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RHYMNEY ART UNION PRIZE DRAWING-, In aid of Funds to be raised for Educational Purposes, and for improvement of School Buildings at Rhymney. THE DK AWING- will take place at TWRIRCAITIFO SCHOOL ROOM, the Third Week in Sep- tember, in the presence of S. Buchan, R. Bedlington, J. Matthews, H. Trump, J. Prosser (Chemist), and T. Pritchard, Esqrs. The following valuable Prizes will be drawn for :—■ FIBST PRIZE.—A MAGNIFICENT GOLD WATCH AND CHAIN, VALUE FORTY GUINEAS. VAIUE. VALUE. VALUE. PRIZE GUINEAS. PRIZE GUINEAS. PRIZE GUINEAS 2nd.— Handsome Fine-toned 10th.—Handsome Mahogany 17th.—Doz. Ivory Handled Table Pianoforte in Walnut 2D Couch. 4 Knives and Forks. 2 3rd.—Lady's Gold Watch and lith.-Gold Albert Chain. 3 18th.—Good Iron Bedstead 1A Chain 10 12th.—Weather Glass 19th.—Pair of Good Blankets l| 4th.—Eight-day Clock 6 13th.—Silver Watch 20th.—Telescope l| 5th -D.ouble-barrelled Gun. 5 14th.—Galvanic Battery 2 21st.—Flannel Dress. It 6th.—Silver Lever Watch 5 15th-Gentlemen'sElegantDres- 22nd.-Perambulator 1 7th.—Chest of Drawers (ma- sing Case 2 23rd.—Silk Umlavlla 1 hogany). 5 16th —Lady's Elegant Dressing 24th.—Spring Balance 1 3th.—Rich Black Silk Dress 4 Case 2 25th.- Eledro Plated Cruet 9th.—Rich Paisley Shawl. 4 Stand 1 26, 27, Concertina, 15s. each 28, 29, Workbox. 15s. each 30, 31, Microscope, 14s. each; 32, 33, Portmantau, 14s. each; 34, (Case of Mathematical Instruments, 10s.; 35, Gold Scarf Pin, 10s. Also a Choice Selection of other Articles of the value of not les" than 5s. each, making the total number 01 Prizes upwards of TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY The Drawing will be on the principle of the Art Union, and the succe-sful members will be published in the Cambria Daily Leader, MERTHYR TELEGRAPH. The Byd Cymreig. and Banner Cymreig. A list of Winning Numbers will be forwarded to any person who wili send a Stamped Addressed Envelope for the same. Treasurers—JOHN HAVARD, Esq., and DAVID P. MORGAN, Esq. Hon. Secretaries—Messrs. J. GRIFFITHS, Albion House, D. P. JONES. Upper Shop; D. B. OWEN, Twyncarno E. DAVIKS, Vulcan Cottage; D. Lewis, British School, Twyncarno. Auditors—Messrs WM. EVANS, Draper JAS. EVANS, Grocer D. MORGAN, Draper, Pontlotyn. [5462 PONTYPRIDD LITERARY INSTITUTE. DISTRIBUTION OF VALUABLE PRIZSS IN AID OF THE LIBRARY. rpHE Committee of the above Institution direct public attention to the following list of Valuable Articles which, with many others varying from One Pound to not less than Five Shillings, will be publicly Drawn for in the presence of several influ ntial Gentlemen, at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS, NEW INN HOTEL, on TUESDAY, the 9th of October, 1866. It is intended also to exhibit the Prizes on the Monday previous to the Drawing. LIST OF PRINCIPAL PRIZES:- FIBST PRIZE—A HANDSOME FINE-TONED NEW ROSE-WOOD PIANOFORTE, VALUE FORTY GUINEAS. VALUE. VALUE. VALUE. PRIZE GUINEAS. PRIZE GUINEAS. PRIZE GUINEAS' 2nd—A full sized Harmonium by 7th—Good Silver Lever Watch 5 15tb -Good Pair of Blankets 1$ Alexandre. 20 Sth-SaddleandBridle. 5 16th-Elegant Gold Pin. 1 3rd—Valuable Gold Watch 15 9th-Case of superior Wine 4 17th—Time-piece 1 4th—Musical Box in handsome 10th—Handsome Paisley Shawl 4 18th—Moderator Lamp 1 inlaidcase. 5 11th-Good Silk Dress 4 19th-Set of Vases. 1 5th—Mahogany Chest of Draw- 12th—Rich Lace Shawl 3 20th—Stereoscope with set of ers 5 13th—A Lady's Work Table 2 Slides. 1 6th-Elegant 8-day Clock 5 14th-Easy Chair 2 The Committee guarantee the articles fated above, and all the other Prizes to be of the full value. "LIST OF AGENTS. PONTYPRIDD— From any of the Tradespeople. Ystrad-Mr. G. D. Thomas, Chemist. Treforest—Mr. J. Richards, Grocer and Draper. Treherbert—Mr. David Jenkins, Chemist. „ Mr. John Langley, Grocer and Draper. „ Mr. Richard Thomas, Post Office. Tuff's Well-Mr. E. Mountjoy, Junction Shop. „ Mr. Evan Cule, Grocer. Cardiff—Mr. D. Duncan, Cardiff Times Office. Cowbridge -Mr. Ebenezer Davies, Bookseller. Bridgend—Mr. Wrigley, Hairdresser. Tondu—Mr. Thomas Williams, Grocer. Mountain Ash—Mr. Abel James, Chemist. Gyfeillon— Mr. Richard Evans, Post Office. Dinas—Mr. H. Bould, Agent. Ebbw Vale-Mr. Jenkin Jenkins, The Shop. Troedyrhiw (Merthyr) —Mr. H. Grogan, Station Master. Tonyrefail—Mr. Thomas Morgan, Grocer. Merthyr Tydfil -Mr. P. Williams, TELEGRAPH Office. Llantrisant- Mr. John Treharne, Draper. Aberdare-Mr. Evans, Draper, Cloth Hall. Rhymney Mr. Franklyn Dixon, Chemist. „ Mr. J. W. Thomas, Chemist. And at all the Railway Stations. The List of the successful members will be published in the MERTHYR TELEGRAPH, Cardiff Times, and Gwlad- garter, ottlle 13th of October. 0- TICKETS, SIXPENCE EACH. Appointed Agents in every Town and District. G. GRIFFITHS, R. C. HUNTER, ( TT J. GRIFFITHS, f Secretaries. 54533 J. COOMBES, J NEATH ART UNION. THREE HUNDRED PRIZES! NO PRIZE UNDER FIVE SHILLINGS DRAWING, 5 th and 6th J U L Y, 1866. THE time for the Sale of Tickets is extended to THURSDAY, the 28th of June, 1866. TICKETS, SIXPENCE each, may be obtained at the Office of this Paper, and of their Local Agents. (Sir" Applications for Books of Tickets to be made to either of the Hon. Secretaries, Mr. WALTER JONES, t „ B H. THOMAS, Neath. 