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ABERDARE INTELLIGENCE. LOCAL TALENT. —Among the list of successful candidates for the Queen's scholarship in Wales of the first class we observe the name of Mr D. Evans, pupil teacher at the British School. COUNTY COURT.—His Honour Judge Falconer com nienced his monthly sitting on Monday. There were set down for hearing twenty adjourned plaints, 529 fresh plaints,.70 judgment summonses, two adjourned, and appli- cation for new trial. SCHOOL EXAMINATION.—The ordinary annual examina- tion of the teachers came off on Saturday. Mr Maggs, assistant to Mr Waddington, one of her Majesty's inspec- tors of schools, was the examiner. The Rev Canon Jenkins paid a visit during the day, and aeveral schoolmasters and others connected with the education of the district were also present. STREET ACCIDENT.-On Saturday an accident occurred in Cardiff-street through the baneful habit of furious driving. A girl about eight years of age was in the act of crossing the street near the Boot Inn, when a cart driven by a youth of fourteen or more, dashed up. The child be- came confused and turned about. The "cart knocked her down, and was brought to a stand-still, the wheel resting on her chest. As soon as relieved from her painful posi- tion she was carried home. Great indignation was mani- fested by those who witnessed the accident, and the recklessness that caused it. NARROW ESCAPE.—An accident happened on Friday night on the Great Western Railway, which resulted in a narrow escape of a man being killed. It appeared that on the night in question a haulier was driving a horse with a tram of cinders to cross the Great Western Railway. A man is employed in a lodge in close proximity to the railway to shut a gate against any trams being run across the rail- way while any of the engines are in the way. It transpired that the gate was not shut, and the horse and tram came down the tramway, and as they were on the line a loco- motive came up, and struck the horse down, which was killed instantaneously, and dragged for some distance on the line. The haulier had a narrow escape. It is said that there will be a prosecution in this case, as the horee which was killed was valued by a veterinary surgeon at £50. ACTION FOR LOSS A COW KILLED ON THE TAFF VALE RAILWAY.—DAVID V. THE TAFF YALE RAILWAY.—This was an action to recover the sum of £20, being the value of a cow killed at one of the crossings of the Taff Vale Railway on the 25th October last. Mr Beddoe appeared for the claimant, and Mr Stephens, of Cardiff, for the de- fendants.-The plaintiff is a farmer, snd occupies the Abergwawr Farm, and in his evidence said he occupied grazing lands near Cwmbach. Upon being informed, on the morning of the 25th October, by one of his servants that his cow had been killed on the railway near one of the Powell's Duffryn sidings, he proceeded with Messrs Law- rence, Howells, and Lloyd to make an inspection of the spot. The footmarks of the animal were visible, thereby demonstrating free ingress to the railroad.-Evidence having been given on both sides, the learned gentlemen addressed his Honour, Mr Beddoe contending that there was no impediment to free access to the railway, as proved by the footmarks of the beast, and quoting several decisions in the Superior Courts bearing upon the case whilst Mr Stephens argued that there was no obligation on the part of the company to see that gates were closed, and cited a case to show that the duty of doing this must be statutory. After quoting a number of other cases, he contended that there should be evidence of neglect on the part of the railway company, which there had not been as yet.-His Honour deferred judgment till next court. How SMALL-POX IS SPREAD.—A few days ago, a collier, who came from Cardiganshire, died of small-pox in this neighbourhood. During his illness his wife came to attend him. After his death she returned, taking his clothes with her. Information has just been received that she is dead of the same disease, and that the small-pox is raging in the neighbourhood in which she died. She is supposed to have carried the poison with her, as no sinall-pox cases were there until after her return from Aberdare. IMPORTANT MEETINGS.—The English Congregational Association Quarterly Meetings for Glamorgansbire and Carmarthenshire were commenced on Wednesday evening, at the English Congregational Chapel, Aberdare, when a sermon was preached by the Rev D. Rowlands, B.A., of Carmarthen. A devotional meeting was held at half- .past nine on Thursday morning, and the ministers and .delegates from the churches held a Conference at 11 o'clock. In the evening, at seven o'clock, a public meeting was held, when addresseslon various subjects were delivered by the Revs J. Waite, B.A., of Cardiff; J. C. Davits, Mumbles; F. S. Johnstone, Merthyr; and Mr Thos. Webber, of Cardiff. The various public meetings were largely attended, and a spirit of great liberality was shown in the town to the strangers who were induced to attend the meetings.





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