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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of the Board took place on Wed- nesday, July 11th, when the following gentlemen were presentD. Davis, Esq., Cwm (in the chair), Rev. D. T. Davis, Messrs. Maddicks, D. Davies (Gelliweon), D. Davies (Penrhiwfer), W. Williams, J. Richards, E. Tho- mas, G. Brown, Evan Thomas, and W. Francis. RELIEF LIST. The case of Solomon Morgan, to whom we drew atten- tion some weeks since, and who has been in receipt of (is. per week for himself and wife, came before the Board again to-day. The old man, who is upwards of eighty years of age, is almost incapacitated from working. The relieving officer, in bringing the case before the guardians, suggested a reduction in the amount of relief given, but the Board, with a correct appreciation of the feelings of the ratepay- ers upon the matter, unanimously resolved to continue the present allowance. Another case, which evoked some discussion and some sympathy, was that of an apparently hard-working labour- ing man, whose wife had become chargeable to the Union. The man stated that he was willing to maintain his wife, or to allow her a certain sum per week. She was given to drink, and he thought it v«ry hard that after working all day he should find his wife about the public-ho uses' spend- ing every penny she could get in liquor. He appeared to be ready aud willing to pay towards his wife's support if the Board would take her. This, however, could not be allowed. The poor fellow paid for the maintenance of his wife since June 1st, and seemed determined not to contri- bute a penny towards her support, unless she materially altered her conduct. The Clerk read the minutes of the last meeting, which were confirmed. CESSPOOL—^COMPLAINT. I The report of the committee appointed to take into con- sideration the complaints made by Messrs. Luard and Shirley, on behalf of R. Richards, Esq., with respect to I the cesspool belonging to the Unioil-house, was read.—Mr. j Maddicks, as one of the committee, said that they had exa- i mined the cesspool that morning, and found that, accord- ing to the original arrangement with Mr. Rickards's agents the complaint made by them was untenable. It appears that an agreement had been made between the Board and Mr. Rickards, in virtue of which the surface water flowing into the cesspools would be allowed to pass through Mr. Rickards's property into a brook, on the condition of pay- ing 2s. Gd. per annum for such privilege, and allowing the manure accumulating in the cesspool to be at the disposal of the tenants for agricultural purposes. The complaint I was founded on the representation that no such manure could be obtained, as it was carried away by the surface water flowing into the cesspool. The report of the com- mittee showed that there was plenty of manure in the cess- pool that it was not carried away by the water surplusage and that it was accumulating as fast as could naturally be expected and therefore the complaints of the agents were unfounded. The Clerk was directed to write to Messrs. j Luard and Shirley, and inform them of the result of the committee's examination. COLLECTOR'S SALARY. A communication was read from the Poor Law Board approving of the advarce of salary from £80 to £100 per annum to Mr. Gwynne, the collector of Llanwonno parish. Jt was stated that the necessary order would be sent down, thereby completing the arrangements for making such ad- vance legitimate. CARDIFF INFIRMARY. A circular addressed to the Board by the secretaries of the Glamorgan and Monmouth Infirmary, was read, in which the merits of this institution was brought promi- nently before the Board. Some extensive alterations have beeu made, whereby the number of beds had been increased from 33 to 52. The expenses attending such an extension had necessarily increased, and yet the accommodation was not adequate to the demands made upon it. The secretaries requfsted active assistance, either by increased subscriptions or fresh exertions to secure additional subscribers. The principal ground for such exertions was the fact that al- though --these extensive alterations had been effected, the number of subscribers had remained stationary. The Chairman suggested that as there was a small Board the matter should stand over. The Clerk said that the Pontypridd Union contributed £10 per annum towards the funds of (he Infirmary. It seemed to be considered that the amount subscribed was sufficient, and that there was no particular claim urged upon them to increase the subscription at present paid. On the proposition of Mr. W. Williams, the notice of motion to take into consideration the propriety of sending the children of out.door paupers to the Wesleyan School, was postponed, the proposer being absent.—This was seconded and carried. MASTER'S JOURNAL. 1st week of quarter: Admitted 2, discharged 4, inmates 51; 2nd do.: Admitted 2, discharged 5, inmates 48. This concluded the general business of the Board, which was a remarkably small one, in fact, one of the smallest we have yft seen. The difference between the time at which the public business should have commenced, and the time at which it actually commenced was only ten or eleven minwtes still, as a matter of principle, the commencement of public business at halt-past twelve o'clock should be gene- rally accepted and rigidly adhered to.




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