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SEASON 1870, AN INSPECTION OF J. W Gt- -CT N N S CJTOCI OP FINE BOTTLED BURTON ALK & GUINNESS'S DUBLIN STOUT Is Respectftilly Solicited. Sparkling Burton, 3s. per Dozen Imperial Pints. Afeat for the Leamington Soda and Seltzer Water, Lemonade, &c. and W. and A. Gilbey's Wines and Spirita-Single Bottles at Wholesale Prices. No. 68, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE). Try J. W. GUNN'S HALF-CEOWX (2s. 6dj TEA. 3155 T T T THE PUBLIC SUPPLIED WITH TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. T. MONTGOMERY, Of the Bell Inn. Plymouth-street, and of the Wine and Spirit Vaults, No. 114, High-street, (opposite the Brecon Old Bank,) respectfully thanks his Patrons for the liberal support he has received since has undertaken the Business of Tja Dealer, and would intimate to the Public that as the Duty is now equalized oa all qualities of Tea—whether of superior or inferior quality-it must be evident that true economy is exercised in selecting that of the purest and highest quality. Baring made arrangements with a London Broker for the purpose of supplying the Inhabitants of Merthyr and aetehboorhood with superior Teas at W hoiesaie Prices-he having had Twenty Years' Experience in the Trade- he can with every confidence recommend the Teas he offers as of First-class Quality, and at prices that will astonish the public. OM trial is respectfully invited. Supplied in Paper Packages of one Quarter, Half-pound, and Pound weights, and upwards.—Half Chests and CbMta forwarded on receipt of order) direct from Bonded Warehouse, London, at the Lowest shade of profit. Fine Useful Congou 2s. 2d. per lb. Congou and Souchong Mixture, very highly recommended. 2s. 6d per lb. Finest Teas 3s. Od. per lb, Other Prices and Samples forwarded on application. 101ba of Tea and upwards forwarded, at the above prices. Carriage Free to any railway station within twenty rilw of Merthyr, on receipt of Post Office Order.-Terms, CASH. Obhbts THS ADDRzsis-BELL INN, PLYMOUTH STREET, and 114, HIGH STREET, (Opposite the Brecon Old Bank, Merthyr.) 3192 THE MEETHYB TYDFIL CRICKET CLUB ATHLETIC SPORTS" OPEN TO GENTLEMEN AMATEURS, WI L L (by the kind permission of RICHARD FOTHERGILL, Esq., M.P.) be held IN PENYDARRAN PARK, ON THURSDAY, JULY 7, 1870. PROGRAMMEEvents Open to Gentlemen Amateurs: yards Flat Race: 1st prire. Silver Cup, value jM 2nd prize, value £ 1 10s. 2, loo yards Flat Race 1st prize, Cup, value 2 Guineas 2nd prize, value £1 Is. 5.—220 yards Hurdle Itace 1st prize. Cup, value 2 Guineas 2nd prize, value JE1 Is. Flat Race for Boys under 16: 1st prize, value 41; 2nd prize, 10s.; 3rd prize, 5s. 6 Mile Raee, open to Workmen only 1st prize, value £3; 2nd prize, tl 3rd prize, 10s. t- Pole Jump: 1st prize, value 1 Guinea. 7.—J50 yards, open to Workmen only 1st prize, value £ 110s.; 2nd prize, 15s. The winner of the 440 yards Race for the two previous years is excluded from running in the above races, Events Open to Members of the Merthyr Tydfil Cricket Club only I.-900 yards Flat Race Handicap): 1st prize, Cup, value 2 Guineas 2nd prize, £ 1 Is. 3rd prize 10s 6d 9.—100 ya»ds Flat Race Handic ap 1st prize. Cup, value 2 Guineas: 2nd prize, 1 Guinea 10 Throwing a Cricket Ball at Wicket (distance 50 yards: prize, a Cricket Bat. II.'—Consolation Stakes (open to losers only;, 500 yards Flat Race 1st prize, value jEl 2nd prize, 10s. Entrance ftM for Non. 1. 