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ous habits, and to restore them to a respectable condition in society. The affairs of the same institution are to be put under the management of a committee to be elected annually, no one to be eligible unless he is a subscriber of at least £1 Is. annually, or a donor of £10 10- which will constitute a life number. The annual meet- ing is to take place at Easter week. The committee will request the. assistance of ladies in the management of the institution. All funded property are < o be vested in three trustees to be elected by the annual general committee. It was also resolved to hold local meetings in order to promote the object of the institution, at Cardiff, Swansea, Merthyr, Aberdare, Newport, Neath, and such other places in Monmouthshire and South Wales, foR the secretary may deem expedient, and that he make arrangements to hold such meetings accordingly. The first meeting will be at Aberdare, August 7th, when Mr. Vaughan, of Rheola, and Mr. Moggridge of Swansea, will attend as deputation the second at Merthyr the second week in August, also at Cardiff, where Mr. Michael, and Dr. Davies, principal of the Normal College, Swansea, will attend as deputation. We hope, as there has been a good deal of talk on this subject, the public will attend these meetings, and redeem the pro- mises of support which it has invariably given since the question was first raised. Thee is no subject demanding more of its sympathy, and which we trust will be liberally accorded it at the public meetings. ABERDARE. FATAL ACCIDENT. -On Friday last a collier named William Harries was accidentally killed by a fall in the Bwllfa pit, Cwmdare. Deceased was much respected by his fellow-workmen and all who knew him appear to deplore his untimely end. CLUB FEAST.—Club feasts are just n -\v the order of the day. The usually peaceful streets of our quiet, though busy town, are almosst daily made to resound with the music of some noisy band elected by enthusiastic members to head the procession of their club on the anniversary day. If all this should prove pleasing to parties immediately concerned we do not complain but at the same time we reserve to ourselves the right of denouncing such a custom as being ridi- culous, inappropriate, and foolish. Why should serious men who band together ostensibly for a provident purpose be called upon to spend their money on showy dress?, gaudy regalia, and bad music? On some future occasion we will enter into this question at length. On Saturday last, the Alfreds, meeting at the Stag Hotel, Mill Street, the Csrpenter's Arms, the Apple Tree, and the Griffin Inn, Aberaman, held their anniver- sary. The four clubs amalgamated and walked in an orderly manner to Calvaria, Baptist. Chapel, where an appropriate sermon was delivered to them. After leaving the chapel each club pro- ceeded to its lodge, and did ample justice to a substantial spread which we are told gave the greatest satisfaction ia each instance. THE WEATHER, CROPS, &c.—Notwithstanding that the weather during the past week has been very unsettled, a great many acres of bay appear to have been harvested in pretty good condition. We are, however, told that in the surrounding neighbourhood there is yet a large portion of the hay crops uncut. Trade in this valley is perhaps a shadebetter than il/nas been during the past six weeks, and the demand for out- of-door labour is fully equal to the supply. The iron trade progresses steadily and in connection with the sister trade increased activity is notice. able. Two or three of the proprietors of this district have contracted for the supplying of a cargo of coals, 13)000 tons we believe, for the Great Eastern." The circumstance of the charterers of this gigantic veRsel having chosen this district fjr their coal-market proves that the high status maintained by Aberdare steaix' corl during the recent test of the relative merits of English and Welsh produce has not been lost sight of by the commercial world. THE BURIAL BOARD.—An election in connec- tion with this Board will take place in the course of this current month. Mr. William Powell who will act as chairman on tho occasion has issued notices in which he states that the number of persons to be elected is five. in the stead or place of Messrs. James Lewis Roberts, Bichard Crawshay Partridge, and the Rev. Thomas Price, who retire by rotation Mr. Samuol Thomas, who resigns his seat, all of whom are edible for re- plection and Mr. Phillip John whose seat becomes vacant bv disqualiifcation. The 10th August is the day fired for the nomination of candidates, and should there be more than the required imm- ber nominated, papers will be delivered to all the ratepayers (to canvass their votes) on the 21st inst. and the same will be collected on the 25th. '{'lie chairman will afterwards attend at the Town Hail on the 27th inst, for the purpose of examining and casting up the number of votes recorded for each candidate. Messrs. Roberts and seek to be re-elected, but by whom the other vacant seats are likely to be filled wo have not as yet heard. At present there is not the least indica- tion of excitement noticeable in the parish, but, unless a change has come o'er the spirit of the ratepayers' dream, a hard contest will be the mildest kind of concomitant to be looked for in connection with the approaching election. ABERAMAIT ENGLISH WESLEYAY SUNDVY SCHOOL.—The anniversary sermons of this school were preached on Sunday, July 22nd, ia the morning at eleven and at six by Mr. Good fellow, of Merthyr, and in the afternoon at half-past two, by Mr. J. Williams, Aberdare. The ser- mons were excellent in composition and delivery, and we hope that good results will bo observable. Many interesting pieces were recited and sum by the children uf the school, and iit the close ot the services collections were made, which amounted to much more than, last year. On Monday the children and teachers irtofc at the chapel and formed a procession, and then walked through the principal parts of the tow. Ing some hymns aud pieces selected for pra'pose the school was headed by a largo white banner, carried by Charles Vvre eld en, the oldest scholar th; hool, and. on their return they were regaled with tea and cake, after which the ie*.o!