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G"EFlRB IN Gr.ASG^W.—A great fire bruk: out. on S >'nrday afternoon in the factory of Messrs. y" n«r, Strong, aid Co., mnslin nianufacturers, B id t n. G'sgow. The damage is estimate l a;: le veo ^"0.0-0 and -C30.0G0. he TohnBull has great pleasure in stating that the majority of the Nonconformists asked by the com- m te" of Convocation to assist in the revision of • Authorised Version have accepted the invi- { i on in the most cordial terms. M lie. Kellogg and Signer Brignoli are now sing i > n Ital an opera at New York. Mdl'e. Kellogg bis achieved her greatest success as Leonora in "1 Trovatore," a part differing a together from any m which she appeared in England. A Commission of Lunacv was granted in Dublin o" Saturday to try the question of the state of mind of \fr. D'Arcy Irvine. The application was ma.i'c on behalf of his only child, seven years of age. }L. [ vine is possessed of large property. The Ohserver understands that Sir Charles Mor d >unt intends to appeal from the decision of the C >urt of Divorce to the House of Lords at the earli- est opportunity, and thus to end- avour to obtain a hearing of his suit against Lady Mordaunt. The Rev. Daly Cocking, incumbent of St. Join's Church, Kilburn, has been appointed to the incum- b' ncv of Trinity Church, Brighton, in succession h the Rev. Edward Hall, M.A., who was nominated tr the sub-vicarage of Spring Grove, Houn°low. r ^TLI'KVMARY MAGISTRATE.—Mr. John Balguy, or '■he Midland Circuit, has received the appointment O" stipendiary magistrate for the Stafford-hire pnt- (e in the room oF Mr. Davis,removed to Sheffield. Mr. B ilguy was called to the bar in 1848. C^NGRRTRATF^XAII"PROTEST AGAINST THE BIS- JFOPIUC OF MADAGASCAR. —The Congregational ITu on of Eng'and and Wa'es have issued a protest against the proposed appointment of a bishop for T'ladagas- ar, a; an infringement of that rule under which almost all Protestant Missionary Societies have abstained from operations in fields already occ'inied. The London Missionary Society has also pvotes'ed. It is understood that the nominalioi of the Rev. Alfred Willis, M.A., incumbent of New Grompton, Chatham, to the bishopric will not be confirmed. EXTRAORDINARY CHARGE OF FELONY AGAINST A COLiUEKY PROPRIETOR.—On Friday and Saturday last, Vie'ove the County magistrates, sitting at W g'n, Tlioinas Gidlow, the proprietor of extensive collieries at Hindley, near Wigan, appeared on n erurvnrtl imormation laid by William Hargreaves, which chargeil him with haviagat Hindley, between tn- ''ns At January, 18G7, and December, 1860, f el., nu-usly stolen certain coal in a certain coalmine of 1 the said William Hargreavps, there situate, ■.••tiled the Arley Coal Mine. The case set np for the pr,vs,;c;ition was to the effect that the defendant, being the lessor or the coal under certain lands in Hindley, had, without any arrangement or contract with the prosecutor, deliberately worked through his coal, a strip about 100 yards in width, in order to pass from a coalfield he (the defendant) had leased on one side thereof to an extensive coalfield on the other. The road was therefore of great value to Mr. Gidlow, as without it he would have to work It considerable distance round the strip of land to win a valuable take from the owners of the land on the other side. It was admitted that in September list defendant had entered into negotiations for a 1"ase, these had been protractcd, and had not yet fallen through, the question in dispute being whe- ther Mr. Hargreaves was entitled to rent for way- 1cwe. or out-strobe, that is to say, payment for the right of conveying coal from other propertie i 1-rough his land.—After a hearing which occupied i,!h' whole of the day, the magistrates deliberate'! an hour, and then stated that they had come to the ooQcluaroa that the case was not one to send to a ;UJ'1.


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