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NOTICES. P E N T W Y N R E SERYOIR. TO ANGLERS, BOATING PARTIES, ETC. SSnrgn0W commenced, TICKETS for the Reservoir can be procured at the Reservoir of Mrs ATKINS, Lessee or at the TELEGRAPH OFFICE, Merthyr, at the following Charges:- SEASON TICKETS, 10s. 6d. EACH DAY DITTO, Is. EACH. Parties requiring Boats can make arrangements at the Reservoir. 3151 THE FIRE AT WATERLOO HOUSE, MERTHYR. EVAN MEREDITH H -A. S OPENED A. SHOP Temporarily (until the NEW PREMISES are erected in High street) NEXT DOOR TO MR, MEREDITH'S FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, VICTORIA- STREET, WHERE HE HAS A MAGNIFICENT NEW STOCK OF GENERAL DBAPBBY GrO ODS, Adapted to the Present Season. The Inspection and Patronage of the Public are respectfully Solicited. 3147 DENTAL SURGERY. MR. E. R. GAY, S SURG-BON DENTIST, W 55, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. 5! OQ 3 Attendance from Ten a.m. to Eight p.m. Consultations Free. H The great satisfaction given by Mr. E. R. GAY, to most of the influential Families in the E-t town and county, including 1^1 Q R. T. CRAWSHAY, ESQ., -02 Of CYFARTHFA CASIXB, will, he hopes, be a sufficient guarantee of his skill and experience in all departments of the Dental Profession. I 55, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. T T T THE PUBLIC SUPPLIED WITH TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. T. MONTGOMERY, OF the Bell Inn, Plymouth-street, and of the Wine and Spirit Vaults, No. 114, High-street, (opposite the Brecon Old Bank,) respectfully thanks bis Patrons for the liberal support he has received since he has undertaken the Business of Taa Dealer, and would intimate to the Public that as the Duty is now equalised on all qualities of Tea-whether of superior or inferior quality-it must be evident that true economy is exercised in selecting that of the purest and highest quality. Having made arrangements with a London Broker for the purpose of supplying the Inhabitants of Merthyr and neighbourhood with superior Teas at Wholesale Prices-he having had Twenty Years'Experience in the Trade-he can with every confidence recommend the Teas he offers as of First-class Quality, and at prices that will astonish the public. One trial is respectfully invited.. „ „ „ Supplied in Paper Packages of one Quarter, Half-pound, and Pound weights, and upwards.-Half Chests and Chests forwarded (on receipt of order) direct from Bonded Warehouse, London, at the Lowest shade of profit. Fine Usefvil Congou 2s. 2d. per lb. Congou and Souchong Mixture, very highly recommended 2s. 6d. per lb. Finest Teas • ■ • • 00. per Ib, Other Prices and Samples forwarded on application. IOlbs. of Tea' .rid upwards forwarded, at the above prices, Carriage Free to any railway station within twenty miles of Merthy on receipt of Post Office Order.-Tenns, CASH. OBSERVE THE ADDRESS—BELL INN, PLYMOUTH STREET, and 114, HIGH STREET, (Opposite the Brecon Old Bank, Merthyr.) 3192 THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY WAREHOUSE, 122, High Street, Opposite the Vale of Neath Railway Station, Merthyr. D20 UVL IE S T I O I IP IE2» O "V" -EJ IMI E IN" T S» NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT ONE OF HANCOCK'S PATENT BUTTER MACHINES, AND GENERAL DOMESTIC PBESS, FOR washinsr butter from all traces of milk and acid, also for cooling and making it firm M hot wpather without touching with the hand, and for removing the flavour of turnips, and turning salt butter into for dailv use by the action of cold water only also for pressing juices from fruits, mashing potatoes, turnips, and carrots!