2, and 3, 2s. 6d.; and for each of the other events Is. Competitors must send their Entrance Fees, and state their Colours, on or before July 4th, to the Honorary Secretary. IIIUMJON To THt FIELD, 6d.; PAVILION SIDE, Is.; CARRIAGES, 2s. 6d. — No SADDLED HOSSES ALLOWED. The Sports will commence punctually at ONE o'clock. Amngtmeata are being made for Special Trains on the occasion. For further particulars apply to JOHN 3197 FORRESTER, Hon. Secretary, 50, Thomas Street, Thomas Town, Merthyr. MR. DANIEL DAVIEH NOTICES. DOWLAIS. TO CAPITALISTS. MR. DANIEL DAVIES WILL SELL BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE LEASE of that Building Ground, situate next to Mr. David Jenkins's, Grocer, and Marly opposite the Gwernllwyn Chapel, Mary-street, ^This'ipot of Ground contains room to build Three or Tour Cottages, and stands in one of the best situations in the town. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer. Office—19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, April 28th, 1870. 3102 DOWLAIS IRON WORKS. TO SMALL CAPITALISTS. DESIRABLE IN VESTMENTS. MB. DANIEL DAVIES 18 favoured with instructions by Mr DAVID JAMES to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, ON THURSDAY, the 30th day of JCNE, 1870, at the GLYNDwm Ikn, High-street, Dowlais, (mbiect to the conditions of Sale then to be read) the MJowiDg HOUaEHOLD Lor I.-All those TWO HOUSES and PREMISES, situated and being No. 47 and 48, on the lef* hand side •( the Turnpike-road leading from Dowlais to Rhymney TVjwlais Top, the next Houses to the Common on the left 41. hfid under a lease from the Dowlais Iron Company fbr 89 years, of which there are unexpired about 78 years, subject to a ground rent of tl is. 6d per annum. These Houses are now in the respective occupations (and always well tenanted) of Messrs. Jenkin Harris, and James Williams, at the lew rentals of tl4 6s. 9d **LOT tl^All that Well-built Large HOUSE, GARDEN, and PREMISES, being No. 20, Francis-street, Gwem- Bwvnbach, Dawlais, held under a lease for 99 years from the late Rev John Llewellyn, of which there are un- expired about 90 years, and subject to a ground rent of 17s. Sd. per annum. T, aiu-, This House is now in the occupation of Mr John Alien •• yearly tenant, at the low rental of £ 13 13s. 0d. per mauBk. The House contains on the downstairs '—two parlours with boarded floors, kitchen, closet, coal-house, under kitchen, and a large cellar underneath; upstairs four lute bed rooms. The water is laid on the premises, and which are also well drained. Xr Jamae has lately spared no expense to put the said MHBIMS in thorough repair, and they are now replete and wall adapted for a respectable family. Both lots are con- ▼eaiently situated. The tenants of the respective lots will show the premises, and further particulars may be obtained of Mr D. JAMES, Morhtit-ttreet. Dowlais, or of the Auctioneer. 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, June Kith, 1870. 3189 SALE BY MR. DAVID EVANS, THIS DAY (Friday, June 24, 1870). 14, CHURCH STREET, MERTHYR. MB. DAVID EVANS WILL 8ELL BY AUCTION, AT NO. 14, CHURCH STREET, Merthyr, on FWDAT, June 24th, 1870, a quantity of hOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, consisting of Mahogany Loo Table, Hair-seated Chairs, Easy OBUT, Pier Glass, Mahogany poles and rings, Seve- la! ncrikit prints in frames. What-not, fender and Fire-irons, Carpets, Case of Stuffed Birds, Iron Bedsteads, Bedding, Mahogany Cheat of Drawers, Lookinc Glasses, Wars, Kitchen Tabled, Dresser, Me., kc. Alio a number of Books. Sale to commence at three o'clock. Auctioneer's Office, Merthyr, June 15, 1870. 3185 THIS DAY'S SPORTING. JTOLL MARKET ODDS GUARANTEED TBS "SPORTING NEWS" COMMISSION AGENCY, ( ON BVERY RACE IN ENGLAND. TRICES AS IN THE DAILY PAPERS May be obtained through MR. JOSEPH BRUTON, THE "SPORTING NEWS" OFFICE, 14. CRANE COURT, FLEET-STREET, LONDON, E.C. 3173 FIRST-CLASS PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS. PIANOFORTES and HARMONIUMS, by the P beat makers, may be procured on highly ad- vtmtMMM terms, of Mr. EDW ABD LA WBANCE, Organist, and Professor of Music, 2, Courtland Ter. HW, Merthyr Tydfil. 