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NOTICES. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS AND TAYLOR'S SALES. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS & TAYLOR, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ARCHITECTS, SURVEYORS. NO-USE, ESTATE, AND GENERAL AGENTS, BEGr to inform tfee PnVlic that all matters entrusted to their care will he punctually, promptly, and carefully attended to. fhtm, Elevations, and Specif cations Prepared. "Works in all Branches of the Building Trade Measured and Valued. QUANTITIES TAKEN OUT FOR ESTIMATES, &0. Baflway and otner Shares Bought or Sold, and daily Prices obtained on application. Offices: 140, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. 4900 JACKSON'S BRIDGE, MERTHYR TYDFIL. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. H. W. BABKIS & TAYLOR, At the ANGEL HOTEL, MERTHYR TYDFIL, ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7th, 1872, AT Eight o'clock in the Evening, subject to such conditions of Sale aa shall be then pro- duced, All that SHOP and DWELLING-HOUSE, BAKEHOUSE and PREMISES, together with SIX COTTAGES in the rear thereof, situate in Bethesda Street, Merthyr Tydfil, numbered 41), and 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33, now in the occupation of Ann Thomas, Grocer, and others, producing a rental of JE45 3s. per annum. The above Premises are held for an unexpired term of 26 years at a peppercorn rent. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, 140, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. January 19th, 1872. 4967 SALES BY MR- DANIEL DA VIES. DOWLAIS IRON WORKS. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT BY MR. DANIEL DAVIES, LOT 1. — One Eight-Roomed HOUSE, a SLAUGHTER-HOUSE, and Three COT- TAGES, all in Horse-street, .Dowlais. LOT 2. —One Nine-Roomed HOUSE, in good condition, situate in Francis-street, Dowlais. LOT 3.-Two very large SHOPS, and convenient HOUSES attached to both. New premises and a good trade carried on, situate in Victoria-street, Dowlais. One-half of the Purchase-money may be .eft as mortgage at 5 per cent. LOT 4.—The Lease of a piece of BUILDING GROUND, near Gwernllwyn Chapel, Mary-street, Dowlais. 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, Jan. 24, 1872. 4968 GRAWEN TERRACE, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Important to STTMII Capitalists, MR.- DANIEL DAVIES Is instructed to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, Under conditions of Sale then to be produced, ON THURSDAY, FEKIU AKY loth, 1872, at the Graven Arms Inn. Merthyr, at Seven for light o'clock, those TWO HOUSES, with Gardens aud Prtmises, being Nos. 15 and 16, Well-street, Grawen- Terrace, Brtcon-road, Merthyr, and now in the occupation of Mr James Davies and Mr William Beynon. These Houses are in excellent condition, and in perfect order as respect water supply and drainage. They pro- duce a rental of 413 IBs per annum, and are subject to a ground rent of £ ? 15s tid. They are built on ground granted by the Trustees of the late Mrs Mary Morgan, t*rawen, on a lease for 99 years from November 8th, 18ol. The Auctioneer cenfldently recommends these well- situated and well-built Houses to the attention of small Capitalists. They are always well-tenanted, and will assuredly pay a good interest as an investment. Auctioneer's Office, 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, Feb. 1st, 411Tl JALE BY MR. DAYID EVANS. BUSH ASSEMBLY ROOMS, MERTHYR TYDFIL. SALE of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANOFORTE, Valuable LIBRARY, OIL PAINTINGS, &c., removed for convenience of Sale. MR. DAVID EVANS IS instructed by the widow of the late Mr. ARTHUR J. MORRIS, Plymouth House, Merthyr Tydfil, to SELL BY AUCTION, At the BUSH ASSEMBLY ROOM, MERTHTK TYDFIL on THURSDAY, FEBIU ABY 8th, j^72, the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Valuable LIBRARY of her late Husband. The FURNITURE consists of a Drawing-room Suite, Cottage Pianoforte, in walnut; large Mahogany Telescope Table, Mahogany Sideboard, Mahogany Hair-seated Sofa, Couches, and Chairs; Easy Chairs, Library Table, Pier Glasses, Rook Cane, Barometer. Iron Bedsteads, Spring Mattrasses, Wash-stands, Dressing Tables, Chest of Drawers, Looking Glasses, Brussels and other Carpets, Kitchen Dresser, and other requisites, Saddle, and a variety of other articles too numerous to be particularized. A Catalogue of the Books will be prepared, which may be had of the AUCTIONEER, at his Offices both at Merthyr and Aberdare, and at the Bush Hotel. The Auctioneer draws special attention ta this excellent Library, and hopes the numerous friends of the late Mr. Morris will show their appreciation of the merits of their deceased friend by liberal and generous purchases. Sale to commence at THREE o'clock. Auctioneer's Office, 46, Thomas-street, Merthyr Tydfll. January 31st, 1872. 497a EMINENT PJY GE0RGE'S^v\ () Ö PILE & GKAVEL\\ | [[ PILLS. £ 2 \L *HOPRIETOK, J JJ| T V.E.GEORGE, M.E.P.S./ § \K. HIKWAIN, 08 Dellp yoa haTe snffttred and despaired for years trt«d Remedies 1B vain, be Manured titer* la Mil a aafe and gpeedj care for yon at a email eoat by aslng Q.EORGE;S PILE AND GRAVEL tha K! which aro now recognised by alias being GRTVBJ yet discovered fer AND In Ninoi • *as wel* as *or ^0 Allowing pains, which, bv tlio.nine Cases out of every Hundred, aro caused these painful Maladies:— 'a'qc'? ™e BACK' FLATULENCY, GRIPING, COLIC, dart,* of we,0ht in THE BACK AND LOINS, NQ PAINS IN THE REGION OF THE HEART, Paiwo IVER' AND KIDNEYS, CONSTIPATION, DO 'NTHE THIGHS. SOMETIME8 SHOOTING SUPPRBe0 ™E CALF 0F THE LEQ AND POOT. IN THE »t'0N AND RETENTION OF URINE, PAINS 5TOMACH, AND ALL LIVER COMPLAINTS. Tkeoiana, h., Tkeoiana, b««n »rooounced c7lrt<^ thsM Pilli, and many whe had Hopeless, have been thoroughly raitertd t* ONE BOXWTTT 'heir use. the MOST SCEPTICAL or EFFICACY. In ORDER to suit OLF^Z — TH«K MalaeLU,, tft, B* OFFERING from. OKI or BOTH of TH2*, X PRTPAR** this Vegetable lUmtif in WO. 1.