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PONTYPRIDD PETTY SESSIONS. WEDNESDAY.— (Before E. Williams, Esq., and Rev. Ð W. Williams. The charge sheet was not so varied or so full as it has been. The following cases were disposed of:— John Pearce, who displayed an easy indifference to personal tidiness that was positively shocking, was charged with being drunk and behaving uproariously in Ystrad on the 6th. He was fined 2s 6d and costs. ASSAULT.—Evan Powell, Ystradfawr, was fined 10s, and < costs 18s, for assaulting. William Manday on the 11th inst- A PROTEST AGAINST SCANDAL. Susan Jenkins, a well- known character among the boating fraternity, though i apparently a decent looking woman, was summoned for assaulting one Margaret Owen. The Bench inflicted a fine of 10s and costs. < AN UNRULY YOUTH.— David Davies, a young man of j hang-dog appearance, was summoned for committing two < unprovoked assaults upon Ambrose Morgan, who appeared by no means the picture of physical vigour, and his wife, 1 Margaret. The parties live near the Coedcae pit, Rhondda ] Yalley, and from the lengthy evidence of the husband, i Ambrose, it seems that on tho night of the 13th inst., i several knocks were heard at complainant's back door and ( windows. After having gone upstairs for the night he came down, and opening the door saw defendant; he asked j him what be wanted defendant requested a light for his i pipe after this he came into the house, assaulted com- ■, plain'ant, struck his wife, and afterwards had the cool impudence to make indecent proposals to her.—The Bench £ fined him Bl and costs for each offence, or twenty-eight days' imprisonment with hard labour. ) DISCHARGE WITHOUT NOTICE—DAMAGES.—This was a case in which the complainant Albert Scale, a collier, sum- moned Morgan Rowlands, manager of the Dina3 Pit, for j damages, arising out wf being discharged without a notice. —Mr W. Davis defended. From the evidence the follow- ing facts were elicited On the 25th of May the men in the works turned out, among them was complainant. An arrangement was however come to, on which the men returned to work the next day. Now by this one act, they each rendered themselves liable to prosecution. They con- tinned to work till the 1st of June, when another turn out took place, complainant went out with the rest. This second offence rendered the delinquents liable to & summary discharge, and forfeiture of the wages than owing. The proprietors anxious to put an end to this unsatisfactory state of things, and yet desirous of acting with leniency, gave complainant and some fourteen others, the most restless of the men, a summary dismissal, but paid the money due to them up to the day of leaving. Complainant received distinct orders not to come agam. He, however, went to work the next day, June 2nd, but was ordered to leave as soon as it became known. It is but fair to state that complainant denied having been ordered to leave as stated.—The Bench dismissed the case. _——. RHYMNEY INTELLIGENCE. TIR PHIL. —INQUEST.—An inquest was held at the Dynevor Arms, on Saturday evening, before Mr T. Wil- liams deputy-coroner, touching the d-iath of Daniel Morris, who was killed on Friday, the 10th inst., by a tram falling on him. From the evidence of Daniel Williams, who witnessed the whole affair, it appears deceased and a girl were in an empty tram, and some other girls were pushing the tram up a short incline, and when about fifteen yards up, they suddenly lost their hold of the tram, and it ran down and tipped over into an empty coal truck which stood on the railway siding. The cross bar of the tram struck deceased on the head, causing instant death. A verdict nf "Accidental death" was recorded. INQUEST—On Saturday an inquiry was held at the Castle Hotel, before Mr W. H. Brewer, touching the death of John Davies. who was found drowned on Thursday morning last. Thomas Davies, son of the deceased, gave evidence as follows :-1 saw my father at six 0 clock on Thursday mornins: before I went to work. He then ap- peared as usual. He has not done any work for the last five weeks. He left the employ of the Rhymney Iron Company through having a quarrel with the mechanic about a cylinder which had been made by him. I did not notice anything wrong in his appearance on Thursday morning. He complained that he was suffering from a pain in the chest. He appeared to me in a perfectly sound state of mind. He often complained of a giddiness in his head, and was obliged to lay hold of anything near to prevent his falling. About a week since he had some medicine. I never knew him have a fit. He intended going to Trevil that day, and I put the kettle on the nre that he might have breakfast. He has not drank to excess since he left the works- He used to drink a little when he was at work. He was in the habit of rising early every morning and going for a walk before breakfast. His usual walk was round the tips near the pond, where his body was found. I I fancy that he must have been taken with giddiness while walking round the pond.-Edward I hillipg gave evidence as to finding the body. The Coroner then summed up, and showed the jury there was only one thing which could prevent them from returning a verdict of felo-de-se, that was the occasional giddiness to which felo-de-se, that was the occasional giddiness to which deceased was subject, which might have taken him while walking. The jury returned a verdict that deceased was found dead in a pond, but how he got there there was no evidence to show. OPENING SERVICES.