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MR. H. W. HARRIS'S ANNOUNCEMENTS H. W. R AA'A, s, A uctioneer, Appraiser, Iloiht, J&stafe, and y general Agent, U. BEGS to inform the Public that all matters entrusted to his care will be punctually and ff arpftflly attended to. "'Stents collected. Fire arta Life Policies,effected «n advantageous terms. arta Life Policies,effected an advantageous terms. Offices :—Mr Rees Thomas**#, High-street, Merthyr, opposite Cloth HalR ■ • BREWERY, RHYMNEY IRON WORKS. Sale of very sjxpor^r^Hougohold. Furrtityre, v -J" Mr. H. W. HA RIMS' Has been instructed by Mr. P TILL EN, who is removing from the neighbourhood, to SELL BY AUCTION, on tlrm^remises, on TUES- DAY, AUGUST 28th, 1860, THE whole of the folloWrlr \^elfcselectcd HOUSEHOLD FURNITlAjJ^, consisting Sof mahogany hair-seated sofas, <W( hair- seated chairs, cane-seated chairs, easy chairs, loo tables, Brussels and Kidderminster carpets, pier glass, hearth rugs, bronze fenders, steel fire- irons, stair carpeting, mals, mahogany chests of drawers, mahogany dressing tables and wash- stands, swing glasses, mahogany half-tester and four-post bedsteads, prirtf$feather beds, mat- tresses, towel horses, milpyfbeds, bedroom car- pet! »»y deal chests of drawera, washstands and dressing tables, mahogany mgbt cfltlmodes, druggeting, tea trays, decanters^ kpifcs and forks, wine glasses, handsome setv(}f china mounted with gold, earthenware, copper tea kettJes, table cloths, timepieces, toot stools, blankets, linen sheets, counterpanes, quilts, rounds square deal tables, washing-tubs, buckets, pails, and numerous other culinary and kitchen requisites. p. The Auctioneer begs t<f call llie attention of persons desirous of purcltesmgf good and. sub- stantial Furnituf&tp the abcwfeTsale,- 5s being well preserved and worthy the attrition of buyers. Sale to commence at 10ne o'clock, anil the whole will be sold without reserve. Auctioneer's Office, August 15th, 1860. PUBLIC NOTICE. THIS is forgive Notice,Nthat I will not be responsible'for any* Etafcts^t'iat my wife, /PHILTJS KING, may. cornet after this date; and all parties are cautioned againit'giving her Goods on credit, or of accepting any of' my Goods 1 from her in pawn, without my wmten authority. GEORGE M KING, Labourer. Caedraw, Merthyr, Aug. 11, I860. Merthyr to Tredegar THE Public are informed that THOMAS GIBBON, the Mail Carrier between the above places, is permitte<r*to CARRY PAR- CELS, and wlrichJie engages to deliver with the greatest care arW.miriefTiaLtj'. ■: He leaves the Coach and Horses, a^thyfTaUSfo'eleck in the morning, and the Cambi^nJiiAjTreuegar, at 12 o'clock, arriving at Merthyr at a garter past 1. Parcels left at either of these places, or in any house on the road, will be taken care of and properly delivered. MERTHYR & ABERGAVENNY ROYALmSAJL. above Q at Eight^o'Clock ■ Tredegar, at iTQuart<n»-paii Nine; and arrives in Abergavenny at H?H-past ^Eleven, in time for the Twelve o'clock Third Clasis Tram to Hereford, Shrewsbury, Chester and Ll/erpoo arriving at the latter place at Ejgfit ùUoCK the same Evening. ON ITS RETURN, the Mail leaves the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, at