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TREDEGAR PETTY SESSIONS. FRIDAY, JUNE 15.-( Before the Rev. E. Leigh and Captain Marsh.) Cruelty to a Horse.—David Herrin was charged with this offence-—P.C Lewis saw the horse in a very bad state with a lump on the shoulder, it had been worked in a tram. Fined 5s. and costs. Sureties.—Sarah Lewis v. David Lewis. This was a case in which the wife sought to be protected from the violence of her husband. P.C. 37 proved leaving a copy of the sum- mons at the defendant's lodgings on the 12th instant. Adjourned for a warrant to bring up the husband. Price v. Webber.—Defendant was charged with quitting his house and removing his goods and chattels to avoid. dis. traint for rent. Adjourned for a fortnight to enable com- plainant to produce witnesses to substantiate the charge. The Pig Nuisance again.—Benjamin Thomas, Bonner Thomas, and William Bishop, were charged with allowing three pigs to stray on neighbonrs' lands and were fined 5s each and costs—This ought to stop the nuisance. Sureties.—Patrick Parker v. tHawker. Mr. Harris for the complainant.— In this case the defendant was charged with going into the house of Parker and abusing two of his children.—Catherine Parker a little girl about 11 years old said the old woman came into the house and hit her twice on the back and thumped her as hard as she was able. —Mr Leigh to defendant: You are neighbours and when the children quarrel you are very wrong to interefere. The case is dis- missed each to pay her own costs. Bastardy. — W illiams e- Josiah Foxall.—Complainant sworn: I am single woman I have had a child, and Josiah Foxall is the father and no one else. David .James sworn I am a Shoemaker at Pontaber Bargoed I saw the complainant and defendant together by my house on the 1st of December last about 10 o'clock they had some high words between them and went towards the station.— The Bench: Is this all the evidence ? Complainant: If you will adjourn it I will find plenty of evidence. Mr Leigh We adjourn it to this day fortnight.. The Iron stealing case.—P.C. Lewis proved service of the summons on Thomas Edwards who appeared last week at Blackwood, and as he did not now appear the case was adjourned for his apprehension.—Warren and the two Beddoes were present. Assault.—Morris o. Jenkins.—Complainant sworn I am an engine driver; Jenkins came into my place and called me a d —d lazy b r; he did it twice over the pumps had failed a wedge and had come out of the ay I put it right; Jenkins asked me why I did not send for him at first. A witness proved hearing Jenkins call Morris a lazy b r he also saw Jenkins collar Morris.—A witness for the defence said he heard all and would be "exponsible" that only few words occurred in the engine house. Dismissed and the costs divided. Malicious damage.—The Beaufort Iron Co. against John Morgan.—Defendant admitted setting the pit in motion but said no damage was done.—Mr Harris for the company said the pit in question was only used every other day to let coal down, to be sent to Pontygof; when not in use it was fastened by a brake. Defendant pulled out a screw and let the pit going and some damage was done by friction. D. Powell, a haulier, proved seeing Morgan unscrew t1a. brake a.nd leave the pit go; he also came on in the evening 'vhen the witness told him he (Morgan) would get a noise. David Davies landlord of the pit said the pit was screwed fast when he left it and was let go by Morgan, he could not say how much damage was done.—H. Jones said he was in the employ of the Beaufort Iron Co. If the scotches had come off the damage might have been £100, as it was damage to the extent of 20s was done—Ordered to pay 10s damages and 10s. costs. Stealign Flannel.—Jones v. Matilda Farr.—Jones sworn The prisoner was at my shop at Briery Hill about the 5th of June I was packing up some goods to return to Mr Elworthy the prisoner said she was going towards the station and would take the parcel to the station knowing her I gave her the parcel; a few weeks after that I heard I from the traveller who said he had not received the flannel; I then called at the house of the prisoner and asked what she had done with the flannel; she said she gave it to I Mr Richmond; I saw Mr Richmond and he denied having re- ceived the flannel; saw prisoner again she then said she did not know who she gave it to afterwards she said she had given it to Mr Reynolds the carrier from Tredegar to Ebb w Vale; the value of the flannel is .£215; 9d.; Reynolds also said he had not seen the parcel. —Thomas Richmond I am a carrier between Ebbw Vale, Tredegar, and Mer- thyr I never received any flannel from the prisoner at any time.—P.S. Williams sworn I served the summons per- sonally on the 12th instant. The prisoner admitted to me that she had received the flannel and had given it to Rich- mond and her husband saw her give it.—Mr Farr said: I am Postman to Mr Darby and go regularly back and forwrd four times a day to Ebbw Vale 1 saw my wife give Richmond the parcel and heard him say all right the I prisoner was then duly cautioned and said I gave the flannel to Richmond and have a witness to prove it.—The prisoner was then committed.—Her husband's bail was accepted for her appearance at Usk.