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BLACKWOOD POLICE COURT. FRIDAY. Joseph Davies, Esq Chairman, and J. G. James. Etq. DAMAGING A TREE AT RHYMNEY.—Isaac Green, Michael Welsh, Daniel Cullen. and Rees Jones, were charged with the above offence. The tree was the property of Mr Hitch- ings, Rhymnev.—The lads all pleaded guilty and were fined Is. each and costs. DAMAGING A WALL AT TREDEGAR.—Lvan Davies. a young lad, pleaded guilty to damaging a wall belonging to the Tredegar Iron Company. Defendant said he weut on the wall to look for some chickens; the wail surrounded the park. The mother of the defendant said she was a widow with four small children, and could not pay much. — Super- intendent Fowler said there would be no fee for trie con- stable, and the Bench let the lad go on paying 4s. expense incurred. FREQUENTING PUBLIC HOUSES.—John Morgan. Morgan Morgan, Robert Duckman, and James Golding, were charged with being in a beer house at illegal hours. John Morgan. James Golding and Robert Duckham appeared and pleaded not guilty as far as drinking was concerned.- P.C. Coles proved the case against John Morgan.—P.C. Allen proved the offence against Duckham and Morgan Thomas, and P. C. Crowley proved the charge against Golding, who was fined 5s. and the other three Is. and costs. ASSAULT.—Wheeler r. Beddoe. This was an assault in the works.—Defendant admitted having "strucked" the boy, but it was done in a passion, because the lad neglected his work, and when Beddoe brought the iron from the furnace there was no one to shear it and that put his tem- per up.- The complainant admitted that be neglected his duty, and the Bench fined defendant Is. and costs for the assault, and cautioned Wheeler not to leave his work again. DRUXK AND RIOTOUS.—Thomas Thomas and Michael Faraday failed to appear to answer this charge.—P.C. Allen proved the case, and a fine of os. each and costs was imposed. SHE SAW ESAU--David Esau was charged with as- saulting Oliver Weeks at Abertillerv —Complainant said she was awoke by defendant coming to the door at half- past twelve at night and saying hes husband was starving the horses she got up and went down when Esau abused her.—Defendant said Morris Weeks ought to have sat with .:1, horse that was bad, but he went to bea and left the horse. Fined Is. and costs. WITHDRAWING THE CHARGE.-George Cheer v. John Marsden—Mr. Harris fcr Cheer said his client had lost a few days' work through the treatment he had received, but as Marsden made a sufficient recompense. Cheer desired to withdraw the complain, and defendant would pay ex- penses. The Bench consented to this. WIFE DESERTION.—In the case of the Bed welly Guar- dians v. Job Jones, charged with deserting his wife, Mr Brookfield, clerk to the Guardians said an arrangement had been come to between himself and Mr Price, who de- fended -The Bench gave their consent. MOVING GOODS.—Pugh v. Hopkins.—This was a case of moving goods to avoid distress.—Mrs Pugh said she wished to settle the case Hopkins owed her £ o, hut she would take £ 3.—The Bench told her that Hopkins would go for six months unless they could settle. It would stand adjourned for a month to allow them to settle it. AFFILIATION. Rebecca iviaxev v. John Price -Ct)m- plainant said, Price was the father of the child. Price did not deny the soft impeachment, and the Bench made the usual half-crown order. BREACH OF COLLIERY RULES -Alfred Taylor was charged with having in h.s possession a tobacco pipe, in the pits at Abercarn, contrary to the rules of the colliery. ilIr Harris for the Company, said the lives of human beings would not be safe if such things were continued.—The Bench after censuring defendant for his carelessness ordered him to pay a fine of C2, and costs. STEALING A KXIFE AT TREDEGAR.—John Thomas was charged with stealing a knife, belonging to Henry Deacon. —Mr Harris appeared for prison c- Prosecutor said he was in the George Inn, and had occasion to use his pruning knife, which was snatched up by the prisoner, who walked off with it: followed him with P.C. Evans to the Grey Hound Hotel, when he refused to deliver it up he after- wards gave it up at the police station.—By Mr Harris Was not offering it for sale a man said he would give Is Gd for it.—P.C. Joshua Evans said, on Saturday last he proceeded to the Greyhound Hotel with prosecutor, and took prisoner in charge prisoner delivered up the knife; Deacon was not drunk.—Mr C. R. Harris said there was no felonious intention on the part of Thomas; a lot of per- sons were drinking together, and an open knife was intro- duced he got possession of it, and retused to give it up to the owner, but at once gave it up to the constable. The Bench, by the new Act, were there as a jury, and he (Mr Harris) had no doubt they would deal with the case as jurymen would, simply by giving the prisoner the benefit of the doubt, and not brand him as a thief.—The Bench We consider there was no intent to steal, and we give the bene- fit of the doubt to prisoner, and dismiss the case. When the police removed the bracelets," prisoner, addressing his solicitor, said, Mr Harris, you're a clever man thank you Mr Harris." -Mr Harris advised him to leave off prac- tical joking in future. LEAVING WORK.—Luke Hayward was summoned by Mr Jordan, mineral agent, Sirhowy, charged with leaving his work without notice.—Mr C. R. Harris prosecuted.—Mr Jordan said, about nine years ago Hay,vani had an advance in cash, and was not seen after till recently, when he came for work as a collier gave him a note for some money to fetch his family from Beaufort he went direct to the pit, and took his tools out; the damage is jM. Defendant I never knew of any warrant, or I would have appeared.— Mr Karris: You mean disappeared ?—Mr Jordan said he would rather have no more to do with the man as he de- ceived them so often.— The defendant was locked up for 14 days in default of paying 5s and costs. STEALING MONEY. —J ohn Carey was charged with stealing 9s 9d, belonging to the landlord of the Red Lion Inn. Tre- degar. It appeared the prisoner was drinking at the house in question, and on a servant girl bringing in change of a half-sovereign to some one in the room. the prisoner picked it up, and made off with it. P.C. Pritchard was consulted, and a capture Was soon effected, and 10s 5d was found ou the prisoner's person.—The Bench sent him to Usk for 21 days. COAL STEALING AT TREDEGAR --Edward Edwards pleaded guilty to this charge, and was sent to the lock-up for a day. -Morgan Jenkins pleaded guilty to a similar offence he had been in gaol four days, and was now sent back for 7 days.-P.C.'s Vaughan and Goswell proved the charges.


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