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io :ZIOI< TOWH BBICK WOBES. IMPORTANT TO BUILDERS, C0NTBACT0BS, AND OTHEKS. aMMENSE saying by the use of BRICK as a material for Building, in preference to Stone—effecting a saving of 25 per cent, at the present reduced prices, which are as follows:— »d Building Bricks 20s. per 1000. | Fire, prime quality, ditto 30s. per 1000. The above prices, for Cash only, and a considerable per centage allowed on large quantities. Merthyr, May 26tn, 1860. ~T7 CHEAP EXCTJUSIOIJ FROM ciifefeL PROM ciifefeL jffly MERTHYB. & ABERRANT (FOB ABEBDABE), TO ILERACOMBE,M«!= *"TCluSisS^ Qn the j-ar_fame(i Coast of Devon, BY the South VTales and Vale of Neath Bail-ways to Swansea, thence by the regular Passenger Steamers Prince of Wales," commanded by William Pockett, and Lord Beresford," commanded by Henry Fockett, on SATURDAY, AUGUST 18th, 1860 (wind and weather permitting), giving Excursionists about Five Hours at IlfracomOO The Train will l«avi*Metthyr at 6.0 a.m., and Abernant (for Aberdare) at 6.15 a.m., and will arrive in Swansea about 7.30 a. to. J t, V- The Prince oi Wales'^incL" Lord Beresford" Steamers will leave the Half-Tide Basin, South Docks, Swan- r see, at 8.0 a.m., or immediateiyjuter the arrival of the Train from Merthyr and Abernant, and they will return from llfracombe at 3.30 pan., arriving in Swansea in time for Passengers to return by Special Train for Merthyr and Abernant (for Aberdare^ J FARBS From Merthyr to llfracombe and back..w. v. 5s. Od. FARBS :-From Merthyr to Ilfracombe and back..w. v. 5s. Od. From Abernant (for Aberdare) to llfracombe and bacK, 5s. Od. Tickets may be had of the Vale of Neath Railway Statioiv Masfjas atMefthyr and Abernant (for Aberdare.) An early application is necessary, as the number of Passengers i^jmited/ -x The Royal Glamorgan Militia Artillery Baih^ wilf be ten dance. WELSH RATIONAL MUSICAL CONTEST &PËOPLE'S FESTIVAL Open to all the Brass Bands, Harpists, and Choirs in the Principality, including Monmouthshire. Under' the Presidency of DA VID WILLIAMS, Esq.fAlaw Goch.J THE Managing Committee beg most respectfully to inform tfi^itusidnS&tf^tlwt arrangements have been completed for holding and celebrating a GRAND VOCAL and INSPfiJ^MENTTrL MUSICAL CONTEST and PEOPLE'S FESTIVAL, on a scale of magnitude totally unprecedenteft>AkJVgATH, on MOJNDAY and TUESDAY, the 24th and 25th of SEPTEMBER next, where a spacious Marquee mlrfcft erected capable of accom- modating upwards of Three Thousand persons, when the following Prizes of Moijey and Medals will (subject to the regulations) be awarded to the successful competing Bands, Harpists, and Choirs. FIRST DAY.—MONDAY, SEPT. 24TH, 1860. BRASS BANDS.—First Prize. £ 12, with Silver Medal for Bandmaster. .TV Second Prize, £ 7 7s. T HARPS.—First Prize, £ 2 2s., with Silver Medal. V /I Second Prize, jEl Is. 7 Cf" SECOND DAY.—Tuesday* \3EPT.5TH. (Open to all the unsuccessful Bajitfet>f' Fir^Day.) -j BRASS BANDS.—First Prize, £ 10, witn^yvflEjyB&W for ^Bandra aster. Second Prize, £ 5 5s. Nv i\. t CHOIRS.—First Prize, £ 10, with Silver MedaNoi? Leader. Y Second Prize, £ 5 5e. All BandSjllarpist#,>Mid Choirs desirous of competing, must be entered not later than the 3rd of September. No Entrance flfe ffharged\ All entrie#to be addres^d, and all particulars obtained, by enclosing a stamped envelope to Mr. D. JONES, Briton PerrjwNeu. Tim i nijMlii wiyiiiiiim iii li day at 11 a.m. AdmissionTickets only, each day, Is. each; Reserved Seats, 2s. each\ A v i Tickets to bk obtained T»f MrsAWhittington, Post Office, MrWlaymatt* and Miss Coates, Stationers, Neath; and ot Mr. D. Jon^s, Mr. Thunas Williams, Mr. Oram, and ^r. 