^ This machine mashes potatoes into ornamental forms, at the same tune being as fine as flour. Used also by chemists, &c., as Tincture Presses. PRICES :-For Family Use, 10s. 6d., and 15s. 6d. each. For Dairy Use, 42s., 52s. OR., and 105s. each. SOLE AGENT [for Merthyr, Dowlais, Rhymney. and Tredegar Districts, 4017 WILLIAM JAMES, FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGER, SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY WAREHOUSE, 122, SIGH ST., MERTHYR TYDFIL. ALBIONHOUSE, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. The Public are most respectfully informed THAT OUR SHOW ROOM IS NOW OPENED With an Extensive Assortment of NEW GOODS. ContiiijUng of Jacket., Shawls, Dresses, Straw Blillinery and Bonnets, Feathers Flo; and nS18 Hats m Endless Variety. ers, ALSO MEN'S AND BOYS' HATS AND CAPS. JONES AND JEREMY RESPECTFULLY Solicit the same Liberal Patronage as hitherto received, for which thev beg to tender the Public their best thanks. To LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SEARCH OF A CABINET, UPROLPTERING, rpo LADIES AND GBNTLmEN^ IV SMCH^OF A_ CABINET, UPHOLSTERING, D AY ID HART, Of 9, Pontmorlais, and 60, Glebeland, MerthyT, i nvites attention to his Articles of Cabinet and other wnrfr whirh will be found equal to the best productions emanating from any expensive London Credi?^TNJLTOrk' which HABT'S SYSTEM or BUSINESS, ^ONAOH OREDU ^rm. firstly. Quality and Fashion, in every description secondly, legitimate economy in fflvimr «,« „ Stof large and extensive transactions thirdly, the marking of all Goods in p!ain flrares fo^ W*1 in exchange Goods of any commodity. Personal superintendence, with a rapid businesfcondurS^y* taJkng in excuse principle, enables him to quote the following Moderate Charges the Cwh nomad; » M M „/ 4 Mahogany Loo Tables. 2 2 Milpuff Mattresses l i q Millnuff^d full'i 0 16 6 Mahogany hair-seated spring Paliasses 0 14 0 MiUpuff Bed fuH ^e second Sofas 4 4 0 Iron half-tester Bedstead 112 6 St2ffJ$^ (H&toiV 2 Mahogany hair-seated chairs 0 IS 6 iron French Bedstead o 15 e PictureF^Les at Easy Chairs from 1 1 0 Circular front marble Wash- usual uric^ the Mahogany Pembroke TaWes 1 2 6 stand. 15 o Millpufffrom lid, per ib Six Cane Chairs 0 17 0 Painted or Polished Wash- Stair rods (per dozen' A O R Six Windsor Chairs 0 18 0 stand and Table (pair) 0 15 6 0 2 6 Every other article equally cheap, utd competition and contradiction defied. The trade and country dealers snr>iili«H at Wholesale Prices. Where economy and style are eqnallf an object with ladies and gentlemen, they should favour DAVID MART with a trial Order. Observe the address :-Star Cabinet Works, 9, Pontmorlais, Merthyr; Second-hand Depot, 60, Glebeland, Merthyr. N.B.—Orders for Goods must be accompanied with a Merthyr reference or a remittance. 4010 6 & 7, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR.-GOOD NEWS FOR 1870. MOSES GOODMAN & CO., BEG announce that they have now on hand a Large, Magnificent, and well-assorted Stock of Furniture, of the very best of Manufacture in the Trade, which they cqnfidently offer both in respect of quality and Price, as unsurpassed in Merthyr or elsewhere. The following prices will convev an idea of the prices, and as for the quality, an inspection is solicited PRICES: £ s. d. & £ t. d £ K. d Chest of Drawers 100 to 4 0 0 Milpuff beds.. 0 g o tn n vs 0 Cheffloneers 2 0 0 and upwards Wood bedsteads 4 g «nd ™ Mahogany loo table 10 0 chairs 0 18 0 npwaius Mahogany hair-scatcd springsofas2 10 0 to 4 0 0 6 cant coated chairs for 0 16 0 Mahogany couch 2 10 0 and upwards 6 mahogany chairs for 1 4 0 Pemtfoke table 1 0 0 Wen made round tabic 4&. or with turned Ws s «d French bedsteads 10 0 Square tables 0 en Gilt piei glasses 150 to 5 0 0 Paliasses 010 uPwa'di Iron Bedvteads 0 6 0 2 0 0 Washstand and table. 0 10 n Feather bids 0 10 to Is." 3d. per lb. Looking glasses. 0 3 o. Other Articles too numerous to mention, equally cheap and all wcHmade. New and Second-Hand FURNITURE every description.-M. G. and C0.t pledge themselves that all Goods sold by them are made on the premises, ana oj the best Ascription. tr Parties leaving the neighbourhood, wishing to dispose of their Goods, may call, antt they will have the utmost value for the same. y 4016 =- PRINTING, BINDING, RULING, PAG-ING, AND PERFORATING FOR THE TIULDE, A T The" Telegraph" Steam Print ing: Office, MERTHYR TYDFUJ. P 00D WORKMANSHIP.—MODERATE CHARGES*—PROMPTITUDE IN THE EXECUTION OF ORDERS. 4002 { £ 1 NOTICES. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND ELEGANT PAPER HANGINGS, TO BE SOLD CHEAP, AT THE 'TELEGRAPH' OFFICE, HIGH-ST., (Opposite the Market Houaflf^ Merthyr. 