—The opening services of the English Chapel, Wine-street, Pontlottyn, took place on Sunday last, when powerful sermons were preached during the day by Master E. E. Probert (the celebrated boy preacher), and the Rev. E. C. Jenkins. There was a larg- and attentive congregation at each service, and liberal oole lections were made. A DISAPPOINTMENT. — A foot-race, which has been the topic of conversation for some few weeks past, was an- nounced to come off on the turnpike-road between Rhymney and Dowlais on Monday consequently about seven or eight thousand people assembled on the mountain to wit- ness it. The contending parties were John William3, alias Jack Mask, of Tredegar, and Oliver Evans, of Merthyr, and the stakes were for £ 20 a side. After waiting a con- siderable time longer than was required, a party of police- men from Merthyr put in an appearance, and put a stop to the proceedings. An adjournment to a neighbouring mountain was mada, and the race then came off, the Tre- degar man winning by a short distance. OPENING OF AN ODDFELLOWS' LODGE AT DERRI.— On Saturday evening the officers of the Rhymney district and some 60 or 70 of the members proceeded to open a new lodge at the house of Mr Thomas Jenkins, Bailey's Arms. The district officers having taken their places, the dispen- satiou was banded over to the founders, and eight new mem- bers were initiated. Several more were proposed for initiation on the next lodge night. After the making, several excellent addresses were delivered by the G. M. and D.G M., P.G 's W. J. Clarke, Lloyd, Cann, Rogers, and others, showing the utility of members joining an order of the kind. There were several songs after lodge was closed, and everything passed pleasantly until eleven o'clock, when the special train (which, through the kindness of Mr Randall, station-master, had been provided for conveying visitors back to Rhymney) was announced, when all re- turned home delighted with the trip, and wishing pros- perity to the Caradoc" lodge. The district in which the lodge is opened is not yet fully developed, but it is expected will shortly outrival any colliery in the locality, so that there is every prospect of the prosperity of the society. GLYN NEATH. PRESENTATION.—On Saturday evening last, the members of the Lleisioniaid Nedd" lodge of True Ivorites, met at their Lodge-room to present the Secretary, Mr. Richard Evans (Yaynor District Surveyor), with a testimonial for past services given in connection with the order. It con- sisted of an elegant tea service, supplied by Mr H. H. Curtis, jeweller, Neath, bearing the following inscription Rhodd Cyfrinfa Lleisioniaid Nedd i Mr Richard Evans, am ei ffyddlondeb fel Ysgrifenydd.—Mehefm. 1870." IT is with extreme rearret we announce the untimely and sudden death of the Rev. T. E. James, M.A., Baptist minister, Glyn-Neath. The deceased gontlenaan- bad only just returned home after a short absence, and on Monday niaht last, when he retired to bed, though he expressed himself slightly unwell, not the least apprehension of any- thing serious was entertained by the household. On Tues- day morning, however, about four o'clock, he was dis- covered to be quite dead, not the slightest struggle apparently having occurred. It is supposed that death resulted from apoplexy, the deceased having recently become exceedinglystout. Mr James T. ab leuan) was much respected, not only in the Baptist denomination of which he was a minister of great usefulness, but also by all who knew him and we are sure the sad and unexpected intelli- gence of his sudden death will be received with deep regret. The deceased was the author of several useful works cir- culating among his Denomination, and there is little doubt but that some of his friends will publish in the Welsh lan- guage, in the form of a biography, the chief incidents of his active and useful life. TREDEGAR INTELLIGENCE. A DISHONEST COLLIER.—John Jones, a collier at New Tredegar, was recently taken before the Rev E. Leigh, charged with stealing a lamp, and committed for trial. SANITARY INSPECTION.—The town was examined in almost every part on Monday, by an inspector sent down by order of the Privy Council. Dr Anthony and Superin- tendent Fowler accompanied the inspector through the town. In Church-street, a locality known as Collard's Couch" was condemned, and doubtless some of the more Couch" was condemned, and doubtless some of the more densely populated parts will undergo a rigid supervision. THUNDERSTORM.—On Thursday se'nnight at about nine o'clock one of the most violent storms of thunder and light- ning that has been experienced here for a long time, burst over the town. The lightning^ was extremely vivid, the thunder very heavy and the rain set the drains a running as if a continuous fall had been going on for more than aday. SINGULAR ACCIDENT.—A cart belonging to Mr Black- borough was descending Bridge-street on Monday after- noon, 0 and by some means it was capsized opposite Mrs Shaw's seminary, and some bags of grain were imme- diately deposited in the gutter. Mr Owen Pearce's window (a new one) was smashed, the woodwork also sustaining some damage. The driver had used every precaution by putting the shoe" on the wheel, but as the road falls considerably towards the sewer, and as the wbeel went in a few inches too far, the centre of gravity was lost, and the consequent mishap was inevitable.



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