'WskAt, Stationer, Briton Ferry. Early appli- cation tor Tickets iArcquestttl/to prevent trouble and confusiodvon eiwriAthe Marquee. Concerts will b|[givA at the To^j Hall in the Evening\)f eacl* day, for particulars of whreji see future announcements. y x Jn Arrangements will made with the different Railway Companies far issuing Excursion Tickets on those dayf at reduced feres. s LOOK TO THE CONDITION OF YOUR VERY owner of Horses and Cattle HORSES AND CATTLE. jrw shonld use E. R. GAY'S CONDITION POWDERS in all cases of loss of appetite, vital energq It indiq pw proves the digestive functions, impartsvnew vigour to old, debilitated, or sick .ffor.ies, and enables them to perform dcj^ble tfie labour without being distressed. Want of condition in a Horse'is generaSw indicated by the roughness of the coat, which the above Powders will speedily remedy. One trial will enoflgh to prove that it is the best preparation for increasing the appetite, purifying the blood, giving a fine ctnit, anf\reventing all diseases incidental to Horses and Cattle at Spring arid Fall. The Powder being an Indian produce,, is prepared from the recipe of ]/- one of the principal Veterinary Surgeons in England, and has been uW for flhny years in several of the largest livery stables in London. AL "Prepared only by E. R. Dispensing Chemist, 55, High-street, M^thyr Tydfil,-in packets at Is. 6d. each, A6B5T8Aftirdarf: Mr. Thomas, Cliexnist, Commercial-street; Pontypridd, Mr. R. Smyth, Chemist, er Agents in courae ql aplciitaaertt throughout South Wales, who will be announced in future advertisements. Capa^pa^to arKjarts of South Wales on Orders for 12s. and upwards. fyL 1 xu u. CLEANLINESS, LIGHT- NESS, ELEGANCE, AND DURABILITY. Hi RON BEDSTEADS v IN GREAT VARIETY. /TT\ THOMAS begfl>|o announce that he has now ready for inspection a'large Stock at such prices Y X • "as will defy competition, having regard to quality. T. T. also invites inspection of his Stock of Foot, Hip, Reclining, Slipper, and Shower Baths, and Loysell's Patent Hydrostatic Coffee and Tea Urns, in Tin and Bronze, at exceedingly low prices. Obierve the Address :-Opposite the Jiush Hotel, High Street, Merthyr. IMPORTANT NOTICE. ALENFIELD PATENT STARCH, Xj.t the only Starch used in Her Majesty's Laundry, I^T XD as some unprincipled parties are now making I r JLJL and offering for sale an imitation of the GLEN- I Y^IKLD STARCH, we hereby caution all our customers IS to be careful, when purchasing, to see that the word r Glenfield is on each packet, to copy which is felony. W9THBR8POOW and Co., Glasgow and London. RHYMNEY, FRANKLIN X)is:o3sr, (Late qf Plymouth Surgery, Merthyr), BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Rhynmey and surrounding neighbourhood that he has commenced business as a CHEMIST and DRUGGIST, in the pre- /roises near the Church (lately occupied by Mr. William -S Davies, Grocer), with an extensive Stock of Drugs and Chemkwls of superior quality, and hopes, by strict I attejraoo and moderate charges, to merit their patronage n amsupport. Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Recipes accu- X rately dispeoifb I Oils, 1'aOT^Coloi^Hpnd Varnishes: Tooth, Hair, Nail, aqi Paint Bru^s; Patent Medicines and Per- fumery, sc., &c. 40 1. Teerk carefully extracted. A- r^r- — • f THE UFFERA S. OF MERTHYR /J AID ffilll CUB* BY 'A* JPTJLYEEjVIACHEE'S PATENT LI MVAHIC ABTI-EIEDMAT1C CHAIU \S BAUDS. I TITR. PULVERMACHER inforams ^bose invalids lVl whose maladies are considered beyond the aid ol medical, skill, that he Vs appointed Mr. T. LOVE- RIDGE, Chemist, MerthXTydfil, to be especial Agent for the sale of these ffcingtilar VOLTAIC CHAINS. Mr. LOYKRIDGK vmf give atolicants every informa- tion respecting theii/curati ve ^wers, and the proper method of s^^as to ensure imme- diate and certain success^ Nearly e>$ry form of disease is permanently alld magffall/Hured by.wearing one over the part affected. \Jn all /hose cases vwhere medicine or ordinary appliancelkprove futilythe Chains act like a charm. For miles round man sufferers have already been marvellously relieved-tKmafWies cured, principally onsist of paralysis, epileps spasms, rheumatism, gout, lumbago, sciatica, rigidity, M joints, urethral disor- ders, hysteria, loss oi voice, nypochondria, deafness, debility, constipation, and palsy. And the alleviation of neuralgia, tic doloreux, head, ear, face, and tooth ache, is so astonishing, and effected so instantaneously, that sufferers may test the influence of the Chain before- handatthedepot. After seeing and feeling the phenomena produced, the sulferer may still further be astonished and convinced by perusing the extracts taken from upwards of 100 medical, scientific clerical, and philosophical works, referring to the efficacy of this new discovery.- Price 5s., 10s. 6d., 15s., 18s., 22s.