4002 ARTIFICIAL TEETH. I H. W. GRIFFITHS, SURGEON DENTIST, (And Assistant for a considerable period to Mr. T. Rees,) RESPECTFULLY informs the Public of Merthyr, Aberdare, and Neighbourhood, that he may JL-lu be consulted professionally, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, at 31., Victoria-street, Merthyr. All operations in Dentistry carefully and skilfully performed. Artificial Teeth, guaranteed to answer all the purposes of Natural Teeth, supplied at Moderate Charges. Children's Teeth regulated. Consultations Free. The most careful attention paid to all orders. Charges strictly Moderate. fir ADDRESS-3A, VICTORIA STREET. 401 2 =- 87, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. M. W. ROBERTS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL IROSMOSGER, DEALER IN CUTLERY, ELECTRO PLATE, STOVES, RANGES, FENDERS, FIRE IRONS, IRON BEDSTEADS, MECHANICAL TOOLS, COPPER AND TIN GOODS, AND ALL MANUFACTURED ARTICLES OF IRONMONGERY AND HARDWARE. EeST Special attention is invited to his New Stock of BATHS, and GARDEN TOOLS also to GROCERS' TEA CANISTERS, SCALES, &c.. at prices which will compare favourably with those charged by Bristol Houses. Dealer in Oils, Colours, Roofing Felt, and Vulcanized India Rubber Goods. 4013 T R A D E 11 MARK. COLMAN'S BRITISH CORN FLOUR IS prepared from RTCE, the Staple Food of more than Three Hundred Millions (300,000,000) of People, and is unequalled for Blanc Mange, Custards, Puddings, Cakes, Soups, AT., and is the most wholesome and easily digestible Food for Children and Invalids. „ Testimonial from EDWIN LANKESTER, M.D., F.ll.S. Kice-Flour is Corn-Flour, and I regard this preparation of Messrs. COLMAN'S as superior to anything of the kind now before the public." „ Testimonial from ARTHUR HILL HABSALL, M.D. 1 nnd it to be perfectly pure and most carefully manufactured; it forms an exceedingly digestible and wholesome article of diet." „ T Testimonial from CHARLES A. CAMERON, M.D. 1 have never tasted anything of the kind more agreeable in flavour cr so easily digestible." Sold by aH Grocers and Druggists, in 1 lb., I lb., and i lb., Packets. 1014 LLANDAFF DIOCESAN CHURCH CHORAL ASSOCIATION. PAT RON s. The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Llanddf. ru8 the Dean of Llandaff. I The Venerable the Archdeacon of Mo:iouth. i he enerable the Archdeacon of Llandaff. | Sir George Walker, Bart. J. C. Nicholl, Esq. A FESTIVAL OF PAROCHIAL CHOIRS, WILL BE HELD IN THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF SS. PETER AND PAUL, LLANDAFF, On WEDNESDAY, July 20th, 1870. The doors will be opened at lL45 a.m., and the Service commence at 12 noon. The Sermon will be preached by the REVEREXD SIR FREDERICK GORE OUSELEY, BART. A Collection will be made in aid of the Funds of the Association. SIXTY-ONE CHOIRS WILL TAKE PART IN THE SERVICE. A- isr .A.IM: ATEUB CONCERT, In Aid of the Funds of the Association, will be held in the Evening, at the School Booms, at 6,30 p. m. Admission—Reserved Seats, 38.; Unreserved, ls. 6d. SECRETARIES. Be* W. DAVID, S. FAG ANS, Cardiff. ] Rev. J. B. GWYN, Llanfrechfa, Newport «*v. W. J. C. LINDSAY, Lanvaches, Caerleon. | Rev. J. T. HARDING, Pentwyn, Monmouth. Specially for WeUh Rev. J. JONES, Dowlais, and Rev. W. EVANS, Rhymney. RAILWAY ARRANGEMENTS. Single Fare for Double Journey for all Visitors to the Festival. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. DOWN TRAIN. UF TRAIN. From Swansea and all intermediate Stations by 7.10 Up M „ A.M. F.M. train. Merthyr & Aberdare dep.. 8.0 Landaff 3.19 Returning from Ely by 5.57 Down Train, and 10 p.m. „ 6.65 From Chepstow and all intermediate Stations by 8.2S „ 6.65 From Chepstow and all intermediate Stations by 8.2S Down Train. RHYMNEY RAILWAY. From Monmouth & all intermediate Statons to Pontypool D0WN TRAINS. AM. A.M Road by 8.5 Down Train. Rhymney 8.15 Walnut Tree Bridge 9.19 From Pontypool Road by Special Train to Newport by Pontlottyn &i8 Llandaff 9.20 9.0 Down Train. fir Phil 9.26 From Nantyglo and Ebbw Vile by Special Train to gargoed 8.35 Newport by 7.30 Down Train. Peogam 8.40 From Newport by 9.15 special, and 9.30 ordinary Down Hengoed 8.48 Last UP TRAIN will) Train. Jstra<i a52 V 6.28 Returning from Ely by 5.41 Up Train, and for Mon- Caerpbilly 9. 