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TREDEGAR POLICE COURT. FRIDAY.—{Before Rev. E. Leigh, A. Darby, and J. G. James, Rsgs.) SURETIES.-Brown 71. Clements.—This was a case be- tween a pair of females. After hearing evidence, which proved the complainant to be a steady peaceably-disposed woman, the Bench put Mrs. Clements under sureties of the peace. THE DAY AFTER THE RACES.—Thomas Jones, moulder, Sirhowy, was summoned for an assault committed on Mrs. Jones, landlady of the Carpenter's Arms, Blackwood, on the 7th inst. Defendant did not appear, and a witness named Parry having deposed to seeing defendant strike Mrs. Jones a violent blow in the face, the Bench imposed a fine of 10s. and costs, or 14 days. ASSAULT.—David Evans v. Thiras Jaines.—Mr. C. R. Harris for complainant. Adjourned to Blackwood to allow defendant to produce a witness. DRUNK AND INCAPABLE.—Samuel Hughes was charged with this offence at Ebbw Vale. Fined 5s. and costs or seven days. THE BEDWELLTY GUARDIANS V. WILLIAM FRANCIS.— Mr. C. R. Harris for defendant.—Superintendent Fowler said he visited defendant's house in North-lane and found in a pig-stye two sow pigs and a heavy litter. The stye was within four yards of the highway, and ten yards of the dwelling-house, A Vent again on 30th ult. and found things m the same state and:reported it to the Guardians. The resolution produced was issued by the 'Board.—T. G. Anthony sworn, said 1 am medical officer for the parish of Bedwellty. Have had fever cases in close proximity to defendant's piggery.—By Mr. Brookfield, clerk to the Guardians: I have had seven cases of fever from the same house. These piggeries in the midst of our population, who are naturally dirty in that particular locality, such a nuisance cannot be kept without being detrimental to the health of the place.—By Mr. Harris: Have had eases of fever where there were no pigs.—The Bench: We have de- cided to allow the defendant three weeks to remove the pigs, and order him to pay expenses. STEALING A GRINDSTONE.—David Eljas was charged with stealing a grindstone belonging to Daniel Elias. Thp par- ties were brothers, and the Bench requested them to retire and try to settle the matter. ASSAULT AND EXPOSING THE PERSON.—.Ellen ritzgerald r charged Dennis Tracey with insulting her by exposing his person in her face. Mr. C. R. Harris defended, and cross- examined complainant who said defendant never went into any closet at all. Could see the closet from her house door.—Thomas Fitzgerald deposed that he saw Dennis with his trousers down to his boots. Saw him go in his (witness's) door step and threaten his wife.— J or the de- fence Biddy and Kate Delaney said complainant had her back to the defendant, and he wai not exposed in any way. Witness could see it all, and did not see mss clothes at all disarranged.- The Bench The case is dismissed. BASTARDY.—Jane Jones v William Prosser.—Complain- ant said she resided at Garn Fach. Had a child of which Prosser was the father.—By Mr. C. R. Harris, for defend- ant: Left Mrs. Price throqgh being in the fauuly way by Prosser. Never went 'with Alfred Jones-Mary Ann Prosser. Never went 'with Alfred Jones-Mary Ann Cullen deposed to seeing complainant and defendant together in Abergavenny.-Thomas J ones. deposed to seeing the parties together frequently and to hearing Pros- ser say he was the father of the child.—Tne ad- journed from last court after this evidence, for the pro- duction of other witnesses. To-day Mr. Shepard. appeared for the complainant, and in reply to his examination she said Prosser came twice to 3ee her at Llandewi. She re- ceived letters from him which' were reMt to her by Mrs Edwards's little boy, at Gardener's Hall.—Cross-examined by Mr. Harris: Don't know that Prosser can't write. Mrs. Richards has not censured me for being out late at night.- William Evans sworn, examined by Mr. Shepherd I knoT defendant, and have seen him and Jane Jones walking together. I took them to be sweethearts. He i told me he was courting Jane. He asked me to come with him about Christmas to see Jane at Abergavenny.—Cross- examined by Mr. Harris Was married to Jane Jones s sister a month ago.- Philip Jones sworn, said I am father of complainant. Have seen Prosser and my daughter together. I understood thfy were courting remember my daughter leaving a basket at the stable at Nant-y-glo Prosser came for it and took it home that was in ^Novem- her.—By Mr. Harris My daughter was up at Nantyglo between May and November.—By Mr. Shepard: My wife is too ill to come to-day, and two other witnesses are unable to attend frcm the same cause.—Mr Harris I have nve or six witnesses to call for the defence.—Mary Jenkim svforn, said I am in service at Gardener's Hall, L!an dewi; I know Jane Jones and James Davies; they werl fellow-aervants;at Llanddewi, and appeared to be on friendlj terms with each other; they used to attend cbapei together. Jane told me she was keeping companj with Davies.