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TREDEGAR POLICE COURT. TUESDAY.—(Before J. G. James, Esq., and Dr Coates.) ASSAULT.—Cooney v. Etberidge.—Mr Lane appeared for complainant, a railman, and Mr C. R. Harris for defendant, a rougher atEbbwVale.—Etheridge lodges at the Harp InD, Cooney bad pent out a report that the house W&II Dot properly conducted, and on the defendant going to the house of John Lloyd, & collier, to have the matter cleared up with Cooney, who would have it that a noise in the street pro- ceeded from the Harp. Lloyd told him the noise was caused in turning Williams, who was drunk, nut of bis (Lloyd's) house. Cooney wa* drunk, and in eoin? out fMl down ti e steps against the wall and hurt his sid'\ and he attribrted the fall to a push from defendant.—Witnesses were c-dled on both sides, and the Bench considering it an even ha' d d affair said the case would be dismissed, each party to pay his own witnesses. A RUNAWAY APPRENTICE.—Emmanuel Nash was charged with absenting himself from the employm'-nt of Elias Hutchings, with whom he was bound apprentice ss n shoe- maker.—Mr Plews prosecuted, and Mr Harris defended.— Elilll Hutchings sworn Defendant was apprenticed tn me in May, as stated in the agreement. He went away on 2Sfh October last.—By Mr Harris I am now living at Rristol and carry on the business of a marine store dealer. 1 have not given up my shoemaking business at Tredecar. I come over here when it suits me. I have two managers. Pearce is over the department in which defendant was eneatred Pearce was a tinman by trade, but has been Ion? enough at the shoemaking to be able to make a boot.—By Mr Plews I don't remember defendant sayinsr Pearce was not, a cnm. petent man. ChRrlell Pearce sworn I ms natre the business at Tredegar for Mr Hutchings I spent three years at the tin trade and more than that in thp other. Nash said to me he would not stay unless he had a competent man to teach him be had other privile^ps for extra work besides his was;es.—By Mr Harris He had to do a certain amount of work per day. Knew nothing of any fines.—Mr Harris addressed the Bench, and contended the r gr-ement was not a proper indenture. — Mr Plews replied and held that the document was as binding as any indenture could be. and the Bench having consulted decided that Nash was bound to finish the term of his apprenticeship, and ordered him to return and find one surety for the due performance of his contract.—Nash said he would rather work every hour in prison than go back. LEAVING WORK —John MeGrath. labourer, was charged as above by the Tredegar Iron Co. Defendant had to attend to the boilers in the puddling and blast engine, and had stayed away from Monday to Friday. Thos. Price, foreman, gave evidence of the neglect, and defendant was ordered to resume work and pay a fine of 2s 6d and costs. — An engine driver named Evan James was charged by the Tredegar Iron Ce. with neglect of duty. Mr C. R. Harris and Mr Plews were engaged in the case, and by request of the latter the case was adjourned for a week. WANTON ACT.—Abraham Mitchell and Daniel Jones were ordered to pay 20s each damage, apd a fine of Is and costs for wilfully driving a locomotive engine through a shed door at Rhymney. # — BRYNMAWK. POLICE.—The list for Monday cantained only four cases, one being a charge of larceny, and the others for assault and drunkenness, mostly amongst the Irish. On Monday next a ease of some importance will be heard. The land- lady of a public-house, by inadvertence, it is hoped, altered the figures on her brewing paper from four to two. The defence will be that she intended brewing the former quantity, but changing her mind she halved it. Mr Bolgar has taken the matter Uf), and be will assuredly see that the affair is thoroughly sifted. BLAINA. FTTNERAL OBSEQUIES.—On Saturday afternoon every shop in the village of Blaina was partially closed, and in every house the blinds were lowered out of respect to Mr LI. Williams, who was buried on that day. The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Mr Chas. Jones, of Blaina. The Odd Fellows' club headed the cortege, and Messrs Gunter, J. Jones ("Cymro Bach"), and a few picked vocalists, conducted by Mr D. Bowen, sang some of the old fashioned Welsh tunes -n the way to the graveyard, which was distant about M miles. The procession started for Blaina Gwent Chapel at 3.20, and reached its destination at 4.45. The Rev Mr Michael having addressed a few words of consolation to the relatives and friends, the body was lowered into the vault amidst the sobs and sighs ef all pre- sent. The body was carried the whole distance, a fact which speaks for the respect entertained for the deceased by the several bearers, who would not bear of a hearse being used. A special train convey e 1 the whole party back to Blaina, Nantyglo, &c., at six o el ck. BEAUFORT. BENEFIT CONCKRT.—On Friday evening a grand concert was given in the British Schoolroom, which, we are happy to state, passed aC to the mutual satisfaction of both audience and proij iters. The programme, which w as a thorough good al) Taried one, was strictly adhered to, and was very creditably got through by all who took part in it. The proceeds, we understand, are to be handed over to the widow of the late Francis Williams, who came by his death through falling over a bridge on the Ebbw Yale and Trevil limestone road. The principal performers were Misses Watkins and Smith, Messrs Bowen, Glanville, Roberts, the Beaufort Philharmonic Band, Mr J. Gullivet and party, and Mr Golding, pianist, nearly all of whom gave their services gratuitously. Mr Daniel Gwillim, grocer, presided, and succeeded in getting through his duties very comfortably iudecd.


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