—OHIORQ-jg's PTr ^ormt- 'WO.A.-GEORAE.L^? AND GRAVEL PILLS. Wo.3.-GEOKOE'B?ii^EiJ«PIIjLS- _^jFILL8 FOR TQZ FILXB. Important Testim^NIAUZ^TTIR~Z on receipt of ,# HE forwarded to any addren 8 ENVTLONM ■old in Boxes, Is. lid. and 2*. 9a T~~tt XV1XT BOX IS PROTECTED BT JHEH rMPeCtal)'e Chemist*. TFOTICE.—The words PILE 'I1* are Copyright, and entered AT STAUOZFJ^SJ^LS" WHOLESALE AQEfgy^ i LONDON BARCLAY; SUTTON; NEWTSEHV. C BARRON, SQUIRE, & CO. • BRISTOL COLLIKS & ROPER; PEABCB & CO • LIVERPOOL: BTAHS, SONS, & Co,; CLAT. d'o^' Cam; Eaimbs 4 Co. 4902 4902 NOTICES. TOBACCO PIPE WORKS, MERTHYR TYDFIL. To Publicans and Others. EXCELLENT Short Cutty Pipes delivered to Jfj any Railway Station at the following prices Six Gross Packed for Bs Box of Mixed, Long and Short, Nine Gross, far 19s. Post-office Orders payable to W. F. TAYLOR attended to by return of pøst. 4904 — — BILL-POSTING IN MERTHYR CHRISTOPHER PULMAN, BILL. POSTER & C TOWN CRJRR, 17, Victoria-street, Merthyr, undertakes Hill-postinc and Distributing throughout the town and neighbourhood. 4905 All Orders bv Post or otherwise carefully attended to. L. H. LUMLEY, APPRAISER, 29, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TTDFIL. 171STIMATES PREPARED. Work in all li branches of the Building Trade Measured and Valued. Dilapidations and Cost o Repairs made up at Reasonable Charges. 4906 WHEN YOU ASK FOR GLENFIELI) STARCH SEE THAT YOU GET IT, As Inferior Kinds are often Substituted for the sake of extra profits. 4907 MR. EDWARD LAWRANCE, Professor of Music (Conservatorium of Music, Leipzig), and Organist of St. David's Church, Merthyr, begs to announce that he is prepared to reeeive additional Pupils fer Pianoforte, Harmonium, Singing, Harmony Lessons, j Ac. and also to accept Professional Engagements for Concerts during the present. Season. Aberdare and Cefn, &c., tic., visited every week. For terms apply at 2, Courtland Terrace, Merthyr. 4»08 ASSURANCE AGENTS. WANTED, AGENTS for "TUB NATIONAL WEEKLY LJKT. ASSURANCE COMPANY.—Apply to M r. Mono AN JOHN, 37, Ivor Street, Dowlais, or to Mr JOHN LEWTAS, Maindee, Newport, Mon. 4837 BILL-POSTING AT ABERDARE AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. WARG1JST, Bill-poster and Town Crier • Rents all the Posting-stations at Aberdare and district, and attends personally to all orders, which are carried out on the most moderate charges. 4909 ADDRESS 11, PEMBROKE-STREET, ABERDARE OLD PAPERS AND PARCHMENTS — Owing to an unusual demand, CHARLES T. JEFFRIES and SONS, AVliolesale and Export Stationers, Ac Canynge Kuildings, Kedcliff-street, Bristol, are just now prepared to give a very high price for any sort of OLD PAPERS for re-manufaoturinginto Paper, Ac. Upon re- ceipt of instruction addressed, Waste Department," Bags will be sent for packing the same, and, upon receipt of Goods, the value will be forthwith remitted. Their present prices will be found much in excess of that usually given by dealers and others. 4910 CA "P R T IAS c o r r r. r:. CASSELL'S COFFEES of SURPASSING EXCELLENCE, great and widely spread popularity- extending over a period of more than twenty- one years-celebrated throughout the kingdom for their richness, strength, and fine flavour. Owing to the recent favourable importations, the qualities are even superior to formerly. Cas8eH's Coffee Is., Is. 2d., and Is. 4d per lit. Cassell's Coffee, fine qualities, Is. 8d. and 2s. per lb. CASSEL'S PURE TEAS have been C fully tested, and their reputations thoroughly established. They have been used and most highly ap- preciated by families, in all parts of the kingdom during the greater part of a generation. The fine qualities now being supplied are adapted not only to maintam but in- crease the celebrity. Cassell'S Pure Tea 2s. 4d., and 2s. 8d. per lb. Cassell's Pure Tea, finest qualities, 3s., 3S. 6d., and 4s. per lb., in packets of 2 oz. to 3 lb. Sold by Grocers, Chemists, Confectioners, and ethers. Supplied wholesale by LEONARD & Co., Nelson-street, Bristol. And CASSELL, SMITH & Co., London. A GENC?.—Additional Agoentll Wanted for the sale (If Cassell's Teas and Coffees. Fe 1 terms apply to Cassell Smith & Co., 80, Fenchurch-street, Lendon 4911 PROTECTION FROM FIRE. BRYANT AND MAY'S PATENT SAFETY MATCHES LIGHT ONLY ON THE„I!OX. JJRYANT AND MAY'S BRYANT AND MAY'S PATENT SAFETY MATCHES ARE NOT POISONOUS. BRYANT AND MAY'S -D PATENT SAFETY MATCHES WITHOUT PHOSPHORUS. BRYANT AND MAY'S PATENT SAFETY MATCHES LIGHT ONLY ON THB BOI. BRYANT AND MAY'S PATENT SAFETY HOLDER For mre wherever a Match is frequently required. BRYANT AND MAY. 4012 SPECIAL NOTICE TO INTENDING EMIGRANTS. THE UNITED STATES AND CANADIAN EMIGRATION ANT> BANKING AGENCY furnish FREE OF CHAKGK, every information and advice, and procure through their correspondents in Canada and the United States, EMPLOYMENT ON ARRIVAL for Mechanics, Clerks, Drapers, Agriculturalists, and others able to pay their own fares. Circulars, Ac., free on per- sonal application, or forwarded by post en rece'pt of two Stamps. Messrs. RKZD &;1KEIM,,36, .Finsbury-eircus, .London, E C. 4T67 ff25H5HSH52521525L5H52SH5E5E5H5H5H5H25H525HS25H55 I HORHIMAH'STEA I S RECOMMENDED AS THE 0 I CHEAPEST & BBI" H Q| has for 30 years been preferred > C] for its great strength & cheap- G OJ ness. Sold only in PACKETS, J JY Signed WDI^MMMARMIR J K 2..4d.-2..8d.-31.