—By Mr Shepherd: That was in Octo- ber. Mrs. Richards went to the same chapel.— Thomas Prosser, father of defendant, sworn My son was from home one day only, and that was with an excursion to Newport; be cannot write.—By Mr Shepard: The ex- cursion was in July, and was on a Monday can prove he went to Newport.—Mary Prosser sworn I am mother of defendant, and am able to say he was not away only one day in July; the witness Evans said he never heard my son say he was keeping company with Jane Jones.—By Mr Shepard I asked Evans about it because there was so much talk about my son and Jane she said my son had never acknowledged anything to him.—Sarah Tucker, sworn: remember being at Prosser's one day, and heard Evans say that defendant had never spoken to him about the affair. — By Mr Shepard Mrs Pros.scr began the talk never heard defendant was keeping company with Jane Jones.—Wm. Prosser, defendant, sworn Was at Abergavenny in May met Jane Jones there did not see her again till a fortnight before Christmas will swear I am not the father of her child her mother called me in one day after Christmas to have a whiff; can't write never caused a letter to be sent to her never carried the basket deposed to by her father. —By Mr Shepard have known complainant these four years have been in Abergavenny, that was in May last year, she was with another young man never saw Mary Ann Cullen in Abergavenny went to Cardiff last April, stayed there five weeks her father never saw me at his house never did more than pass the time of day with her. —Q. Why did the witness say you were the father ?—A. because I kept him a week in Cardiff, and paid victuals and lodgings. (Loud laughter.) -Cross-examination con- tinued Her brother met me, and asked me why I didn't call; I said why should I call" ? he said there's a fine boy for you there." (Laughter).—Bench We dismiss the case. NEW TREDEGAR.-AsSAULT.- Wi11iam and Harriet Car- penter v. Caleb Tillet.—Mr C. R. Harris for complainant, and Mr Plews for defendant.—Mr Harris said the assault on the husband arose through his asking Tillet about an assault committed on the wife which was of a very indecent nature.—Harriet Carpenter sworn On 28th May I was on my knees painting the grate, Caleb came in and asked for the loan of a bed-key; sent the little girl to look for it Caleb leaned down and put his band on my thigh I thought be did it by accident; he then gave my thigh a squeeze, and I knew it was no accident; he came in again on the Monday and tried to kiss me, but did not succeed got him out after a time he came again next day and knelt down to beg my pardon; he then jumped up and caught in me; I took up the poker and pushed him back on the hearth; he said, "You can't ill-use me when you know how I love you." (Laughter); told him I did not want his love, one was enough for me, (she was a widow of over 50, and was married a second time); he spoke of my rosy cheeks and so on, and then he put his hand under my clothes, yes he did gentlemen, ana I am ashamed to come here to say so.—By Mr Plews Did not send my girl up- stairs she was in the back kitchen if I had called out any neighbour could have heard never heard the word liar" made use of during the altercation with my husband; there was a rumour about Caleb and some married women. —By Mr Harris I never said I would get money out of it don't want money.—Wm. Carpenter sworn: I am a darpenter by trade, and live at Tredegar in consequence of what my wife said I called Tillet into my house charged him with taking liberties with my wife; asked him before her face, and he did not deny what she said he had done he said he knew he had done wrong, and he was very sorry he came again another day and confessed all and begged pardon; I;thought it was too bad, and I determined to expose it; on last Wednesday morning and was going to the smith's shop; saw Caleb who asked me if the affair was over I said the magistrates would have to decide it as it was rather too serious a case he then struck me I and fell down, and received sundry blows when on the ground.—By Mr Plews I never quarrel, and Would rather run a mile than fight a minute I received the blow quite unawares I said nothing to provoke him he said he meant no harm in what he had done; he used some very "abuseful" language.— P.C. Young gave Carpenter an excellent character; could not say much about Mrs Carpenter had not heard any- thing against her.—The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge of assaulting the husband, and Mr Plews in an able speech drew attention to the fact of the wife receiving the defendant, and advising him as to a remedy for preserving kidney beans from insects, instead of, as any woman so grossly insulted would have done, ordering him to quit her house at once.—The Bench fined Caleb Tillet 10s in each- case, and costs, or 21 days.


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