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THE NINE HOURS MOVEMENT. MEETING OF MERTFIYIT EMPLOYERS. On Tuesday evening, employers of LJnur representing various trades assembled at the 0 wain (! 1 H 1 wr, for the purpose of cons-.dering the request of tlv.-ir workpeople as to conceding the institution of fifty-four hours for a week's work. The meeting was wdl attended by employers from Mer- thyr and Dowlais, and Mr Lumley was unanimously voted to the chair. In the discussion of ths question, which lasted for an hour and a half, the Chairman, Messrs Wil- liams, Castle-street; Williams, Morgantown; Gabe, Thomas- town Lewis, Pontmorlais p. Williams, TELEGRAPH Omce Poole, Brecon Road, and others, took part. The tone of the speeches seemed unanimous in approval of the boon to be secured by the men, and nothing could exceed the gratifying and handsome manner in which the employers acknowledged the sterling character of their men. The anxiety for a division of the fifty-four hours in such a pro- portion as should prove convenient and proper for the con- duct of trade, as also acceptable on the part of the employes, was universal. Considerable discussion arose as to the division of the hours over the six days of the w-vek, some being of opinion that the fairer and more convenient way would be, to pay by the hour, and that when 54 hours' work was completed then that the week's wages had been earned and that all hours worked in excess of, or below the 54 hours, should be paid for, or deducted, according to the rate of wages paid. It was ultimately decided that no fixed rule in this matter, applicable to all trades, would be practicable, as the pecu. liarities and customs of each trade were such that it was considered the wisest course to leave the arrangement of the hours to be settled between the employers and the employed of each trade separately. Thu tirst resolution passed was that 54 hours constitute a week's work -the resolution to come into operation on the 1st April next, and to apply to all trades represented in the meeting. The next business transacted had special application to those engaged in the building trade, such as carpenters, masons, painters, plasterers, and plumbers, and a hearty discussion took place as to the division of time most con- venient to the trade and the public. Eventually it was proposed and seconded that with respect to the building trade the working hours be as follows :—" To commence at 7 o'clock on Monday morning, and leave off at 5 o'clock. Every other day of the week to commence at 7 o'clock, and leave off at 6 o'clock, excepting Saturday, and on that day to leave off at 4 o'clock, allowing half an hour at breakfast and one hour at dinner. Ml Gabo (Thomas Town) moved, as an amendment, that work should commence at half-past six on the first five mornings of the week, and leave work at half-past five, and on Saturdays to commtnce at six o'clock, and leave work at one o'clock. The resolution w?.s carried, the only gentleman who supported the amendment being Mr Gabe himself; It was next moved, sesonded, and carried, with but one dissentient, "That the hours in the winter months should be from half-past seven to five on Monday and four follow- ing days, and from half-past seven to four on Saturdays. allowing one hour for dinner; and that the 'winter months' constitute and mean the two months preceding Christmas and the two months after Christmas." The above resolutions were ordered to be advertized in the MERTHYR TELEGRAPH, and other papers circulating in the district. A vote of thanks to the chairman closed the proceedings, which stand adjourned until the men have digested the above propositions. GLAMORGANSHIRE ADJOURNED QUARTER SESSIONS. These sessions commenced on Wednesday last at Cardiff. There were 35 prisoners for trial, the following cases from this district being disposed of on the first day STEALING WATCHES AT MERTHYR.—William Murray, labourer, was charged with breaking and entering she shop of Harris Isaacs, and stealing three silver watches and one gold Albert chain, the property of the said Harris Isaacs, at Merthyr Tydfil, January 14th, 1872. The pri. soner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to ten years' penal servitude, and on the expiration of that time to be placed under police surveillance for the further period of seven years. The prisoner bad been previously sentenced to seven years' penal servitede for a similar offence to the one he was now charged with, but had been discharged with a ticket of leave. STEALING TIMBER AT MOUNTAIN ASH.—Thomas Wil- liams, a labourer, was charged with stealing two pieces of board and one post, value 2s, the property of the Taff Vale Railway Company, January 30th, 1870. Several previous convictions were proved against the prisoner, and he was sent to Carditf gaol for twelve months, with hard labour and was cautioned by the Chairman, when passing sentence, that if he was found guilty of any offence again he would perhaps end his days in a penal settlement. FALSE PRETENCES AT ABERDARE.—Elizabeth Harris, a charwoman, was charged with obtaining, by certain false pretences, from David Phillips two pounds of butter, some flour, sugar, tea, bacon, and divers other goods, the pro- perty of the said David Phillips, with intent to defraud, at Aberdare, on December loth, 1871. Sentenced to two months' imprisonment. The prisoner was also charged on a second count in the indictment with obtaining, by certain false pretences, from William Moses various articles of food and clothing, of the value of 29s 2d, the property of the said William Moses, with intent to defraud, at Aberdare, J anuary 3rd. Sent to gaol for two months, the latter to commence at the expiration of the former. STEALING MONE* AT DERI.—Joseph William*, 15, Thos. Brown, 12i, and Alfred Hart, lli, three collier boys, were charged with feloniously breaking and entering the shop of Thomas Evans, (of Dowlais) and stealing therefrom 5s. in money, 21 packets of tobacco, and a quantity of sweets, the property of the said Thomas Evans, at his branch 4. at Deri, on February 17th. Each of the prisoners pie- guilty. Joseph Williams was sentenced to two months' imprisonment at Cardiff, and the other two were severally ordered to be imprisoned for three days at Cardiff, and to have 12 strokes of the birch rod. FALSE PRETENCES AT MERTHYR. — Jane Davies was charged with unlawfully obtaining for her child David, aged 8 years, by falsely pretending that she was a widow, from the guardians of the Merthyr Tydfil Union, food to the value of £2 14s. 3d., the property of the said guardians, with intent to defraud. The prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 8 months' imprisonment at Cardiff gaol with hard labour. STEALING COAL AT MERTHYR.—Ann Lewis, washer. woman, was charged with stealing 991bs. of coal, the pro- perty of Mr Richard Fothergill, M.P., and others, at Merthyr, 25th January. The prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sent to prison for two months. ASSAULT AT MERTHYR.—John James, on bail, was. charged with unlawfully assaulting and causing bodily harm to John Smith, blacksmith, of Gellivaelog, on the 28th January. The defendant was acquitted.