-3sAd. 3a.8d.perlb. 1 LOCAL AGEHTSI Merthyr, Stephens, High-st Brecon, White, bookseller 11 Thomas, High-st Neath, Hutchins, chemist Aberdare, Evans, Comcl.-st Stcansea, Allwoed, chemist „ Jones, Comcl -pi Beoufort, Jones, chemist „, Thomas, Mill-st Ebbw Vale .Tone)). Victor-rd Thomas, Comcl.-pi Newport, Cherry, High-st Mountiin 4>h, White, ehem. Cardiff, Williams, St. Mary- Dotelais, Hancock, chemist street Horniman's AGENTS in every town, 2,538 Chemists, dte. HORNIMAN's TEA is selected only from the spring gathering, and imported free from'facing' powder; tea distinctively strong and delicious in flavour is thus obtained. Genuine packets are signed W&WDKRRUMUMWOI LONDON. PriCet, 2B, 8d.—3S,—?s.4d. TC 3S. 8d. per lb. 40.6 NOTl BRYNHYFRYD HOUSE, CEFN, I NEAR MERTHYR. MISS BROAD, of Bath, assisted by her sister, Miss KATE BROAD, receives Yountr Ladies to Board and Educate. The Misses B from their long experience in Tuition in England, France, and Germany, can offer the advantages of a thorough sound English education, combined with French, German, Music Sing- ÏJle, Drawing, and Dancing. Great attention paid to the home comforts and health of the Pupils. Private Lessons given in any of the Accom- plishments. Terms on application. 4938 IMPORTANT NOTICE. THE SWANSEA ROYAL k SOUTH WALES UNION FRIENDLY SOCIETY. (KKCISTKRHD BY J. TIDD PRATT, ESQ.) Chief OJicu-17, ORANGE STREET, Swansea. HAVE Opened District Offices in Pontypridd J.JL and Alterdare, Mr D. O. THOMAS, late Agent of the Manchester Provident Society, being ap- pointed District Manager for Pontypridd, and Mr THOMAS MenaAjf, tate Agent of the above-named Society, M.Bute Street Aberdare, is appointed District Manager for that place. 490 t LADIES' BOARDING SCHOOL, 29, CHARLES STREET, CARDIFF. MRS. S. J. DAVIES HAS pleasure in announcing that the DUTIES OF HETt SCHOOL were RESUMED on THURSDAY 18th JANUARY, 1872. A i TERMS POST FREE ON APPLICATION. ICES. FITTERS WANTED. WANTED, Two good Steady Workmen. r I" T Constant employment—Apply to WILLIAMS & KNIGHT, Coedpenmaen Foundry, Pontypridd. 4953 MOULDERS WANTED. WANTED, Two good Steady Men for Green Sand work. Constant employment.-Apply to WILLIAMS & KNIOIIT, Coedpenmaen Foundry, Ponty- pridd. 4954 MUSIC-INSTRUMENTAL & VOCAL. MISS CROOK, No. 17, New Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil, RESPECTFULLY announces that she con- _[\< tinues to give Private Lessons on the PIANO- FORTE and HARMONIUM, and also teaches the rudiments and practice of Music in Vocal Score.-For terms, KC-, apply at the above Address. MISS CROOK'S pnpils are informed that her Profes- sional Duties were Resumed, after the Christmas Vacation, on MOKBAY, JANUARY 16th, 1872. 4945 MERTHYR AND RHYMNEY BRIDGE. AN OMNIBUS CAI'!TLE HOTBL, 11&1., leaves the CAMTLF HOTBL, Merthyr, daily, at 8.S9 a.m., 12.25 p.m., and 4.15 p.m. for RHYM- NET JhUDGE STATION RETURNING On the Arrival of the 8 25 a.m., 1.5 p.m., and 4.47 p.m. Trains from ABEROAVENNY. December 28th, 1871. 4863 DAME" BUROPA'S INFANTS' LIFE PRESERVERS EVERY Mother in Europe is invited to try the above Powders their effects in relieving the -t-J distressing symptoms attending dentition are invaluable. Fits, Convulsions, Vomiting, Relaxation of the Bowels, A'c., <T"c., are magically arrested by a few doses. In Inflammation of the Lungs, Scarlatina, Measles, Ac., < £ c., if taken according to the directions given, theEuropa Powdera will be found highly efficacious in modifying the attack, and thereby arresting danger. They are warranted by the Proprietor to excel in virtue every preparation hitherto offered to anxious mothers for the preservation of the lives of their offspring. One trial only will be sufficient to convince the most sceptieal of their marvellous restorative action upon the Infant system. TESTIMONIALS. B,_ HJVE SH°P' Ystrad, September, 1870. t»r,—1 willingly bear testimony to the good effects produced by your Powders upon my child while Teething. I think such a valuable medicine should become known to every mother. Make what use you think proper of this note. Mr. George, Medical Hall, Pentre. Respectfully yours, E. MILES. Dear Sir,—I feel assured that if you would only advertise your Infants' Life Preservers'^rou^vould receive the brst than- ef thousands of heads of families, for presenting them with snch truly wonderful medicine They IH.L re^ire. to become known to be universally used. Both my wife and self firmly believe that, under the mvine blessing, the life of our child has been often saved by giving a dose or two. I write this in the hope that yu will, some time or other publish their virtues. with benefit to yourself, and also to millions of little sufferers. Mr: George, Medical Hall, Pentre. I am, dear Sir, yours, respectfully, B. PHILLIPS, Carpenter. DAME EUROPA'S INFANTS LIFE PRESERVERS are prepared only by B. A. GEOROE, Dispensing and Family Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd, and sold in packages at Is. ljd. and 2s. 9d. each, bv every respectable Medicine Vendor m the World. May be had Post Free from the Inventor for 14 or 34 Stamps. Directions around each Powder. CAUTION.—See that the Inventor's Signature is written on the Government Stamp. WHOLESALI AGENT.—WM. MATHER, LONDON AND MANCHESTER. RETAIL AGENTS Aberaman, Sims Aberdare. J. Richards Blaenavon. R. M. Evans Brynmawr, A. M. Jones Cardiff, Coleman Cinderford, Gwinnell; Ebbw Vale, LI. P. Jones Hirwain, J. E. George Llantrissant, Dd. Llew- ellyn Merthyr, W. Smyth and W. L. Daniel; Mountain Ash Abel James Monmouth, Cossens Neath, Alfd. Hayman Pontypool, Tlios. Roderick Pontypridd, Bassett Rhymney, F. Dixon; Swansea. J. Davies Tredegar, F W. Evans Trelierbert, D. M. Jenkins. 