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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Wjs are informed that Mr. Fowler, being unable (owing to the absence of other magis- trates,) to secure a regular attendance at Petty Sessions while he rests from his duties for a iihort time, has, with the approval of the Secretary of State, appointed Frederick .Flu>\ei*>, Esq., Barrister of the Midland Circuit, to be Deputy Stipendiaay Magistrate from Monday next, to September 4th. DOWLAIS.—We understand that we are accused with some asperity of attempting to appropriate the fete of arms recently performed by Mr. Jen- kins of Merthyr, at the Cardiff shooting match, to the credit of the Merthyr corps, and as this week we have the opportunity of making honour- able amends for apparent covetousncsn of distinc- tion, let us hasten to explain that we i d not the slightest design to wound the susceptibilities of our friends of the Dowlais corps, whose victories we should be glad to see more frequently in our columns. The fact is, that the Dowlais, Cyfarthfa, and Plymouth works all centre in Merthyr, as the Tower Hamlets, Shorediteh, and Westmin- ster do in London, and with this fact present to our view, it is possible that the precise locality may not be always specified to the satisfaction of our neighbours. If frankness is in any honour among volunteer soldiers, we feel sure that they will freely accept this expression of brotherly feeling in the name of the 12th Glamorganshire Eifles from one of its members. BEULAH, WRiTCHUBCB.—On Sunday the 5th inst, the friends of the Sabbath school connected with the Independents at this place, met at the chapel, whence they issued in an orderly proces- sion to Llandaff Yard, to celebrate the opening of the Sabbath school commenced there the previous Sunday. At the village they were met by the auxiliary branch, when the two formed themselves into an united company of 200 indivi- duals, having proceeded through Whitchurch, Wauntreodau, and the College Iron Works villages, they arrived at Llandaff Yard by three o'clock. The meeting, presided over by the Rev. J. LI. James, commenced in the open air, when a chapter was recited by Miss J. Salathiel, and a prayer was offered by Mr. W. Brown but on account of the sudden change of the weather, hitherto very favourable, the meeting was removed inside the building-which was im- mediately crammed by the large concourse. Then after several pieces of prose and poetry (Welsh and English) were repeated by the youths, short but appropriate addresses were delivered by- Messrs. E. Daniel, J. James, and by the Ilev. J. LI. James, after which the meeting was conclu- ded by the latter. During the procession and the meeting, several excellent tunes were sung by the choir. This Sabbath school is established through the exertions of D. Davies, Esq., Victoria Street, Merthyr, one of the proprietors of the College Iron Works; assisted by Messrs. J. James, and E. Daniels. It numbers above 60 members already, and there is a great likelihood of its doing much good in the neighbourhood. The parent school at Beulah, has, during the last two months, increased from 80 to 150 members and^fossesses a large and valuable library, towards winch a sum of £ 5 was subscribed by D. Davies, 'Esq., and one guinea by II. Jones, Esq iioath- field House. WELSH CALVINISTIC MKTIIODISTS.—The quar- terly association services of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists of South Wales were held at Neath on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th instant. The public services com- menced on Wednesday evening at Zoar Chapel, when the Revs. W. Morris, Ithuddlan, and Owen Thomas, London, preached. On Thursday morning at ten o'clock, the ordination services were held at the Methodist Chapel, when seven preachers were ordained to the ministry. At two o'clock in Zoar Chapel, the Hev. W. Ilees, of Liverpool, preached, and at four o'clock, in the open air, the Revs. T. Phillips, Hereford, and W. Morris, Rhnddlan. The services in the evening took place at the following places of worship: in Zoar Chapel, the Revs. E. Evans, Abergele, and J. Harris Jones, Ph.D.; at the Baptist Chapel, the Revs. J. R. Hughes, and J. Mills, London; at Maesyrhaf Chapel, the Revs. S. Lewis, Pembrokeshire, and W. Prytherch, Bettws at the Wesleyan Chapel, the Revs. W. Powell, Pembroke, and L. Evans, Pater. On Friday morning at six o'clock, in the open air, the Revs. G. Evans, Anglesea, and E. Evans, Abergele, and at ten o'clock, in Zoar Chapel, the Revs. D. Edwards, Newport, and J. Phillips, Bangor in the Town Hall, the Rev. W. Itees, Liverpool; in Maesyrhaf Chapel, the Revs. W. Powell, Pembroke, and Owen Thomas, London. At two o'clock, in the open air, the Revs. W. O. Williams, Trcmeirchion, and J. Phillips, Bangor. At six o'clock the Revs. Owen Thomas, London, and W. Rees, Liverpool. Services were also held at Briton Ferry, Aberavon, Aberdulais, &c. The services were all very numerously attended, and notwithstanding the unfavourable state of the weather, there was an immense concourse of people at the open air services; the sermons throughout were most impressive, and there were evident indications of the Divine presence. May God grant that the good seed sown may bring forth fruit abundantly! The inhabitants of Neath generally deserve most hearty thanks for their great kindness and liberality in providing so bountifully for the immense number of visitors on the occasion, and also the thanks of the pub- lic are due to the liberality of the Vale of Neath Railway Company in issuing tickets at reduced tares to those who attended the meetings. FOUND DROWNED.—Early on Monday morn- ing the body of a labouring man was found in the river Taff, which, owing to the late rains, was much flooded. He had a large gash on his brow, and his pockets were literally empty, but the opinion is that the poor fellow stumbled into the river aceidentaily, and being probably drunk his death was instantaneous. As no one recog- nised him the body was carried to the dead house at the Union, there to await the inquest and identification. From the clothes he wore, and his general appearance, he appears to have been a "navvy." Several following this occupation have looked at the corpse, but up to the time we write it has not been identified -Since the above was written, one exceedingly suspicious circum- stance has been noticed, namely, that the poor fellow when found was covered with blood which had proceeded beyond a doubt from the gash ill his forehead. It is difficult to reconcile this fact with the supposition that he had fallen into the river, for the blood in this case, issuing from the wound caused by the fall, would not have covered his clothes but have been washed away by the stream. A CAUTION TO RATEpAYEES.-In these days of hasty statesmanship, when the approaching close of the session and the knowledge that very little of worth has been done in the House of Com- mons, prompt members to accelerate the passing of oiils without due consideration, it behoves all ra tepnyers to examine carefully the bil: 8 in pro. gress, lest they suffer grievous and irreparable wrong. An illustration of this necessity was afforded last week, which will amply prove our remarks. A little while ago a bill was passed m tiie House which affected the Lx*al Government Act of 1848, and upon its being discussed in the committee of the House of Lords a clause was introduced and adopted, which, if passed into law, will provide for neither more nor less than to re- lieve proprietors of collieries, mines, and tram- ways of a great part of th xse local burdens which they in common with the great body of rate- payers now bear. In this town its cffcct would be to relieve the ironmasters of three-fourths of their present payments to the district rate. To show the effect of this we will suppose that a Is. rate produces ,£1000, then if this law passes it will require a Is. 3d. rate levied on tho occupiers and owners of houses to provide a similar amount—• the extra 3d. being the aniount oee»<uv>iied by tho lighter payments of the mire ?.ud tramway :nvne_rs. At the eleventh hour ft few of our in- defatigable townsmen became iware (tnrough a circular addi-e £ .-iod to our Soavd of Hca. thfrcm Lhe Town-Council of Wi-an) of the insidious treachery ut WGEK, and at A the tpvro for signature^ to a petition, placing tip-