discriminate. A SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE.—Some time ago a dead body of a man was found on the Abernant Railway. It proved to be that of John Evans, puddler, aged 38, who a day or two previous to his death had made his way up to Sguborwen House, and told the inmates that he had been beaten on the head by some lads. An inquiry, which has been adjourned twice, was on Tuesday resumed at tho Commercial Inn, Aberdare, before Mr G. Overton, coroner to inquire into the circumstances attending his death. The jury, after consideration, returned a verdict to the effect "That deceased died from fracture of the skull, but whether caused by accident or violence there is no evidence to show." FATAL ACCIDENTS TO DOOR-BOYS. On Wednesday evening week, a door-boy employed at the Cwmaman Colliery was killed under the following painful circum- stances :—He was engaged pressing the rope in connection with a small tram underground, for the purpose of making the trucks run even on the bond. The bar slipped throw- ing the unfortunate lad ,on the bond, the rope'passing over his bowels, causing instantaneous death. His name was George Thomas, aged 10 years. The body awaits an inquest_ An accident also happened on the same day to a door-boy, named Thoiias Green, employed at the nine feet vein, Middle Duffryn Colliery. This lad was about to leave work, and jumped on one of the connecting links between the trams for the purpose of riding. When near a double parting he slipped from some cause, and the wheels passed over his head, causing instantaneous death. SCHOOL BOARD.—The usual fortnightly meeting of this Maitb °T> ^y- Present: Mr James Lewis W H am Thorn f } Pr'CC and J" Eval]S> Messrs E infotm '18 anf J- ,Wil'^ms--The minutes of the the a confirmed, as also the report of nheed n. Copies cf the bye-laws were £ i upon the table, and after some observations from men!bers respecting them, it was Proposed, seconded, and i-ctiiitu, that the byedaws as amended, in accordance with the suggestion of the Education Department, be now signed by the chairman and clerk, the seal of the Board attached tlwreto, and forwarded to the Education Department.— Mr lhomas drew timely attention to the want of school accommodation at Penvwaun and Cap Cocli, and asked that the Committee of Council should be written to asking per- mission to proceed with such provision.—Dr Price :°And you will get an answer from them by next May. (Laugkter.) Mr Thomas gave notice that at the next meeting heDwould move that a communication be made to the Education Department asking that temporary provision be made at those places.—It was proposed, seconded, and agreed to that the Board meet in future only once a month.—Th& Chairman gave notice that at the next meeting he should move that the Board take into consideration the amount of remuneration to be given to the clerk.—This was all tha business,