5 leave Llandaff ) mouth Branch by 4.15 Special 4051 jr- llmllicl.q U, Film -RR!4..Rp 4!1 a f I TARAXACUM, I I OB I I DANDELION COFFEE, L 1 S Pnptredfrom ths pure fresh Dandelion Root. £ §, Pnptredfrom ths pure fresh Dandelion Root. £ g, 5 2 This article contain*. In an agreeable form, all the properties of g. S the root from which it is prepared, the valuable qualities of which M § 8 are daily becoming More generally appreciated. 2, a « Especially nwotomended to Invalids as an article of diet, and i g ■§ particularly to tioee who suffer from Weak Digestion, Nervous a |S and Dyspeptic Affections, Flatulency, Distension, and Biliary t:! g £ Obstructions, in all cases of which it will be found invaluable, at « the same time extremely pleasant to the palate. •- « Public Speakers and Singers will find it to be a very pleasant |t| £ 2 | beverage after their exertions; it assists digestion, and stimulates$1$• g S the operations of the Stomach. 5 | DIRECTIONS FOR TJSE3. | O I Upon two tabtoAOOBfals of tUs Preparation pour one pint of boiling » p S water, let it tnftue bv the fire for ten minutes, then add milk and sugar & £ •M & aaagreeaUe. g g; 3 2 ntSFABXD >1 s o J| W. L. DANIEL, it. • | CHEMIST,—«4, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. | ? g jf Sold onhf in Tint, at 1». 6d. each. g, • 8 TWOaa sent brSaO to aw paM of the United Kingdom on receiptof r « 8 fwtr-sirii* Stamps. 5 I (LOCAL AOKKTTS:$ jB Aberdare—Thomas,—Evans; Sryrmavr- Evans; Cefn—D. Hughes, & S Jones Devlai*—Evans; Eincain—George Mountain Ath—White; v S Fontypridd—Bassett; JZhpmey—Dixon Tredegar—E\ans; Troed- g Sharp,—Jones. a i r— ——-——-—— ;—« 401S BILL-POSTING IN MERTHYR. CHRISTOPHER PULMAN, BILL-PDBTEK & \J TOWN CRIER, 17. Vjctoria-street, Merthyr, undertakes Bill-posting and Distributing throughout the town and neighbourhood. 4029 All Orders by Post or otherwise carefully attended to. —« — A ARON LLOYD, FRUITERER AND GREENGROCER, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR, BEGS respectfully to thank his Customers and the Public generally for the support accorded him. for so many years past, and would intimate to them that be has GIVEN UP HIS STALL in the MARKET HOUSE, and will henceforth carry on his business solely at VICTORIA STREET (opposite the Market Square), where he hopes, by supplying good articles at moderate prices, to merit. IL continuance of their support. All orders promptly attended to. Nov. 16th, 1869 4004 THE REFRESHMENT ROOMS AT THIS GREAT WESTERN, YALE OF NEATH STATION, MKB1HYB, ABE NOW O P D- -¡;I. A together with TMICES. I 8130 P. WHEN YOU ASK FOR GLEN FIELD STARCH SEE THAT YOU GET IT, As Inferior Kinds are often Substituted for the sake of extra profits. 3030 J. OEPPEN, TAILOR AND OUTFITTER, 56, THOMAS STREET, MERTHYR. ALL ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. 40*28 TO SCHOOLMASTERS, PUPILS, AND OTHERS. mRY Boxes of WATER COLOURS x Sold at ,the Telegraph Office, Merthyr at 6d. Is. is. 6d., 2s., 2s.6d., and 3s. At the prices stated they aro unsurpassed in respect of quality or brillianc; of Colours. J PRINTING. PRINTING br Steam Power at the JL TELEGRAPH Office Posters in Colours, Pamphlets, Circulars, Cards. &c., printed neatly and expeditiously, and at prices farbelowwh.t are usually charged at Bristol. Tea pape? at One Slul ing per 1,000 if three reams are taken. BINDING and RULING of every description by efficient workmen. Note the AddressP. WILLIAMS. « Telegraph Office, Opposite tvj0 Market House, Merthyr. 4002 NOTICES. MONEY. SUMS of Money from £ 100 to £ 2000 to be advanced on Mortgage of Freehold or Leasehold Property. API ly at 28. Victoria Street, Mcrthyr-Tydfll. 4022 MONEY TO LEND. — Tradesmen, Far* mers and others who require an advance of money, cin have any amount, from £50 to .