—Visit the dep&t. and read the documents from parties cured.—J. L Pulvermacher and Co., 73, Oxford-street, London. Agent for CARDIFF, Mr. JOY, Chemist, &c., Duke- street BRIDGEND, Mr. JOHN PRICE, Chemist, &c.; NEATH. Mr. HUTCH INS, Chemist, &c. EBBW VALE, Mr. B. A. GEORGE, Chemist. MERTHYR; MB. T.'LOVEBIDGE, CHEMIST, &Ct COMFORT IN WRITING! I NO PEN CAN TELL>F^ Y/ THE great superiority of the sold at the TELEGRABQ Q^'eV^It i^adapted for.every hand, is an amalffiftm^Jipn A) thej^t lnetals, and being ailti-corro-siv I t\iiice/as long, and' write immeasurably superior to an/ owme Pens usually sold. A trial invited. Sold at Sd^/p^r dozen, or 2s. per gross box. PAINLESS TOOTH J EXTEACTION E E. GAY, DENTIST, begs to intimate^hat he • has perfected an ETJECTKICAJK APPA- RATUS for the above purpose, and m»f bepqmulterl daily at 55, High-street, Merthyr (oppGsite tife square.) U jr Decayed Teeth and Stumn^extraeC d ^Ithou^fJie least pain.—Scaling and Cleajrfftg, -f\; St 6< Artificial Teeth supplied. ^Jflieseexcfellen Mitral Teeth are perfect in their re^mblance tq nat and are of everlasting wear. > E. ToCth Essence, foj/nit IMMEDIATE BELIEF'ofcSTooth-acIiSr—In BottlesfGd., and Is. each. E. R Gay's <^nine>Dentifrk< for Beautifying and Preservin-^therWee^c Strengthening the Gums, &c.— n Boxes Is. ch. < v-v <$^ACZS°^ /es% /T'C I oo t PA r$ CORN FLOCjk. A Delicious preparation for Puddings, Custards Blanc-Mange, Cakes, &c., preferred to the best Arrowroot, and when simplv boiled with milk, is the most light and Wholesome diet for children and inva- lids; and served w^h jelly and milk or cream, is the most wholesome Jind inexpensive dessert for dinner or supper. S* 'v BAKED Putinijh, (FrQm recipes on paclcages.).T- Nearly touPytawe p>oonfuls \f the Flour, or three and a half ouncesVto o»e </&H|t otfKjlk; boil three minutes, stirring it briskl^allcnv it tkrfioo^and then thorough!} mix it with two *ggi, wa^beateKwitli three table spoonfuls of sugar, ^lavoly- to tast,e/Hod bake for hall an hour in an oven. FRUIT ake orXew the fruit with sugar, put it into a pie dish, then pouN over it Corn Flour boiled with milk, in the proportion of four ounces ot the Flour to one quart of milk, then brown it before the fire, or iu the oven. The Lancet states" This is superior to anything oi the kind known." Obtain it where inferior articles are not substituted. Sold in 4, 8, and IG oz. packets, at 2d., 4d., and 8d each. PAISLEY; 77a, Market-street, Manchester; 11) Temple-iane, Dublin, 23, Ironmongcr-iane, London. THOMAS LOVEKIDGE, Sole Wholesale and Retail A^ent for Merthyr and the Neighbourhood. i SELL I JD 1? IT- 34., HIGH ST RTIIYR. MR. A. ROM<B A.CH tir&i/rn hjs sincere thanks to his Friend^md troy^irolic f<uM,he liberal support he has received^^mWvisnls to irit'orm them that he is now about giyuig ii|J»*smess,in consequence of ill health, and that/Hie \yfyTc\x5 his/aiuable STO^K of CLOCKS, WATj^lES/aWTJEWELLERV, will be SOLD at a tremendous sacriace, order to clear out as soon as possible. Do not forget No. 34, High^street. D. E. JONXS,V\ Practical Clock & WM^Kor, Near the Savrngs^Baifk^SDoiolKiis. Watches and Clocks, tmd Jew^lerV^of every des- cription, repaired on tfle pjrewiises. Tailor by Appointment to the l^tTyGlamorganshire or Merthyr Tydfil Jtifle/Tolunteers. II II Y S T 74% "N S, TAILOE & W^T-QWQJFAPEE, r n. • Orders by Post or otherwis^ romptly attended to. .a! JOHN PBICKT Auctioneer, Appraiser, and A^oVntAnt, Souse, Estate, and Gertf&ul Agjtuiv FIBE AND LIFE POLKH^S E^ECIM).-? SCCOUNTS AND S^NTS COLRACTSD^ 4, Polar-place, Tredegar, April, 18 [ADVERTISEMENT.] SGLWYS ZOAR A ROBYN DDU EIlYRI. AN nad yw llythyr Aelod," yn y JJhcvgiwr am iVjr Gorphenhaf, 1860, yn nghylcli eglwys Zoar a Mr. vParry ddim amgen nag anwiredd pendant, amcan- edig i gamhyfforddi y cyhoedd am yr amgylchiad, a chau mynwesau a chy dymdeimlad ei genedl oddiwrth y bardd, teimlwn yn rhwymedig- i gynysgaethu y eyfryw ag adroddiad dd'iduedd o'r gwir, yr holl wir, a dim ond y g'wir: boddlonir ar gyflwyniad ffeitbiau noethion, oblegid medd y Sais, Facts are stubborn things Yn mis Gorphenhaf. 