4913 -y- COMPTON" IHIOTTSIE] (Near Wesley Cliapel), MERTHYR TYDFIL. D. J. E V A N S, DRAPER, SILK MERCER, &c., RESPECTFULLY announces his recent RETURN from LONDON, and that each DEPART- It MENT is now Replete with the Latest and most Fashionable NOVELTIES of the SEASON. There area large Assortment of DRESSES, MANTLES, MELTON and WINSEY SKIRTS, BONNETS and HATS, in all the Newest Shapes, in STRAW, FELT, and BEAVEB. This Department being under the special supervision 0. I Mrs. IVANS (late Miss Pinker), who also gives her personal attention to the execution of all Orders entrusted to her by her Lady Patrons. TIES, SCARFS, and HANDKERCHIEFS in the Newest Patterns and Styles. -HOSIERY in all Sizes and qualities. —GLOVES in thedifterent Sizes, and in every vaiiety of make and quality.—TRIMMINGS in all qualities and shades of Colour. f. J. EVANS, whilst offering on behalf of himself and Mrs. Evans, their gratitude for the liberal patronage hitherto accorded them, respectfully solicit a continuance of their favours, which shall always receive their immediate personal attention. CHARGES IN ALL CASES STRICTLY MODERATE. 4914 .a.-h .L CHATWOOD'S INVINCIBLE SAFES. W. T. GRIFFITHS, GENERAL IRONMONGER, 147, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR,, HAS pleasure in announcing that he has been appointed Sole Agent in this district for the Sale Medal AT^HET(^0TT\^RJEB^A^D STJES' WHICLV WERETHE only Safes cf British Manufacture meriting A Medal at the Great Exhibition ot 1867. They are unrivalled for the security against the clever attacks of the RT? AR8 TSUR PASSED F0R THESAFBTY HORDED to Jewellery, Plate, Account Books, Documents, Ac., in ease of IITE.—Catalogues Free. ^5 Please Observe the Addrm :-NEAR THE ANGEL HOTEL. 87, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. M. VV I ROB E R T S, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL IRONMONGER. DEALER IN CUTLERY, ELECTRO PLATE, STOVES, RANGES, FENDERS, FIRE IRONS, IRON BEDSTEADS, MECHANICAL TOOLS, COPPER AND TIN GOODS, AND ALL MANUFACTURED ARTICLES OF IRONMONGERY AND HARDWARE. B3T Special attention is invited to his New Stock of GROCERS' TEA CANISTERS, SCALES, &c., at prices which will compare favourably with those charged by Bristol House.. BENLER IN Oils, COLOURS, Roojing Felt, and Vulcanized Indie,, Rubóer Goods. 4917 -1 '-J -=- LMPOKTANTTO —=====- COAL OWNERS, IRONMASTERS, CONTRACTORS, AND OTHERS, -:0:- FL— A. & ■ H. KENT, /SPPCMLICENSED HOBSE SLAUGHTERERS, & LEATHER DRESSERS, *IPV (or BRISTOL AND MERTHYR TYDFIL,) RESPECTFULLY announce lo those resident in ABERGAVENNY, BRYNMAWR, NANTYGLO, BLAINA, KISBW VALE, HEAUFOKT, TREDEGAR, and other Districts, that they havo Opened a BRANCH BUSINESS in suitable Premises near the CLAKENCK INN, BKTNMAWK, wht.ro they glTe personal attention to all Orders they may be favoured with. The uttermost value jrivrn in CASK for all worn-out HOUSES and CATTLE, whether livinor or dead, and which arc removed on the shortest notice. A. H. KENT since they have resided in Merthyr (the ytar lsoti) have been patronised by all the principal Establish* rncntsintheDittrittt. Order* by Pott or Telegraph immediately attended to. 4c (J^ 4825 » -a TARAXACUM, I °* i DANDELION COFFEE, L W Prepared from the pure fresh Dandelion Moot. £ ° 5 I :$SF o Thia article contains, in an agreeable form, all the properties of$o the root from which it is prepared, the valuable qualities of which fi o §2 are daily becoming more generally appreciated.$o 3 Especially recommended to Invalids as an article of diet, and$*3 >§ particularly to those who suffer from Weak Digestion, Nervous$ 0 and Dyspeptic Affections, Flatulency, Distension, and Biliary 2 q Obstrnctions, in all cases of which it will be found invaluable, at v>> ° B the same time extremely pleasant to the palate. <t1 Public Speakers and Singers will find it to be a very pleasant .2 ||| beverage after their exertions; it assists digestion, and stimulates$§5 g tho operations of the q — DIRECTIONS FOR XJSE.$b £ Upon two table-spoonfuls of this Preparation pour one pint of bolllns H TTi water, let it infuse by the fire for ten minutes, then add milk and sutrar 5- •g M agreeable. «< II PREPARED BY ?»> S o W W. L. DANIEL, 13 G I CHEMIST,—64, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. I ? M M Sold only in Tins, at Is. 6D. each. G GI fj? Two Tins sent by Rail to any part of the United Kingdom on receiT)t~of IS Forty-eight Stamps. P FI-.OCA.I-4 AG-KNTS: 491G V i ^AT E *'€CN 0TN'ED *N Principal Towns of the United FG Kingdom. ||| JFOTICKS. HARMONIUMS, ALL SIHBS, AT 268, OXFORD STREET, LONDON, WARRANTED TERT BEST QUALITY. WITHOUT Stops, 94 411.. TkrM Stops, Æ6 Ctt. Five Stops, C7 15s. Eight Stops, including » » beautiftil Voix Celeste, JC11 10s. Ttt Stops, E14 14s. Twelve Stops, JE18 10s. Fourteen Stops, tW. Sixteen Stops, JE30. Ete. WRITE FOR ILLUSTRATED CA TALOGUES TO C. LAYLAND AND COMPANY, HARMONIUM MANUFACTURERS, 268, OXFORD STREET, LONDON, W. THE-TRADE SUPPLIED. CAR AMATEURS AND THB TRADE SUPPLIED WITH ANY ARTICLE OF HARMONIUM FITTINGS. 4961 A R T RFI C^FAL T EETII. H. W. GRIFFITHS, SURGEON DENTIST (And Aspifitant fer a #o»sideraVle period to Mr. T. Rees,) J) ESPECTFULLY infoi-ms the Tmblie of Merthyr, Aberdare, and Neighbourhood, that he may ^>e consulted professionally, TR»WA 9 A.m. t«» F «T. daily, at 3A, Victoria-street, Merthyr. All eperations in ■Uentistry carefully and skilfully perfomed. Artificial Teeth, fuaranteed to answer all the purposes of Natural Teeth, supplied at Moderate Charges. Childrea'g Teetk re(«l*t*4. Conaultations Free. The most careful attention paid tp aa orders. Charges strictly Mederat*. im- ADDRESS-Sa, VICTORIA STREET. 4919 .or. -r.