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STAFFORDSHIRE IRON TRADE. WE have no change in tho trade since our last report. In manufactured iron the demand con- tinues moderate, supplying sufficient orders t > keep the works in full operation: this remark ap- plies to all the iron districts except one or two large works on the who find a difficulty in keeping their extensive rail mills at work. There are however reasons to expect a favourable change in the demand for this kind of iron. Perhaps the makers of bar iron likewise on the hills" are not so well off' for orders as the ma- nufacturers are in other parta of the kingdom. Pig iron is flat and slow of sale and the torpid state of the market is observed iu North and South Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Middiesboro', and ali oth or districts except the Clyde, where Scotch Pigs have improved from 6d to 9d per ton, with a largs business doing. • The official list of prices of Staffordshire finished iron- i8 as follows: Common Staffordshire bars, £ 7 10s., at the works; best bars, £ 810s.; Sheets, £ 9; Doubles, £ 10 10^ Nail sheets, £8 10s.; Latten, £12; boiler plates, R9; beet and best best in proportion; Common rods, £ 7 10s.; Hoops, £ 8 10s.; Gas strip, £8; Canada plated, £12, and all other sorts in proportion. Welch bars, zC5 10a to t5 12s.; rails £ 5 5s. # The return also shews the exports for the first six months of the present as compared the tWIt preceding years. Allowing for tLo alteration in the time allowed for making the entries in June, the total exports Tor the six months are but little less than last year, and about'8 per cent. in excess of 1853. In the exports of iron however this re- mark does not hold good, the six months of 1830 shewing a considerable falling off' as compared with the last year. This is very largely due to she diminished expo't of railway iron, which will not continue to mark the returns, if confidence can be restored in the political world. It is evi- dent from these returns that stocks of iron are. low- in almost everv important foreign market, and this circumstance gives good ground for anticipa- ting an improved demand shortly.—Extracted from Samuel Griffiths's Circular of July 28th Ehbw Vple ODDPEL^owsmp.—On Monday last the mem- bers of the Prosperity Lodge, of th" above- order, held their annual festival. The 2nd Bre- con shir* rifle volunteer band attended. The lodge met the Bt-eufcrt Arm Tnu, rt eleven o'clock, and after possessing, themselves of their i-egjilia, &e,, they were led off under the .enJ.vening strains of sweet music to the English isuptist-^chapel, where the Rev. Brother Emlyn Jones, M.A., delivered a most nopropriate ad- dre?s, based upon the familiar words, Love thy neighbour ns thyself;" prayer being offered, the members again tormed into procession and the,; marched to the residence of Dr. Be van, •Beaufort, where each man received a glass of ah; to &nim::te his drooping spinrs. Tney taen pro- ceeded on their way through the village of Beaufurt, and afterwards retrvaed to the .Lodge, where a capital dinner was waiting them. The ebthheing- removed, the above Rev. gentleman, was called to the chair, anti I'.H. Williams to the vice chnir._ The evening proved, as pleasant and as interesting as couid be desired.

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