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At a meeting of the Creditors ot Mr Hichard David, shop- keeper, Dinae, held at Bristol on Thursday the 26th instant, the affairs of the estate were such that every one will be paid i0* in the pound. TABERNACLE ANNIVERSARY.—On Monday the anni- versary sermons in connection with the above place ot worship were grive». Between the Sunday and Monday something like fourteen discourses wre given hy different ministers. We have not yet had the result of the collections. W EATHER.—The weather during the last two or three days has been most oppressive—in fact, quite a taste of the Bast Indies. Heavy rains having preceded this display of the sun's power, the hay crop has most markedly improved. On Wednesday afternoon a thunder storm visited this town, and lasted tor ahout two hours. Although the electric phe- nomena stroniily affected the ear and eye, the quantity ot ram that tell was ex eedinely small. NATIONALITIES.—On Saturday last a number of colliers in the employment of T. Joseph, Esq., Dunraven Colliery, excited thereto probably by imbibition of ciorw, conceived themselves aggrieved at the presence of some few Irish workmen who have been employed with them. They marched in a body to the residences of the unfortunate sons of the Emerald Isle. and, somewhat despotically, ordered them out of the valley, giving them an hour to make their exit, but considerately allowing their wives and children till the next Monday to complete their exodus. They, at the same time, stated their intention to call on the Monday to see whether their commands had been complied with. On Monday they called according to promise, and seeing no signs of an approaching flight, gave them a further period of time to quit. Mr. Joseph, being of opinion that this conduct on the part of the Welsh c.dliers was most arbi- trary, declined to allow his other workmen to remain sub- ject to such offensive dictation. He accordingly met them with a police constable, and gave them to understand that he would not submit to any such outrageous interference. The result was that sevpn of the most active of the fanatics were summoned for intimidation. The summonses were re- turnable at Aberdare, and the several cases came before J. C. Fowier, Esq., for adjudication, when the foolish Cymru were bound ovsr to keep the peace for twelve months. Such an outrageous infringement on the rights of men, whatever their nationality, to labour where they please, savours somewhat of the offensive intolerance of unionism, which, we fear, is growing beyond governable limits. All such arbitrary exertions of power over minorities deserve prompt and severe measures by way of deterrents. BERW.—This popular bathing place, being a part of the river Taff, near to the Berw Bridge, is likely, it seems, to be closed to the public on its more attractive side, in conse- quence of its supposed interference with propriety and de- cency Instead of closing the place altogether, we should certainly suggest the necessity of insisting upon bathing before a certain hour in the morning, and after a cet tain time in the evtnng. This arrangement would be a de- sirab'e one—to piomtiit bathing altogether would he a very unfortunate step. On Sunday morning- a young man (a Jew) narrowly escap d drowning. Jt appears that, near tfn- right hank of the river, there is a deep pool, which is so situated, at a bend of the river, that the current takes the form ot a whirlpool. The young man in question, tceliti., himseif going, called out for h< In, and had it not been that a workman employed in the chain works was passing by, and who gallantly plunged in and rescued the unfortunate swimmer, there is no doubt but that he would have been drowned. The erateful Jew gave his preserver a shilling-, and treated him to as much as he could drink. On Satur- day evening two brothers, boih working on the new Blllk, and one ot whom could swim, were bathing in the same place, when it was found that the broth r who could not sttike out was drowning in the pool. By dint of great exer- ti"n the poor follow was rescued before his immersion had a fatal termination.

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