1858, ar ei ymweliad a Morganwg, daeth Mr. Parry i Ferthyr, <ic oddiar gyrr:hellion am- gylchiadau a chyfeillion, penderfvnodd ymsefydlu yma, ac ymunodd vn ddioed ag vsgol Sul Zoar, gan fynychu ei chyfarfodvdd, yn ngbyda chyfarfodydd eraill yr eg- lwys hono, mor ami ag y goddefai amgylchiadau iddo. Anerchodd yr ysgol amryw wcithiau ar gais Mr. D Bavies, Heol Victoria, un o'i harolygwyr, ac un o brif ddiaconiaid yr eglwys, ac unwaith yn ngwydd a chlyw y vgweinidog, a hyny cyn ei fod yn aelod eglwysigvj>«r; Ionawr 2ail, 1859, ymunodd a'r eglw^s<^ic yn Ichwefror, derbyniwyd ef i gymundeb e^fysig, ac ar galwad yr ysgol, yr eglwys,j^eweinidog, cy- S^cWrwyai yn righynaliad cyfarfod^ cyhoeddus y cyf- ryW Hefyd traddododd ddw darlith yn y capel, a'r g^-einidog yn gadeirydd^jr^iaill ar John lilias," a^> llall ar Yr Ysgol Sul a^Ljiyfr," a boddhawyd yr v^ol gymaint yn yr olaf^tdy penda«|vnodd, gyda eh^nnatad Mr. Parry, ei hMgfaffu ar fei llMul ei hury^r hyn a Chwefrop^fed, 18S«, fefcij^iwyd meWcvvrdd cgiwys, fod i Mr. Parry gaef Jan0tad ac am^aeth i bregethu, a chydsyniwyd yn unfrjd l byny^Js nad oedd gan Mr. Owen,-y gw'fiinidog, wthwynejnad. Penodwyd tri, dau ddiacon ac.aelod iirall, i y^r»gynghori ag ef ar yr achos, wrtli y rbaiV^-tystiodil rbydd nad oedd gauddo ef ddim ynjeKii-b^ii, oj*Tofnai y galiai fod yn yr eglwys rai a wrttiwyi*r»ai. Y I9og o'r un mis, dygodd y gwem- idog benfWiykiad f cwrdd eglwys i sylw yr eglwys, gan ei hanog rV ystylfw^yn b.vyllog erbyn y Sul canlynol, (S^ychwan egodd nWl ycjliyn oedd Parry er pan ymael- ^19dd yn Zoar, ac nidjr hyn a fu yn ragflaenol, ddy- iwsai fod vn safon i fariijj priodoldeb y cynvgiad a tbeil- •yngdod ei wrthddrych. Y 26ain eto, gofynwyd barn yr egJwys ar y cynygiad, pan yr amlygodd amryw o'r (liaconiaid ac eraill eu parodrwydd i'w gefnogi; aco'r tu arall y dadganodd un fod ganddo ef wrtbwynebiad iddo, eithr nad amlvgai yn gyhoeddus paham, ond y fe°vf Jixw canlynol, ond am na welsai ef y personal! a hysbysast i iddo y pethau a ystyriai oedd yn anngliyinhwyso PaiTy i'r pulpud, gorfuwyd gohirio y cyiarfod hyd fore dydd Sul dylynol, pryd y eyfartyddwyd dracheln, ac y eafwyd ei gyliuddgwynion yn erbyn Parry, y rhai a drosglwydd- wyd yn ffyddlon i'r eglwys. Erbyn chwilio, cacd nad oedd y cyhuddgwynion ond chwcdlau gwybyddus a chyhoeddus cyn ei ymuniad ag eglwys Zoar, ac felly yn ddirym yn ol safon y gweinidog. Yna ail roddwyd y cynygiad i arwydd yr eglwys, a chefnogwvd ef yn un- frydol, gydag eithriad o chwech neu wytli o niter. Y 13eg o Fawrth pregetbodd Parry ar gais y gweinidog yn y gyfeillach. M ewn cwrdd eglwys, M ai 10fed, cyhuddodd Mr. Parry y gweinidog o esgeuluso clwyn penderfyniad yr eglwys viiei gvlch ei i weithrediad, a gofynai ei reswm dros yr ymddygiad. Yr atebiad a gafodd oedd, na phenododd yr eglwys y lie na'r pryd y cai bregethu, ac edliwiodd idrIo feiau y cyhuddid ef o honynt 21ain mlynedd yn ol. Mndd bynag, penderfynodd y mwyafrif i Parry bregethu ddwywaith drachefn yn y gyieillach, ac yn unol a'r pen- deriyniad liwnw, pregetbodd yr ail a'r drydedd waitti ar yr 8ted a'r 21ain o'r un mis. Nos Sul, Mehefin 3ydd, pan oedd yr eglwys grynohaf yn nghyd, oddigerth y cymundeb, cyboeddwyd tod yr eglwys i benderfynu nos Fawrth, y 5ed o'r un mis, a oedd Parry i gael pregethu yn gyhoeddus a'i peidio, ac nnoa:wyd pawb a aileiii i fod yn bresenol. Nos Fawrth a ddaeth, pan y dygwyd yr achos i sylw yr eglwys, ac y gofynwyd am ei roddi i arwydd yr eglwys heb ynidrin yehwaneg yn ei gylch, gan y gochelid felly bob teimlad annymi nol; ond gwrtbwynebwyd y cais gan un o elyn- iou Parry, yr liwn a oilyngodd firvvd o ddifriaeth ar ei gyineriad, a myhai haeru inai dyn drwgoedd, gan geisio prorf 1^-nv dr.vv dd aril en daraau yn un o gylioeddiadau y Moi^p'oniaiji ag oedd ag enw Parry wrriiynt, ac ui allai anngffyineifadvvyaeth gyhoeddus ei attal, ond dal- iodd'at ei Weh^yl byd oni welodu fod pavyb yn difiasu aino, ac amryw yn my tied allan. Wedi adter tawelwch a tlirefn, reisiwvrl arwydd yr eglwys ar Pa un a oedd y Parry i gael pregethu yn gyhoeddus yn mbulpud Zoar y Sul canlynol a'i peidio 1" psn yr arwyddodd o chwech i saith ugain yn gadarnhaol, ac o wyth i ddcuddeg yn nacaol. Nos Wener, yr 8fed, yn anffodus syrthiodd Parry i brpi'edigaeth lein, trwy ymosouiad uu o'i gydaeiodau, ffc hen gyfnill iddo, arno yu ddisymwth yn ei letty, ond (ralluoarvvvd ef i ddviod drvvyddi yn ddiwarth. medd lystiolaeth v rhai oodd yn gweled a chlywed yr ymrys- on. 1'1 id vsiyriwvd y dygwyddiad yn ddigon o reswm i ddirvmu penderfynisd yr egHvys, ac felly pregetbodd yn ol ei phenodiad fore Sul y lOtbd. Penderfynodd yr ym- osoilwr ddial arno, ac yn y gyfeillach cglwysig liwyr y dydd. Îlwnw, mynegoud fod ganddo gwyn yn erbyn Par- ry, aft y dylasai yr eglwvs ymchwilio iddo, ond nid ym- driniodH-r eglwvs a'r achos hyd nos Fawrth 19eg, pau y cylieed'.fwjd y byddai cwrdd egiwys nos drniiocth i ymdrinlag afehos y ddau frawd ag y gwyddai y rlian amlal^*n>lflnv'ftt. Klii#l os^dedig" Zoar yn nghylcli cwrdd eglwys yw, !