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TiiF, FIRE AT WATERLOO HOUSE, MERTHYR' EVAN MEREDITH W ILL O PE N A SHOP Temporarily (until the NEW PREMISES are erected in High-street) NEXT DOOR TO MR. MEREDITH'S FURNITURE WAREHOUSE, VICTORIA- STREET, On SATURDAY, JTTME 11TH, 1870, when lie will SHOW a Magnificent NEW STOCK of GENERAL DRAPERT aO OIDS, Adapted to the Present Season. The Inspection and Patronage of the Public are respectfully Solicited. 3114 ALBION HOUSE, HIGH STREET, IvIERTHYR. EASTER HOLIDAYS. The Public are most respectfully informed THAT OUR SHOW ROOM IS NOW OPENED With an Extensive Assortment of TsT E W GOODS, Consisting of Jackets, Shawl*, I)resses, Straw Millinery and Bonnets, Feathers, Flowers, and Straw Hats in Endless Variety. ALSO MEN'S AND BOYS' HATS AND CAPS. JONES AND JEREMY RESPECTFULLY Solicit the same Liberal Patronage as hitherto received, for which they beg to tender the Public their best thanks. 3082 SALE BY MS. DAVID EVANS. I PONTYPRIDD, GLAMORGAXSHIKE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY! FOR SALE. -11 R. D. EVA X S Is favouied with instructions from Mr. Daniel Thomas to SELL BY AUCTION, On the Premises, at Pontypridd, On WEDNESDAY, the 1st day of JUNE, 1870, at Five o'clock in the afternoon, Subject to such conditions of sale as sh-ill be then produced, ALL that "Well-Built and Old-Established Commercial House, known as the "WHITE HART HOTEL," together with the Extensive Out- buildings. &c.. t>elon,2in^ thereto, .situated in a romniind- ing position, within twenty yards of the Taff Vale Rail- way station, ard one hundred yards from the county and police courts, now in the occupation of Mr E. Ilaruian, at a rental of £ 70 per year. The house and premises comprise bar. parlour. s?«oke room. commercial room. wine, spirit, and ale cellars, shting room. Kail room, eight bed rooms, kitchen, back kitchen, larder. two stables, coach house and saddle room, with large club room over, skittle ailev. two pieces of garden ground. pig styes, and other conveniences, containing in all 1145 square yards, or thereabouts. In calling the attention of capiMlisto to the above de- sinble property, the Auctioneer beys to intimate that Messrs. Fowler. Bros., and Co.. are about to sink to the steam coal, which will doubtless prove of great benefit to this House, and to the trade of 'he town generally the premises in the rear of the hotelmigllê be advantageously converted into a brewerv. i £ Hannan will the property, and any further information may be had on application to Mr D Thomas, Pine Apple I;:n..St..Vavy-s'rret, Cardiff, or to Mr D. Auctioneer and Land Agent, Morgan-street, Ponty- pridd. 3141 MR. DA XIEL IJA r-IE"'S y OF ICES. D 0 W T. A 1 S, k o. desieableInvestments. 3IR. PAXIF.L DAT IKS WILL SELL n r rnIVATE COX TRACT THE F 0 L L O W I X G D E S L E PEOPERTIES:- IOT 1. —All those Four Substantial and Wi-H- built HOUSES, with Large Coin! and Pre- mises attached, situate in Hlsrh-street, Dowlais Top, and bpiny numbered 10, n, 12, and 13, and tenanted by Messrs. Thomas Lewis, Thomas Davies and others. LOT those Three TrOi'SKS, wirh splendid Gilr. dens and Premises attached, situate on tlie top of P..íW- (iarren Cinder Incline, aiid eliise to the nowla: Railway Branch, londinjr from Dowlais to the Taff Railway. About half-an-acr" of land attached to them. The Tenants will show the r0,pc,.t\ve Lots, aud they particulars maybe obtained of the Auctioneer. 