Half-past One o'Clock in the Afternoon, (after the arrival of the Liver- pool Train); and arrives in Merthyr at a Quarter,, past Five, in time lor the Vale of Neath, and Taff ale Trains. AUGUST, 1860. Steam Communication between Cork, Car- diff, and Newport. npHE CORK STEAM SHIP JGR X COMPANY'S Screw Steamer ■J.fNSA "PREUSSISCHER ADLER," 11wmmMi, 1 OftO Tons, Captain BYRNE T>OT)Q." 1,000 Tons, Captain CROFT, or "BITTERN," 800 Tons, Capt. HOLLAND, are intended to ply as —Under, and aflord conveyance for Passengers, Goods, and Cattle, at very moderate rates. FROM CARDIFF AND NEWPORT. Newport, Saturday 4th. 62 a.m. Cardiff, Saturday 11th. 1U Newport, Saturday 18th 6 a.m. Cardiff, Saturday 25th. 11 a.m. FROM CORK.—For Newport, Wednesday, 1st. 3 p.m. Cardiff, Wednesday, 8th 74 a.m. Newport, Wednesday, 15th 1« p.m. Cardiff, Wednesday, .22nd 3 a. m. Newport, Wednesday, 29th 2 p.m. To CORK, Best Cabin, 17s. Gd.—Deck, 7s. No Steward's Fee. Horses, Carriages, Live Stock, and Goods for Shipment should be alongside ONE HOUR before the advertised time of Starting. For Freight or Passage, apply at the Company s Office Cork or to Messrs. Owen and Downing, Ship Brokers, Cardiff or, Mr. Jas. M add oik;, Newport. WEEKLY STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LONDON & CARDIFF & NEWPORT THE Cork Steam Ship Company give Notice of their intention, in a short time, to convey Goods bv their powerful Steamers between LOli- -"Hon and' Cardiff" and Newport.. In addition to reasonable rates of freights, tnc (iikreat advantages offered as to Insurance OI vmadsoii the Cork Lines will be extended to lis line, so that a trifling extra payment Mer- chants mav be entirely secured from sea risk. Rates ot Freights and other particulars will be inserted in future advertisements., For further particulars, apply to L. W. GLOVE K, Esq., Secretary, Cork Steam Ship Company, Cork; to Messrs. Owen and DOWN- ING, Cardiff or to Mr. J. MADDOCKS, New- port, Mon. AUGUST, I860. CARDIFF A ND BRISTOL. npHE Caidiff Steam Navi A gation C^mpany's_ Faust- Sailing .Steamer Wfrfcpr JONES," DAVID DA VIES, r<y Commander, is intended to ply between CA RUl FF and BRISTOL- with Passengers and Meeliandize, during the ensuing' month, as under:— TROM BUTE DOCKS, FROM BATIIURST BA- CARDIFF. SIN, BRISTOL. x Aug. Aug. 1 Wednesday 4 p.m. 2 Thursday.. 7a a.m. 2 Thursday.. 4'; p.m. 3 Friday 7 a" a.m. 1 3 Friday • • • 5* p.m. 4 Saturday.. 8 a.m. .■ fi Mondav •• *>k a*ra' 7 Tuesday 92 a.m. 8 Wednesday 1\ a.m. 9 Thursday.. 10i a.m. 10 Fridav 8* a.m. 11 Saturday 11± a.m. 13 Monday 12* p.m.lU Tuesday 4 p.m. 15 Wednesday 2i| P.mJl6 Thursday p.m. 17 Fridav 5* a.m.jl7 l;nday (>j p.m. 18 Saturday.. Oh* a.m.jlS Saturday p.m. 20 Monday Hi p.m.|21 luesday 9., a.m. 22 Wedr.esdav b 23 xuuvsday 102 a.m. 24 Fridav 0 a.m. 25 Satin day 1^5 P-n. 27 Monday.. V2 p.m. 28 Tuesday p P-m- 29 Wednesday 3 p.m. 30 Thursday.. Oa a.m. 30 Thursday 3 £ p.m. 31 Friday a.m. 31 Friday. 