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BLAINA PEfTY SESSIONS. JUNE 22(Before F. Lenick,'junr., and W. S. Williams, Esqrs.) Larceny.—Edwin Hoskins charged Samuel Bitton with stealing a leg of mutton.-Prosecutor said I am an inn- keeper, and live at the Greyhound Inn, Nantyglo. About one o'clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, the 19th inst., I had a leg of mutton banging with other meat in my larder, and on going there again about eight o'clock the same even- ing, I found that the leg of mutton had been taken away. From enquiries I made 1 found that it had not been cooked stolen. I then caused informatii In to be given to the police, The leg of mutton was a stale one, the sheep having been killed the previous week. It weighed eleven pounds, and was worth 8s. 8;ù. I saw the prisoner in the house that afternoon, but he had nothing to drink there.—Mary Evans sworn I am a servant with Mr. Hoskins at the Grey- hound Inn, Nantyglo. and was washing in a back kitchen on Tuesday last, the 19th inst. I saw the prisoner pass by the larder door between three and four o'clock in the after- noon. He soon afterwards passed me with something under his coat, and went out at the backyard door.—P.S. James Milkins said he apprehended the prisoner Samuel Bitton at his lodgings, and told him that he was suspected of having stolen a leg of mutton from the Greyhound Inn, on the previous afternoon. He said, I have not seen any mutton, and they canuot say that I stole it." I have since charged him with stealing it, when he replied, I cannot think what possessed me to take it."—Henry Samuel said The prosecutor came into my house and offered a leg of muttou for sale.—The prisoner was committed for trial. Illegal Fishing. John Lewis and Llewelyn Jenkins were each fined 20s. including costs for taking fish out of the river, at D. Whitehouse's, Esq. A Rough Fellow.—John Tobin, of Ebbw Vale, was charged with breaking a pane of glass in the Britannia, Ebbw Vale. Mr. Jones, the landlord, said be sent a quart of beer into the room for prisoner and some other people. and as there was "no money in the mess," the girl brought it back into the bar. Defendant, thereupon, got very excited, and sent a "tot" glass through the window. —Defendant was fined the amount of damage and costs. Breach of Colliery Rules —Important to Colliers, dr.— The South Wales Colliery Company appeared against two hauliers, Thomas Wise and .-olouion Richards, who. when underground, left a door open in Tyr Nicholas colliery. damaging the ventilation, and endangering the lives of the men at work. Both prisoners very openly and straight- forwardly admitted the offence, but stated that it was only for some short time for both to pass through, when the agent came between them and found the door open. Mr. Levick gave some very sensible advice to the defendants. and shewed the danger that might have occurred through their negli. ence, telling them to pay costs and to be very cartful in future. Cruelty to a Horse. — The same Company appeared against a young man named Snook, who had cruelly ill- treated a horse belonging to the Company, by kicking, &c. —Defendant was fined 3s and costs, which he at once paid. Workmen's Dispute about Wagca. — Richard Evans sum- moned David Williams, a contractor, of Tredegar, for refusing to pay him £1 js. wages. Defendant pleaded in- ability through the contract turning out so bad. He produced a divider for the last month, shewing that he had received nothing himself.—Complainant stated that be wanted to leave the country and defendant would give him no decided answer about the money. —The Bench seemed to think defendant had rather hardly used complainant, who got very excited, and was ordered to keep quiet several times, but they made the usual order. Stealing Coal.—Susan Richards was committed to prison for seven days for stealing 11 jd. worth of coal, the property of the Tredegar Iron Company. Malicious Damage.— Joseph Thatcher, for committing damage to the extent of 3d. to the gra*>s in a field, the pro- perty of the same Company, was ordered to pay damages and costs. Bastardy Arrears.—Edward Evans was ordered to pay £2 6s. arrears, which he owed Sarah James, and costs 14s., in default, three months. Garni Trespass.— The South Wales Co. appeared in a case of poaching against three young lads named George White. David Lewis, and George Stevens. The last named carried a gun he said, on the mountain to fire it off, afraid to do some damage, as the charge had been so long in it. The superintendent claimed the gun on behalf of her Ma- jesty, when he said he would not pay costs unless he had his gun returned to him. When he was told he would not be allowed to have the gun, defendant became very violent and abusive, and was conveyed to the lock-up by the police. He was committed for 14 days.—Lewis paid the tine and costs. —There was no case against White, who gave evi- dence against the other two.. An order of removal from Bedwellty Union to St. John's, Brecon, was made on Thomas Price and family, residing at Nantyglo. Indeccnt Assault.—Jemima Davies v. Zebedee Moore.— Jemima Davies sworn: I am a single woman, living at Tredegar on Monday night last. the 18th instant; I met the prisoner Zebedee Moore near the powder house I have known the prisoner about six weeks he asked me to go to the Bush inn with him and 1 did so we were drinking to- gether for about two hours and we left at about ten minutes to eleven o'clock at night; we went together towards where 1 live; when near my house between that and another house he began to use me improperly.—Witness here described the assault alleged to be committed by defendant. From the injuries she received she was not able to follow her work as before —Other evidence been given the defendant was com- mitted for trial.



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