5444] „ ED. WM. JONES, J SELLING OFF! AT S. B. WITCH ELL'S Home-made Wholesale and Retail Fashionable BOOT AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, VICTORIA STREET, ABERDARE. Q B. WITCHELL respectfully invites public attention to his Superior Stock of BOOTS and • SHOES, suitable for the present season. Ladies' Elastic Side Boots at 3s. 6d. Ladies' Elastic Side Stout Bottoms, 4s. Ladies' Elastic Side Fine Kid, 4s. 9d. Babies' Slippers, 5.^d. Babies' Patent Boots, lOd. Gentlemen's Cossacks, 5s. 6d. fa* Observe the AddressS. B, WITCHELL. Cheap Boot Establishment, opposite the Queen's Hotel, ABERDARE. ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. REPAIRS DONE ON THE PREMISES. [5461 A GRAND FORESTERS' FETE AT ABERGATEOI. ARRANGEMENTS have been made with the London and North Western Railway Company for a MONSTER EXCURSION to ABERGAVENNY, on MONDAY, July 9th, 1866, for which occasion great preparations are being effected to make the above Fete one of great attraction and interest to all classes, and duly authorised persons will be appointed to attend to the comfort and convenience of the Excursionists, as well as to the residents of Abergavenny and its adjoining localities, who desire to participate in the festivities of the day. The Grounds selected for the Grand Fete are pleasantly situated, being on the Hereford Road, and about five minutes' walk from the Railway Station. Three spacious MARQUEES will be erected, and REFRESHMENTS provided at moderate Charges. The Fete-Champ«tre will consist of the following Sports, &c.: Croquet, Archery, and Cricketing Donkey, Foot, Hurdle, and Wheel-Darrow Racing Quoits, Aunt Sally, Jumping in Sacks, and other Popular Amusements. Robin Hood, Little John, and William Stutley, will take part in this Great Festival. A PROCESSION will start from Brecon-road Station, Abergavenny, at 11 a, m., headed by the 9th Monmouth- shire Volunteer Band. The Tredegar Brass Band, a Drum and Fife Band, and two String Bands are also engaged for the occasion. FARES to-and-fro (including Admission into the Field):— Covered Carriages. First-Class. Tredegar (Nantybwch Station), Treril, and Beaufort Is. 6d. 2s. Od. Brynmawr Is. 2d. Is. 6d. Children under Twelve Years of Age, Half-price. The Proceeds will be devoted towards the Establishment of a Widow and Orphans' Fund in connection with the above Society. Full particulars will be given in future announcements, and any further information may be had on application to P.C.R. RICHARD BELL, or P.C.R. DANIEL MORGAN, Church Street, Tredegar. [t<,I Court Room, June 18th, 1866. [5456 SHOP FITTINGS AND GLASS CASES FOR SALE. A LARGE quantity of SHOP FIXTURES, Glass Casement for enclosing Window, 2 fine Spanish Mahogany Counter Show Cases, fitted with Plate Glass, Velvet-lined Trays, &c.; Plate Glass Shelves for shop window together with a variety of other Fittings, nearly new, which will be sold very cheap.—For inspection and further particulars, apply, S., TELEGRAPH Office, Merthyr. (5247 LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S JACKETS. J. WILLIAMS & Co. ARE NOW SHOWING A CHOICE SELECTION OF SILK AND CLOTH JACKETS in the Newest Shapes. LONDON HOUSE, 133, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. [5245 PERAMBULATORS PERAMBULATORS II A 1ARGE STOCK OF CHILDREN'S SUMMER CARRIAGES HAVE JUST ARRIVED AT THE SOUTH WALES IRONMONGERY DEPOT, High Street, Merthyr, which can be had at prices varying from 7s. 6d. to 50s. each. [5256 BOATING & FISHING ATJPENTWYN RESERVOIR. rpHE Public of Merthyr, Dowlais, Cefn-coed-y. cym mer, and neighbourhoods, are respectfylly I. informed that the Season for Boating and Fishing has commenced at the above-named magnificent lake. TICKETS for One Day's Fishing, One Shilling each or for the Entire Season, Half-a-Guinea, may be obtained of Mr. F. ATKINS, at High Street, Merthyr; and at Balaclava Street, Dowlais: also, at the Reservoir. BOATS MAY BE ENGAGED AT ALL REASONABLE HOURS AT CHEAP RATES. r5380 Improvement in Dental Surgery v THOMAS REES, \-f ?! 7 >/ DENTIST, 28, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, T) ESPECTFULLY announces that he has recently made professional visits to London and Paris -• for the purpose of perfecting himself in recent improvements introduced into the practice of Dental Surgery, especially those affecting the introduction of Artificial Teeth, without the necessity of removing hidden stumps, or giving the Patient the slightest pain in their application. He would especially draw public attention to these im- provements, as they indicate the perfection characteristic of the Art in the atteliers of Parisian Dentists, especially with respect to the manipulation and the attixing of Artificial Teeth. The Material used in the construction of these Teeth is so natural in colour that it defies detection, even if the mouth be looked into. whilst its durability is all that can be desired. Scaling, Filling, and Regulating Teeth executed on moderate terms, and on strict Dental principles. [5264 THE GWENT AND MORGANWG TEMPERANCE AND MUSICAL ASSOCIATION BEGS to announce that MISS WATTS' CONCERT will be held in ZOAR CHAI-EL, Merthyr, on MONDAY, July 2nd, 1866, in aid of Miss Watts' Fund. Miss WATTS will be assisted by Miss GEDRYCH, Pianist, Cardiff, and by the following choirs :—MERTHYR TEMPERANCE CHOIR, BETHESDA Do., PANTYWYLL Do., LOWLAIS No. 1 and 2. CHAIRMAN REV. J. ROBERTS, (IEUAN GWYLL1). Prices of Admission:—Reserved Seats, 5s., Second Seats, 2s., Third Seats, Is.