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TO THE LEATHER TRADE & OTHERS. THE undersigned are prepared to supph- Leathpr Dealers, on the most advantageous terms, with WHTTK and BROWN LEATHER. Also WOOL tor SALE, in large or small nuantities, to suit WEAVERS. Full Market Value given for Sheep and Lamb Skins. JONES TEOCKE, LEATHER MANUFACTURERS, AND FELLMONGERS, WREXHAM, CHESTER, & STRAND, SWANSEA 3163 THE BELL-HANGING BUSINESS. JOSRPH SCULLY, BELL-HANGER, No. 18, Wellington-xtrect, near the Market House, ■Merthyr Tydfil, KESPEC^FULLY announces that he has commenced the above Business on his own account, and trusts to secure :1 share of the public patronage From his long experience in the business, having for the last five years been engaged under the late Mr CHRISTOPHER CUMMINS, he is enabled with confidence to undertake all orders, with the certainty of giving satisfaction, and at the most moderate charges.—Estimates given when re- quired. 3176 THIS DAY'S SPORTING. JjlULL MARKET ODDS GUARANTEED THE" SPORTING NEWS" COMMISSION AGENCY, ON EVERY RACE IN ENGLAND. PRICES AS IN THE DAILY PAPERS May be obtained through MR. JOSEPH BRUTON, THE "SPORTING NEWS" OFFICE, 12, CKA2TE COURT, FLEET-STREET, LONDON. E.C. 3173 LIFE, FIDELITY, GUARANTEE, ACCIDENT. MONARCH INVESTMENITASSOCIATION LIMITED RATES Verv Moderate in all Branches. ANNUITIES GRANTED. ACTIVE AGENTS Wanted.—Apply to the District Superintendent. Mr. J. T. MORGAN. American Emigra- tion Offices. 19. Glebeland-street, Merthyr Tydfil, of whom forms may be had gratis. 317-2 LLANDRINDOD W ETLLIT" LLANERCH HOTEL. THIS old established Family Hotel and Boarding-house, IS XOW READY FOR THE RECEPTION OF VISITORS. TERMS From the 1st of April until the 15th of .J une, £1 Irs. per week, including Board, Lodging, and Attendance, After that date, £ 2 2s. per week. Proprietor: E. DAWSON. 3105 "NON-UNION, CO-OPERATIVE IRON WORKS. MESSRS. FOX. HEAD, & Co., Of Middlesbrough T) EQUIRE a few s-ood steady PUDDLERS Jt) and UNDERHANDS As far as 47s. 6d. per Week clear is now being earned, where no heats are lost, besides chance of bonus at the end of the year. Good schools, infirmary, doctor's club. reading room, co-opera- tive store. gardens, and two bands of music, in connection with the Works -Seither masters nor men belong to any Union 3149 PONTYPRIDD UNION. ALL persons desirous of Contracting with the Board of Guardians for the Supply of the following PROVISIONS, and other Articles hereunder mentioned, or any of them, to be delivered free of cost at the c-nion Workhouse, and to the Out-door Paupers, in such quanti- ties weekly as may be required, for the Three Months ending the 27th day of September. 1370, are requested to send to the Workhouse Sealed Tenders for the same, endorsed-" Tender for Provisions," or Clothes, as the case may be, on or before \10noay. the 20th June, 1870, and which Tenders will be opened by the Guardians on the -1st of June. 187, Beef. Mutton, Veal. Bread, Flour, Oatmeal, Milk, Butter, Potatoes, Peas, Groceries, Bacon, Beer, Porter, Wine, Brandy, Gin, Coal, Clothing, Drapery. Hosiery, Sheets, Blankets. Counterpanes, Boots. Shoes, Clogs. Accounts for (ioods supplied to out-door Paupers to be sent in to the Relieving Officers weekly, in the prescribed form, and for the Workhouse, at the end of the quarter. Tenders will only be received in the forms prescribeft by the Board, which may be had on application at my Office. 3177 E. C. SPICKETT, Clerk. FREDERICK LEGG & CO'S. INDIA-RUBBER WAREHOUSE, 2, PEARSON-PLACE, DOCKS, CARDIFF, CONTAINS a well-selected Stock of Vulcanized India-Rubber of every description. Sheet Rubber and Washers, for flange joints of Steam and Water Pipes. Valves for Marine and Land Kngines. Buffers and Bearing Springs tor Railways, kc, ("iauge Glass Washers. Elastic Steam Engine Packing. Vulcanized Hose Pipes. Vulcanized Tubing for Acids, Chemicals, &c. Vulcanized Mill Bands for Driving Machinery. Waterproof Garments. Ditto Sheeting for Invalid Beds, ic. Ditto Wagon and Truck Covers. Air and Water Beds, Pillows, and Cushion- Fishing Boots, Stockings, and Trousers. And every article usually manufactured in India-Rubber for Domestic, Surgical, Sporting, Nautical, Mechanical, Mining, and Agricultural Purposes. Price Lists on personal application, or by post. 31W WEDNESDA Y, JUNE J;3th, IS THE LAST DAY FOR TICKETS. 