4^ p.m.I 4 To-and Fro from Cardiff, 17tb and lStii. a To-aiiil-fro from Bristol, 2nd, 3rd, 30th, and 31st i [, To-and-fro from Bristol, in conjunction wua the ELY, IS', 4th, and '-iUt'i Fares :-Arter Cabin, 3s.; Fore Cahm, 1", Gel. —Further information as to freight, &c., may he obtained by applying; at the Company s free, Bute Docks, Cardiff; or to Jomi hverec., CI;>.re- street. Hall, Marsh-street, Bristol. JE. J. THOMAS, General Superintendent. G' .A. JVC JS/L S A-IBJE-RDA JRE, N ^/)! Conducted by J. G. IOEGAI, M.B.C.P., || Member of the London University. Trv I lj SPONGING, HIP, SHOWER, & EVEEY"DESCtuPTWN I -OF BATH, MAY tBE: OBTAINED AT Jy yS "\IV T. GK.^r5tpF FURNISHING AND GENEIUL IRONMONGERY ESml^EM^KT. IRON BEDSTEADS 15T GREAT VARIIiTY. f Agentfor Price's Patent Case-Hardened Safe, which is undoubtedly the onl-If one capable• of resisting the accomplished Burglar, as proved by the late disastrous trial at between Price's and Milner's Bales.-See Barnsley Advertiser, May 5, 1860. 147, HIGH STREET, OPPOSITE ANGEL HOTEL. EMPORIUM HqXs E. MERTHYR- S E L LIN a OFF~SUM?0R(\ C• id: l JL^drsrt> TyK^ j BEGS to state that the*\ylio!e of filS STOCK will be SOLD at an IMMENSE RE^UCTJO^V consisting as belowMjuslin IJwssis, Muslins, Balzarines, Balzarine Robes, Fai^v Drfcss Materials, Fancy Robe Dresses. ChaSfev jPlaids," ghawls, Mantles, and Jackets, in great vSarie'ty, Straw Hats, Bonnets, and Caps, an inApfthye Stock of Parasols, Ribbons, Flowers, Collars^nd Sleeves. ,•» s N.B.—An immense STOCK oi' REMN-^iVTS will be sold at extraordinary low prices.. X, ggg" Sale to commence next S^vturday, and continue for 21 days. NOTICE OP PEUVEO"V"lZ I. JOHN LEWIS, X ■WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, & SILVERSMITH}. TBEDEGAB, J )/ RESPECTFULLY informs his kind Patrons and the Public generally that he has It^ETOOVEl) R from Morgan-street to his New Premises in QUEEN-STHHIST, near the "^ank, which he has just Opened with an entirely New Stock of Gold and^Silver Watches, Jewelry, Plate, which will be offered at greatly reduced prices. V ] K J. L. returns his sincere thaiKs.for past favours, and Ings tc solicit a continuance of'^c sani^ Repairs done on the pi^r^ises by experienced Workmen, at low charges. WEDDING ■npq»»AT SEDUCED IBICES. (.V, AEOmlatic /(WD OIL. mHErni^o^ty of Pure Cod Liver Oil over all a^ents in the treat- f. jnent of Consumption, ijeneraI Debility, and ocroivi.■ -us /v ucctioius, tin» nun long-fully proved; the only objection to its more common use has heretofore been the disagreeable flavour and impurity of what has been too frequently sold; this has at length been overcome by im- Dartine' t0 tj,c pUre 0ii the pleasamj blttatof the hop with other Tonic Aromatics, thus increasing its strengthening qualities, and-reridefi^ig ffttore agreeable than moat other remedies. Prepared by LONGMAN, LEONARD, aiftl ROBINSON, Wholesale Druggists, Bristol; and sold by all Druggists, in Bottles, One ShiHi^each^"1 I T.' 1REES, RESIDENT DEUTIST, I'll -R HIGH STREET (opposite the West of England Bunk), MERTHYR, INVITES the Public, and ecially those afflicted with decayed or defective Teeth, to an exami- nation of the durable atfn elegant Arftfcial Mineral Teeth, manufactured by him on the Dremises in High-street/TIiey fl pei-fKV^i >feeir reseniblance to nature, never wear out or cor- rode and answer in e?