19, Ivor-street, Dswlais. :HOl 1) (I IV lais. TO CAPITALISTS. MR. DANI EL !'A VI i->. V;ILL SDLL 1JY PRIVATE CONTRACT, rTVHE LEASE of that, Building* Grol:nr1. Jt situate next to r. Jenkins's, ("Irocer, and nearly opposite the < UverElV-vyn Chape!, Mary-street, Dowlais. This spot of Crourid contains room to bnild Three or Four Cottages, and stands in one of the best situations in the town. Further particulars may be obtained of the ,ncthm<,)er, Office-In. Ivor-street, Dowlais, April *28, 1^70. yiOti <- TO nE LET, AEesprctablc liF.SIDENCE, heinar No. 14, Charlotte-street. Dowlais. The House contains four large rooms, and other offices on the down floor, with four larjre bed-mums on the second floor: there are also a STABLE and large Garden attached to the said house. Tlw Premlsl's can be converted i "to a house of business with a very small outlay if desired. Furth-ir particulars may be ob'ained of Mr D.u:[F!. D.\VIK:S. Auctioneer, itc., HI, Ivor-street, Dowlais. May 12th, lSiO. :3!lj prBLIC XOTICE, IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all _1_1 Goods plerlsed at the *hop of Hkm'.v BARNETT, Pawnbroker, 27. Victoria-street, Ile-tliyr, must be re- deemed before the 1st day of Auznst next. After the 1st of June, the f-hop wJil be open on Mon- days and Tuesdays oruv, for the Delivery of Goods and Sale of Unredeemed Property. rt. 1st May. 1570. :n:n THE EELL HANGING TRADE. CiHlUSTOPHFR <T-,[f Boll t tstabJb1)ed ill Merthyr f0r the last 3ï years' re- spectfully announces that he has engaged, during h's illness, an Efficient 'Workman, named JOHN DAVTES, who will undertake for him the execution of all orders', and as he is a man of thorough exnf;rienc?, C. C, can confidently ensure for his patrons satisfaction. -No. 13, Broad-street, Merth\r Tydfil, May ISth, li-70. ;;i30 TO SADDLERS, flARXFSS MAKERS, ic. &e. A. k H. KBNT BE G to inform the Public th it they have constantly on Sale, at 30, Yew-street. Merthyr, a Large Stock of WHITE LEATHER, beautifully dressed by a first-rate worsmau. 3127 MERTHYR. TYDFIL LOCAL BOARD OF HEAL'T'H. TO SCA YE:\GER:). THE Board invite* TF.NDERS from Persons willing to Contract for Scavenging the Merthyr Town District and the Merthyr Suburban District, from the 2nd June, lsTu, to the 17tli May. Ii71. Specifications and Forms of Tender may be had on application to the S -rveyor Sealed Tenders, endorsed Tender for Scavenging," to he left at the Office of the Hoard, 7i, lii^h-street, Merthyr, on or before 1st June, bïu. The "lowest Tender will not necessarily be accepted. THOMAS WILLI A MS, Clerk to the roard Merthyr-Tyufil, May lith. lo>70. ;51.^ DOWLAIS PaBLlC~^ALL COMPANY (LIMITED.) /CAPITAL, £ 1,S00, IN 1,S00 SHARES OF £ 1 EACH. PROVISIONAL MliECTOUX •' Mr. Robert Harrison, Chemist, Dowlais Daniel Davies, Auctioneer, Dowlais James James, Chemist, Duvvla:s Thomas Jenkins, Contractor, Pant Thomas Ashtou, Draper, Dowlais John I, dwards, Sunny Cottage, Dowlais William Rice, Tailor"and l/raper, Dowlais Thomas Jones, Fireman, Market-street. Dowlais Evan Jones. Draper, Dowlais Henry Davies, Grocer, Dowlais Henry Jones, Grocer, Duwlais Thomas Jones, Grocer, Dowla's Benjamin Roberts, Master Roll Turner, Dowlais David Thomas, Mount Pleasant inn, Dowlais Evan Griffiths, Grocer, Dowlais Wm Morgan, Setup: or, Paut Rees Lloyd Atkins, Djwlais Xatbaniel Xaihuniei, Carpenter, Dowlais Thomas Richards, liailway Station, Dowlais. SOLICITOR D. ROBERT LEWIS, Esy. St B-TKEASl Kfilt Market- street, Dowlais. KEilS uM,n WlLKlNS Co., Brecon Old Bank. JXe sECKETAKY Mil. JAMtS EDWARDS, 11 rpper nion-street, Dowlais. i «. nf t-Viim PnvnT)fl.DV IS tO build S PUBLIC HalX^ for th?pur5l2of Amusements, L.ctuies, Entertainmen.s an^sUpbeetufefrdgfoarms °of "application for shares may be obtained on