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TO BE LET, No. !10, Cardiff Road, Aberaman, near Aberdare, A Largo and Commodious PREMISES, with e7ei7,convenienc«. Fitted un as a Draper's shop, suitable for any kind of Business..Rent moderate. Nferthyr, or to T. J. Pea:ce, n, Cefn, FOR SALE, OX HIGHLY ADVANTAGEOUS TERMS. SOME NEW AND VERY BEAUTIFUL FTA NOFORTES Enquire at the Residence of MB. EDWARD LAW RANGE, < Pri Vj.j-.or of Music and Oraanitt of St. David's Church. ADDRESS 4908 2, COURTLAND TERRACE, MERTHYR. DR AYMAX WA>, TED. WANTED, a young man as DRAYMAN.— Apply at the Iron Bridge Brewery, Merthyr. 4JK39 TYDFIL SCHOOL, MERTHYR. A MIDDLE CLASS GRAMMAR AND COMMERCIAL SCHOOL. Head Master:—EVAN WIL, LLUI8 M. A. Assistant Master:—T. WILSON (Certificated in Science.) The studies are divided into two courses I.-The Hn.'llÏ114 Courte, v.- aiuh embraces the s-t.'rjects necessary for all Mechanical Lugiiicenng' and 5t<. reantile Pursuits. 2.;—Th» (Vmtticnl Course, which ineoHlrs the Greek, Latin, and French Languages; the Higher Mathematics, and certain Branches of Science, and prepares for the Middle Class Civil Scrvicc, Science, and Professional Preliminary Examinations, and for admission into the Theoligical Colleges and Tjaivcrsities. Boarders (quarterly, weekly, and daily as well a-; Day Pupils, may be admitted at any time during the quarter. Term*. Ac., on application, personally or by letter at the above address. 4/534 The TEA O^TEAS.^ NEW SEASONS" PURE TEA IN PACKETS Is very choice and pungent—and is selcctcd from the Best Pure importations judiciously blended. 2- 2 6 2..8 3/- 34 38 4/- per lb. Sold in every Toivn in Great Britain by authorized Agents—(Chemists, Confectioners, See.) LOCAL AGENTS:— Mertliyr-LEWIS, chemist, Georgetown. Aberaman, Sinus chemist P'pool, Edwards, stationer Aberdare, Thoma', 70, Mill- Pontypridd, Davies, chemist street Pentlottyn, Davies, Post- „ Evans, chemist office Dowlais, Keen, chemist Rhymncy, Dixon, chemist Emmanuel, confectioner Taff's Well, Williams Ebbw Vale, Jones, ehemift Tredegar, Jenkins, ehcwiist Hirwain, Sims, chemist Troedyrhiw, Knox, chemist Morriston, Bevan, Post-office ftS35 JOHNSON, JOHNSON, & Co., TEA ME HANTS, 17, Bloomtield-street, City, Londo DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. MESSRS. JONES AND STUCKEY, WHOLE- M sale Wine and Spirit Merchants, of Merthjr, having DISSOLVED PARTNERSHIP by Ilutiial Consent. any Claims against the Fi: m should be sent in to Mr J'KED. STUCKEY, 33. High-street, Mcthyr, who intends carrying on the Business. 4973 COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. THE Justices of the Peace for the County of Glamorgan will, at the next General (Quarter Sessions, to be hi/Id at Swansea, in and for the said County, on TuiiiDAY, the 9th day of April, 1S72, at One o'Cluck in the Afternoon, proceed to the appointment of a GOVERNOR for the County Gaol at Cardiff. The saIary is .1:)00, with house aud the usual allowances of Coals, Gas, and Water- Testimonials to be "ent, addressed, "Couuty Gaol Governor," under cover, to me on or before the First day of MARCH, 1-572. THO. DALTON, Clerk of the Peacc. Cardiff, 23rd January, 1S72, 40(53 GLAMORGANSHIRE. EPIPHANY QUARTER SESSIONS, 1*72. "V"OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the EPIPHANY QUARTER SESSIONS of the County of Glamorgan, will be holden by adjournment at the TOWN HALL, CAHDIFF, on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of FKBBVAKY, 1S72, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, for the Trial of Prisoners only, when and where all Jurors and persons bound by rccoynizances are required to attend. Dated this 20th day of Jannary, 1872. THO. DALTOS, 4964 Clerk of the Peace. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. WANTED, a respectable and well-educated Youth as an APPRENTICE to the General Iron- mongery business. A lad having a knowledge of both languages preferred.— Apply to W: T, UBIFPITHS, Iron- monger, High Street, Merthyr Tjdfil. 49.51 lira™mmMi ONLY two medicines really act upon the Liver one is Mercury or Blue Pill, the other Dandelion. Thousands of const-itntionshavebeendestroyed by Mercury, Blue Pill, or Calomel. Thy only safe remedy is DR. KING'S DANDELION" AND QUININE LIVER PILLS. which act very gently on the Liver, giving immediate relief in all cases of Bile, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Less of Appetite, Giddiness, Spasms, Heartburn, Flat- ulency, Nervousness. Gout, and all disorders of the Stomach and Liver. Sold by all chemists and medicine ven lors, in boxes at Is. lid., is :)(1. 4s. (id. or for stamps trJm J. KOKKE, 47, Mortimer-street, Cavendish "Square, London, W 4379 CEFN-GLAS COLLIERY. TTTAXTED immediately, Eight SINKERS T v and Four < :ood LABOURERS, to be encased in Pinking at the above Colliery. -Apply to T. HEPPEL. Esq.. Resilient Engineer, Cefn-Glas, near Xroedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil, AN I HO-fY" T H()LLOrE7S x E W" stouv, THE GOLDEN LION OF G R AX D P E RE, Is commenced in GOOD WORDS for January. CHATUTES j^iMTSLEY7! NEW WORK ON TOAYN GEOLOGY, Is begun in GOOD WORDS for January. OLIIPIIANTIS NEW STORY HF.I.UN" IN GOOD WORDS. The Best and Cheapest Route for Passengers from the West of England and South Witles to the United States is by the GREAT WESTERN STEAM-SHIP LIXE. a „ BRISTOL TO NEW YORK. A ja THE FINE FIRST-CLASS SCREW STEAM-SHIP /TlliiEttk. "A R R A G 0 N," 1.500 Tons burthen, "William Western, l'ommander- to be followed by the Fine New Screw Steamship "GREAT W>:STEKN," 2.0U0 Tons, intended BO Sail on or about "!4th A pril- Is intended to Sail on WEDNESDAY, March 13th, 1S72. Steerage Passage to New York, Baltimore, Boston, Portland, or Philadelphia, Six Guineas to 0s Passengers may bo uookecl through to all parts of the United States and Canada on very moderate ternn. To secure berths, &c apply to MARK 'IJlTW.\LL and SON, Grove, Queen-square. Bristol; J. T. Morgan, Glebe- land-street, Merthyr Tydfil .j uf,n Morgan, postmaster, Pontypool: G. F. Webband Co, Bonded Store Merchant. Cardiff; R. Burtou and Sr n, Newport, Mon.; or to Richard Morris, grocer, Blackwood. MERTHYR TYDFIL LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. TO MARKET GARDEXERS AXI) OTHERS. Sewagcd Land to Let. THE Board is prepared to receive TEXDERS for renting P4 acre plots of rich Sewage Land at Ynysygored, near Xroedyrhiw. The land has been formed, cleansed, and prepared for Planting. A Plan may be seen at the Office of the Surveyor to the Board, and the land will be shown by Mr. Snook, Troedyrhiw, Condition of Letting may be seen at ray Office, Tenders, naming the Annual Rent offered for the separate Plots, distinguished by number?, to be left at my Office on or before the 20th February, 1S72. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Clerk to the Board. MERTHYR TYDFIL LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. TO HAULIERS AND OTHERS. rrniE Board are prepared to receive TEXDERS from Persons willing to supply Horses to work for Hire on their Sewage Farm, at Troedyrhiw. A Stable may be had on the Farm at a Moderate Rent. Forms of Tender may be had on application to the Board. Tenders may be left at my Office on or before the 20th February, 1371. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Clerk to the Board- TEMPERANCE HALL, MERTHYR TYDFIL. THREE PERFORMANCES ONLY. THURSDAY aud FRIDAY EVENINGS, FEBR l/AB r LM a/Ill 1 Qth, lit S o'Cluck, ai'd Friday Afternoon, at Three. MR. C. PULMAN, who on recent occasions engaged Thurton, Harry Dobler, and other Artistes, now takos pleasure of announcing to the Gentry and Musi.-al Public of Merthy. Tydfil, that he has suc- eeeded in engaging the Great Tianslautie Xusieal Novelty THE ALL EG HA NIA NS VOCALISTS AXD SIVltS BELL RINGERS, Whose execution on the Swiss Bells, and fine Descriptive Quartette Vocalization, are listened to by all hearers with Astounding Wonder and Delight 1 For particulars see Small Liilv Numbered and Reserved Scats, 2s Second Seats, Is.; Galkry. Cd. Children Halt-price to First and Second Seats only. Tickets and Ptacc-s secured at Mr- C. Taylor's, Music Seller, Market Square, and Mr. C. Pulman's, 17, Victoria- street, where a Plan may be seen, TAF-FAVVli fisHERY ASSOCIAilUN. TWO GUINEAS REWARD WILL be given to any person who will give such iniormation as to lead to the conviction 01 any person or persons found FISHING on any part of tKc River Taf-Fawr, between its source aud Pontyeapel, CCïll- Coed-y-cymmtr, or in any of the following Brooks on the ..Ilauur of the Right lion. Lord Tredegar, v;z., Llysiog, Nantddu, Crew, and Garnant, o^ in Hepstv River, between Tyr-yr-ouen and its source, or in any of its contributor) streams, or in any Brook oil Nantgwynue and Abercar Farms. ihc above Reward will be given on comietion of the offender or offenders on application to VA VID TKOMAS, Esquire, Solicitor, Brecon. The Fishing Season eommencvd on February 2n I, and the Tickets may ue had at the Cefii liote., Red Lion, Yny?yfelia; Aiiiler's Ar¡¡],; and Crwuu luus, Capcl ani uti u. TO SERVANT MAIDS. WANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT, of good character.—Apply to Mrs. EDWAKUS 55 Thomas-Street, .Uertln r Tydiil. _SALE BY MS, DAVID EVANS. MERTHYR TYDFIL. A Large Collection of FOREST TREE- OUXAMEN TAL SHRUBS, and FUlilT TREES, (Surplus Sto-k re- moved f.onr the Aberdare Park, the Property of Wrji. Barron, of the Sketty Nursery Farm, Swansea,) wili BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. DAVID EVANS, AT the MARKET HOVSE, MEUTHYK TYDFIL, on THURSDAY, FiiiiitCAiiY 15th, ls72, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. Detailed Catalogues may be had of the AUCHOXHEK T ronias Street, Mcrthvr. ISTO. 20. HIGH STiiBET, (Corner of Court-street, and opposite the Old Church,) M E KTHYR. THE P R I N C E OF WALES MIXTURE