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8, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. } J. W. "GMT N N'S I HALF-CBOWLVT (2/6) TEA. THIS Well-known Strong Black Tea can now he obtained from Mr. ALEX. GUNN, Confectioner, 39, HIGH STREET, MERTHYB, and UNION- STREET, DOWLAIS, and delivered by his Vans to the oliowing places weekly Cefn, Troedyrhiw, Rhymney, Tredegar, Quakex's Yard, and Nelson. 2964 I GARDE N SEEDS. N D- GEORGE (Late T. REES, 128, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, BEGS to state that he has just received a Large Stock of New Garden Seeds from one of the largest and most respectable Houses in the Trade, and solicits an early inspection. The prices will be found strictly monderate—compatible with New and Genuine Seeds. Catologues on application. 3044 ALBION HOUSE, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. EASTER HOLIDAYS. The Public are most respectfully informed THAT OUR SHOW ROOM IS NOW OPENED With an Extensive Assortment of NEW GOODS, Consisting of Jackets, Shawls, Dresses, Straw Millinery and Bonnets, Feathers, Flowers, and Straw Hats in Endless Variety. • ALSO MEN'S AND BOYS' HATS AND CAPS. JONES AND JEREMY RESPECTFULLY Solicit the same Liberal Patronage as hitherto received, for which they beg to tender the Public their best thanks. 3082 SALE BY MR. DAVID PRICE. IRON LANE, GEORGE TOWN, M ERTHYR. TO BE SOLD B Y AUCTION, BY MR. DAVID PRICE, AT the ANSEL HOTEL, on Thursday, 19th MAY, instant, at Seven for Eight o'clock, subject to conditions of Sale there and then produced. all these SIX COTTAGES with GARDENS, and C.\KPE)iTER::i SHOP adjoining, situate in Iron Lane, in the occupation of Thomas Jones, Samuel Williams, and other?, and numbered 34, 35, 36. 57. 38, and :iV, producing the yearly rental of £ 33 16s. Od., and subject to the annual ground rent of £ 7 ils. (id. The above premises are held under a lease for 90 years, from the 2Mb December, Iljûï, granted by Messrs. Auctioneer's Offices, 60, Thomas-street, Dynevor and Richards. I Opposite Adulam Chapel. 3112 Thomas Town, Merthyr, May 4th, 1870. JIR. DAXIEL DAVIES'S NOTICES. DOWLAIS, & c. DESIRABLE INVESTMENTS, MR DANIEL DAYIES WILL SElL BY PRIVATE CONTRACT THE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE PROPERTY ES:— LOT 1.—All those Four Substantial and Well- built HOUSES. with Large Garden and Pre- mises attached, situate in High-strcot, Dowlais Top, Dawlais, and being numbered 10, 11. 12, and 13, and tenanted by Messrs. Thomas Lewis, Thomas Davits and others. LOT 2.—AH those Two HoL'SES and STABLE, wi'h rtardt-ns and Premises attached, situate in Mary-street, Dowlais, and beinir numbered 71, and 72, and tenanted by Mr Samuel Evans and another. LuT 3.—All those Three HOUSES, with splendid Gar- dens and Premises attached, situate on the top of Peny- darren Cinder Incline, and close to the Dowlais Railway Branch, leadini; from Dowlais to the Taff Railway. About half-an-acr; of land attached to them. The Tenants will show the respective Lots, and further particulars mAY be obtained of the Auctioneer. 10, Ivor-street, Dowlais. 3101 DOWLAIS. TO CAPITALISTS, MR. DANIEL DAYIES, WILL SELL BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, f'l'HE LEASE of t'.wt Building Ground, J situate next to Mr. David Jenkins's, Grocer, and nearly opposite: the Gvveriillwyn Chapel, Mary-street, Dowlais. I This spot of Ground contains room to build Three or Vour Cottages, and stands in one of the best situations in the town. Further particulars may be obta ined of the Auctioneer. Ofticc-19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, April 28, 1370. 