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TO SADDLERS, HARNESS MAKERS, &c. &c. A. & H. KENT BE G to inform the Public that they have constantly on Sale. at 30, Yew-street, Merthyr, a Large Stock of WHITE LEATHER, beautifully dressed by a first-rate worfman. 3127 CLASSICAL i: COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, Cefncoedcymmer. riljH E above School will RE-OPEN on Mox- ■ DAY, May 16th, 1S70. Master: Rev. I. WILLIAMS. 3125 LOST NEAR DOWLAIS FARM, A YOUNG TERRIER DOG, about four months old, light brown, with dark brown stripe along the back, ears and tail not cut.- -Whoever will bring the above Dog to the TELEGRAPH Office, Merthyr, will be suitably rewarded. 3125 WHY GO TO BRISTOL AND PAY M O U E ? DA Y BOOKS .—A Large and Varied Stock. DAY B (J 0 K 6. — In Strong" Leather Bindings. DAY BOUKS at the "TELEGRAPH Office. C' AS [I Bo'oKsTt tlm7, TETYGRA-PH Oilice. Oilice. J^AY BOOKS. THESE Account Books bpingmanufacturert upon the premises, and by Efficient Workmen, will be found not only better quality than those unusually supplied from Bristol, but at Jeast 10 per cent. cheaper. A CCOUN T BOOKS, CLUrf BOOKS, &c. Ruled to order. CHEQUf1: BOOKS of every description Perforated and Numbered. Note the Address.-—P. WILLIAMS, h Teleg-raph Ofike, Opposite the Market House, Merthyr. Publishing Arrangements.—Important to Authors. MOFFAT & COMPANY, State Publishers, 1. and Agents to the Dublin Steam Printing Co., beg to announce that they have resolved to CHARGE NO COMMISSION for PUBLISHING WORKS PRINTED BY THEM until the Author has been refunded his original outlay. They would also state 1hat THEY PRINT IN THE FIRST STYLE, GREATLY UNDER THE USUAL CHARGES. Their Publishing Arrangements will enable them to promote the interest of all Works committed to their charge, as they have very considerable experience of the channels most likely to ensure success. Intimates and all particulars furnished in course of post. •• Those about to Publish may reJy on finding Econo- my and Despatch in all Departments. MOFFAT AND Co s BOOK LIST sent free on application to PUBLISHING OFFICES «, D'OLIER STREET, DUBLIN. 34, SOUTHAMPTON ST., STRAND, LONDON, W.C Frice One Fenny Mpnthly. Registered Jo? Transmission Abroad. fT\HE CHURCH RECORD. Edited by the REV. THOMAS SCOTT, M.'A. MOFFAT AND COMPANY. LONDON AND DUBLIN. VVORKS BY ALEXANDER VANCE. The History and Pleasant Chronicle ef Little Jehan 3s 6d Vox Clamantis. 7s 6d The Be>ok of the Knight of Tower Is 6d Roman tic Episodes 0s Od Hellenii'a Scara 15s Od .The INTRODUCTORY CHAPTER may be had separately, (id) MOFFAT AND COMPANY, LONDON AND DUBLIN. Price Ticopedce Monthly. Regkered for Transmission A1,Dad. PLAIN WORDS. A Christian Miscellany. t Edited by the Rev. HAMILTON MAGEE, assisted by Ministers and Members of different Evangelical Churches. MOFFAT AND COMPANY, LONDON AND DUBLIN. E W BOOK S.— NOW READY. Heirs of tHe Soil. By Messrs. Lorenzo N. Nunn 10s 6d Concerning Earthly Love, etc. By aCountry Parson 2s 6d Harmony in Keligion. By a Roman Catholic Priest Is üd lona and other Sonnets. By Wade Robinson 2s 6d Life of St. Patrick. By Joseph S. Smithson Os (id Marsh's (Sir Henry' Clinical Lectures 2s 0d Medical Examination Papers of University of Dub.in.&c. Is Od Queer Papers. By Barney Brady 0s 6d The Church under \he Tudors. By D. Dun- lop, M.R.I.A. 3s 6d The Philosophy of the Bath. ByD. Dunlop, M.R.I. A 3s 6d The Life of St. Patrick. Edited by Rev. J. Lynch, P.P. Os 6d Time will Tell. By N. J. N. 3s6d MO FFAT d: CO., State Publishers by Appointment, Agents for the Dublin Steam Printing Company) 34, SOUTHAMPTON ST., STRAND, LONDON. 6, D'OLIER ST., DUBLIN. THE RED-HAIRED MAN'S WIFE: or, THE AWFUL PROCEEDINGS OF STAGAN VARAGY, 1:1 Œ MARKET S-r ROLLER. The last and best story written. By the late William Carleton. Will commence in the iyra. Number of TE CAR LOW COLLEGE MAGAZINE.'1 Price (id. MOFFAT AND CO., State Publishers, 34, SOT TUAMPTON ST., STRAND, LONDON. 6, D'OLIER ST., DUBLIN. To be had hy .order of all Booksellers in Town and Country. 3117 GLAMv OUGA RIFLE VOLUNTEERS. Orders for t foe Wed; Endinj Saturday, May 21st. RUESDAY—Con '4»»ny ciriL.' .8.30 p.m., Drill Hall. WEDNESDAY-t Company Drill 8.30 p.m., Drill Hall. L'flUitsDAY—No. • 2 Section will assemble at 4.30 p.m., at the Sh wsting Ground, for Class Firing. FRIDAY,—Recruit drill 8. p.m., Drill Hall. SATURDAY.—No 2 Section wiH assemble'at 6.30 p.m., at' the Shoot Ground, fee Class Firitg. OFFIl ZA:S £ cr THE W'EK;- Ensiyn ifr wc7; Corporal Meredith. NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. J SHON O'R COKNEL in onr next. a