«d pob cyJtArfad o'r fath i gael ei gyhoeddi y dydil Sul hlafci^orol,' «C/KV1 oeKun cyfarfod arail perthynol i'r cglwjfti i'w gynal vn nn'Hnan y pryd hwnw, fel y gallo pawb wjjbod/ a chiei cyfie fod yn bresenol; ond cs- geuluswycNhl yn 011ol y trc liwuw, canys nidyn unig ikchyhoeddltod y cyfariod v Sul riuigilaeno', cy- hoeddwyd tri Bhyfairfod arail i'w cynal yn gyfams^srol. iN'os Fawrth a ddaeth, ac ymgynullodd dau a deugflin o'r aelodau, gan iyried at eu gorcliwyl yn awyduusS^ Gwrandawyd y cwyn a'r amddiii'yniad, a gweiwyd tod y naill yn gwrthddywedyd y llall, a bod yn rhaid wrth dystion; ond ni ehaniateid presenoldeb y cyfryw, er eu bod yn greiyddol, am na pherthynent i'r eglwys hono. I gyflenwi y diflyg hwnw, penodwyd pedwar yn gen- adon drostynt at y tystion, er cael eu tvstiolaethau hwy ar yr amgylchiad; aethant, a dychweiasant yn fuan, a chafvvyd yr adroddiad yp unair ag ciddo Parry. Yna sylwyd iod cymodiad y ddau a'u gilycid yn angeurlieid- iol i barliad eu haelodaeth yno; a gofynwyd a wnaent hwy hyny, pan yr atebodd Parry y g vvua et, ond nacaodd y liall; am liyiiy difii(tfliivy(i y cl(Itttt o i-a,orLeititia-i yr eglwys-Jiyd oni ymgyrnodent, drwy fvVyatrif o 24ain yn erbyn 1 Mae'n hen arieriad i voddi penderfyn- iadau y cwrdtn^glwys i sylw y cyiartod gweddi dilyu.o\ er cytaw,a(j'Ct\,aeclv rieu anghymeradwyaetb, ond gwyr- wyd odwwirui v.rcbi gvda'r achos hvvn. Nos Fewhtt/fy ymgymododd yr yrarysonwyr yn nl^un o'rniacaiuafflC ac yn eiwydd er a biwvd arail, a gwinWl bynV yn nysbyha'r eglwys. Mos SufST'Orph. y laf, gah fod y/eyiaq<!fea\yn fiaitli hysbys, awjsodd Parry yn^^yfeulach Jond md cynt y gwelodd y gWi- nidog ei na;?^j[isiomdeirgwaicb ganddo i fyneu allaXj, pan v golynodtlL-ntau iddo, "Am bethond yr unig atebiad a galodcn^oedd terfvnu y cyfarfod cyn ei dde- chrcu, trwy weddi gan Mr. v^wen.— Dyna iieitbiau, ac hcriwa aelod na neb arall eu gwrthhrofi. Hyn ar air a chyUwybod. JonN DAVIES, ) Arotyyw/r presenol JOHN GAIJE, ) I ISAAC MOKUIS ) JJY^-MD. \V Xfw.iA.VL OA 1.L: > 1.(; "Ú R? vvii> JON lis. i M<>K<iANS, ) Ac >. J^finiuu eraill, (Y" liydd aclwti. TO CLOCK AND WATCHMAKERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF. Rzttlmney, A Thriving BUSINESS in the/^btn^lyire, bej^ig the only one in the town (wbejre a poptlJation^il5,000 exist.) It has been carried ofi for A cwisidafablc time with success by the present profwpytr, yfiio is now about leaving, in conseo^ence ^pilxffcum^iances which will be satisfactorily ejqilained tbjan^ne desirous of ,,t taking it. Stock and Fixtures be ken at a valua- tion.—Apply to C. HUG, Watchmaker, Rhymney. SAML., CHAS., &XSAY§^^E, TAILORS & Wj(BRAPERS, 48, Pa^strt^. &R19n'0L. B E JOHN BE, Builder, Contractor, Arcnitect, Apmpttser, Valuer, Sfc., X THOMAS TOWN, MEETH??^7 FT Plans, Specifications, and Estirmnres, jmi tile Vliojj^t notic Experienced Workmen in ercry brancUof Aumling Trade coafeantly^mproyeaT Just PubirjBL^fl^h'e Sixpmce^ ■TjlIIE COMM]^l|efooy<n,l/aieyB )T^E, "The one happy?^^K^a/^he cSamiercial/ loom, is fully equal to anything Jp^Ch:u>tes (^MalJ^y,' or 'Our Mess.—Cambrian.n /C Published by IIORI^ELL & CAU^WB4L, 335, Strand, W.C., and may be bad by order ot al/Bqoksellerp*. I WHEN YOU A8KJCelf»^ GLEIT^IELD STANCH SEE TJj*tfYO!f>GEr As inferior kinds^e often s!u«stdutid.-J^foThEKsvooN atfa (?o., Glas^iwv fjn^trfmdon. Licensed Agent for merica and Aus- tralia. ifofWK DAVID DAVIES, 20, UNION STREET, LIVERPOOL Five minutes' walk from Birken- •. head Landing. Good accommodation for Travellers, 'wd^or witfitmt Board, on reasonable tepns.