3102 TO BE L E T, 4Rcsp-Ct:ibl<- RESIDENCE, Ix-ing No. 14, Charlotte-street. Dowlais. The House contains four large rooms, and other offices on the down floor, with four large bed-rooms on the second floor there are also a STADLE and larqe <;ardeu attached to the said house. The Premises caa be conveited iito a house of business with a very small outlay if desired.- Further- particulars may he obtained of .dr DA.viir. DAVIKN, Auctioneer, Are., HI, Ivor-street, Dowlais. May 12th, la70. 312G L L A X D R I X D 0 D WELLS. LLANERCH HOTEL. H I S ol(i eslitbl;,hed -md THIS old established Family Hotel and Boarding-house, IS NOW READY FOR THE RECEPTION OF VISITORS. r E it M s Frcm the 1st of April until the 15Mi of June, £,1 L's. per week, including board, Lodging, and Attendance, After that date, i2 2s. per week. Proprietor — E. DAW SON. 310.5 BROWN & POLSOFS OOEW FL.OUI-ó IS GENUINE. PREPARED SOLELY FROM MAIZE- INDIAN CORN To OBTAIN- EXTRA PROFIT BY THE SALE, OTHER QUALLTILS BEARING A FALSE NAME ARE UNSCRUPULOUSLY SUBSTITUTED INSTEAD OF BROWN AND POL-SON'S CORN FLOUR, I Which is prepared solely from Maize-Indian Corn. BR O W N AND P O L SON were the tirst to adopt the name of Corn Flour„ and they are treatly interested in maintaining its reputation, which is liable to be discredited by the '•nwarrMi'able appropriation of the name to articles of a different cha- racter. BROWS AND polsok'S CViiS FLOUR With Milk for Children's Diet. With Milk for Children's Diet. RO W IS AND POISON'S CORN FLOUR to thicken Soaps anil Sauces. BROW N ATNLT ~PO s (TN^S CORN FLOUR to thicken JD CORN FLOUR to thicken Beef-tea B~~ 11 O "W N AND P O L SON'S! B CURX FLOUR '• for Custards. 'j BROWN AND P o L s o N • G CORN FLOUR for Blanc-m a.nge. "ROW N A N d po L > O N S CORN FLOUR CORX FLOCR *—— for > Puddiargs. PE arlYNAT" i p J s rich in albuminous properties, t Prepared by ( h. _H- BROWN and PoLSON PEAR LIN A J Is rich in tiesh-forming properties- Prepared bv BROWN and POLSOX. { Prepared bv BROWN and POLSOX. { PearliiTI Has the sustaining properties of Oat-neal without being so heating. PEARLINA „ JL May be used with or without Milk. Prepared by BROWN and POLSON. PE A R L I N A Br Htd *itU Water, and a little salt is the mc)gJ; digestible Sirt)per PE A K L I N A or Breakfast. < Prepared by BKOU N and POLSON Prepared by BKOU N and POLSON PEAELIM For Baked Puddings. Prepared by BROWN and POLSON PEARLINA For Plum Puddings. c Prepared by BROWN and POLSON. J b PEARLINA 5 p Recipes upon each Package ° Price tid. q LONDON HOUSE, TEEBEGAR. WILLIAM DA VIES BEGS to announce his return from the LOX- JL) DOX and other MARKETS, and his EXTENSIVE SJH.O\\ HOOMS WILL BE OPENED ON SATURDAY NEXT, AIIPLIL 30tl" with a MAGNIFICIENT STOCK OF -°- MILL LIN KEY, SlIUWHATS AND BONNETS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS. MANTLES. | PALE i OTS. I FUIOHLS. DRESS MOHALES. FRENCH MERINOS. BOUKNOLSE CLOAKS. LACE SHAWLS. STAYS, COSSETS. &c. GLOVES. HOSIERY. RIBBONS. LACES. FRINGES AND TRIMMINGS. LADIES' CLOTHS. SKIRTINGS. 0VEKSKIR73. SUN HATS. I SUN SHADES. UMBRELLAS. TABLE LINENS. CARPETS, FELTS. | DRUGGETS. HEATIHRUGS. GRENADINES. MUSLINS. PUINTS. -¡ WOOLL.E N CLOTHS. DOESKINS, &c. A Larp e Stock of New Straw and Felt Hats. 3103 1= i To Gi on Assinttaits Oth< L | y^J'ANTED immediately a respectable Young- v T ULin, -t be willin? and active. Apply to ALT VA;, DKR Guxx, High-street, Merthyr. TO PARENTS ,S: GUARDIANS. WANTED a well-educated Youth as an Apprentice to a Chemist and Druggist.