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A destructive fire in the ninth ward of tho city of New York has consumed thirty houses and twenty stables. The loss was estimated at over 100,000 dollars. Two firemen were injured. Tn consequence of the numerous suicides which have lately occurred among tlic soldiers, Marshal Mngnan has issued an order of the day, repeating an opiuion of Napoleon 1., who compared the soldier who took his own life to a man deserting his post on the day of battle. Moits ARMS FOB ITALY,—Tho Prog res of I" Lyons states that M. Escoffier, the manager of the Imperial manufactory of arm? at St. Etienne has received anorder for 25,000 musket3 from the Sardinian Minister of War, the French Govern- ment having given tho necessary authorisation. EXTKAOKDIJSAIIY "FI: LAIC OF NATURE.— A short time since Charles Mill, living at Crawley, near Ulev, had a pig which brought forth young to tho number of ten, several of which were more or less deformed—one iu a most extraordinary and wonderful manner. It had the perfect form of a human face (with eyes, nose, mouth, te^J#fand tongue) which was perfectly upright. Thera^ere no hind legs, but two marks where legs ought to have been. There were two fore legs, on each of which were five fingers, and the hand represented a human being. The ears, which were not uprighr. but were situated along the side of the iace, were half pitr and half human in appearance. It was born alive. The face and forehead were quite bare of hair, but the hinder part was covered with hair, as of a pig. The circumstance caused much taik in the neighbourhood. A HUMP BACK WILL,—The Italian journals state that a wealthy person of Florence, just de- ceased, has left a singular will. It declares that the greater part of his fortune shali go to the man with the largest lump on his back in all Tuscany, and that the persons entrusted with the duty of selecting him shall be themselves twelve hump-backs To recompense the latter for their trouble, he directs that, in addition to travelling expenses, each shall be presented with a guld medal bearing the effigy of iEsop, their proto- type. THE MURDERS TN WALWORTH.—On Wednes- day morning, the funeral of Mrs. Martha y oung- man and her sons, Thomas and Edward Rayson Youngman, took place at Woking Cemetery. On the previous night the bodies were privately removed from Newington Workhouse, and con- veyed by the South Western Bailway to tl e cemetery; and, yesterday morning, John Young- mail, the father, John Matthew xoungmao, the surviving sou, proceeded by railway to the cerce- tery, and attended the last obsequies of the dc ceased. It is now stated that the defence to be set up is that of insanity, and that the disease is hereditary in the family, the mother of Mrs. Youngman having been in&aiie; ai,)\; ths"pvi- xooelrs grandfather, on the.pateripi] side, insane: and an uncle, afflicted with the tame disease, had ako died in a mad-house.