^ j FBEE STOEE FOE GAGE • -vj f TH E above begs to inforn^nose j^)o^*ih to Emi- grate under his ausn^es, that** is nep^ssary for their protection that tlivf shon^^nrfe to bnii previous to leaving their homea/statiMg theYime of their depar- e ture and the route jw theintjflvel, »i oBRer that be may meet them on their arrival a Liik^ool, to conduct them to his Establishment, Us majjwFare led astray and taken to other houses by designjffgknd interested par- ties, where they are imposed upon to the greatest extent. JIM MYERS' MAMMOTH EOBESTBim TROBPE illi litt W MERTHYR, Sararday and Monday, August 2 5tb and 27th; Tredegar, Tues'ay, August 28th; Bt'yn- mawr, Wednesday, August 29th Abergavenny, with his Troupe of Male and Female Artistes, and wi £ u»uu OI noim-» anu Ponies travelling; also with the celebrated Bull DON JUAN, the original, and the GREAT STEAM MUSICAL CALLIOPE, Acknowledged to be the greatest Wonder of the Day! Prices of Admission :-First;Seats, 2s Second Seats, Is.; Third Seats, 6d. Performances to commence at Two and half-past Two. Charity Schools admitted free by applying to J. W. MYERS. W. B. WARD, Agent. The House of Refuge for South Walos and Monmouthshire. A T a Meeting, convened by the High Sheriff of the County of Glamorgan, on the 30th day of MAY, 1860, when there were present—the Lord Bishtp of Llandaff; the Very Reverend the Dean of Llandaif; II. FI. Vivian, Esq., M.P.; II. A. Bruce, M.P., and otlierv leading and influential Gentlemen of the County, it was' resolved, "That, whereas the number of Fallen Women in many of the principal towns of South Wales and Monmouthshire was very considerable, efforts should he 10 made to Establish a HousE OF REFUGE for South Wales, where these unfortunate Women could be re- ceived, and, while acquiring a character, be taught some industrial business with a view to their future self-support. List of Contributors. £ s. d. The Lord Dynevor, donation 50 0 0 Annual subscription 10 10 0 John Bruce Pryce, Esq donation. 50 0 0 Annual subscription 10 10 0 H. H. Vivian, Esq., donation. 50 0 0 Annual subscription 10 0 0 N. Edwards Vaugban, Esq., donation 20 0 0 Annual subscription 5 0 0 R. Fotbergill, Esq., Hensol Castle, donation. 20 0 0 Annual subscription 0 0 0 William King, Esq., donation. 20 0 0 The Lord Bishop of Llandaff, donation 10 0 0 Do. and Mrs. Ollivant. annual subscription.. o 0 0 Geo. T. Clark, Esq., Bowlais House. 10 10 0 Countess of Dunraven 10 0 0 The Very Hev. the Dean of Llandaff, donation 5 0 I) Annual sub«<*ription 3 0 0 H. A. Bruce, Esq., M.P., donation 5 0 0 Annual subscription 2 2 0 Alexander Bassett. E"q., donation.• o 5 0 Annual subscription 220 J.Houifray, Esq., PenllineCastle, subscription h 0 0 Thos. Duncan, Esq 5 r; 0 Mrs. Pearson, Briery. Windq^flfcre ft 0 0 T. Robinson Smith, Ei^fiSertiiyr, donation 5 0 0 Annua! subspmitiofi •/ y 2 0 Thos. Wayne, Rsq^Annuai sptioi5 () 0 Rev. J. GriffithjAU:rfhyik (Mlinuln .^T.— r, o 0 AnnjjKfl ?t'.bscriun<V /• 2 y 0 Rfejr. T. Stacey 5 0 0 Evah David, Esq., FajJfcvafer, donation 5 a () v Annual subs<a«ption/r. • • 1 1 0 IV. Alexander, Esq., MayopfCarditf, donation 5 0 0 o Annual subscriufion • • • • 2 2 0 Robert Oliver Jones, Esq., Fanmon Castle, annual subscription 0 0 Jiev. Wmf'Bruee^.annual subscription 2 2 0 Fionas Watson, Esq.') donation •' 3 0 'Annual subscription 2 0 Rev\E. G. Williams, Chaplain U.M. Gaol, Swansea, donation 500 Annual subscription 1 1 0 M. Moggridge, Esq., the Willows, Swansea, annual subscription 2 2 0 W. Nell, Esq., Cardiff, donation I 1 0 Annual subscription 1 1 0 Ven. Archdeacon Blosse 1 1 0 Rev. Canon Morgan I I 0 Rev. E. B. Squire, Swansea 1 1 0 J. C. bowler, Esq., Merthyr 1 1 0 Rev. E. Lewis, Vicar, Aberdare 1 I 0 Rev. T. Wrenford, St. Paul's, Newport 110 "JJhys H. Rees, Esq., Aberdare 1. 1 0 JOhn Jones, E^q., Aberdare 1 1 0 Row Roper Tyler I 1 0 fS. Clark, Esq., Aberdare 1 10 John Willett, Cardiff 1 1 0 Davies, Esq., LL D., Swansea 1 1 0 j^organ, Esq., Bodvvigad 1 1 0| MrUWri )avie'», Town Auditor, Carditf 1 I 0 ) Rev. flosiiua Evans, Chaplain II.M. Gaol, I. Cardiff 17 0 Miss G. Druce. 