application to the Secretar., at the OFFICE-ll, ITPPER faTREET, *137 W\V¡¡4LS, DRILL HALL, TdERTHYR. RETURN OF iYÍR, MANLEY'S OPE It A. COAIPANY, FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY: ON FRIDAY Evening fthis (lav), will be produced the Humorous Opera of "THE BARBER OF SEVILLE," And on SATURDAY Evening, the popular Opera of "THE BOHEMIAN" GIRL," To be followed each Evening with a Laujhabie FARCE. Prices—2s is., 6cI,. and 3d. 31 H THE REFRESUMENT ROOMS AT T:IE GREAT WEST FUN, TALK OF NEATH STATION, M tr. HTIIYU, A;,E XOW O P i^_Nr K I) A IF. WIXE. A X D SPIRIT?, Umther c-ith REFEESHMEyTS, lif TOWy I'lilCES. Proprietor ALKA.ANDER G L A Y. 3130 NON UNION. C.) OPERATIVE IRON WORKS. MESSRS. FOX. HEAD, S: Co., Of Middlesbrough), REQUIRE a (v, -rood s^-aiv PUDDLERS i and UXDFRH AN PS A? far as 47s ad per week clear is now being earned, where no heats are lost.. besides chance of bonus nt the end of the year. Good schools, infirmary, <1octm"s club, reading room co-oppra- tive store, g i "dens, and two bands of in connection with the Works—Neither masters nor men belong to any Union 3i49 MILLINERY AND STRAW BONNET M A KINC. A ?PRENTICES WANTED to the Miilinerv j-\ and Straw T}orti»fc .\f;.ki>is. whore thev will have a thorough knowledge of the business. Also Im- I probers Wanted, in-dnors or nut Applv to Mrs. PRTCR. Nos. 2.) and 20, Wellington Street, Merthvr. 300t 1 TO SERVANT GIRLS. WANTED, in a Tradesman's Familv, in Merthyr. a. respectable Female SERVAN F, who is competent to Wash and Iron, and to do Plain Cooking. —("rood wages given. -Apply at the I'EUSR,? IPH" Office, Merthyr Tydfil. ° 31,0 WANTED, A STRONG Youno' 1A N, to 2-0 out with a LciL liors-e and cart, and serve at counter. —Apply to jjohn Holmes. Tredegar, Mon. 3113 i TO B E L E T WiTH immediate possession, at a moderate rert al' that detached and convenient VILLA, called Bute Villa situa'e in the Town of benlare. For further particulars applv to I-fr. DAVID S01i itnr, 17. Ab -rdarc. May ICth, Is70. 3119 C E F N C U E J) Y C Y M 31 E R NEAL: ME\r:mt TYDFIL. "1"0 BE LET. with iivnnediate possession, a neat and substantiÛ detached VILL with stable, coach-bouse, tardea, and srreetihonses .vines included'. known as TY'XYGARX. and lately in the occupation of :Mr. WiHiam opkins. Gas and water are Ja.il1 on. The house is situated in a most healthy spot, and in the midst of romantic scenery, and within five minutes' walk of the C'efn station of the Brecon and Me'th r liailway. -For further particulars aply to Air. Thomas Jones, C'efn Hotel, near Merthyr Tvdtil. 3120 1 1 T O G R OCER S. TO LET (with imnieoiiite possession1), a HOUSE I and SHOP, situate in Libanus Street, Dowlais, the centre of a largo and increasing population—These Pre- mises have been always occupied in the Crrocerv Business, alld a successful trade his been carried on in them I-lix- tures complete. Gas and Water laid on. Kent Moderate —Apply to Ilr. D. ANWVL, next door. 30S4 M E II T II Y E T Y D F I L. TO BE LET. the ARCH SHOP, Castle-.street, I consisting of shop ani 1 cellars, flour stores, corn warehouse, stables, cart-house, pigsties, one parlour, twi large kitchens, back kitchen, four large bedrooms, and garrets —Apply to Mrs Gweullian Powell, 5, Court- street, Merthyr. 