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TO SERVANT MAIDS. j WANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT, of ff"od character. —Applv to Mrs. EDWARDS, 55, Thomas-street, Merthyr TydriJ. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. ]Vfl"ESSRS; JONES and STUCKEY, Whole- hlVwT n?ll^Vine and sPirit Merchants, of Merthfr, *n» ri I?ISS0LVED PARTNERSHIP by Mutual Consent. TRvr\aJ,IS?-??il'DSt' ^he Fi'm should be scut in to Mr "TL-CKEY, 33, High-street, Jlcthyr, who intends "wyiny on the Business. 4973 TO BE LET, NQ. 90, Cardiff Road, Aberaman, near Aberdare. A Large and Commodious PREMISES, with every convenience. Fitted up as a Draper's Shop, bllt Is suitable for any kind of Business. Rent moderate, Apply at 3, ictoria-street, Mertliyr, or to T. J. Pearce, Penybryn, Cefn, Merthyr: FOR SALE, ON HIGHLY ADVANTAGEOUS TKHMS, SOME NEW AND VERY BEAUTIFUL PI A NOFORTES Enquire at the Residence of MR. EDWARD LAW RANGE, Pf'('J/ll' "fMltsic and Onanist of St. Dacid's Church. ADBP.ESS:— 400S 2, COURTLAND TERRACE, MERTHYR. TYDFIL SCHOOL, MERTHYR. A MIPDLE CLASS GRAMMAR AND COMMERCIAL SCHOOL. Head MasterEVAS' WILLIAMS, M.A. Assistant Master:—J. WILSON (Certificated ir Science.) The studies are divided into two courses :— I.-The English Caitrte, which embraces the subjects necessary for all Mechanical Engineering and Mercantile Pursuits. 2.-Thc Clatsical Course, which includes the Greek, Latin, And French Languages; the Higher Mathematics, and certain Branches of Science, and prepares for the Middle Class Civil Service, Science, and Professional Preliminary Examinations, and for admission into the Theoligical Colleges and Universities. Boarders (quarterly, weekly, and daily1, as well as Day Pupils, may be admitted at any time during the quarter. Terms, ie., on application, personally or by letter at the above address. 415;)! "The TEA of TEAS." NEW SEASONS" PURE TEA IN PACKETS Is very choice and pungent—and is selected from the Best Pure importations judiciously blended. 2 26 2 8 3 34 38 4/- per lb. Sold in every Town in Great Britain by authorized .Agents-(Chemists, Confectioners, See.) LOCAL AGENTS:— Merthyr-LEwrs, chemist, Georgetown. Aberaman, Sims, chemist P'pnol, Edwards, stationer Aberdare, Thomas, 70, Mill- Pontypridd, Davies, chemist street Pentlottyn, Davies, Post- „ Evans, chemist office Dowlais, Rees, chemist Rhymncy, Dixon, chemist Emmanuel, confectioner Taif's Well, Williams [bbw Vale, Jones, chemist Tredegar, Jenkins, dle»1ist Hirwain, Simli, chemist Troedyrhiw, Knox, chemist Morriston, Bevan, Post-office [4835 JOHNSON, JOHNSON, & Co., TEA ME HANTS, 17. Bloomfield-street, City, Londo TAF.FA WR FI:SHERY J..SSOCLA 'l 10' TWO GUINEAS REWARD WILL be given to any person who will give such information as to lead to the conviction of any person or persons found FIStHX< r on any part of the River Taf-Fawr, between its source and Pontyeapel, Cefu- Coed-y-evmmer, or in any of the following Brooks 'on the Manor of the Right Hon. Lord Tredegar, viz., Llysiog, Nmtddu, Crew, and Uarnant, or in Hepst" River, between Tyr-yr-oncon and its source, or in any of its contributory streams, or in any Brook on Nantgwynne and Abercar Farms. The above Reward will be given on com iction of the offender or offenders on application to DAVID THOMAS, Esquire, Solicitor, Brecon. The Fishing Season commenced on February 2nl. and the Tickets may be had at the Cefn Hotei, Red