—Reserved Seat Tickets to be had of Mr. W. L. DANIEL, High Street, only up to Four o'clock on the day of tho Concert. TO-AND-FRO TICKETS will be issued on this day on the Taff Vale Railway at a Fare-and-a-half. A SPECIAL TRAIN will leave Merthyr Station after the Concert at Ten p. in. Doors open "at Fire o'clock, Concert to commence at Seven. The Secoti and Third Class Ticketa to be had only jti, the Doors. [5449 JUST PUBLISHED, Price 2s. 6d., A SMALL BOOK ON PUDDLING, con- taining useful and important information for Puddlers, Iron-workers, and others, may be obtained through Booksellers, or direct from the Author. Where Forgemen and others subscribe and forward a Post-office Order for Twelve Copies, a liberal allowance will be made, which will be increased if the number ordered be Twenty- four.—For terms apply to B. BAYLISS, Bridge-street, Pontypool, Monmouthshire. [5387 A F A 0 T QA AAA TIMEPIECES are now Sold.— Ov/^V/v/v/ Watches superseded.—One of these Newly-Invented and Wonderful French POCKET TIME- KEEPERS, in handsome Gilt Case, with Appendages, Warranted Correct, will keep in going order for years, selling by Thousands. Sent Post Free for 16 Stamps.— Address, WILLIAM SMITH and Co., Watchmakers, 2, Catherine Terrace, Holland Park Road, Kensington, London, W. NO AGENTS. t5451 AYE'S WOKSDELL'S PILLS. J\. THE BEST FAMILY MEDICINE. Sold by all Chemists, &c., at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. per Box. K AYE'S WORSD ELl' PILLS THE BEST REMEDY FOR INDIGESTION. Sold by all Chemists, &c., at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. per Box. [5379 l — JOHN WILLIAMS, Builder and Ironmonger, of Dowlais, and MARIA, his Wife, DECEASED. PUBLIO NOTIOE. LL parties indebted to the above are re- quested to call at the house of HARRIES, of No. 15, Taff-street, Pantywyee. Merthyr Tydfil, immediately, so as to make an arrangement to pay their different accounts to Mr. THOMAS SAMUEL; Cordwainer, Well Street, Dowlais. DAVID HARRIES, Executor of Maria Williams. May 28th, 1866. [5419 ESTABLISHED 1852. PROVINCIAL INSURANCE COMPANY. TCT I E E — L I P E —A SKUIIlB8 Chief Offices :—HIGH STREET, WREXHAM 49, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON 77, BUCHANAN STREET, GLASGOW i TRUSTEES The Right Hon. Lord Boston. The Right Hon. Lord Tredegar. Sir Watkin Williams Wvcn. Bart.; M.P. Colonel Myddelton Biddulph, M.P. Townshend Mainwaring, h-sq.; M.P. Thomns Barnes, Esq.; M P. The Very Rev. the Dean of St. Asaph. Thomas Brassey, Esq.; Westminster. Hugh Owen, Esq.; Barnsbury, London. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD :— THOMAS BARNES, ESQ.; M.P., Farnworth, and the Quinta, Salop. All the usual descriptions of Fire and Life Insurances effected on the most moderate terms, and every attenton given to the business with which the Company may be favoured. ANTHONY DILLON, Secretary to the Company. Applications for Agencies to the Secretary, or to Mr. E. Prosser, 9, Park Terrace, Pontypool, Superintendent of Agents in South Wales, will receive immediate attention. [5450 CELEBRATED FRENCH SCOURING & CLEANSING POWDER, The quickest and easiest ever yet discovered for its cleansing qualities without Soap or Labour. '1'HlS celebrated Powder is a recent discovery, being a chemical preparation by which every descrip- tion of cleansing and scouring can be effected in a very short time. Boarded floors, however black and greasy, will, when once cleaned look equal to new brick and stone floors, however long neglected, will, by one applica- tion, be restored to their original color; walls, wainscotting, deal tables, counters, weights and scales furniture of every description fire-irons, fenders, pewter pots, brasses, &c., beautifully polished bedsteads and old walls cleaned. Wherever this Powder is used no vermin can exist, and the foulest places made clean, wholesome, and healthy. No Housekeeper once using French Powder will ever be without it, and one trial will show its value. House and Yacht Painters are now using this Powder for cleansing doors, paint work, walls, &c., and find it to be the quickest and easiest scouring article in the market. Important to Yachts,, Navy, and Merchant Ships. —Nothing that has yet been introduced will cleanse Ùe decks and flooring of shipping, paint work, &c., so quickly and easily as this Powder, and with comparatively little labour make the decks and floors as white as new, without the least injury to the planks and caulking (hence avoiding holystoning), and the ship cleaned in half the time. The French Powder is now used in all noblemen's man- sions, government offices, railway stations, hospitals, hotels, barracks, unions, public institutions, shops, and thousands of private houses. One trial will be sufficient to prove its value, and the demand there must eventually be for so useful an article. PRICE TO PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS ON APPLICATION. Sold by all respectable Grocers, in every town in England, at 3d. per lb. lib. equal to 31bs. of soap. Bugs and Fleas instantly destroyed by using the French Powdes for bed rooms, &c. <{sS" Messrs. GRANT & CO. caution the Public against any spurious article. ENTERED AT STATIONERS' HALL. Wholesale agent for South Wales and Shropshire :—J. TlLLY Stores at Messrs. James and Price's yard, Cardiff. Agent for HALE k Co.'s Hops and Artificial Manure. [5434 THE PROVINCIAL UNION ASSURANCE COMPANY (LIMITED). Capital. £100,000. Chief Offices :-104, FLEET STREET, London. DIRECTORS: THE RIGHT HON. LORD G. LOFTUS (Chairman of the London.") CAPTAIN T. HANDLEY (late of H.M. Indian Army), Southsea, Hants., and 2, Upper Belgrave