=-<r: -I: DENTAL SURGERY I ¡ MR, E. R. GAY, SURGEON DENTIST, S 5S, MIGII STREET, MERTHYR. CZj 1—> W —cn CO Attendance from Tea a.m. to E« £ "t p.ra. Consultations Free. ? ~j W The peat gatisfaction |1T»b fcy Mr. E. K. OAT, to most of the influential Families in the* ^~j tow» a»d eonnty, including S R. T. CRAWSHAY, ESQ., .fed qj Of CYFAETIIFA CAKTLT, will, ke kope», be a sufficient guarantee of his skill and experience in: all department* of the Pental Profession. In order to give Patients the fall advantage »f oae of the most useful discoveries of Modern: Science with reference t« Cental Operations, Mr. E. R. GAY has introduced into his practice the use of NITKOUR OXIDE GAS, which gives peifeet immunity from all pain, whilst it is.1 unaccompanied by the slightest danger even is the most delicate constitutions. 4773 55, HIGH BTBEET, MEETEYE. 49201 THE CHEAPEST FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, IN THE DISTRICT IS AT 6 & 7, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR. MOSES GOODMAN & CO., BEG to announce that they hare now on hand a Large, Magnificent, and well-assorted Stock of Furniture, of the very best of Manufacture R the Trade, which they confidently offer, both in respect of quality and Price, as unsurpassed in Merthyr er elsewhere The following prices will convey an idea of the prices, and as for the quality, an Inspection is solicited:— relets: £ A. 4. £ 1. 4. £ s. d. £ s. d. thest °f Drawers 109 t* 4 0 » feather beds 0 0 10 to Is. 3d. per lb. Cheffioneers 2 0 • and upwards Milpuff beds 0 8 0 to 0 36 0 Mahogany loo table 10# Kood bedsteads 0 4 6 and upwards Mahogany hair-seated spring?ofas2 10 9 to 4 • 6 £ a»y ehairs 0 18 0 ■Mahogany couch 2 10 0 aad upwards « cane-seated chairs for 0 15 0 •rembroke table B mahogany ehairs for 140 i renth bedsteads 1 • 0 Well made round table 4s. er with turned leps 6s. 6d. Gilt pier glasses. 1 I) (t to 560 Square tables 06 0 aud upwards Iron Bedsteads 0 I' 2 0 0 Paliasscs 0 10 0 6 Windsors for e 17. Wtthttandandtable. 010 0 0 Beach Chairs for 1 1 0 Looking glasses 0 3 0 Grecians for 0 19 0 Boxes from 0 3 0 and upwards. Settles, Benches, Tables, kc., suitable for Pnbiieans, to be Sold Cheap also a number of Emigrants' Boxes. Likewise, other Artielea too numerous to mention, equally cheap and all well made. New and Second-Hand FUIlNITUJtE of every description.—M. G. and Co. pledge themselves that all j Goods sold by them are made on the premises, and of the best description. AV Parties leaving the neighbourhood, wishing to dispose of their Goods, may call, and they will have the utmost ralue for the same. 4921 Two PIANOS for Sale, in good order. A large stock of IRON BEDSTEADS on hand at the Old Prices, although the Iron has risen. OXjEJ-A-IRHTG- OTJT PREVIOUS TO ALTERATION OF PREMISES. SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY WAREHOUSE, 122, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. WILLIAM JAMES BEGS to announce that, prerions to making: ALTERATIONS in the PREMISES, which the requirements of the Business demaikd, he will efTer at greatly reduced prices, in erder to make a CLEARANCE IRON BEDSTEADS, JJATTMSSES, FENDERS, FIRE IRONS, COAL NASES, TABLE KNIVES AND FORKS, TEA TRAYS, ELECTRO-PLATED CRUET FRAMES SPOONS AND FORKS, and every description of [4922 FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGERY GOODS. BUILDER'S IRONMONGERY, OILS, COLOURS, &c. TO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN SEARCH OF A CABINET, UPHOLSTERING AUD BKDD1HG MANUFACTORY. D ATID 131 _A_ IR/ T Of 9, Pontmorlais, and 50, Git Iceland, Merthyr, IITHM attention to his Articles of Cabinet and other work which will be ound equal to the beet productions omanatinf from any expensive London Credit Firm HAKT'S KTSTHM OF Busixtss, Firstly, Quality and Fashion, in erery deeeription secondly, legitimate economy in prices, giving the public the full ,!™t of large and extensive transaction. thirdly, the Marking of all Goods in plain figures fourthly, the taking in exchange Goods of any commodity. Personal snperintendence, with a rapid business conducted on the Cash principle, enables him be ca..k the following Moderate Charges :— j £ 1, d' £ s. d. £ g Drawing Room Suits 12 12 • rmll-siee Feather Ked, Bol- Millpuff Bed full size and Mahogany Loo Tables 2 2 • *.?, '»**?,W* • • • • 6 5 0 best quality 0 16 6 Mahogany hair-seated sprinr Milpu* Mattreasea 11 0 Millpuff Bed full size second Sofas 4 4 6 T *1*7# V Wl" V" 0 quality 0 16 « N 0 SASAI 1 010 Mahogany Pembroke Tables 1 2 « Sd 1 « n • 0:17 0 Painted or Polished Wash- Stair rod/r 0 2 6 fca W indsor Chairs 0 18 0 «tand and Table pair) 0 15 6 P e"' 026 Every other artiele equally eh tap, and ewapetitis* and contradiction defied. The trade and country dealers supplied at IV holeeale Prices vv nere economy and style are an with U4ies and gentlemen, tliey should favour DAVID HART with a trial Order. Observe the address Star Cabinet Works, », Poatmorlais, Merthyr Second-hand Depot, 50, Glebeland, Merthyr. Orders for Goods mnst bo aoetuspanied with a Merthyr reference or a remittance. 