£5000, upon good per- sonal security, at 5 per cent. interest, from any period from one to five years, repayable quarterly or half-yearly. Money also advanced on Mortgage upon Freehold, Leasehold, or Landed Property, for a term of years at a low rate of in- terest. Upwards of £(jOO,OOO have already been advanced. Apply to Ilr. C. Johus, 11, Prospect-place, Stow Hill, Newport, Mon. All applications by post to contain four stamps for reply. OLD PAPERS AND PARCHMENTS — Owing to an unusual demand, CHARLES T. JEFFRIES and SONS, Wholesale and Export Stationers, &-c t'anynge Buildings, Redcliff-street, Bristol, are just now prepared to give a very high price for any sort of OLD PAPERS for re- manufacturing into Paper, icc. Upon re- ceipt of instructions addressed, Waste Department," Bags will be sent for packing the same, and, upon receipt of Hoods, the value vill be forthwith remitted. Their present prices will be found much in exeess of that usually given by dealers and others. 4019 AUSTRALIA. "BLACKBALL" LINE OF PACKETS, SAILING rBOM LIVERPOOL AND LONDON FOR MELBOURNE AND QUEENSLAND. 7~ *— fTIHE Vessels of this line have JL made the fastest passages on record to and from Australia, and their PlfiK "¡. accommodation for all classes of pas- sengers is unequalled. Thirty Acres of Land, valued £ 30. are TifiT i n'tiaSLJ given free to all classes paying their passage by this Line to Queensland. For particulars apply to JAMES BAINES, TAYLOR, and Co., GO, Castle-street, Liverpool; or to T. M. MACKAY, Sox, and Co.. 1, Leadenhall-street, London. 4023 CORK, CARDIFF, AND NEWPORT. THIRST-CLASS PASSENGER JO STEAMFRS leave CORK for CAKDIFF, with Goods and Passengers, W:: EVEKV WSNXESDAY, calling at Millord, returning direct EYERY SATURDAY. For NEWPORT direct EYEIlY MONDAY, returning EVERY WBBXKSDAY. Fares: — Cabin, 17s. 6d. Deck, 7s. Cabin Return Ticket, available for one month, JC1 7s. For particulars see small Bills. Ticket, available for one month, JC1 "s. For particulars see small Bills. AGE5TS. Cardiff—Mr E. C. DOWNING, Shiphroker, Bute Docks Newport—Messrs. MADDOCKS <5: HALL, Dock-street. 1033 "ANCHOR" LINE OF TRANSATLANTIC STEAM-PACKET SHIPS. T) EGULAR and Direct Steam commu- IY nication from N E W Y O RK. Unless prevented by unforeseen circumstances.. Every Wednesday-and Saturday, iCalliag at Moville, Lough Foyle, on following day, to embark passengers,. And for Halifax, N.S., and St. John, N.B., Tuesday, August 23, and Saturday, Sej tember 3. SALOON CABIN. T12 :211, JL i 13s, JE14 14s, and E15 15s A^-ording to accommodation and situation of berths. lNTER)fEDIATE, E LG HT GUINEAS. STEERAGE SIX GUINEAS. Steerage Passengers are Booked Through, via New-York to BOSTON and QUEBEC, at same Rates of Passages as to New-York. They are also forwarded to all Railway Stations in the United States of America, and in the Dominion of Canada, as safely, speedily, comfortably, and Cheaply as by any other Route or Line. For further particulars, Apply to HAXDYSIDE <b HENDERSON, Foyle-street Londonderry, or 51, Union-street, Glasgow, or to MORGAN, SON, and Co., Cardiff or to Mr. J. MORGAN, Castle Street, Glebeland or to Mr. G. BARLOW, 17, Well- street, Dowlais. 4024 RELIEF FROM COUGH IN TEN MINUTES HAYMAN'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND, for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, and all disorders of the Chest and Lungs. It promotes expectoration abates fever, and allays the cough. Agreeable to the palate, it is administered with ease and safety to CHIL- DREN as well as ADULTS. It will be found to give instan- taneous relief, and if persevered in it will scarcely ever fail to effect a rapid cure. IT HAS A MOST PLEASANT AND LUSCIOUS TASTE. Important Testimonials. 18, Calthorpe Street, Birmingham. SIR,—When in Swansea, I was recommended by a che- mist there to try your Balsam, and found great benefit from it. Please send some immediately to Address.- Yours truly, J. BARNSLEY, To Mr. Hayman, Chemist. Contractor. 16, Picton Place, Carmarthen Sir,—I have had several bottles of your Balsam, and have found it of infinite value. It is indeed an excellent remedy for Cough.-Yours truly, JAMES BOW-EN, Station Master JOSEPH DAVIES, Engineer, Aberaman, ill for three years with bad Cough and Asthma, often unable to work, and confined to %is bed bought the Balsam from Mr SIMS, Chemist, Hirwain, felt better after taking one bot- tle, and was quite cured in a fortnight. Prepared only by A. HAYMAN, Chemist, Neath sold in bottles at Is. Id. and 2s. 9d. each. by all respectable chemists in Swansea, Cardiff, Merthyr, Aberdare, Car- marthen, Haverfordwest, and the whole Principality Wholesale Agents:— W. Sutton & Co., Barclay & Sons London Henry Collins, Bristol; and Evans & Co., Liver- pool. —— CAUTION-As unpricipled parties are offering an imi- tation for sale, the public are requested to observe that the words HAYMAN'SBALSAM or HopEuouKD "are stamped on the bottle, without which none are genuine. 