Terrace, Belgravia. W. H. JOHNSON, Esq., Albion Villas, Tottenham (Mana- ging Director). CHARLES DOHERTY, Esq., Iffley Villa, Upper Norwood, and the Cavendish Club, London. JOSEPH FLEET, Esq., HalTow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex. ALEXANDER BOYLE, Esq., The Junior Carlton Club, London. MANAGER FOR LONDON: J. W. WALTERS, Esq., 104, Fleet-street. SECRETARY J. VINCENT MILLER, Esq., Nelson Villa, Clapham, and Brighton. ASSISTANT SECRETARY ALFRED JOHNSON, Esq. W. H. JOHNSON, Esq., Manager and Actuary. Sick Claims pain in the District, £1,500. Number of Members in Merthyr District, 3,000. r|^HE Provincial Union Assurance Company issues Policies for Sick and Life Assurances from £3 to ,£200, and from 4s. to 30s. per week during sickness, with medicine and medical aid. Females on accouchinent receive 20s. No Society is better established upon a scientific basis. It has excellent officers-skilful surgeons —active agents-honest collectors—and a sound board of management. Its tables are graduated, giving the exact risk for each payment; every member receives an indis- putable policy. Members are entitled to sick pay in twenty-six weeks, and to medical assistance from the day of entrance. Collectors call weekly for the Premiums due to the Society, and all disputes are decided by Local Arbi- trators. No increase of rates for Miners. Persons insuring for over £6 at death, receive an advance of 10s. per year for every year of membership. There are over three thousand members in this district alone. Special tables, for endowments. Every member should ask for a List of Sick and Death claims paid. Attention is requested to the following extracts from the table :— TABLE III.—Burial and Sick Department,—A person can insure for £ 10 at Death, and rcceive 10s. per week duriuic Sit:knes8, and Medical attendance, at the lollowiiiK rate 01 payment:— Per week. Axe. Sickness. Death. 6d. from 20 to 30 — £ 0 10 OandjelO 0 0 8d. „ 30 „ 40 — 0 10 0 „ 10 0 0 IUd. „ 40 „ 50 — 0 10 0 „ 10 0 0 The payment of Is. per week will secure the following weekly sums durlllg Sickness and at Death :— From 25 to 35 — 15s. Cd. and jCIo 35 to 45 — 13 6 and 13 „ 45 to 55 — 12 0 and 10 TABLE IV,—To Secure JE50 at Death, and 30a. per Week during Sickness :— Per week. • Age. One Shilling and Eightpence from 25 to 30 Two Shillings „ 30 to 35 Two Shillings and Twopence „ 35 to 40 Two Shillings and Sixpence. 40 to 45 Half the above amounts tor jE25 at Death, and 12K, 6d. per week during sickness. INFANTILE ASSURANCE. — Children under five years old, paying Id. per week, receive £3 at death; over five years, receive JS5. £100 AT DEATH.—9Jd. at 10 years of age 10.W. at 20 years of age, and Is. at 30 years of age, will secure J6100 at the death of the assurer. BURIAL TABLES.—One penny per week at 15 years of age secures £7 10s. at death at 30 years of age, £6 9s.; at 40 years, £5 14s.; at 60 years of age, £2 13s.; at 70 years, £ 110s.; these amounts can be progressively increased for every penny premium paid. A penny member receives the same class of policy and cards as a member assuring for 1'200. Agents in Merthyr District :— *R _LU i Wm. Lilly, 2, Albert-street. Merthyr-1 Mr, Ed: Davi^ Penydarran—Mr. Wm. Seinsbury, 3, Baltic Place. Tredegar—Mr. Robort Martin, 13, Union-street. Pontypridd—Mr. W. Davis, Tumble. Cwmsibra—Mr. W. Davies. Beaufort—Mr. Joseph Price, the Prince of Wales. Mountain Ash—Mr. Watkin Watkin, 3, Pump-street. Members will be enrolled by any of the above Collectors, on application or information given which may be required. Agents Wanted. AGENCY DEPARTMENTS.—Agents and Collectors wanted j in every part of South Wales not at present represented. Young men connected with Sunday Schools, large Works, Ministers of the Gospe), National Schoolmasters, and other persons of spare time, are required to become Agents for the Provincial Union Assurance Company in the following ] places on special termsCardiff, Swansea, Newport, ] Pontypool, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Neath, Briton Ferry, ] Llantnssant, Brecon, Abergavenny, Crickhowell. i Applications for Agencies to be made to the Manager ) and Actuary, W. H. JOUNSON, Esq., at the Company's < Gffices, 104, Fleet-street, London; or to Mr. E. Davies, Superintendent of Agencies for South Wales, 2, Albert* j ] street, Merthyr Tydfil [5339 | MR. J. E. JONES, I SCULPTOR, gEGS TO ANNOUNCE THAT HE HAS OPENED A < PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY 011 his Premises at the Entrance of Thomas Town Cemetery, and in order to meet the wishes of his numerous patrons, he has secured the services of a first-class Artist from the leading studios of England, Ireland, and America, Metro- politan and ProvinciaL The Gallery has been constructed on the latest principles, and for the best artistic purposes is unsurpassed. 