3042 J. OEPPEN, TAILOR AND OUTFITTER,, 56, THOMAS STREW, MXKTHYR. ALL ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. 3027 BILL-POSTING IN MERTHYR. CHRISTOPHER PULMAN, BILL-POSTER & TOWN CRIER, 17, Victoria-street, Merthyr, aadertakes Bill-posting and Distributing' throughout the tew and aeirhbourhood. 3029 All Orders by Post or otherwise carefully attended to. IMPORTANT TO OFFICERS OF VOLUNTEER CORPS AND BANDMASTERS. O. TAYLOB, Jruie Seller, lfmrket Square, Merthyr Tydfil, RI8PECTFULLY announces that he has JkV eafaged a man of considerable skill and experience, asm Loadoa, to Repair all kinds of Brass Musical In- ■truaunte, thus saving the expense hitherto incurred in fwmi4ias them to London. AU work done on the premises. 3051 ■ MOUNTAIN ASH LOCAL BOARD. TO SCAVENGERS, & OTHERS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the 1^1 Ash Local Board invite and are prepared to accent, lewterasinging and Team-work (•quired in their District for the year ending July 20th, 1871.. BaecitcatMBS may a,nd Forms of Tender Attained, at my Office, in the workman's Hall Mountain SSToainyMonday, Ihursday, or Saturday, before the ^Sealed TenSers to be in at or before One o'clock on Monday addressed to me, and endorsed M Tender for Scavenging and Team-work. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest ow any trader. H. P. LINTON, Clerk to the Baud. Wortoaa's Bail, Mountain Ash, thisaSOtk, 1870. 1196 WAN TEn a Good General Servant. — v v Apply to Mrs. W. MEREDITH, 125. High-street. Merthyr. 3198 TO SERVANT GIRLS. WANTED, in a Tradesman's Family, in VV Merthyr, a respectable Female SERVANT, who is competent to Wash and Iron, and to do Plain Cooking -Good wages given.-Apply at the "TELEGRAPH" Office, Merthyr Tydtil. 31bo TO PARENTS Ac GUARDIANS. WANTED immediately an active, well- educated lad as an Apprentice to the Family and Ready Money Grocery. Would have an opportunity of learning the wholesale Wine and Spirit, Ale and Porter Trades, also Book-keeping, &< Premium required. Apply to J. W. Gunn, tiS, High-Street, Merthyr. 3182 TREDEGAR. TO HOUSEBUILLERS. WANTED Immediately a Competent Man on Contract.—Apply to THOMAS DAVIES, Crown Brick Works. 3199 TOG ROC E R S. TO LET (with immediate possession), a HOC.SE and SHOP, situate in Libanus Street, Dowlais, the centre of a large and increasing population.-These Pre- mises have been always occupied in the Grocery Business, and a successful trade has been carried on in them. Fix- tures complete. Gas and Water laid on. Rent Moderate. -Apply to Mr. D. ANWYL, next door. 3084 TO BE LET, A SHOP, in High-street, Merthyr (Fronting the Market H ouse The best situation in the town.-Apply at the Office of this Paper. 3174 TO SADDLERS, HARNESS MAKERS, Ac. &c. A. &~R~ KENT BE G to inform the Public that they have constantly on Sale, at 30, Yew-street, Merthyr, a Large Stock of WHITE LEATHER, beautifully dressed by a first-rate workman. 3127 LIFE, FIDELITY, GUARANTEE, ACCIDENT. MONARCH INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION LIMITED). RATES Very Moderate in all Branches, ANNUITIES GRANTED. ACTIVE AGENTS Wanted.—Apply to the District Superintendent, Mr. J. T. MORGAN, American -Emigra- tion Offices, 19, Glebe'and-street, Merthyr Tydfil, of whom forms may be had gratis. 3172 THE REFRESHMENT ROOMS AT THE GREAT WESTERN, VALE OF NEATH STATION, MERTHYR, ARE NOW OPENED. ■ALE, WINE, AND 81'IRITS, together with REFRESHMENTS, at TO PRICES. Proprietor ALEXANDER GUYN. 3130