4008 Just published, Post Free for two Stamps. DR. WATSON (OF THE LOCK HOSPITAL, F.S.A., F.R.A S., Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, has just Published EVERYBODY'S GUIDE TO HEALTH ON THE SELF-CURE of nervous and physical debility spermatorrhoea, wasting of the vital fluid*, and withering at the nervous tissues, lassitude, loss of energy and appetite, groundless fears, and other disorders of the sexual system; presented to sufferers in order to lay bare the hidden causes of those maladies which afflict humanity and afford such advice as will effect a cure in the majority of cases, without dangerous medicines and expensive con- sultations, which may be dispensed with. Sent post free, on receipt of two stamps,bv Dr. WATSON, No. 1, SOUTH CRESCENT, BEDFORD SQUARE," LONDON,W.C. For distinguished qualifications, vide Diplomas. Professional consultations daily from 11 to 2, and 5 till 8 evening. Sundays 10 till 1. We are glad to find Dr. Watson has embodied his great experience and recent discoveries in a work lately published for the benefit of Suffering Invalids."—SotpUal Gazeffe. CONSULTATION (GRATIS) BY LETTER. N.B.—Diseases of infection cured in a few days. Also by the same Author, free for three stamps. MEDICAL GUIDE TO MARRIAGE, a Practical Treatise on its Physical and Personal obligations, and showing the means whereby certain impediments which mar the happiness of Married life may be speedily removed. Just published, post free for three stamps MEDICAL FKIEND AND MAW;IAGE i*uIDK or THE WAY TO HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Weakness, Debility, Loss of Power 1 Marriage, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits iTsfoTv.,™ and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Ti'mkf w Self-Distrust, Love of SoUtudrGroundW ^r. i?1^- tion of the Heart, Noise* in the Head aj«P Indecision, Wretchedness. Impaired ™ Z"leSS' Indigestion and Bodily Prostration, Memory, CURED BY SUFFERERS THEMSELVES. Enclose three stamps, and address, NV. HALLE, Esq., 1, South Crescent, Store-street, London, W.C. pertain disqualifications wbich destroy the happiness of Wedded Life, are lierei, demonstrated to be curable in a few days WITHOUT M E DIe I N E. The Remedial agents are simple in application, whereby suffererers are enabled to cure themselves privately and at a trifling outlay. Just published, post free for two stamps. WOKDERFUL MEDICAL DISCOVERY, with local means of Self-Cure without medicine, whereby the following maladies are speedily and perma- 1 nently removed, and vigourous health restored, nervous J and physical debility, spermatorrhoea, incapacity for marriage, lassitude, depression of spirits, loss of energy and appetite, pains in the back and limbs, timidity, self- distrust, dizziness, love of solitude, groundless fears, pal- pitation of the heart, noises in the head and ears, indeci- sion, impaired sight and memory, indigestion, and bodily prostration of the whole system. The most important fact that these alarming eomplaini* may eatily be removed WITHOUT MEDICINE ts here clearly demonstrated, and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the Author fully explained, by means of which EVESY OY IS ENABLED TO CURB HIMSELF perfectly, and- at the least possible cost.—Sent free on receipt of two stamps by W. HILL, Esq., M.A., Berkeley House, South Crescent, Russell Square, London, W.C. 3154 NOTICES. SELF-INFLICTED A. I T, 1\1 E N T S. XEW LIFE TO THE NERVOUS AND EXMArSTED. SUFFERERS FROM SPERMATORRHOEA (Pertes Seminales) nervous debility, wasting dreams palpitation of the heart, noises in the head and ears, inde- cision, impaired sight and memory, indigestion, prostra- tion, lassitude, depression of spirits, loss of energy and appetite, pains in the back aud limbs, timidity, self- distrust, aizzinpss, love of solitude, groundless fears, and those attendant evils, can speedily cure themselves, and with privacy, safety, and