4W The usual CARTE DE VISITE wili be produced at ONE.HALF the USUAL PRICE, namely, 6a. per dozen. Enlargements at low prices. VIGNETTES 88. per dozen. Mr. Jones would assure his Friends and the Public of not only first-class, but permanent Photographs. [5446 [5446 SELLING. OFF AT REDUCED PRICES MISS BTCTM 0 N D S, BERLIN WOOL, FANCY, & STATIONERY REPOSITORY, 108, HIGH STREET, ME 11 THY 11 TYDFIL, (Opposite St. David's Church). THE following Articles, in Stock, are to be SOLD OFF at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES :— Albums—Musical, Pearl, Ivory, Velvet, Russia Leather, &c. Dolls—Walking, Speaking, Crying, and every other description of Doll. vases, Lustres, Toilette Sets, Ladies Necessaires. Ladi-s' and Gentlemen's Dressing Cases, Fancy Soaps, Fancy Hair Brushes, Combs of every description, Lmnbardo Pins, &e. A large and magnificent Stock of Berlin Needlework. The new Hand Banner Screens, Braiding Designs and Braids of every description, Cottons, &c., also a stock of STATIONERY, AT MISS RICHMOND'S BERLIN WOOL, FANCY", AND STATIONERY REPOSITORY, 108, High Street, opposite St. David's Church. [5263 FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED, And every article of Family Mourning, at THOMAS PRICE'S r GENERAL DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT, MERTHYR, A NEW Stock of the following Goods just arrived, viz., Black French Merinos, Coburgs, Alpaccas, French Twills, Baratheas, French De Laines, Black Shawls and Jackets, Crapes, Mourning Bonnets, &c., &c. [5244 BROWN AND POLSON'S PATENT CORN FLOUR, PACKETS 8d., TINS Is. RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN'S DIET. mo OBTAIN EXTRA PROFIT BY THE SALE, OTHER KINDS ARE X SOMETIMES SUBSTITUTED INSTEAD OF BROWN & POLSON'S. Each Packet is signed by the makers-" JOHN BROWN," "JOHN POLSON." [5459 4a GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. TOURIST TICKETS, available for One Calendar Month, are now issued at the PRINCIPAL STATIONS on this Railway to the principal Watering Places on the Dorsetshire, Somersetshire, Devonshire, Cornwall, and Yorkshire Coasts, to the Isle of Man. Malvern, Buxton, Matlock, Windermere, Penrith, and the Lake District to the principal places on the Eastern and Southern Coasts North and South Wales, to Scot- land and Ireland, &c. RETURN TICKETS, at about a Singe Fare for the Double Journey, are also issued during the Summer Months to Pic-nic or Pleasure Parties. For full particulars see Programmes, which can be obtained at any of the Company's stations. J. GRIERSON, General Manager. Paddington, June, 1866. [5415 Afi GREAT WESTERN AND VALE OF NEATH RAILWAYS. CHEAP EXCURSIONS. AS SATUKDAY, JUL1 7th, and EVERY Saturday up to and including September 29th, a Train will leave MERTHYR at 5 30 p.m., AJBERNANT, 5.42; LLWYDCOED, 5.50; Hirwain, 6.0, and GLY-NEATH at 6.20 p.m. for SWANSEA. Fares there and back in Covered Carriages, 3s. 6d. for Llanelly, Pembrey, Ferryside, Carmarthen Junction or Carmarthen Town, fares 4s. for St. Clears, Witlaud, Narbeth lload, Clarbeston Road, Haverfordwest, Johnston, and New Milford fares 5s. Od., returning the following Monday from New Milford at 3.0 p.m. also from NEATH at 645 p.m., and SWANSEA at 6.45 p.m., for the same stations returning as above. TICKETS may be obtained at the above named VALE OF NEATH STATIONS and at ABERDARE, on or after the Monday preceeding the running of each train. o For particulars see hand Bills. Paddington, June 22nd, 1866. [54(M BLENHEIM HO USE ACADEMY, LEA, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Distant from Gloucester, Ten Miles; Ross, Five. CONDUCTED BY Mr. IRVING. F.S.A., Licentiate of the Royal College of Preceptors, London. Penna :-Under 12 years of age, 22, and above, 25 Guineas per annum No increase in the charge is made vlien Pupils are placed under 12, and continue after that age. AT this Establishment, delightfully situate in c; its own ground of several acres, Young Gentlemen are prepared for the Learned Professions, .Military, Naval, and Civil Services, the Oxford and Cambridge Middle Class Examinations, and Commercial pursuits. The course of instruction embraces the Greek and Latin Classics, French (which is taught generally, AND without any charge, by a Resident Master, a native of France), German, Spanish, Mathematics, Music, Writing, Practical Land Surveying, Merchant's Accounts, &c. The system of Tuition is calculated to ensure the pupil's rapid progress in his studies.. The prominence is given to Religion, which its importance demands. Reports of con- duct and progress are issued quarterly, and rewards peri- odically distributed by which, and other means, a spirit of emulation is excited, and the full powers of the youthful mind are drawn into action, without any recourse to cor- poral punishment. The premises being only half a mile distant from the Mitcheldean Station of the Hereford, Ross, and Gloucester Railway, are of easy access to pupils travelling by the South Wales line, or by way of Abergavenny and Hereford. A prospectus and view of the house, with Inclusive Terms, if required, which are extremely moderate, will be forwarded on application to the Principal. The studies will be resumed on the 18th July, 1866. Numerous references. Established 1838. Cgg" The domestic arrangements of this Establishment will, in future, be under the immediate supcrintvndonce of Mrs. Irving. [5466 THE SOHOOL, BRIDGEND. HEAD MASTER:—MR- W. AUSTIN, of the London Uni- versity, formerly of University College, and the Poly- technic, Hanover. rpHIS School is beautifully situated in one of the most healthy districts of South Wales, a short distance from the sea. The school house and dormitories are new, and have been built with every attention to health and comfort. Great facilities for acquiring the modern languages. r The School will Re-open on EDNESDAY the 18th July. Terms, &c., on application to the Head Master. [5473 THE LARGEST AND CHEAPEST WEEKLY PAPER IN SOUTH WALES. nPHE FIRST NUMBER of the CENTRAL GLAMORGAN GAZETTE will be published on FRIDAY, June 29th, 1866, and is intended to represent the varied interests of Central Glamorgan. Price, THREE- HALF-PENCE (Unstamped). Communications to the Editor, and Advertisements, should be forwarded as early as possible.. OFFICES :-No. 3, Queen Street, Bndgend. Lu460 MR. DANIEL DAVIES'S NOTICES. NOTICE. \LL persons indebted for Shop Goods# &c., to the late Mr. ROBERT FREDERICK, of Dow- lais, Grocer, &c.. are hereby requested to pay their respec- tive Debts to Mr. DANIEL DAVIES, Auctioneer, &c., No. 