Lion, Ynysyfelin; Miller's Arms and Crwwri Inns, l/apei Nantddu, MR. THOMAS B. HEPPELL, MINING ENGINEER, SURVEYOR, ESTATE AGENT, av. OFFICES :— 48, GLEBELAND STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. TEMPERANCE HW L, MERTHYR TYDFIL. THREE PERFORMANCES ONLY. THURSDAY null FRIDAY El ENINGS, FEBRUARY I it;? and IQth, at 8 o'Clock, and Friday Afternoon at Thne. MR. C. PULMAN, who on recent occasions engaged Thurton, Harry Dobler, and other Artistes, now takes pleasure of announcing to the Gentry and Musical Public of Merthyr Tydfil, that he has suc- ceeded in engaging the Great Trauslantic Musical N'ovslty TRE ALLEGHANIANS VOCALISTS AND BELL RINGERS, Whose execution on the Swis. Bells, and line Descriptive Quartette Vocalization, are listened to by all hearers with Astounding Wonder and Delight For particulars see Small Bills- Xumbared and Reserved Seats, 2s.; Second Seats, Is.; Gallery, (id. Children Half-price to First and Second Scats only- Tickets and Places secured at Mr- C. Taylor's, Music Seller, Market Square, and Mr. C. Pulman's, 17, Victoria- street, where a Plan may be seen. NINE HOURS MOVEMENT. TO THE PUBLIC. IN a DELEGATE MEETING representing Carpenters, Masons, Plasterers, Painters, Plumbers, Smiths, Wheelwrights, Printers, Saddlers, Chandlers, Cabinetmakers, and others in Merthyr, Dowlais, and neighbourhood, held at the New Inn, Penydarren, Feb. ftin, 1872, when an answer was received from most of the Masters, signifying their willingness to grant our request. It was resolved to appeal earnestly to the few Masters that did not give their consent, and the Public in general, not to refuse. nor oppose our just and equitable claim. yfWe intend for the movement to come into operation on April 1st, 1S72. We urge the Workmen of the above Trades, to arrange with their Masters, the terms of working, that 54 hours is to constitute a week, and all additional time to be considered as over-time, and paid for according to the above Standard. On behalf of the Meeting, D. J. JONES, Merthyr. Secretary. THE NINE HOUHS MOVEMENT. A MEETING of the Master Tradesmen of Merthyr and Dowlais, who have received Memorials from their men, onjthe above Subject, will be held at the Owain Glyndwr, Pontniorlais. on Tuesday Evening next, FEBRUARY 20th, at Eight o'clock. The attendance of all employers is urgently requested. Signed, WM. LEWIS, Painter. JOHN WILLIAMS, Builder. The Best and Cheapest Route for Passengers from the West of England and South Wales to the United States is by the "IREAT WESTERN STEAM-SHIP" V3T "LINE. I BRISTOL TO NEW YORK 1 A THE FlyE STE^il^HL~VSS St^'REW 1,300 Tons burthen, William Western, Commander—is intended to Sail on WEDNESDAY, March 13th, W2. To be followed by the Fine New Screw Steamship "GREAT WESTERN," 2,000 Tons, intended to Sail oil or about 24th April— Steerage Passage to New York, Baltimore, Boston, Portland, or Philadelphia, Six tjuineas <;).! lis, including an abundant supply of Cooked Provisions. Passengers may be booked through to all parts of the United States and Canada on very moderate terms. To secure berths, &c., apply to MARK Wiimvui. and Sow, Grove, Queen-square, Bristol; J. T. Morgan, (ilebe- Und-street, Merthyr Tydfil John Morgan, postmaster, Pontypool; G. F. Webb and Co Bonded Store Merchant Cardiff R. Burton and Son, Newport, Mon. Dr to Richard Morris, grocer, Blackwood.







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