AT THREE SHILLINGS PER POUND IS 1 HE ADMIRATION OF ALL LOVERS OF FINE lEAS. FINE MONING CONGOU, at 2s. Cd. This Tea possesses the aroma, pungency, and strength very difficult to procure-a decidedly good useful Tea for large Families. T. BOWICJST JONES & OC)., CONSIGNEES for AUSTRALIAN PRESERVED BEEF and MUTTON 'iFTIiTG'S EXTRACT OF BEEF ic., and AGENTS for THE LITRE BOTTLE WINE COMPANY, Selected by HElt MAJESTY'S Covernnient for the supply of the Royal Military Hospitals BORDEAUX CLARETS & WHITE WINES. PORTS. Bottle. rotMe. BORDEARXCLABET.—An excellent Dinner Wine. s. d. R D Much improved in Bottle. Duty paid 1 2 I GET >'I"E. — "W ill much improve in bottle, but ST. JULIKN CLAHF.T.—A Beautiful Wine 1 10 T'lte fit for immediate use for general purposes.. 2 i CATALANS & HUNGARIAN WINES. splendh^conih-lo*? .i'W0,"I. BED CATALAN. A most useful Red Wine for Dry, tawny, and'witli"great delicacy'VBOUNU'E^ 3 (! FAMILY PURPOSES—FRUITY AND FULL COLOUR, AND MUCH (MTM7 1 USED IN THE SEUTH OF EUROPE 110 CADI/ IN ES—SHERRIES. WHITE CATALAN.—A DELICATE WINO, WITH SLIGHT ^T ^HEKRV.-A FULL BODIED V>"INE, MO.ST USEFUL MUACATEL FLAVOUR A VERY PLEASANT LUNCH AND DIN- (( 'J'1* ORDINARY PURPOSES NER WINE, AND WILL BE FOUND AN AGREEABLE WINE FOR CROWN U^AND" SHKRKY.- BROWN OR PALE COLOUR EVENING PARTIES 1 10 WITH AGE AND NIUCH AROMA. THIS T\VINE CAN BE USED PORTS DTJSSEIT ^VINE O „ T> U' <■ PALK SNURJTR.—AMONTILLADO FLAVOUR, OLD"AND D"II- TAKRAGONA PORT — VN EXCELLENT V. INE FOR ORDI- CATE.-MOST SUITABLE AS AN AFTER-^I- NER VINE WA nary family use-srcat colour AND body 2 0 highly RECOMMEND tJd, BEAUTIFUL Sherry 35 A List of Prices and Qualities on APPLICATION to T. BO WEN JONES & CO 20, fli",Ii STREET MERTHVR THE LITER BOTTLE CONTAINS FIVE GLASSES OF WINE MORE THAN ANY OTHER WISE 'BOTTLE, BEING 25 PER CENT MORE THAN TH* BEPUTED QUART. JY'3" '= WHY GO TO BRISTOL, AND PAY MORE? THE "TELEGRAPH" STEAM PRINTING & PUBLISHTNG OFFICES, 50, HIGH STREET, (OPPOSITE THE SQU .ARE), MERTIIYB TYDFIL. RETAIL STATIONERY WAREHOUSE, 49A, HIGH-STREET, P. WILLIAMS ANNOLNCES that having every facility, which Steam Machinery and the Employment of the most Competent Workmen can render, for die execution of Printing Orders, lie respectfully solicits a con- tinuance ot public patronage. His Charges for Posters, Bill Ileafis, Circulars, and every kind of Printing Work, areas Mederate as any in the district, and at least ten per cent. lower than the iimal Bristol prices. For the Expedition in the execution of Printing 01k, the TKLKURAMI PKINTII*« ESTABLISHMENT will bear favourable comparison with try Printing Office either in Bristol or the Principality whilst for Co;,outt PRI.VTI.VO, Cards, Printed headings and work requiring special care and taste, the resources of the Establishment -embracing as it docs, an assortment of )tlu,est every kind of Plain and Fancy Type, and the engage.Laentof a numerous staff of efiicicnt Compositurs- ensure these desirable advantages. DAY BOOKS AND C A 8 II BOO Iv Of every size, binding, and thickness, always in stock and Purchasers will find them as cheap as can reasonably by desired. THE ADDRESS:— THE "TELECRAPH" FfiiNT 1KG AND STATIONERY ESTABLISHMENT, 49a, and 50, High Street, Merthyr 'lydiil. -1933


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