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais. H. FREDERICK, Executrix of the late Mr. Robert Frederick. Dowlais, June 18th, 1866. [5454 PANTTSGALLOCT, DOWLAIS. DES I R A B LEI N V EST MEN T. MR. DANIEL DAVIES WILL SELL BY AUCTION, At PANTYSGALLOG INN, near Dowlais, on THURSDAY, the 12th day of July, 1866, at Seven for Eight o'clock in the Evening (subject to the conditions of sale then produced), ALL that HOUSE, GARDEN, & PREMISES, being No. 5, Pant Road, Pantysgallog, near Dow- lais, the property of the late Mr. Joseph Mosley, and held under a grant for lease from the executors of the late Mrs. Davies, Pantsgallog, for ? years, 78 of which are unexpired, subject to a ground rent of £1 10s. 8d. per annum. The annual rentals of the House and the small Cottage adjoiniug are £ 11 14s. Od. Further particulars may be obtained of Mr. JOHN EVANS, High-street. Dowlais, or of the AUCTIONEER. 19, Iv'or-fffcrebt, Dowlais, June 20tb, 186G. [Muu DOWLAIS DISTRICT OF ODDFELLOWS, I M.U. A GRAND OPEN-AIR FETE will be held by the Members of the above Society, on THURSDAY Evening, 26th July, 1866, in a Field near the old Morlais Castle, kindly lent for the occasion by G. T. CLARK, Esq. -For particulars of Rustic Sports, &c., that will take place, see Bills. A BAND will be in attendance, and Dancing will com- mence at Four o'clock. Refreshments will be Sold on the grounds by the Com- mittee at moderate charges. Admission to the Field SIXPENCE each. The Proceeds will be devoted to the Funeral Fund of the District. [5465 MEKTHYR MONSTER FETE AND GALA, THURSDAY, JULY 12 th, 1866, TN a Large Field, completely fenced in, near Mr. Evan's Brewery, Penheolgerrig. PATRONS :-CAPTAIN RUSSELL and OFFICERS of the 12th GLAMORGAN VOLUNTEERS. By permission of R. T. CRAWSHAY, Esq., THE CYFARTHFA BAND will attend. (Leader—Mr. George Livsey.) PROFESSOR ANDOE, patronised by R. Fothergill, Esq., at Abernant House, December 30tli, 1865. The celebrated Pyrotechnist and Firework Artist, PRO- FESSOR BURNS, from the Zoological Gardens, Bristol. HERR COSSETH, from the Circus Royal, London, &c. A GRAND PROCESSION of FORESTERS in full Regalia will meet at half-past one p.m., in the Market Place, and walk to the grounds, preceded by the Band. Part of the proceeds will be given to the Widows' and Orphans' Fund. A GRAND CONCERT will be given at half-past Two by the justly celebrated Cyfarthfa Band, including a selec- tion of Dance Music. As the shades of evening close, there will be a GRAND NADIR BALLOON ASCiiNT The Fete will conclude with a Brilliant Display of FIREWOR KS!. Prices of Admission :—Is. from Two o'clock to Six from Six o'clock 6d.—Tickets to be had at the TELEGRAPH and Express Offices; Messrs. WHITE & SONS, Printers; and all respectable shops. eiri- CONVEYANCES from the Lord Raglan every half- hour. CHEAP TRAINS will run during the day from Aberdare, Hirwain, and Brecon. [5422 TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. THE ABERDARE BUILDING SOCIETY. AMENDED SPECIFICATION. sbove Society is prepared to receive J TENDERS for the building of TWENTY-NINE HOUSES in Monk Street, Aberdare Plans and Specifications to be seen on and after July 4th, at No. 2, Monk Sweet. Tenders to be sent in not liter than Six o'clock, p.m., on TUESDAY, July 17th, 1866. The Society does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. N B. -This is a Bona Fide offer on behalf of the Society to the most eligible builder who may offer. Signed, BENJAMIN HEUTON. No. 2, Monk Street, Secretary. June 27, 1866. [5468 ABERDARE LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. TO CONTRACTORS, ROAD MAKERS, AND OTHERS. PERSONS desirous to CONTRACT for the Sewering, Levelling, Kerbing, Channelling, Flagging, Making Footpaths, Gully Traps, Drains and Grates, Macadamizing, and otherwise completing the surface of JENKIN STREET, Aberdare, are informed that Plans and Specifications may be seen, and Forms of Tender, Schedule, &c., obtained, together with any further in- formation required, on application to Mr. R. C. HALL, the Surveyor to the Board, at his office, High-street, Aber- dare, on or before TUESDAY, the 3rd day of July next. Tenders to be sent to me on or before WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of July next, endorsed Tender for Repairing Jenkin-street. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By order of the Board, r BENny J. HOLLIER, Clerk. Aberdare, June 8th, 1866. [54 >2 PONTYPRIDD UNION. ALL Persons desiring to CONTRACT with the Board of Guardians for the Supply of the follow- ing PROVISIONS and other Articles here-uuder mentioned, or any of them, to be delivered free of cost at the Union Workhouse, and to the Out-door Paupers, in such quantities weekly as may be required, tor the Three Months ending 29th September, 1866, are requested to send to the Work- house Sealed lenders for the same, endorsed Tender for Beer, &c or Potatoes" as the case may be, on or before the 9th day of July, 1866, and which Tenders will be opened on the 10th day of July, 1866. Potatoes at per ton. Beer at per quart, per kildkerkin, or per half-barrel. Porter „ Wine at per pint. Brandy 0 at per pint. Gin at per pint. Accounts for Goods supplied to Out-door Paupers to be sent in to the Relieving Officers weekly, in the prescribed form and for the Workhouse at the end of the quarter. Tenders will only be received in the forms prescribed by the Board, which may be had on application at my Otticc. E. C. SPICKETT, Clerk. Pontypridd, 28th June, 1866. TEMPERANCE HALL, MERTHYR. GRAND FASHIONABLE AMATEUR PERFORMANCE. FIRST appearance of Messrs. MACKAY and CARTLIDGE, the Celebrated ETHIOPEAN VOCALISTS, who have kindly offered their services. The Merthyr Tydfil Working Men's Amateur Dramatic Society beg leave most respectfully to announce to the Gentry and Public of Merthyr and its vicinity, that the next performance will take place on THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 5th, 1866, on which occasion will be presented Tom Taylor's original Comedy, entitled "STILL WATERS RUN DEEP." To be followed by Messrs. Mackay and Cartlidge, the Celebrated Etliiopean Vocalists, who will introduce their Comic Illustrations of Darkie Life down South. The whole to conclude with the Laughable Farce of "URGENT PTUVATE AFFALUS." Prices of Admission :-Front Seats, Is. 6d.; Gallery, Is.; Back Seats, 6d. Doors open at half-past Seven o'clock, to commence at Eight precisely. Children in arms not admitted. Leader of the Band Mr. NIXON. Stage Director and Manager • • Mr. W. THOMPSON. [5467 TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. Y17"ANTED. a well Educated Youth as an APPRENTICE (out-door) to the Bookselling and Stationery Trade.—Apply to WHITE & SONS, Stationers, 1 Merthyr. [5463 WANTED, A WELL-CONDUCTED MAN, to take charge of a Horse, to assist occasionally at Brewing, and to make himself generally useful. Apply at the TELE- GRAPH Office, Merthyr. [5471 A ONE POUND REWARD 1IODYWYGIAD ESTATE, PENDERYN. OTICE is hereby given, that the above Re- ward will be paid on the conviction of any person TRESPASSING on the above Estate in pursuit of Game, or for the purpose of Fishing. All persons are hereby cautioned that in each case of Trespass a prosecution will be instituted, and followed out with the utmost rigour. All Dogs found upon the Estate will be immediately destroyed. -Application to be made to GEORGE WOOLLEY, Gamekeeper. May 1st, 1866. [5373 GREAT SUCCESS OF THE TURKISH BATHS AT MERTHYR. TN consequence of the extensive patronage bestowed by the Public, on the above Baths, the Pro- prietors have determined for the future to REDUCE the price of the Turkish Bath from 2s. to Is. 6d., from 8 a. in. to 2 p.m. Twelve tickets will be supplied at 15s. instead of 20s. The most polite attention shown to all visitors. 5420] BY ORDER OF THE DIRECTORS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, T^HATthe Co-partnership carried on for some time past at Brecon-street, Dowlais, in the County of Glamorgan, by EDWARD GREGORY and THOMAS LLOYD, under the style or firm of Gregory & Lloyd," has been DISSOLVED, and that the business will for the future be carried on by the said Thomas Lloyd, on his own account, who will discharge and settle all debts due from, and receire all monies due to, the estate. Dated this 9th day of May, 1866. JOHN PLEWS, THOMAS LLOYD. Solicitor, Merthyr Tydfil. THOMAS LLOYD TJ> ESPECTFULLY announces that the above Partnership having been disolved by mutual consent, he begs to inform his Customers and the Public that the business henceforth will be under his own control, and he would assure them that their orders will receive his prompt and best attention. The Goods which he will supply will be of the very best description, and being bought on the most advantageous terms, he will be enabled to offer them to his Customers on the lowest terms compatable with the best quality. # The public patronage is respectfully solicited. [5381 J UN E, 1866. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CORK, MILFORD, CARDIFF, AND NEWPORT. rpHE CORK STEAM SHIP COM- J- PANY's Screw Steamers "DODO" ^^JjLJ^Cpptain Raynes, 1,0 Tons COR.viuR- A NT," Captain Croft, 1,200 Tons; HALCYON." Captain Mowle, 800 Tons ait intended to ply as underneath, and aitord conveyance tor Passengers, Goods, and Cattle. at. very moderate rates. FROM CARDIPP OR NEWPORT TO CORK. From Newport, Saturday, .2,7 am. Cardiff, Saturday, 9, H pm. Newport, Saturday, .16, Ham. „ Cardiff, Saturday, 2:3, 1A p.m Newport, Sa.turday. -30, 6A a.m. FROM COkK FOlt MILFORD, CAKDJPP, OK NKWVOKT. To Milford & Cardiff, Wednesday 6, 8 a. ni. „ Milford & Newport, Wednesday .13, 2A pm „ Milford & Cardiff, Wednesday, 20. 8 a. m. Milford & Newport, Wednesday .27, 2A pm FARES Irom Cork to Carditt and NewportBest Ca;¡ill 17s. 6d. —Dcck, 7s. No Steward's Fee. Return Tickets available tor one month. 27s. Goods conveyed to and from Limerick at Through Hates via Cork. Horses, Carriages, Live Sto> k, and Goods for Shipment should be alongside FOUR HOURS before the advertised time of starting. For particular-, apply to the Secretary, Cork Steam Shin Co., Cork Ford and Jackson. Milford James Maddocks, Cork Steam Ship Co.'s Wharf, Newport, or to E C. DOWNING, Bute Docks, Cardiff. [5238 MAY, 1866. BURNHAM TIDAL HARBOUR COMPANY. •I "VvJkv rpHE Shortest find Cheapest Route to and I from the south-east. South, anil West Mfr^[|\f^ot England, South Wales, Liverpod, the TS £ amSm& Channel Islands, Paris, and all pa; ts of the Coniiuait, vui Poole and (herboulg". IMPROVED STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BURNHAM AND CARDIFF. 