1870.—T ENTY-FIRST SE ASON.—1S70. ART UNION OF GREAT BTITAIN. ONE SHILLING PER SHARE. 1,750.911 Tickets have been sold in the Twenty previous drawings, and 21,852 PtuZES distributed, including 4,846' Paintings, m amounts varying from 200 Guineas downwards. The DRAWING for PRIZES will take place ON SATURDAY. JUNE 25th, 18/0, And will consist of ONE THOUSAND PRIZES. The Last Load 1st Prize James Hayllar 150 gnineas. The Dessert, at Venice :'na rnze,. Chas. Stuart. F.SA., £ 85 And others, see detailed List jf Prizes. Tickets, ONE SHILLING each, entitling the holder to one chance in the drawi. g, iniy pe had from the under- mentioned agents: or will be forwarded direct by the Secretary on receipt of envelope stamped and directed', together with postage stamps or post-office order for the number of Tickets required. JAMES G. LAW. Secretary, 39, Oiford-street, Manchester. LOCAL AGENTS B. HO WELLS, Library, 10. Church-street, Merthyr. D. WALKINSHAW, Bookseller, Pontypool. G, H. WHITE. Chenust, &c.. Mountain A^li. T. DAVIES, Chsmist, Pcntlottyn. W. ClAVIOK, PlWtejrapher, Iredegtr. 3161 TO SADDLERS, HARNESS MAKERS, &c. &c. A. & H. KENT "13 E G to inform the Public that they have constantly on Sale, at HQ. Yew-street. Merthyr. a Larve Stock of WHITE LEATHER, beautifully dressed by a first-rate workman. 3127 TO SERVANT GIRLS. WANTED, in a Tradesman's Familv, in TV Merthvr. a respectable Female SERVANT, who is competent to Wash and Iron, and to do Plain Conkine. —Good wages given.—Apply at the "TELEGRA PIT" Office, Merthyr Tydfil. 31ft0 TO SMITHS AND FITTERS. A N T P, T) f the FouxDRY, WANTED at the Yn.c.vv FOUNDRY, Merthvr, a SMITH, and also a FITTER. Goorl Workmen will receive permanent employment at good wages.—Applv to Mr MATTHEW JOHN", at the Foundrv. 31 (?.=» HARMONIU1IIST WANTED AT Saron IVelsh Independent Chapel, Trood- yrhiw, a Male person who can play the Harmonium, Must be a member of the Independent connexion. Salary £ f> a year.— Apply to Mr CAI.EB JOHN, Railman, Plymouth Iron Works, Merthyr. May 20th, 1370. 31"9 DRESSMAKING. WANTED, Apprentices and an Improver for the Dress and Mantle making.—Apply to R. Ftrw.vRD«. Draper, opposite the Vale of Neath Railway Station, Merthyr. :ilS0 WANTED, a General Servant, not under °3 years of age. also a Nurse. Apply to Mrs. R. EDWARDS. Draper, Merthyr. 3181 TO PARENTS & GUARDIANS. WANTED immediately an active, well- educated lad as an Apprentice to the Familv and Readv Money Croi-erv. Would ha-e an opportunity of learning the wholesale Winf and Spirit. Ale and Porter Traces, also "Rook-keeping. kc Premium required. Apply to J. W. GUXN", 6S, High-Street. Merthyr. 3182 C E F N C O E D Y C Y M M E R NEAR MEKTHYU TYDFIL. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, a neat and substantial detached VILLA, with stable, coach-house, warden, and greenhouses vines included, known as TY'NYGARN, and lately in the occupation of Mr. William Hopkins. Gas and water are laid on. The house is situated in a most healthy spot, and in the midst of romantic scenery, and within five minutes' walk of the Cefn station of the Brecon and Merthvr Railway. —For further particulars aply to Mr. Thomas .rones, Cefn Hotel, near Merthyr Tydfil. 3120 TO GROCER S. TO LET 'with immodiate possession^, a HOVSE and SHOP, situate in Libanus Street, Dowlais, tiie centre of a large and increasing population -These Pre- mises have been always occupied in the Grocery Business. and a successful trade has been carried on in them. Fix- tures complete. Gas and Water laid on. Rent Moderate. -Applv to Mr. D. ANWYL, next door. 30S4 GENTEEL RESIDENCE TO LET. TO LET 'with immediate possession^ a con- venient RESIDENCE, beins Xo. 34. Somerset Place. Thomas Town. Merthyr Tydfil. The House is well suited to the requirements of a respectable family. It has ten rooms. Rent moderate. Apply to Mr Supt. Thomas, Somerset Place, Merthyr. 31H7 TO BE LET, A SHOP, in High-street, Merthyr. The best situation in the town.-Apply at the Office of this Paper. 3174