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TMCE-S's ENGLISH NOVELS, A Novel for Sixpence, per post 9(1. FOR A A SAKE, by WATTS I'UTM.TPS. TAI.]!<)' JIA L> I..VXI), by HAKKTSON AIXSWOKTH. HUSH MOIFIIY, bv CJIAKIJKS II. lloss. Thefb usual 2 or 3 vol. Novels, with tin; addition of first eliips Engrav- ings. Loudon John Dicks, 313, Strand and all Boofcaellfi-s. 7VF ONUMSISTTALSCULPTURE.-(iramte, MALLLSLH TMA S'L'ONJ': TORTUS ON view. The lar,T«st stock in the Kingdom. IJXL'Kitl-SLIAJ'.LJLS LIIT'I'KKS IN LEAD.-OAFFIN, 03, Quadrant, Regeil Streot, London. W. T^ IiASS, xiEED, STRING, & DRUM & FIFE -1-;) HANDS.—Musical Instruments of every description tho BEST & cheapest, to lie hart of J.MOOxlB, Kuxton-rd., Ilndders- field. Hands supplied AT wholesale priwiw.Old instruments bon;rh! ortalceuin exehiin.ere. l.'att»NIK, prices & testimonials post Ireo. Music fur any kind ofbainl. I'atronisedby the Army, Navy, liiHe C'IV[>N & I'rin.'iiKil Professional & Amateur Hands of HIS Unite,: KiiiKiliini.l'ianofiii t es,l [avnioniuins & Harps by thelies^jnakei S. ( CLEANLINESS.—W." G. MIXEY's Refilled BLACK LEAD sold everywhere by all Shopkeepers. pLEANLltfE3S-W. G-. HIXEY's Refined V-/ BLACK IJKAT) for polishing stoves, &«., equal to burnislu'd steel, without waste or dust._ WG. mXEY's Refined BLACK LEAD. • "Cleanliness,"—The proprietor btnrs iot'AU'LK>.V tip- public against beinp imposed upon by unprincipled tradesmen, who, with a view ot deriving GREATER proiit, are manulacturiii; and vending SL'ULUOUS 1MITATI OSS of the above article. Ask jnr W. G. NIXEY's BLACK LEAD, anil see Hud u >" hum iI. VI, Solio Square, Londo", \V. OAKEY & SON's E EP,- and BLACK Y LKAD MILLS, I'ilackfriars Road, London, S. riAKEY's SILVERSMITHS' SOAP non- mercurial), for Cleaning ami Polishing Silvr, Electro- plate, Hate Glass, Marble, &e. Tablets id. r|AKEY's Wellington KI'TIFE POLISH VJ' l>AOKETS3<L. each tins (id., Is., 2s. M. and is. each. O-AKEY18 Indiarubber KNIFE BOARDS V-" from is. fid. each. OAKEY's GOODS SOLD Everywhere by Ironmongers,Oilmen,Groc?i' Uni.slimakers, UruggistfvVo. W. H. ATKINSON'S "CHAMPION PLATE POLISH. Is only Sixpence a 3iox. Sold everywhere by ChnmLt.<, Ivonnum^er. G l'°cerR, &P. BORWICK'S Bilking Powder was awarded TWO GOLD USDALS for superiority over every other. "VEATMAX's YEAST POWDER Superi(¡¡ A to HA lUNG L'OWDElt or YEAST, adopted by Hf. Majesty's Government, and used in Her Majesty's Kitehu, CHEAP JEWELLERY.—Shopkeepers and Hawkers will tiud best assortment and lowest, /NEE-; MILLINGTON's, U. iloundsditch. :E.C. Uilt&Vule:miti-.LEV. ellery, Clocks,Watches, Musical lloxes,Cutlery,COI- IBS, Speet- oles, I'ens, Pipes, Purse; !• I\Goods.Catalogues iree. I^ST,:L. 1.1.).)7. mHE VILLAGE BROUGHAM, tbe"Victoria JL Brougham, and the Park Brougham, liEoisruitKi). First,, forms perfect open 0". closed carriage second, Brounh.-nn 11.1'1 Victoria; third. J"(Hlg1JaTl1, Victoria and Driving Phaeton, all in the MAST perfeel- manner. CAN be made any size. DRAWINGS sent. J. niliOI.KLLOMJJU,ST.C-rt.Queen SFC., I.OUT,'Acre, London. ri"1HE BATHS, ST. LAWREisCE-ON-SEA JL 'PIT], Ul,,NNVII,LE The OZONOlilZEJj aud IODINE BATHS, in addition to their curative properties, are pronounced by a' who have tried them to be the most perfect and luxurious baths in the world. Amongst many of the more recent testimonials WO have selected the following:— FROM HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE. "The Granville, St. Lawrence-ou-Sea, Thanet, Oct. 12,1871. I have been in a great many baths both in this country and abroad, and I have never found any to compare with those at this hotel. The water apparatus for douche. &c.. i« unequal led, & the comfort of the Ozone liaths indescribable.