4923 TO BUILDERS, CABPEHTEBS, SHOEMAKERS, AND~ OTHER PEKSOIJS ABOUT FURNISHING. ) IRONMONGER Y GOO D S. SELLING OFF AT :j GREATLY JREDTJCKJD PRIOFJS I 1 HENRY Y A PP. 131, High Street, Merthyr, BEGS to inform the Trade and Publie generally, that ho is giving up Business, and that he is -1-P SELLING OFF the whole of his extensive STOCK at greatly reduced Prices. The Stock consists of a large variety of articles of every description suitable for Builders, Carpenters, Shoemakers, undertakers, and other Trades. llio l umishing Department consist* of a general assortment of Grate*, Fenders, Fire Irons. Bedsteads, Metal aud 1 in rots, Knives and Forks, Scales and Weights, Lamps, Dish Covers, and all other articles usually reouirtd for furnishing and household purposes. ALSO, OILS, PAINTS, &c..J916 ALLSOPP & SON'S"BURTON ALES IN SPLtNDiD CONDITION JOHiT DAVIES, CROWN INN, MERTHYR TYDFIL, AGENT, Mr. J. DAVIFW call now effer these celebrated Ales to the rublie nt "IVIiOLEPAl E P J, J < j t y •_ XX MILD ALE, per Gallon, Is 2d, per Kilderkin.21s A. STRONG ALE, per Gallon, Is 8d iter Kil.lrrltin -Ac XXX „ is 4d, 24» INDIA PALJi ALli „ is sd F. bTRONGALE Is «d, ITs A LIBIMJL1 DI8C0VNT TO THE TRADE. ^y2i [ NOTICES. READ THE WARNING VOICE A SPECIAL WORK for PRIVATE IN- STRUCTION, by HENRY SMITH, M.B. of the University of Jena. The Warning Voice to Young Men (160 pages gives the New Special Treatment and only cure of Nervous Debility, painful dreams, mental and physical depression, palpitations of the heart., noises in the hftad and ears, indecision, impaired sight and me- morv, indigestion, loss of energy :md appetite, pains in the baek, timidity, self-distrurt, dizziness, love of solitud(., grourdless fears, local weaKness, muscular relaxation, &c whirh, if neglected, endin consumption k premature death. Gives prescriptions and instructions by which thousands have been restored to health and vigour. With Nfw Chapter on the Absurdity of Galvanism or Electricity for the Cure of Nervous Debility. Contains many letters from sufferers who have tried the so-called emedies without medicine, proving that Electricity Will Not Cure. IttrsTEATEn with Cases and Testimonials from grateful patients, WITS MEAITS OF CUKE RSEN in each case. The Warning Voice (10,000 copies of which are printed for Free Circulation; will be sent in an envelope free by post to any address, secure from observation, on receipt of two stamps. Address, Dr. H. Smith, 8, Burton-crescent, London, W. C. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. Consult a London Physician, by Letter, without Fee Dr. H. SMITH will, for the benefit of those suffering-from Nervous Debility. &c., on receiving a description of tbtir case, send his written opinion, with advice and directions, for the most successful treatment and cure. 4960 Address, Dr. H. Smith, 8. Burton Crescent. London, W.C. "ANCHOR" LINE OF TRANSATLANTIC STEAM-PACKET SHIPS, FROM GLASGOW & LONDONDERRY NEW T°YORK, HALIFAX, N.S., AXB ST. JOHN, N.B. SAILING REGULARLY FOR NEW YORK (Unless prevented by unforeseen ciicamstances). From Glasgow.Every Saturday and alternate Wednesday And from Londonderry the following days. Passengers Booked at Through Rates to all parts of the United States, Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Bruns- wick. SALOON CABIN. P12 12s, JEI3 13s, jel4 14s, and £15 15s. (According to accommodation and situation of berths.) SPECIAL STATE ROOMS TWENTY GUINEAS. INTERMEDIATE EIGHT GUINEAS. STEERAGE FARE as Low as by any other First-Class Line. For further particulars, Apply to HAKDYi-jDE < HEKDEHSOX, 49, Union-stieet, Glasgow, and 30, Foley-street, Londonderry. or to J. MORGAN, SOK, and Co., Cardiff or to Mr. J. T. MORGAN, 19, Glebeland. Merthyr Tydfil; or to Mr. G. BARLOW, 17, Well street, Dowlais. 4926 "ALLAN" MAIL LINE. SHORTEST SEA PASSAGE luiuii iLifc TO HALIFAX, CANADA, AXD THE LTNITED STATES.—Shortest Route to the West. The splendid Mail Steamships of this Line sail as follows, from LIVERPOOL, in connexion with THE GRAND TECNK and other RAILWAYS. For PORTLAND every Thursday for HALIFAX, NORFOLK and BALTIMORE, every alternate Tuesday. The Mail Steamers leaving LIVERPOOL on the Thursday call at LONDONDERRY on the Fridav for Mails and Pas- sengers; the Mail Steamers for HALIFAX. K ORFOLI., BALTI- MORE call at Qi'EENSTOWN on the Wednesday. Cabin Passage to Halifax or Portland, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, ilS IS. and L-1,5 15s.; Montreal, £ 10 19s., or L20 2s.: Quebec, F-17 Ils, or C20 14s: including all necessaries, except wines and spirits, which can be purchased on board. A limited number of inter- mediale rassengers taken in each Steamer, at JM 9s. in- eluding Beds, Bedding, and all necessary utensils, dining at d bleeping apart from steerage. Steerage Passage £ fj 6s to Halifax, Portland, Quebec, St. John, Boston, New York, Ealtimore, or Norfolk. New Orleans, dES Galveston £9 16s. Through Tickets, at cheapest rates, to TOKONTO COLLINGWOOD ST. Loris HAMILTON CLEVELAND BUFFALO OTTAWA DETROIT OMAHA LONDON CHICAGO KANSAS CITY KINGSTON MILWAUKEE SAN FRANCISCO GODERICH CINCINNATI ST. JUlIN, N.B. and to all the principal towns in Canada and the States. Baggage taken from the Ocean Steamships to the Railway Care Free of Expense. Any information required concerning Canada. can be obtained from Mr. Dixon, 11, Adam Street, Adelphi, London, Agent for the Canadian Government. Pamphlets on Canada supplied gratis by our agent SHORTEST ROUTE to SAN FRANCISCO, via the UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD. THROUGH TICKETS issued on the most favourable terms. For Freight or Passage, apply to ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., Alexandra Buildings, James Street, Liverpool, and i,,5, Foyle Street, Londonderry. or to MR JOHN COPELAND, 124, High Street, Merthyr. and Mr. J. T. MORGAN, 19, Glebeland-street, Merthyr. COMPANY'S SPECIAL NOTICE TO EMIGRANTS. 