4W Passengers, !Parrels, and Goods, can be booked Throughout between Cardiff and Poole, and all Stations on the Somerset and Dorset Railway, and Cherbourg, Caen, Pari*, Bordeaux, &c., and London, Poitsmouth, Gospt-rt, Southampton, Guernsey, Jersey, Lymington, Weymouth, and all the principal Stations on the London and Sourn Western Railway. Third Class Tickets ior Cardiff" are issued from any Station between Poole and Hiuhbridge, inclusive, by all Trams arriving at Burnham immediately before the departure of the Stewmer; and from Carditt, available by any Train leaving Burnham next after the arrival of the Pack t. Tue tine, fast-sailing, Clyde-built Stpariiers"uEFI ANCE," E. L. BARRON, Commander; "HEATHER BELL," W. DEN tI HA 111, Commander; or other suitable Steamers, are intended, (wind and weather permitting, with or without a Pilot, and with liberty to Tow,) during the month of MAY, 18G6, to ply with Passengers and Merchandise as follows Arriving at Trains leave South- Ports- r i Burnham at Poole. Weymotli. ampton. mouth. a.m. p.m. 1»-m- P-111* P-ni- p.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. P-111* P-ni- p.m. 8 5 12 5 1 18 1 7 2 0 2 0 10 30 2 5 4 0 3 30 4 0 4 20 p. m. 5 30 6 40 1 0 4 5 8 10 6 0 3 48 9 35 10 10 9 21 10 40 Trains leave ;Arriving at WtlooB Ports- South- Weymouth. 1'oole.Burnham- London. mouth, hampton. y 1\ m. a.m. a.m. 11..111. a.m. p.m. 6 0 6 25 8 10 12 25 7 5 7 55 8 50 8 35 10 15 2 18 11 40 11 40 p.m. pm. P-M- p m. p.m. 12 45 12 20 1 20 5 30 3 50 4 15 4 50 4 50 5 25 !)30 Fares, Burnham and Cardiff—Saloon and After Cabin, 3s Fore Cabin, 2s. Return Tickets, available on the day of issue only- Saloon, 4s 6d Fore Cabin, 3s. Those is- sued on Saturday will be available for the Return Journey on the following Monday. Return Tickets between Cardiff and all the Stations on the Somerset and Dorset Railway, Southampton, Ports- mouth, and the Stations on the London and South Western Railway, will be available for the Return Jouruey on the day of issue, or either of the two subsequent days. Return Tickets between Cardiff and Guernsey and Jersey via Southampton—1st Class, 48s 2nd Class, 37s. First Class Passengers allowed 112 Ibs of Luggage Second Class, 561bs. Burnham and Cardiff—Four-wheel Carriages, 20s; Two- wheel ditto, 10s Horses, 6s; Cattle, 5s Calves, Dogs, and Pigs, Is Sheep, 8d each. Shipping and Landing Live Stock at the risk of their Owners. The Company will hot be accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. The splendid First-class Clyde-built Steam-ship ALBION is intended to sale from Poole for Cherbourg every Monday and Thursday, at 12 30 p m., and from Cherbourg to Poole on Wednesday and Saturday at 8 30 am, in connection with the Trains and Steamers between Burnham, Cardiff, and Swansea, and Passengers are booked throughout as follows: To CHEKBOURG. j Single Tickets ReturnTickeTs EROJI available for available f", I FOUR DAYS. ONE MONTH. Cardiff, Port lalbot, or 1st C. 1st C 2nd C. i Swansea (on board & After Cabin & After Cabin, the Steamer) 27s.6d. 23s.6(1 41s 6d 35s 5il Highbridge (S. D. R. S.) 23 6 19 6 35s 6d 29s 4d Aft. C. poreO. Aft C. ForeC Poole 15 0 i 10 0 22s Cd 15s Od j To CAEN. J Single Tickets, I Return Tickets PROM available for a. ailable for, FIVE DAYS. |_ ONE MONTH.. Cardiff, Port Talbot, or I lstc" i 2nd C 1st C 2nd C Swansea (on board & After Cabin & After Cabin 1 the Steamer) 36 9 30 7 60 0 4'J 7 Highbridge (S.SD.R.S ) o2 t 26 6 53 9 43 6 i Poole 19 3 | 17 1 33 6 I 29 2 t To PARIS. Single Tickets, I Return Tickets FROM available for available for j FIVE DAYS. ONE MONTH. I Cardiff, Port Talbot, or 1st C 2nd C I 1st C 2nd C t Swansea (on board & After Cabin He After Cabin ( the Steamer) 45 4 37 3 83 3 I 66 1 Highbridge (S.4D.R.S) 43 0 35 9 81 0 I 63 0 | Poole 33 3 27 5 61 6 | 49 10 For Further Particulars see Poole and Cherbourg Bills v Goods at Class Rates delivered free of hauling and Dock c dues in Cardiff. Goods and Carriages on deck at Shipper's 1 risk. Further information as to Freight, &c., may be obtained s by applying to Mr. Briscoe, Chief Offices, Glastonbury at the Company's Offices, Stuart-street, Bute Docks, Cardiff; 1 or at Burnham Mr. Pocket, Bristol Steam Packet", harf, i South Dock, Swansea; Mr. John Davey, Lantern Hill, t Ilfracombe Mr. E. K.Korke, Steam Packet Superintend- ent. Railway Station, Southampton Mr. J. Smith, ship- » chandler, York House, Bridgewater Mr. Barton, Sonier- i set and Dorset Railway Office, 16, High-Street, Bristol; a or Mr. W illiams, 53, King W illiam Street, City, London. si —Receiving <'ffices in London: 53, King William Street, c City; Blossom's Inn. Laurence Lane, Cheapside; 90, f High-street, Borough, and all the offices of the South t Western Railway Company. t By Order, i ROBERT A. READ, I Secretary and General Manager. 1 Chief Offices Glastonbury f TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, several good COAT AND TROUSER HANDS, at the NEW YORK HOUSE, Rhymney. [5472 LLOYD AND EVANS BEG to inform their Friends nnd the Public that they have taken out a LICENSE as AUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISERS, And trust to merit a share of the patronage of the publi of Dowlais and the surrounding neighbourhood. Money advanced on Goods for Sale. OSce 110, King's Head, High-street, Dowlais. [5285