-NKWCASTIJE." T)Lr'AGLE"INSURAN CE COMPANY JCi Established 1807. Wou Livi-s ONLY). 79, PALL MALL, LONDON. Premiums £ 355,515. Invested Funds £ 3.876,395. Interest & Dividends (beinpr 8s. 0d. per centl.£137,731. FURTHKH SECURITY— A Subscribed Capital of more than Expenses of Management are under 3 per cent. — NF.XT DIVISION OF SURPLUS IN 1872. GEOKGE HUMPHltiiVS, Actuary and Secretary. CHUBB's .Patent SAFES & Strong-Room DOORS, to resist Wedses, Drills, and Fire. List of prices fREO —CHUBB, and SON, Makers to the Bank of England, 57, St. Paul's, London, Manchester, Liverpool & Wolverhampton EORGE PRICEVPATENT (Prize Medal 18ii'2), FIRE and BURGLAlt 1'B.OOF BOOK and PLATE SAFES are the best nnd cheapest in the trade. GEOKGE PRICE, Cleveland Safe and Lock Works,Wolverhampton. A NEW SPECIAL PACKAGE TOBACCO. HIGNETT's "GOOD as GOLD." jnL. (Registered title). A combination of the finest full-flavoured TOBACCOS. This article will be found a luxury to old smokers. Sold oidv in Prickets of 1. 2, and 4 ounces. HI8NETT, BROTHERS & Co.. GTS, Whitechapel, Liverpool. Sx GENU IX K HAVANA' "CIGARS s (as sample) Post Free for Two Shillings, from GEORGE BOTTEHI& SONS, (Established 30 Years ) 33, Cheapside, London. A written guarantee on each packet. D'ARCY's "Celebrated DUBLIN STOUT, D ANCHOR BREWERY, DUBLIN. (Largest Brewery in Irelnwl but. one.) Prices and terms on applioM tion. Bïi'üItWfùK's-Gold Medal BAKING POWDER Makes nice Bread, Tea Cates and Scones without Yeast. CHOLERA, Diai-i-li(Pt, Sinuli-Pox, Fevers, and Skin affections, the predisposition t,<>, is prevented by LAMPLOUGH's PYRETIC SALINE. Obtain and take it as directed.—Sold by Chemists everywhere, and the Maker, H. LAMPLOUGH, 113, HOE1SORN, LON !')X. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE, THE GREAT REMEDY of the day for ROUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, B RONCHITIS, and NEURALGIA, a few doses will cure all incipient casec. Caution.—The extraor- dinary medical reports on the efficftcy of ('hloror1Yl1e rendersit of vital importance thnt the puhlic should obtain the genuine, which is now sold under the protection of Government autho- rising a stamp bearing the words" I)i,. J. Collis Browne's Chlo- rodyne," without which none is genuine. See decision of Vice- Chancellor SirW.Ptige Wood,the"Timc," July 1804. Soldin bottles. Is. lid., 2s. iid. ifc 4s. 6d.. bv a'l rl-orvi<ts. Sole manufac- turer, J. T. DAVENPORT,Grfji.* 1, >-«e!l-st.. London.W.C. PROTECTED BY ROYAL Li. TEilS PATENT. T^R.^LEVENSTON'S African Rheumatic Oil J' for the Cure of Rheumatism, Rheumatic. Gout, Lumbago, Paiusin the Limbs. Price 4/3 per i ot-f-le, duty included. The most effectual cure ever discovered. London Wholesale Agents Edwards, 38, Old Change; Butler and Co., 4, Cheapside; F. Newbery & Son, 37, Newgate Street; Barclay & Son, Farring- don Street; Sangers, 150, Oxford Street. THE GALLOPING TORTOrsETprice, 1/ post free, 14 Stamps. Ready for delivery to the trade. Novel, amusing & lasting. JAMES REVELL, 1C6, Oxford-st, W. mHE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT. JL