010 0 W. Williams, Esq., Newpoit 0 10 0 Subscriptions will be thankfully received by the Treasurer, U. T. Clark, Kr.q ot Uowlais House, Mer- thyr, payable to his credit at Messrs. Wilkin* &c Co., Merthyr. J'jLffi U'riTM, Recan- of Merthyr, Secretary 10 Uu; institution. Secretary 10 Uu; institution. A«g. 13, im, Ciwaeiod-y-ijaitii, Moithyr, i MR. TITUS JONES'S NOTICES. CEFNCOEDYCYMMER, NEAR MERTIIYR TO BE LET, with itmnediaftffossession, THAT well-known HOUSTy^called the "CEFH HOTEL," near the Cemstfew- TheHouse, which is recently built, possesses er I n, cc to large trade. There are Stabje and C jaclj^nous^^with the necessary outhousesj^md tli^l i iiattacb^a a very large well-fenced Gardejjywitirttrelli ed^uiiMrfer houses, orna- mental plants >md ever«'een;, ajxf the whole well adapted for a« extensive ci/it-d IMWmmer trade. The Stock and Furnititre ma fl)e taken at a valuation. The cause for letting tli i use is in consequence of the death of the late Mrs. sprey. For particulars, apply to Mr. 11, ASPREY, China Warehouse, High-street, Merthyr; or to Mr. TITUS JONES, Auctioneer. No. 1, Castle-street, Merthyr. 34, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. TITUS JONES, On SATURDAY, the 18th day of AUGUST, 1860, on the premises, THE whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, STOCK-IN-TKADE, and EFFECTS, the pro- perty of Mr. A. ROM BACH, Jeweller, who is about declining business, in covisequen f ill health. The Furniture comprises hajj^seated sofa, mahogany chest of drawers, maboganv^^mbrdke and othertables, square and round ki tcb Id es^wafc h st a nd s^Ufi/es and ware, mahogany aiid^rnlicr clfoirs,|four-nt^c and tent bedsteads, beds and^ed clawing}swing jrful pier glasses, fenders and fjs^rona^Wflft sraidrjj/^ther articles too numerous to enumera'aL \J y' The 'Stock consists <M clocks of every description, gold and silver watclrcs, sjX'er and plated goods, toge- ther wich the usual aniens of a respectable Jeweller's Stock. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock. No reserve. The Auctioneer invites punctual attendance, ps the lots are very numerous, and will be disposed of in one day. i\ o. 1, Castle-street, August 8, 1860. 16, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR. Mr. TITUS JONES Will SELL BY AUCTION, on the premises, on FRI- DAY, AUGUST 24th, 1860, THE whole of the Modern HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE and EFFECTS, the property of Mr. IJugh KTNSTRY, who is giving up'housekeeping, Comprising mahogany and. painted/chests ot drawers, majiogany Pembroke table, carpejgfrugs, and druggets, wafhstands, tables, and ware/^nder^and fire irons, •.polished, cane, and rush chairs, fqiw-post aniL-stump bedsteads, feather bed, bolster/ ajld pillowv^idlljmff beds and mattresses, swing glls'^J inap^/of Europe, Scotland, Shetland, I/elanil^-Arid America, chimney ornaments, pictures/Chiid's stan/carpet and rods, fire stand, bird aprff cage/woncbox^, American clock, large water cask, kitchein tablet and chairs, a few Egyptian mats, cooking uis* s, with sundry other articles. Sale to commence at Four o clock p.m. No reserve. The Auctioneer invites punctual attendance, as the hour is late, owing to previous engagements on the same day. 1, Castle-street, Aug. 14,1860. MR. DANIEL DAVIES'S NOTICES Mr. DANIEL DAVIES, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and General Commission Agent, RESPECTFULLY returns hj^siimere|thankFt«f'his numerous Friends an<lfitolpMrtw.-Xf<* tlm^Patron- age he has received for^tfie IaiwNliraYemifind begs to solicit a continuancp^5f tlu«p Iffcort. MONEY A DVANCED oftJb'I?Viiir0LD & LEASE- HOLD PROPERTY, by tlja Pepffetual Investment,, Land and Building Society, o on, to be repaid by instalments within 15 years.—Application for advmwes to be made to the Local Age D. DAVIES, either pe7k% sonally, or bv letter, pre-paid. Fire & Life Policies etfected on advantageous terms. Rents and Jiook Debts collected. TO PARTIES ABOUT^JOl BUENISH. TO BE SOLD BY PR^Ja clwjpf^cT, by Mr DANIEL DAYiES/^Aafew EigW<day CLOCKS, in mahogany cases^miite Mew, ami warranted good time-keepers. P»k!es from^B^ E5 each. 19, Ivor-street, Dowlais, J 3th, 1860. MR. T. H. EVANS'S NOTICE. THOMAS H. EVAHS, 9, BUTE S^^EETJ^^iebMW' Agent for the C s(ils" .nee A^cifUion m^eon NAiictioneep^^J^tidiertS 9, BUTE S^^EETJ^^iebMW' Agent for the C(»<fwds"'1^iiWince A^cifUion m^eon necftar iviA%3ove rnmenL Secui^y. •> EARLVTialf the Aerni rnyf?ai( from year to year are entirely at t.Wwill the Pnsured, aifcl can "be withdrawn at any moinea«-For further particulars, apply; to T. H. EVANS. S