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DRAYMAN WANTED. WANTED, a young man as DRAYMAN.— V V Apply at tke Iron Bridge Brewery, llerthjr. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. WANTED a Sharp and Intelligent LAD for the Office.—Apply to MATTHEWS BKOTHSKS, and Co., Merthyr. GENERAL SERVANT. WANTED, n GENERAL SERVANT.— Apply at No. 3, Comtland Terrace, Merthyr, NELSON FAIR. -_NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the usual A Annual Fair for the Sale ef Horses, Cattle, and other Stock will take place at Nelson Village, on TUESDAY, the 12th MARCH, 1872. It is expected that this year's Fair will be largely attended by Graziers and General Dealers, and that it will afford an excellent opportunity for the Sale or Purchase of Stock. NINE HOURS SYSTEM. AT a MEETING of the employers of labour of various trades in Merthyr and Dowlais. held on Tuesday Evening. February 2rth. 1872, at the Owain Glyndwr. Pontmorlais, Merthyr, it was unanimously resolved to concede the request of the men that Fifty-Four Hours should constitute a Week's Work, and that the distribution of the time between the several days should be Ifft to the various trades to decide, according to their requirements hut with respect to the Building Trades, including Carpenters. Masons. Painters. Flasterers. and Plumbers, it was resolved that there should be one arrangement for the whole, the particulars of which have been published by circular amongst the work- men belonging to those Trades. The ne wsvstem to come into operation on MONDAY, APRIL 1st, 1872. L. R. LT7MLTSY, Chairman of the Meeting. SALE BY MLT WILLIAMMORGAN; MARSYVAYNOR. ix THE PARTSH OF VAYNOR, BRECONSHIRE. WTTHTN ONE M T LE OF CEFN. AVTI THREE MILES OF MER- THYR TYDFIL. Highly Important Sale of Farming Stock, Crops, Implements of Husbandry, <tr. MR WILLIAM"MORGAN HM the honour to announce that he has been instructed TO SELL BY AUCTION, AT THE FARM-HOUSE, MAESYVAYNOR, On WENNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1872, THE whole of the Valuable FARMING STOCK. CROPS IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY &(! the effects of the late E. J. Da vies, E"q., com- prising Three excellent Cows, with Calves at their side 4 Cows in Calf, near calving time 1 Cow in Calf. to calve in Atimiist; 1 barren Cow 1 yearline Heifer and two prime fat Cows. Two splendid Mares, for cart and heavy work 1 yearling Cart Co|f ] useful handsome yearling Grey Filly 1 fonr-vear old Cob Pony 1 Mountain Pony Mare, and FH'T. The Crops consist of one Rick of Meadow Hav (abnnt If; Tons), well harvested about 12 Tons of Hav in barn. well harvested and 1 Bay of Barley. Implements :-2 Strong Carts 1 Gambo; a capital Iron Roller I excellent Turnip Drill and Roller 1 Scuffler; 1 Iron Plough 1 Set of Iron rinrrows I ditto Chain Harrows Iron Pig Trough 1 Sheep Rack. quite new 1 Turnip Cutter Pikes. Fakes. kc. 1 set of Leading Harness 2 sets of Shsft Harness 1 set of G.O. Harness 2 Ladies' Saddles a Gentleman's Saddle; Bridles, Collars, Chains, and sundry other useful articles too numerous to mention, including the whole of the Dairy Utensils. THE PoUtTRY WILL ALSO BE SOLD. Refreshments on the Table at Twelve o'Clock Sale to Commence at One o'Clock punctually. Gwernyblithe, Glyn Neath, February 10, 1872. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS^ WANTED, a respectable and well-educated Youth as an APPRENTICE to the Oeneral Iron- ■toairery business. A lad havine knowledge of both languages preferred. — Apply to W. T. GBIJPITHS, Iron- monarer, High Street, Mcrthyr Tydfil. 4951 DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. MESSRS. JONES AND STUCKEY, Whole- sale Wine and Spirit Merchants, of Merthyr, hwrin* DISSOLVED PARTNERSHIP by Mutual Cmusent. say Claims arninst the Firm should be sent in to Mr PRED. STUCKEY, 33, High-street, Mcthyr, who intends arrying on the Business. 4973 TO BE LET, No. 90, Cardiff Road, Aberaman, near A herd are. Large and Commodious PREMISES, with arary convenience. Fitted up as a Draper's Shop, but is suitable for any kind of Business. Rent moderate. —Apply &t S, Victoria-street, Merthyr, or to T. J. Pearce, Penybryn, Cefn, Merthyr: FOR SALE, ON HIGHLY ADVANTAGEOUS TERMS, SOME NEW AND VERY BEAUTIFUL FIA. NOFORTES Enquire at the Residence of JlR. EDWARD LAWRANCE, Tro/rstor ofirosic and Oryauist of St. David's Church. ADDxlIse 4908 2, COURTLAND TERRACE, MERTHYR. TYDFIL SCHOOL, MERTIIYR. A MIDDLE CLASS GRAMMAR AXD COMMERCIAL SCHOOL. Head Master:—EVAN WILLIAMS, M.A. Assistant Master:—J. WILSON (Certificated in Science.) The studies are divided into two courses :— 1.—The English Count, which ""abraces the subjects necessary for all Mechanical Engineering and Mercantile Pursuits. !Tl&# Clattical Courte, which includes the Greek, Latin, and French Languages; the Higher Mathematics, and certain Branches of Science, and prepares for the Middle Class Civil Serrica, Science, and Professional Preliminary Examinations, nati for admission into the Theoligicai Colleges and Universities. Boarders (quarterly, weekly, and daily), ta well as Day Pupils, may b« admitted at any time during the quarter. Terms, tit., on application, personally or by letter at the above address. 4631 "The TEA of TEAS." "NEW SEASONS" PURE TEA IN PACKETS Is very choice and punge?it—and is selected from the Best Pure ,A 0 u co importations judiciously blended. 2-2 6 2/8 3/- 34 3/8 4/- per lb. Sold in every Town in Great Britain by autheriztd Agents—(Chemists, Confectioners, &c.) LOCAL AGENTS:— Merthyr-LENvis, chemist, Georgetown. Merthyr—W. J. WHILE, chemist, 128, High-street. Aberaman, Sims, chemist P'pool, Edwards stationer Aberdare, Thomas, 70, Mill. Pontypridd, Daries, chemist street Pantlottyu, Davies, Post- „ Evans, chemist office Dowlais, Rees, chemist Rhymney, Dixon, chemist 1. Emmanuel, confectioner Taff's Well, WillUms Ebbw Vale, Jones, chemist Tredegar, Jenkins, chemist Hirwain, Sims, chemist Troedyrhiw, Knox, chemist Morriston, .Bevan, Post-office [ 1S8.3 JOHNSON, JOHNSON, & Co., TEA ME HAXTS, 17, Bloomfield-street, City, London. J -1 r- IM



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