Carriage free to any Dart, of England for ONE GUINEA. A polished wood case, with lock and key, containing an assort- ment of paper & envelopes elegantly stamped with monogram- in colours, a collection of monograms & a great variety of use- ful Stationery. Complete list of contents with specimens of Stamping post free. BRITISH & FOREIGN STATIONERY COMPAN Y 10 & 12, Garrick Street, Covent Garden, London. MAGIC LANTERNS Slides' & Dissolving Views at the lowest prices, Scientific Novelties adapted for prizes in boxes, lO 6 & 21/ J. & W. E. Archbutt, Opticians, 11, Bridge St. Westminster. Illustrated Catalogues post free. SHOCKING.BRILLlANTbut HARMLESS. SCIENCE POPULARISED, the most entertaining Fun. for Winter and Merry Christmas.—The Electric Wand can be had of Opticians and Fancy Stationers, and of the Patentees. O. & F. H.JVrA KLEY, 1 i, Poultry, E.C. 2/6 <& 5, each. r JlO CAPITALISTS, &C. The undersigned has several SHARES in screw steamshipsto Dispose of. Invest- ments in Steamships are the most profitableof the day. Apply to B.R.Huntley&C'o., steamship & share Brokers West Hartlepool. DISTRICT M A N A G E R S and ASSURANCE AGENTS required. Apply to "Secretary," 56, Park Street, Bristol. Tff ACINTOSH- Pric-c- (Medium sizes); Sheeting, 9/6, Indianette, 14/6, Stout Twill, 15/3, Alpaca, 17/9, Double Texture, 22 9, Knee Rugs, 21/ Gaiters, 3 warranted only if Stamped "G-. P. DODGE, Manufacturer, London." Address Bermondsey Rubber Works, or 79, Uppej, Thames-st., London, (Wholesale only). Retail or all Clothiers and Drapers. Lists of all Rubber, G utt;), Percha & Waterproof Goods, Samples, and name of nearest A (Jentfree on application, HE DR-YAD.-CAUTION.-The under. J- signed, having been informed that their invention is being; copied, hereby announce their trade mark to be a ticket bearing the effigy of a heart coloured blue, and these words," Patent sanitary cloth, shower, but not air proof, as exhibited in the Scientific Department of the London International Exhibition of 1871." Each shower-proof gentleman's paletot or Dryad (a name given to a lady's waterproof cloak), regis- tered Cth and 7th Vic., cap. 05, has a separate number and due record is kept of the same, together with the names of the Clothiers and Drapers appointed to sell the same to the publio in the metropolis and the country, the following address being that of the vendors in wholesale quantities- DONALD NICOLL & CO., 61, St. Paul's-churchyard, London. MAX-GREGER's PURE HUNGARIAN JLTJL WINE&, 7, MINCING LANE, E.C. In order to facilitate the supply of these Wines now in great demand, AGENTS of high respectability will be appointed on application, from Towns vet vacant- "PROFESSIONAL AND GENERAL JL CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY (Limited) The Stores are now open, and an early inspection is invited. DEPARTMENTS. Grocery I Wines and Spirits Turnery and Brushes Cigars and Tobacco Drapery and Hosiery Drugs and Dispensing Stationery Fancy Goods SHARES lO/- ANNUAL TICKETS 2/8 each. Members will find goods purchased at these Stores 20 per cent, to 25 per cent. under usual retail prices. CATALOGUES with the names of the Directors and the list of Traders associated with th9 Society may be obtained upon application to the SECRETARY at 459, 460 & 461 (New) OXFORD STREET, LONDON, W.C. A GRICULTURAL SALT for MANURE. MAKERS' and FARMERS' USE. a Shipped by the Cargo