'We advise Passengers to obtain their Tickets from our Agents before leaving home. 4 *7 Q RELIEF FROM//COUGH IN TEN MINUTES. HAYMAN'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND, t t for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, and all disorders of the Chest and Lungs. It promotes expectoration, abates fever, and allays the cough. Agreeable to the palate, it is administered with ease and safety to CHIL- DREN" as well as ADCLTS. It will be found to give instan- taneous relief, and if persevered in it will scarcely ever fail to effect a rapid cure. IT HAS A MOST PLEASANT AND LUSCIOUS TASTI. The best proof of its efficacy is that the sale in MERTHYR and neighbourhood is very large, and is increasing daily. Prepared only by A. HAYMAK, Chemist, Neath; sold in bottles at Is. Id. and 2s. 9d. each, by all respectable chemists in Swansea, Cardiff, Merthyr, Abeidare, Car- marthen, Haverfordwest, and the whole Principality Wholesale Agents:— W Sutton & Co., Barclay & Sons London; Collins & Rosser, Bristol; and Evans, Sons, & Co., Liverpool. CAFTIOK-As unpricipled parties are offering an imi- tation for sale, the public are requested to observe that the words HOREIIOUND are stamped on the bottle, without which none are genuine. 4927 Just Published for Two Stamps. TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. READ THE "SECRET FRIEND," by Dr. BARNES, who has for years given his exclu- sive attention to the treatment of Nervous Debilitv, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of tl.e Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, l'rostration. Lassitude, Dc- i pression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains I in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self-Distrust, Dizzi- ness, Love Of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and many other ailments, which, if neglected, bring the sufierer* to an early Death This valuable work, "THE SECRET FRIEND," is illustrated with numerous cases and testimonials, and not only gives the cause but the means of cure. Hundreds of cases which had been thought hopeless have been restored to perfect Health and vigour after all other means had failed. Sent post free on receipt of two stamps. Address, Dr. Barnes, 1, Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, London, X. Important to Country Patients. Dr BARN*ES may be consulted personally, orbv letter in all private or confidential cases and for the benefit of nervous sufferers who cannot visit him, he will, on re- ceiving n description of their case, enclosing a stamped envelope for reply, be ready to give his opinion upon the nature of the case, and the principles of treatment neces- sary to etiect a perfect cure. 14858 kit A ddress Dr. Barnes, 1, Lonsdale Square, Barnsburv, London, Ute of aO^lhornhiU Crescert, Caledonian Road. TUli WANT OF TIIE AGE SUPPLIED. HOV. often do we hear the remark, "I don't md i10\ many persons pass the whole of their lives ni that unpleasant condition ? WHAT IS THE REASON? Simply this The stomach is allowed to get out of order, and the whole system is consequently deranged. Medical advice is frequently postponed till a serions illness super- venes. and if the health is restored, it is often after much suliering, and always with the unpleasant addition of A DOCTOR'S BILL. How is this to be Prevented ? The experience of nearly half a century has proved that in KA YE'S "SVORPDELL'S PILLS may br obtains a safe and eflicient remedy for ALL DISEASES, that taken in time, they will prevent, and by their use, in variably cure, all omjclaints. They are cheap, accessible to all, and from thei vegetable composition, they ITmFY THE BLOOD by an easy and expeditious process To head of families they are invaluable, as, where they are used, NO OTHER MEDICINE IS REQUIRED. Prepared solely by JOHN KAYE, Esq., of Prospect Hall, Woodford. Essex. Sold by all Medicine Vendors at Is. ljd., 2s, 9d., and 4s. Dd 'Wholesale Depot, 22, Bread street, London. 4¡¡:î I NOTICES. HAIR DESTROYER.—248. High Holborn, London.—ALEX. ROSS'S DEPILATORY r»- moves superfluous hair from the faee, neck, and trnt. without effect to the skin. Price 3B. M. sent for « stamps. Had of all Chemists. A LEX. ROSS'S GREAT HAIR RESTORER. Has no Sediment. Restores grey hair in a few days. Produces a beautiful gloss, without containing oil. Cleanses the head and hair. Promotes the hair's growth, and is by far the best Restorer extant. Ss. (id. Had of all chemists, or of the maker, Alex. Ross, 24S, High Hol- born, London. Sent for Stamps. New Vclumt, Is,, sent for 14 stamps by the Editor. A LEX. RUSS'S TOILET MAGAZINE. Papers on the Nose, and the treatment of CartilaM in improving shape the Eye, the Mouth, and Skin, witk device* for improvement. Receipts for all Facial Imper- fections, tc. 200 pages. Alex. Ross, 24S, Higl. Holborn, London. 486V DR. HUNTER'S Special Lectures to Young Men, on HEALTH. ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES. hen to marry, with advice to those who contemplate marriage, pointing out cartaia impediments which render married life unhappy, and directions for their speedy removal. Should be read by all who value health, strength, and manhood, and with to attain a happy old ajre, Post free on receipt of two stamps.—Address, SIXRETARY, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 45X1 Just published, post free for two stamps. WONDERFUL MEDICAL DISCOVERY, SHOWING THE TRITE CAUSE, OF NERVOUS, MENTAL, & PHYSICAL DEBLlJTT, LOWKESS OF SPIRITS, INDIGESTION, WANT OF ENERGY, PREMATURE T>F.< I.IKK, WJTn LOCAL JJEA>'S OF SELF-CURE, TTT ITHOUT MEDICINE, -whereby T T the following maladies are speedily and perma- nently removed, and vigourous health restored, nenrona and physical debility, spermatorrhoea, incapacity for marriage, lassitude, depression of spirits, loss of eneiggr and appetite, pains in the back and limbs, tin;idit; tSa- distrust, dizziness, loTe of solitude, groundless feais, pal- pitation of the heart, noises in the head and CM., in deci- sion, impaired sight and memory, indigestion, and bodily prostration of the whole system. The most important fact that these alarming COMMI may easily be removed WITHOUT MEDICINE Is here clearly demonstrated, and the entirely now an4 highly suceessfrl treatment, as adopted by the Author, fully explained, by means of whi-h EVERY ONE IS ENABLED TO CURE HIMSELF perfectly, and at the least possible cost.