—Apply to .JOTIJV JONES, Stamp Office, 3113 HOUSEKEEPER WANTED. T 17" AN TED a 31 iddlc Aired Woman as » III'I SEKEKPE'R to a Branc h Establishment. N o other servant kept. Apply to Mr W ILLIAM HARKI^, 1 44, High street, Merthyr TJ dfil. 3109 MILLINERY AND STRA W BONNET 31 AKIN (r A ^fRENTICE.S W ANTiSD to the Jiiilinery Straw IJomiet Making, where they will \vron"h knowledge of the 1 msiness. Alk) lin- Vo,' W anted, io-doors or out. A] ,ply to Mrs. PRICE, s- 2;> and >< ellington Street, i*l erthyr. 3001 HOUSES WANT 'ED. W-V^ K On >:■ or Two Dwel- preferrer: Th'nas To » u. Northen End Glebeland ^treetf A^nt'lto W' L™* 'Stall°Re-H 21' Society. a 1 t0 thc ( ^morgan Building 3006 DERRI, NEAK^INIL3L\"EY. TO BJi- LET, with immedi.ftto HOUSE cfc SHOP, suitable for a Fittings complete, and a good DweJlicjr touie T'1]1 Rent Moderate. Apply to MrEMCx»J.u»is gwyn Uchaf, Derri. TO BE LET, WITH immediate {vosst'ssion, at a moderate rent, all that detached and convenient VILLA called Bute Villa," situate in the TOWJI of Aberdare. For FU rther particalars aj>ply to Air. DAVID ROSSES, Solicitor 17, Canon-street, Aberdare. May li Rh, 1S70. 1119 c E I N C O E D Y C Y 31 M E R NEAR MERTHYR TYDITL. j T °n fET' with immediate possession, a r :Mch-b ZrlZb^} detarh,ed VILLA> with stable, mown ai l Y \'p v' ?'10U.SCri, vines included], j f tw A ,T. «md lately iji tJie occiiuafcion nf c liUam H opkins. Gas and Water are laid on ThP S iouae is, situated in a most healthy spot, and in the aidst ot romantic scenery, and within Ave minutes' w £ lk f the Cefn station of the Brecon and Merthyr Kailwav rFor further particulars aply to Mr. Thomas elt dot.-I, star Htrllp Ty<lol, TEMPERANCE HALL, MERTHYR. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. TUESDAY, MAY THE 17JH, 1870. v a: N 0 E And his Popular •• CONCERT AND COMIC OPERETTA PARTY' —* Comprising' Eight Eminent Artistes from the Crystal Palace, St. James's Hall, Hanover Square Rooms, &c., &c., London. j Patronised by the Aristocracy and Clergy of Great Britain and Ireland. Tickets at Mr. TAYLOR'S, Market Square, Merthyr. Prices: 2s., Is.. and Gd. Doors open at 7.30 Overture at S.O Carriages at 10.15. Secretary, Mr. Peck Stevens. Manager, Mr. Thomas W.Charles. 3115 TENDERS EEQUIEED FOR THE ERECTION pF A NEW CHURCH AT TROEDYRHIW. THE Committee having Postponed the con- JL sideration of the Tenders until the 19th of MAY, Tenders will be received -up to that date, addressed to the Secretary, Building Committee, Troedyrhiw. — Plans and Specifications may be seen on application at the TELEGRAPH Office, Merthyr. The Lowest Tender not necessarily accepted. 3124 I PONTYPRIDD UNION. THE Guardians of this Union are prepared to JL receive TENDERS from persons willing to CON- TRACT for the supply of COFFINS, and undertake for the BURIAL cf Paupers. A Specification and form of Contract may be seen at my oflice. Tenders mnst be sent to me on or before the 25th day of May, 1870, 3107 E. C. SPICKETT, Clerk. MERTHYR TYDFIL LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. SEWAGE M A N U R E. THE BOARD are desirous of receiving TENDERS from Persons willing to purchase and re- move the Mannre arrested by tlieSewage Tanks on Aberfan Road. The quantity will be 14 or 1(; tons per Week, and will be taken Qut of the Tanks and placed conveniently for removaL and must be cleared away wiihin twenty. four hours. Tenders, Stating the Sum offered for the same per Calendar Month, to be left at the Offices of the Board, 71, High-Streit, Merthyr, on or before the 17th instant. THOMAS WILLIAMS, 3111 Clerk.