at Liverpool and Runcorn; also delivered by the Truck-load at any Railway Station W. WORTHINGTON. Sen., NORTHWICH SALT WORKS. Established 1808. TXIBBERT'S NEW THEURY AND XJL PRACTICE OF MEDICINE, in 2 Vols., Vol. 1 being a Treatise on the Nature, Cause, Cure, & Preven. tion of Disease in HUMAN BEINGS; Vol. 2, in ANIMALS. Published by John Heywood. Manchester; Simpkin, MM. Bh.11 and Co., and Sold bv all Booksellers 1 each. HIBBJERT's PATENT ANTISEPTIC for Stamping out SMALL-POX, CHOLERA, FEVER, and all FERMENTIVE INFLAMMATORY DISEASES may be obtained through any Chemist, in bottles, price Is. ljd. W. HIBBERT, Manchester. QMAUL-POX/FEVEBS, & SKIN DiSEASES.- Predisposition to prevented by Lamplough's Pyretic Saline. Agreeable vitalising & invigorating, its effects are remarkable in their cure & prevention. Takeit according to new directions. Sold by Chemists & the maker, H. Lamplough,113,Holborn Hill, E.G. B' LUE BRICKS.—P. W. BARROWS, Great Bridge, Tipton, Staffordshire, Manufacturer of Blue, Red, and Brown Bricks, Tiles, Quarries, Blue and Chequered Paving, Stable Clinkers, Copings and Crestings. w TO THE LADIES^ Ask for THOMSON's J)TTPLBX" (JRINOLINES GLOVE-FITTING" .CORSETS jgATSWING" QYERSKIRTS And you will obtain the best Manufactured. Observe the Name "THOMSON" & Trade Mark a "CROWN," upon all genuine goods. CHOICE DESIGNS and MANY NOVELTIES. WECni's DRESSING BAGS and "CASES, 1YJL despatch boxes, tourists' writing cases, jewel cases,writ- ing desks, l'arisian productions, library sets in mediaeval & lea- ther, albiuns, cases of fine cutlery, scissors, razors, table Icnives, the magic razor strop & paste, at MECIIl's, 112, Iiegent-st.,W. Illustrated catalogues nost free. J.0std. 1827. City prices charged for cash. N.li.—Mr. Mechi or his Son attends personally daily, mHE "VOWEL" JL WASHING MACHINE makes "Washing at home, pleasant and profitable.-120 Prize Medal"- and First Prizes. A month's free trial. Catalogue free by Post. BRADFORD iz Co., 03, Fleet St.. London, & Manchester, '\7"ELYETEENS EXTR AORDlNAR Y and V WINTMt LKESSKS, 1000 boxes of our celebrated Mole-skin Silk Velveteens, in Black and all colours, from lo/3 to 50/ Full Dress Winter Dresses, 3 11 to 21/ Patterns Free. Baker & Crisp, 198, Begent-at., London, I & /"I II ART A PERFECT A. -Tliis now & beauti- ful NOTE PAPER is the most perfect ever made. II Is plea. sant to the eye, delightful to write upon.—Observer, "Never varies, is free from all impediments to rapid writing."—Daily News. "Excellent."—lleoard. "Very nice, likely to come into goneral use."—Standard. Specimen packets-containing- six varie- ties post free Is. JENNER & KNEWSTIJB, to the Queen and Prince of Wales, Dressing Case Makers, Diesill]œrs, Stationers St Hcntldic Engravers,33,S t. James's-st.&GC, Jermyn-st,London, W. QB WING MACHINE S.- IMPORTANT o IMPROVEMENTS. rglAYLOR's Patent Lock-Stitch Family JL Machine has never before competed with others without being awarded a Prize, having already obtained Five Prize Medals. Prico fo'ar Guineas and upwards.—Pi'ospecfcv'ies and (Testimonials free by post. AGENTS WANTED. TAYLOR'S PATENT SEWING- MACHINE COKPANTf, Driffield, Yorkshire,*London Depot, Holbom Viagact, E.O. BILLIARD TABLES.-THURSTON & Co., Billiard Table Manufacturers. By Appointment to H. M., the Queen, and H. R. H. the Prince of Wales. Established 1814, 14. Ofttherina Street. Strand, London. W.C. Lists on A v ?1