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ORIGINAL CORRESPONDENCE. ADDRESSED TO THE EDITOB. The Editor is not responsible for the opinion of his Corresponden ts MUSICAL AND EDUCATIONAL EISTEDDFOD. SIR,—111 allowing me a short space in your valuable columns, I can assure you that you grant it to one who took a great interest in the success of the above Eisteddfod, although he took no part in its proceedings, for reasons A-hich this letter has been most pointedly written. 1 am sure that the inhabitants of this town and neighbourhood feel very grateful and indebted to the gentlemen who so kindly volunteered and sacrificed their valuable time to the forma- tion of the Eisteddfod, and I sincerely trust that they have been fully repaid for their labour in the great success that attended the meetings throughout. The object that I have in writing this letter is this :-As far as my humble ideas could surmise, I saw nothing in the late Musical and Edu- cational Eisteddfod but a contest between various schools. The idea and principle that an Eisteddfod should have, in my opinion, is this that its competitors should be to a great degree limited to those who have left the compulsory tuition of masters and mistressses. If, amidst the numerous competitions on the programme of the late Eisteddfod, there had been a few in the shape of essays, &c., epen to that class of young men that are on the veigeof manhood, it would have given to the Eisteddfod a higher importance it would also have shown the use of the schooling ana teaching that had been imparted to them in their boyhood u days. I can assure the kind promoters uf the late Eistedd- fod that a great number of young men have greatly felt the ( omission referred to in the programme, for they haa firiiy f anticipated — when the first rumour came out of the Eistedd- fod—that they should have had an opportunity of putting to the test their young ideas, and likewise have had a knowledge of how far their labour was meritorious. In concluding I sincerely trust that if we shall have a similar Eisteddfod again, the Committee will endeavour to meet the desire of many, besides Yours, &c., J. S. Twyn, Mist May, 1870. THE SWANSEA UNION FRIENDLY SOCIETY. SIR, -Having heard that certain persons have been about Merthyr and neighbourhood, stating that the Swan- sea Royal and South Wales Union Friendly Society, which has its chief offices in Castle Chambers, Castle- square, Swansea, and branch offices in Pontypridd, and all through the hills, does not pay its claims, permit me to give a few facts on the matter 1st, that I have enrolled from January 3rd, 1870, 258 members. 2nd, that I have paid the following claims-in the sick department, £ '145 17s. 2d. death department, £72 3s. 6d. endowment department, £ 98 13s medical department, £10 H.'s. and, lastly, I state what all other agents can—that ail claims are promptly and honourably met by this society. Pontypridd, June 1st, 1870. D. 0. THOMAS.

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