-Sent free on receipt of two stamps by W. HILL, Esq., M.A., BERKELEY HOUSE, SOUTH CRESCENT, BUSSKLL. SQUARE, LONDON, W.C. These curative means are so easy and simple in applica- tion that all can cure themselves privately, successfully and at the smallest cost, in a few days. The object of this extraordinary publication Is to prove how nervousness and concomitant maladies can be effectually and successfully treated, and the most can- vincing proof of the eflicacv of this, the greatesthuman discoveries, ï. testified by the numerous cafcei" of CUNe eii cted.Medicalliecord. 4S76 KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. IF you suffer from Headaches, Bilious Cora- plaints, Indigestion, Costiveness, Rheumatism or Tic-Doloreux, TRY KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small, require no confinement in doors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands, who pronounce them to be this best medicine in the world. .< c* T. Cefn- Merthyr, September 9th, 1809 .Uear Sir,—Daniel Humphrevs, weaver, Ycytrleltn Factory, near this place, suffered Jrom severe paina in the stomach for four cr five years, and had tried many thinn for it, but all to no purpose, until he happened to meet your agent in Merthyr; the first two pills het.ok did more good for him than all the others he had taken put together, and by the time he had taten the six pill* he felt totally free from pain and ever ,dnee-that is for the last five years—he keeps your pills in his h. Hilt:, and whenever lie feels any similar symptoms he hu only to take two of your pills and he is all right afain and Mnt. Humphreys also, who usually suffered from liatuleucy, has found them the best remedy for an attack of that son. "He wishes to send you this in thanks to your agent, who was so kind to him.-I remain, yours obediently KuBLRT PRIcK" Thousands of other Testimonials, equr.ily rratifyin* might be published. KEliNICK'S PILL- dye enercy to the system, need no special rules win. legt uj diet and are universally declared to be tU Best Meuicine ot tne kind ever discovered, PREPARED OXLT BT S. P. KERNICK, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. Sold in Boxes at Is. M. and 7M. By the appointed Agents and most respectable Chamitt) and Druggists, with directions for restoring and preserving health. KERNICK'S VEGETABLE K WORM LOZENGES Are the most efficacious remedy ever introduced for Wornis. They may be taken by children of all ages with perfect safety, and are also useful for children of delicoua stomachs and pale complexions. SIR,-A woman gave two of the losenges fer five mornings, and by so doing the child got rid of no less than eighty worms.—DANIEL MORGAN, Nelson." "W. Harris, of Cefncoed, miner's child, had got rid of 140 worms in a week, whilst taking a box of yonr worm lozenges, and she has improved wonderfully in health since."—JNO. PRICE, Cefn, .Merthyr. A customer of mine, a short time ago, bought a box ot your worm lozenges to try their effect on his child who was very ill, The little boy god rid of forty large worms and so many small ones that they could not reckon th-m." JAMES MEYEUK. From Mr. MORGAN, Pendarran.—" Send me 12 dozen of your valuable worm lozenges they are curing all the children in this neighbourhood." ——— [4926 PREPARED PNLT ET S. P. KERNICK, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. Sold in Boxes at Is. 1id. and 7id., by the appointe Agents, and most respectable Chemists and Druggists. pt OINTMENT- All sufferers; from cough-, eoius, bronchi" ati kl,.S, and (regular action of the heart are -ai-afttl, rtxvmni t ndtd rub Hollow-ay'* tcarehingO.n-mm.i well over tr.< throat ■ea-t. and oack, aQ the ca e may require, tw ec-a dar* invalid? may confidently rely upon the b nefic ai effects -esulting frum tJn. tieatmen) thi. Ointment is the m :ru<twortbv reaieny for all internal and external iilme )f the throat. Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Ulcers, Ab" scesses, Wounds, and Lor^s of all kinds. May be thoroughly h, aied by the app'ication of thia Dimment to the i arts cfleeted, after 'hcj nave been ouIT fomented with warm water. LitC I the action of this sowirful Ointment, aided by the I His, the depraved aumours of tho body will be quickly removed ev scrofulous ulcers and loul sores, however old or inve !crate ■an thus be cured. urata The Mother's Friend.—Skin Diseases however Desperate, may be Radi- cally Cured. Scald heads, itch, blotches on the skin, scrolu'cno or king's evil, and s-ucli like affection: l0 thf. „ pewer of tins, line Ointment, provide it be well r\ bUd around tne a,K,ted arts two or three lime, a da. and the Pills be taken according- to the rrmted directions The Pills and Ointment arc sold at Profe*or Hoi> LOWAY s Establishment, 533, Oxford-street, Lon-on- aln b> neaih e\ei\ lcs.ectable e^dor of through- out the Civilised World, in b'oxes ana Pots at l* i £ i* •2s. 4s. (id., lis., 22s., and 33s. eacn. THT £ 9c' s M containthree, the 4s. 6d. size M.thel. sizo sinecn ihe 22s. size thirty-three, and the 33s. ,-iu fifty ,wo S a -^s- -ox or Pot. Thr sniallest Box oi I-ilis contains four dozen and the smtilesi ;'ot of Oint. ment one ounce. Full printed direct;ons are affixed to each Box aDd Pet and can be had in any language, even in Turkish, Arabic' Armenian, Persian, or Chinese. 49x9