success obtain Health. Vigour, and Vital Stamina, which by the recent extra- ordinary discoveries can be easily imparted to Old and Young, Rich, and Poor WITHOUT MEDICINE. SUCCESS IN EVERY CASE IS AS certain as the return of the season, tc prove which, a trial will be sent free of cost. Chronic Cases Cured in from four to eight weeks Inci- pient ones twelve to twenty days. Failure impossible. As each applicant is provided a book of cases wherein symptoms arc given, with the means of cure in canh, so that even/ invalid can select an identical ens'; to hiv oir)t. and app y the cure at a trifling cost, privately, and without a Doctor. For privacy and the convenience of applicants, enclose one stamp for" The Specialist," and address :— DR. HAKRISON, NO. 11. Charlotte-street, Blooiosbury, London. y B.—Dr. Harrison has succeeded to this special prac- tice, now established a quarter of a century. NATURE'S CURATIVE. (ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM.) HEALTH & MANHOOD RESTORED (Without Medicine) CURE YOURSELF BY THE ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIO SELF-ADJUSTING CURATIVE. SUFFERERS FKOM NERVOUS DEBILITY ks painful dreams, mental and physical depression, palpitation of the heart, noises in the head and ears. indecision, impaired sight and memory, indigestion, pros- tration, lassitude, depression of spirits, loss of energy and appetite, pains in the back and limbs, timidity, sell- distrust, dizziness, love of solitude, groundless fears, &c. CAN NOW CURE THEMSELVES By the only Guaranteed Remedy in Europe, protected and sanetioned by the Faculty. Details post free for one stamp, by WALTER JENNER, Esq. Medical Electrician', Percy House, Bedford Square, London. N.B.—Medicine and fees superseded. In proof of the AVoncrous Cures efected, Invalids can have the "ELECTRIC MAGNETIC CURATIVE" on trial, with references to the leading Physicians of tho day, <fcc. Established 1840, as Medical Electrician. &c. A TEST GRATIS.—SEND FOR DETAILS. CAUTION. N. B.—This is the only acknowledged curative appliance as in use in the various Hospitals and recognised by the Medical Faculty of Great Britain, and none are genuine unless had direct from Walter Jennet, Esq., who cautions the public against a person using his name, and imitating his discoveries. Vide Prize Medal and Hospital Reports. 3195 READ THE WARNING VOICE." A SPECIAL WORK for PRIVATE IN- STRUCTION, by HENRY SMITH, M.D., of the University of Jena. The Warning Voice to Young Men (160 pages, gives the New Special Treatment and only cure of Nervous Debility, painful dreams, mental and physical depression, palpitations of the heart, noises in the head and ears, indecision, impaired sight and me- mory, indigestion, loss of energy appetite, pains in the back, timidity, self-distrust, dizziness, love of solitude, groundless fears, local weakness, muscular relaxation, Jcc., which, if neglected, end in consumption & premature death. Gives prescriptions and instructions by which thousai <K have been restored te. health and vigour. With A- Chapter on the Absurdity of Galvanism or ior the Cure of Nervous Debility. Contains -"anv Yeciers from sufferers who have tried the so-called remectcs without medicine, proving that Electricity Will Not Cure. ILLUSTRATED with Cases and Testimonials from grateful patients, WITH MEANS OF CUBE USED in each case. The Warning Voice (10,000 copies of which are printed for Free Circulation) will be sent in an envelope free by post to any address, secure from observation, on receipt of two stamps. Address, Dr. H. Smith, S, Burton-cresnent, London, W.C. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. Consult a London Physician, by Letter, witheut Fee Dr. H. SMITH will, for the benefit of those suffering from Nervous Debility. Acc., on receiving a description of their case, send his written opinion, with advice and directions, for the most successful treatment and cure. Address, Dr. H. Smith, 8, Burton Crescent, ondon, W.C. 3075 TO NERVOUS SUFFERERS. Read the "SECRET FKIEN D." THIS WONDERFUL MEDICAL GUIDE which not only gives the cause, but shows how a permanent cure can be affected in all cases of nervous debility, depression of spirits, timidity, impaired sight and memory, pains in the back, lassitude, spermatorrhoea, impediments to marriage, stricture, secondary symptoms, and all venereal diseases, without the use of mercurr. Dr. BARNES' long experience in the treatment ef ii sexual diseases has enabled him to treat the most inveter- ate cases with marked success. This valuable work, "THE SECRET FRIEND," is illustrated with numerous cases and testimonials from patients expressing their deepest gratitude for having been restored to health and manly vigour. To the Married and Single this book is in valuable. Sent post free secure from observation on receipt of two stamps. itST Address, Dr. BARNES, 30, Thornliill Crescent. Caledonian Road, London, K. 3024 Importallt to Country Patients. DR BARNES may be consulted personally, or by letter in all private or confidential cases and for the benefit of nervous sufferers who cannot visit him, he will on re- ceiving a description ef their case, enclosing a stamped envelope for reply, be ready to give his opinion upon the nature of the case, and the principles of treatment neces- sary to effect a perfect cure. Address, Dr Barnes, 30, Thornhill Crescent, Caledonian Road, London, N, 4044 R- HUNTER'S Special Lectures to Young- Men, on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION HAPPY MARRIAGES.-When to marry, with adviti those who contemplate marriage, pointing out "cerUdn impediments which render married life unhaoDv anS directions for their speedy removal. Should be read by all who value health, strength, and manhood, and wish to attain a happy old age. Post free on receipt of two stamps. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatemv Birmingham. THE MOST RELIABLE FRIEND. HOLLOW AY'S GINTM.ETST, GLANDULAR SPELLINGS, BRONCHITIS, QUINSE*" MUMPS, SORE THROATS, AND DIPTHEEIA. °^ll.e a^°7e leases, immediate and permanent relief 1, obtained by effectually rubbing this detergent Ointment twice a dayiipon the neck, chest, and back. It acts upon the very mainsprings of life for through the glands pass all new matter required for the s repara- tion, and all old particles detrimental to its preservation- The Ointment, used conjointly with Holloway's Pills will act so searchingly and certainly as to effect cures in the most hopeless cases. BAD LEGS, BAD BREASTS, AND ULCERATIONS OF AH KINDS. There is no medicinal preparation in the world which may be so thoroughly relied upon in the treatment of th* above ailments as Holloway's Ointment. Nothing can fee so simple or safe as the manner in which it is applied or its action on the body both locally and constitutionally The Ointment, rubbed around the part affected, enters the pores just as salt enters meat. It quickly penetrates to the source of the evil and drives it from the system. DISEASES ATTENDANT ON CHILDHOOD. Diseases incident to early life fall more under the management of the mother than the medical man. Hol- loway's Ointment shcwld therefore be regarded by her as a Household Treasure," as it never fafisin bringing out the rash in measles and scodetina and for the removal of all skin diseases its effect is miraculous. In cases of whooping congh and'croup, this invaluable Ointmedk should be rubbed twice a-day upon the throat and chest and the youngest invalid will derive therefrom the most soothing relief. Two or three of Holloway's famous Pills, reduced to a powder, will augment the curative powers of thisUngent. Both tT&. Ointment and POlt should be meed in tie foUem%n» eate* Bad legs Chilblains Gout 80J0e.thrcat, Bad breasts CharpedhandsG I a n d u I trSktc-digeadb Burns Corns (soft) swellings Scurvy Bunions Cancers Lambago Sore-heads Bite of Mos-Contractedand Piles Tumours chetoes and stiff joints Rheumatism, Ulcers Sand flies Elephantiasis Scalds Woands Coco-bay Fistulas Sere NippIea Yaws Chiego-foot Sold at the Establishment of PROFBKSOK HOLLOW"A# 533, Oxford Street, London, and by all respectable Dm, gists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civiligwi world, at the following prices:—Is. lkd., 2s. yd. «g » j «r lie., £ 2s., 53s. each pot. tar There is a considerable saving by taking UtA III sizes." m Directions for the guidance diaoidm •» ntifxed to caek Pot