DOWLAIS BURIAL BOARD. A CLERK is WANTED for the above BoawtflPA)- posals to be sent on or before 80th A next_ to the Secretary, Mr. WrtMiM Jenkim^I Ts Dowlais, 10th August, I860. CROWDED EVERY NIGHT" iSSIEiilll EKiiOEBIfMf! TEMPERANCE HALL, MERTHYR, TO-NIGHT (rRfDAY, AUG. 17th), and SATURDAY, AUG. 18th. MISS I9ITAGH'8 W0IDp8. TEMPERiNCE IIAARDAR Monday next, AUG. 3M, and WEDNJE6DAY, M»s MONV^mJE will coTnireiipe her dwo'rcU'ay^s. TO vvx/ii iilhmvyKAWii, TIIUKSBAY, A TIC. 2:3rd, Ri 24th, and SATUR- DAY, 25th, Miss MONTAGUE will appear. See Bills. BOOK DEBTS FOR SALE. TO BE DISPOSED OF (under a power of Attorney A duly Executed and Registered,)—The wWole of the HOOK x-'iiLTS of Mr. DAVID -WALTER, late of MarKof,-street, Dowlais, Grocer. Thejr\vere ail con- tractsu in the years 1858 and 1859^and the Debtorsy principally reside in Dowlais. Se»^ral Judgments hnys been obtaiaeci iu Merthyr Couj^ Court. whine the Debts have been swoai fto bylVie said' ttavid Walker, in his Schedule, filjw in tha\{M)lvent Debtors' Court, Portugal-street. Parties ilroeVitM are o<uitioncd not to pay their respe^Uve tk the /fid David Walker or any otiiet.yperson, vxyfiiout \tiieywritte.n kdu- sent of Mr. t>AVi/f JonM% ^^trketVsji'eet, Dowlais.1,' or Mr. SAMiTEiy/1vioJiRi*fcwGHAj|^ Aibei'C-strect/ Merthyr, accouj«(n< whose reMiipts aibrie will be a dis- charge. And/RH persons incited/Ire requested to pay the same to tbein imuiediatcly, j^herwise proceedings will be taker, tor recovery tlmiyC For particulars and to treat for the same, apply to the said DAVID JONES or SAMUEL MOKRIS VAUGVIAN. Merthyr, 14th A TSTOTIOE xo NEWS AGENTS AND IJOOKSELLEES OF ANOTHER RBfFjj CTION AT THE WKLL4vNO^J>^LyffiBLJS;iMEN3>OF jose ami m l^ewt^Cgent, 15, St. Mary-st^'i, e Queen's Hotel, AH London r>^and Weekly Newspapers, and Periodicals, forwiuxft-il punctually on the day of publi- cation, on the lowest Terms. N-B.<—C:u't'i;tg'' free to Merthyr, Aberdare, and all tlio Stations on the Tuff Vale line, ot daily papers. WANTED,—A respectablg^fTnftle-aged FMALE SERVANT, of an^«t5mpetent to wash, iron, and0 aprr jenerally to manage the Iffa' aI ply at the TELE-, GRAPH Office. e/ WANTED,— Young Man of gMftfjiddjess and" business habits, to soh' itO*^i3s ffflr N^^find Popular Works. A good C III iven, or a Salary, if preferred.—-Apfrfy /J r. HyORAM, Art Journal Office, 2, Mouj*< £ street, n Wanted to Ren^x^ l^irchaso, PREMISES suital\Metupi<^>urposes. located anybj^vSen Awgavenuy ana Aberdare, or in,*<!fther gi ftroseutJtces.— Apply to WM. HENRY PA*U>OE, Nuifgarjjwotteries, near Cardiff. GLEBELANB^pEET^ T A HOUSE and^SHOS, }$ £ 49, G^beland-street, Merthyr/^AppIy to'^Tr. Joi^ff I. EVANS, 55, Castle-street, Merthyr. «/ TO LET, WITIT IMMEPTATEJ^^SBaaiON, A DWELLING HOUSJdf'NqM 3^onM«!et-pIace, Thomas Town, Mprfliyj^e]M%Mv for a res—— pcctable family. dppliv of wuer on the pre- mises.—For partiptffars, apKly tb MIK JOHN SHAPTON, No 1, Sonievsp4^placc. /7 Merthyr,^une 27th, TO BE LET, And may be entered uwpHfimpwdiately, A PUBLIC HOU8J>SDO^H4 IBIUB BEJI.* situate in I^>«^well adapted for busing; and *tf^3uiti^bj^ perstvn^uld soon command in it-rfn ext«jdkive and profitabie^rade. Com- ing-in trifling.—ApplyN to Mr. J^NKIN THOMAS Pantyscallog, Dowlais^/ TO SCHOOLMASTEES & PTHEES. TO BE LET, and may b ere imme SCHOOL. 0 1 e r -street, AATerthyr. E rjL PPIV tr iz iN EVANS, Timber Mercharft, Merthyr. r/ CEFNCOEDYMMER. TO BE LET, and entered upon the lsf oj Sep- tember next, AN excellent and NEW eight-momed HOUSE at the top of the Cefn, onroad. It is well adapted for busines as a welling House unsurpassed for family ve e e Cc There is a superior Garden^md co- se at ed. It has been lately, and><riow/1> TO occmwifJon of the Rev. Owen Evans<^vho is aborts tVfejp^e to his own house. Rent moderate.—For fu1«iej>pf!rticulars, apply to JOHN JONES, Penmoelart, tho-mvner; or to the Rev. 0. EVAKS, Cefn. MOUNTAIN ASH, NEAB^JMFGDAEE. ro L L A SHOP, suitable fef^^bra^ Ufatchmaker, or Druggist, inJJffc abfv?) Mrovilctprfr The Shop is to lq4 TJM sen anc retiring from business^ It is siitRtte Vitarlv>f!posite the Bridge, the best situation in tplice or particulars, apply to Mr. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Woodbine Cottage, Mountain Ash, Aberdare. le