*!ry respiktlfe pju#fw|Q of nat^al/leeth. Reference is kigflly pjwiiitwl to'ji/liirgl ai iii^b(;r ot^the most respectable persons m the neigh- hmirhood who t TLees's Essence. *for th\ T^.ac^.whicli produces an instantaneous cure, is sold in bottles at Mh^'}%mdc 'A ^i7iqdn Mouth Lothd—TM» excellent preparation has been proved, bv pxnerience to be of the gr^test benefit for the>»re of spungy gums, tender or relaxed gums; and «« n ".meral lotion for revering the mouth sweet *nd comfortable, it will be found one of the most nl-isarit ever employed. To persons wearing Artificial leeth it is invaluable. 1 pw<? Tooth "Powdei prevents and removes the formation of tartar, imparts to the Teeth pelldy whiteness, gives a denghtfal fragrance to the breath, and entirely prevents the injuriou effects of acid and steel medicines upon the enamel. ,r=" Tn^I^G^BY ST EA POWER. WHY GO TO BRISTOIJ & PAY MORE! p. WILLIAMS, I t It ell er e P^CTFULLY Informs the Public that he possesses every facility ( perfect machinery IVand'steam power can yield) for executing Orders to any extent in Printing, on the Shortest Notice- and at the Lowest Rate of Charges. Bill Heads, Invoices, Letter and Note Headings, Circulars, Business and ^Visiting Cards Auc- tumeers' A gents', and General Trade Announcements, m the -oest feiyle, and executed with an Expedition tl-at cannot be surpassed in an^Establisliment out oi London. Prices of PosterfyPxinted on Good Paper. „ n n m HO in bv "20) for 100 J7S. 1 For 200 27s. Od. For 300 35s. 0d* Double Crown (ol) in. »y -w g&n a3s.Wl. Ti „ •• K*. 0d. „ 1,000 21s.to25s; Do. do. lolio V' K-f lOwLG^ 0(irr 200 2os. 0d. 300 ^2s. 0d' Royal (24 by 20) pflf ft „ 22s. Od. „ 2<js. 0d- Demy (23 by 18) » 10s. 6(L| 4 „ •• lGs. Od. „ „ 21s. 0d- Ctowu (20 oy lo) a„ «,) v?.: 0d. „ 17^ c; r.7, £ ::=! £ SJ: S&USS Coloured Paper or Coloured Inks, charged extra. Invoice Heads on Good Writing Paper. j „ Orirto (8iby6$).. for 100 JsN6d. For 500 10s. 6d. For 1,000 14s. 0d. Foolscap Quarto (», .^IOU^S. 0U. „ 3,000 80s. Od. „ 5,000 42s. 0d. Pist bmo. (9 b>i ;■■ „|jl0s. Od.'v „ „ 248. Od. „ „ :Ms. 0d. /I Circulars, Cream Laid Paper, Fly Leaf. *o)Msize, fo^OO, from 3s-A5d.; 200, 6s.; 500, 12s. 6d. y/ Cr.rds, fro^lOs. per 1,000. TEA*3PJLS P^NXBI) AT IS.-1'ER\,000, IP TUKEH REAMS ARE ORDERED. J/ PRINTING and BINDING done for the TRADE. V; „ ,,1 patterns, made in a Superior manner, at the Shortest Notice.— AecounJ^ooKo ot all »1 « Cheapest Rate of Prices, consistent with elfcgauee and durability. Every style to ™v Form.—School Books, Writing and Ciphering Copies, Pocket and Paper ltaled by Macl "f to nnj Ijrm. 'hand—Reviews, Magazines, and all other (MBce KS&4S? ™ OI»»p Rrt-H-fc, .•esulnriy. Publications, >° >>» *<■*>> « «"» rnTTTi T A t3P"Pc;T OF P. »PSxt. HAWCtIN C«-fc» IN pfii Designs, together with those of the Cheapest Comprising the most Hegr,at «.m „ 7 e1lA .i.i.v of S Wales, Yale of Neath, Taff Yale, and Carnage Paid to any place w;.hin th- a t » >.ronmouthshire, on Orders ot Loop Line of Railways, and also lo all p.