3140 -_u Publishing Arrangements -Important to Authors. ^V| <jFL*'AT «2c C( )M RAN" Y. State Publishers, IT 1 and Agents to the Dublin Steam Printing Co.. beg to announce that they have esoive(I to CH AR(»E NO COMMISSION for PURHSHIXG WORKS PRINTED BY THEM until the Author has been lefunded his original otitlay, They would also state 1ha.t THEY PRINT, IN THE FIRST STYLE, GREATLY UXUER THE USUAL CHARGES. Their Publishing Arrangements will enable them to promote the interest of all VVork3 committed to their charge, as they have very considerable experience of the channels most likely to ensure success. E-tiinates and all particulars furnished in course of post. Those about to Puhlish" may rely on fiuding Econo- my and Despatch in ail Departments. MOFFAT an J) BOOK LIST sent free on application to Publishing OFFICES «, D'OLIER STREET. DUBLIN. 34, SOUTHAMPTON t' STRVN'D. LONDON", we Price Oue 1'etihy Monthly. Hryisteredfor Tra,ismifH,on ALroad. THE CHURCH RECORD. Edited by the REV. THOMAS SCOTT, II.A. MOFFAT AND COMPANY. LONDON AND DUBLIN. ^yyruRKs BY ALEXANDER VANCE. The History and Pleasant Chronicle ef Little Jehan 38 Gd Vox 7s Cd The lJook of the Knight of Toner is nd Romantic Episodes (is Od Heilenica Scara ISs Od 1 he INTRODUCTORY CHAPTER may be had separately, (jd; MOFFAT AND COMPANY, LONDON AND DUBLIN. Price Twopence }. egutered for TransMitsion Abroad. PLAIN WORDS. A Christian Miscellany. Edited by the Rev. HAMILTON MAOEE, assisted py Ministers and Members of different Evangelical Churches. MOFFAT AND COMPANY, LONDON AXD DUBLIN. NEW BOOK S — NOW READY. Heirs of the Soil By Messrs. Lorenzo X. Xunn 10s 6d Concerning Earthly Love, etc. By a Country Parson 2s 6d Piaiicony in heligion. By a Roman Catholic Priest Is 6d lona and other sonnets. By Wade Robinson is 6d Life or at Patuck. By Joseph S. Smithson Os (id Marsh's Sir Hi my. Clinical Lectures. 2s 0d Medical Examination lapers of University of Dub in, &c. Is 0d Queer Papers By Barney Brady 0s 6d The Church under the ludors. By D. Dun- lop, M.B.I.A 3s 6d The Pnuo..oi'hy of the Bath. By D. Dunlop. m.R.I a is 6d The Life of St. 1'atricK. Edited by Key. J. Lynch, v. P. •• Os 6d Time will Tell. By X. J X 3s cd MOFFAT & CO State Publishers oy Appointment, Agents for the Dublin Steam Printing Company) 34, feol'THAMPTOy ST., feTKAM>, L0M>0X. t), D ULXEB, bx., Dlblin. THE RED-HAIIIED MIAN'S WIFE: or, THE AWFUL PROC EEDINGS oi' STAOAN ARAOY, THE MAKKET STKOLLEK. The last and best story wruten. Ky the late William Carleton. Will commence in the May Number of "THE CARLOW COLLEGE MAGAZINE." Price Od. MOFFAT AND CU., State Publishers, 31, SOUTHAMPTON ST.. STRAND, LONDON*. 6, D'OT.ier ST., DUBLIN. To be had ly order of ml Booksellers in Tmvn and Country. 3117 THE LATE FIRE AT M Rii'T IIY I v • The Remainder of the THE SALVAGE STOCK Of the above Fire will be SOLD at WATE.RLOO HOUSE, No, 83, HIGH-STREET, On SATURDAY next, MAY the 2Sth, 1X70. Hours of Sale From Twelve till Three o'clock; and from Four till Eight o'clock. 3146 ST. GWYNNO'S CHUBCH, VAYNOR. I THE CONSECRATION OF the above Church is ADJOVUNED (in con- sequence of the illness of the LORD BISHOP) from WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1st, to TUESDAY, JVXE 8th, when D. it will take place. Morning Service English; at 11 o'cloek. Sermon by the RIGHT REV. THE LORD BISHOP or ST. DAVID'S. Afternoon Service Welsh at 3.30. Sermon by the REV. WM. EVANS, Incumbent of Rhymney. Evening Service AVelsli; at 7 o'clock. Sermon by the REV. DAVID PAlmY, R.D., Vicar of Defynnock. The Clergy are requested to appear in their surpli Collections will b) made at the close of each serv in aid of the Building Fund of the Ceru Church, &<• A Luncheon will take place at 2 o'clock. Tickets 3s. 6d. ea.e],. Tickets may be had of the Rev. R. WILLIAMS, Rector. Vaynor Mr HOWELL JONES, Dowlais Mr ALIA. GVNN, High-street, .Merthyr. and South-street, Dowlais; and at the Castle and Bush Hotels, Merthyr. 8129