-uts ot 20B. and upwards. TELEGBAFK" Office, Merthyr Tydfil. ON TUESDAY EVENING,-SEPTEMBER 11TH, 1860, S/EV, IITJCa-S: STO^ELL BBO'W2§T, | Of LIVERPOOL, icill driver j/\ LECTJtJR IN ZOAR CHAPEL, MERTHYR, D ON "HOfiABTH AND HIS PICTUS^ Admisslonll'y 'RicRet-Is., and 2s. O' N the followin"- SUNDAY, SEPT. 16th, (he-lie v. HUGH STOWELL BROWN will preach ANN1YERHARY SERMONS in H^GH-STRE^T CUAPEL, MERTHYR, in the Morning, I at 11 o'clock; Evening, at G. r (P«H 1 K | ¡;¡ ,OOFELA.:t-:rD' FOR S' j SUMMER CO SlJl teABTBTOGE SHOOTING Ti BEGINS ON SATURDAY, 1ST SEPT., THE DAY ON WHICH THE mAT HALF-YEARLY GLEAEiNG OUT SALE OFMIpERY I E 11 PERY *» COMMENCES AT S SMITH'S, COMMEUCi:/tOJqfmf BBBW TALK r IMPOS^NI^SOTICB. — My- •iT!; XJ. EOOSj PRACTICAL WATCH & CLOCK MANUFACTURER, JEWELLER, &c., 97 and 34, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR, to thank his Friends and the Public generally for the ^Rfrkio-tSastnine years, and begs most respectfully tp^frifor mfchejf flat heJj^Taken the and Premises of Mr. A. ROMBACI, Watchmaker (w^s gi^«g biisfcess ip^onse.juence ivo 34 lligh-street, Merthyr, nearly oppoi«w HighWMseerCh^peL/ hopes to nferit the same liberal suppo^receiy^ S^Mr. by producing ,"e TrinSu'keepte'Shop" J No''97 Hish^te«t, will, a large Stock of Clocks sold. as usual bv mQnthlv 3., near,, cpposU. P7w" nhs0 High-street Chapel, Merthyr. LORD EAGLMI INN, MER TWtR. REES GABE anEp^nces Tjy^is Cj><mnercial Friends and tj>e Pi^Wfc tMt th^above Inn has every convem^ctufor tBeir accommodation, and the Goodsympplfe^yire aljn the very best qualitv. I Horse auaTiap kepr for/Hire on reasonable terms, and Orders for thSmi by post promptly attended to. r A-p^JSr^Kj^QJ^GrB. ALilfoeS^2)CK/of^R HANGINGS to be SOLlyWafaftthe TELEGRAPH Office, High-street (eppoZite the Market House, Mer- thyr.) Persons intending to Decorate their Houses are solicited to inspect the Patterns and Prices, which cauaot tail ot giving satisfaction, MR. JOHN PRICE, Wholesale Provision Factor, 26, Wellington-strcjt, Meftjhyr.. Home-cured Welsh Bapfm of ft* bestiality at the lowes^arJrcfTOjiiesJr^ PRIME WELSH/TltrrtEK, CASK, Always Qifsale, at^easofcable prices. STORES :—Back of Hi^tf-street; Entrance in Chapel-street. "Pretty tube of miefht^f(o'wj(f, Charmer of my leisufe ho<n "— y Brosel TTONOURABLE/MENtt(W" wa/made XI of the BRWSELISi' WhiZED TO- BACCO PIPES aj^hc Greaa Exhibftion, 1851 "These Pipes, majrafactuAl bn an« stamped on each stem, E. UTiioRw, ro v, are strongly en recommended to Gentlemen Jfor private use. Hotel keepers will find their/iar superior to the ordinary clay pipes. Sold in cases from one gross upwards. To Carpenters, Builders, &c. The Cardiff Depot of Prepared Joiners' Work, the Canal Wharf East, Cardiff (near the South Wales Railway Station.) TAMES and PRICEy^ave alvraya/on hand a large Stoclr of tfie following named Goods Skirtinas, Moufcing^Archi- traves, Cornices, Sash Bars, JAoESamos, Angle Beads, Doors, and Sadies. A V S\ Per foot. lj-ineh Doors, 4yp&nfilled iaupfe, framed .V \r. at 6d. 2-inch Doors^/mouldeOTbotJ^ides. lOd. 1 J-inch Bea^, But an a Square „ G^d. 2-incli 6-jmnel Dooraf moulded both sides lOd. lj-inch Sashes and Frames, Deal Casings, Baltic Sunk Sills and Axle Pullies, prepared to hnn<r double WaU- ^glazed with Crown dlass „ 13Jd. 7-inch Torus Skirting, lis. per 100 feet run.