>era and friends look tea together. At ii-cven o e.ock a public meeting was hold when addresses were given by the tcccbcrs of the *e/iuol. r»c !'v Rv nlversary altogether was far the best \ye have had -once the school r?ommeiieed, and so im- pressed were six young persona with the iGl- po-tanee of aiding the Sabbath school thai at cor uiasLnof the services the;? vou^tarily offered themselves as s of the school. Gonrmum- ca BSAUFOlcr. A n,I_D BAUGAT. —A *%W days sir;c^ nT. vrent occurred here which has proved most fn1"J,,1 of conversation ::aet gossi". A .yor.,g 0 was led to the hymeneai altar by f e; whom she naturally supposed loved Lcr most aff? 'trn-.aUAy. TLo ceremony of nscivri*.?? hiring been not or: the your.2 couple and their guests h-»me, apparentiy as happy as could bo dco^d. They all partook of an exc-dent dinner, ir-d harmony of tiie evening appeared iikely t.j con- tinue, but ail oi a sudden s>. :.n: taroilj f's- pute arose, out of which a general qu rtl enpuod, and the bridegroom got so enr d that, he thought he had made a "bad bnrg.iin, • and tlx- sooner he got ovt. of Jt Ho;" better n.n.l-tr this imp^ersior. lie psctcen up a little w«vinng app.ufl and without even taking i farewell he made Lie exit, and has nut since been heard of. PREVENTION BETTER TWAN CU&E.—-Drriu;; the la&t I months there has been general com- plaining among Luc irndesnjeri.and .others ia, this", place respecting the heedless and furiousi-driving of tho railway carrier,-ppvuctflarly in ils ::g&iu« to the station .\«ith his empty cart and watfson j oftentimes the lives of the public, and especially^ those of children in the streets, -"ireendangered by such reckless, .conduct, and although Mr. Whip was often cautioned and remonstrated with, all proved to no purpose, he would not change his 9&»duct; .but a few days ago a vigilant police officer, who had his eye upon him for some time, observed him going it again" without having any reins upon his team; he at once procured a summons and charged him with the above of. fence, when a good opportunity for full investi- gation presented itself. This done he was ordered to payti lis. 6d. or undergo seven weeks' imprisonment, a mode of treatment which we are happy to say has bad the desired effect of curing him of his eccentricity. The effect of so strong a dose is quite visible, even in the horses as well as the haulier, for all go now "slow and sure." BLA1NA PETTY SESIONS. FRIDAY, JULY 27.-Before F. Levick, Esq. Previous to the hearing of any cases at tins sessions the magistrate, on looking over the several summonses before him, observed that there were eeyoud parties brought there from Tredegar, and also other people summoned from the Blsina to appear at the Rock, a distance of eight or ten miles. He thought this indicated very bad management somewhere, for there was no need of people being dragged about the dis- trict to seek for justice, when by exercising a little patience they would have it brought almost to their own doors, and thereby save a great deal of time and expenses. He hoped for the future that the police would consider these things, and the magistrate's clerk would do well to date summonspp to be heard as near home as possible, particularly those trifling cases in which women and children were generally concerned. THE EBBW VALE WOMEN A.GAIN. Dianah Roseer was charged with abusive language and throwing water over Sarah Edwards, at Ebbw Vale, on the 13th of July. It appeared from evidence that the complainant had been em. ployed as a washer-woman for the defendant, and there was still arrears of Is. 6d. due ns wages. When complainant went to enquire about her rights, defendant threatened to pay her, not in the coin of the realm, but with a good thrashing.—Wnu-Cook was called to prove the above threat, and also saw defendant; throw- water over the complainant, Ann Smith was called as a witness for the defendant, and <?ave such a version of the case that convinced the Bench that both were equally in fault, and ordered the cost of lis. 6d, to be equally divided. LJSAVINO- WORK WITHOUT NOTICE.— WIT*. Jones was charged with leaving work without notice at Ebbw Vale. Mr. Harris appeared for tho defendant, and informed the Bench that his client was willing to return and work a roonfL if it was neeoiswry." One of the complainant's con- tractors, who was present for 'he pv:seev.tiou, agreed that the case should be withdrawn on the defendant coming bacn: and working a month's notice and by paying 13c 61. costs. A correspondent in reference to these ses- sions, says "that Lhcy are so totally destitute of interest, that it is quite unc- orthy of report, more especially as tne Tredegar sessions claim, as the latest court—to which several of* the Blsina cases were adjourned—our more immediate notice. The offences may be summed up thus: 1 deser- tion of family, 1 assault, 1 breach of the peace, 1 leaving work without notice, and 1 beerhouse offence.—Taking this as not the unusual specimen of the business here, it is difficult to see any urgent want of new Magistrates, whom your cor- respondent of last week would pitch into the commission of the peace, without regard to fitness or necessity. We have now in the valley F. Levick, Esq., 0, Baii*3^ Esq., J Rosse]-, Esq., anf) H, NT, Kxnnaira, Esq., four gentlemen «mply sufficient to decide the P^V squabbles or larce- nies that dLiurb our quiet neighbourhood, ard if any new arrangement takes place, we must look to a radical change of the whole system for improvement. The appointment of a stipendiary magistrate, though the > question has been in abeyance for somy time, is the most feasible and efficient means of providing for the administra- tion of jus tice in these works, and whenever the resident magistrate is taken away from T'-edogar, on matters of business or health, it recurs in ful' force. One sitting a i.oek at Ebbw Vale, and another at Tredegar, wou!d meet the require- ments of the three valleys of Sirhowy, Ebbw, and Ysturth much better than the existing system, and would leave gentlemen engaged in their pro- fessional duties at perfect liberty to sit upon the benoh whenever their time permitted." EBBW VALE. THE LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION. —The annual report of this establishment is now in the hands of the subscribers, and exhibits a fair amount of activity during the past year. A large number of new books, to the amount of £ 40, have been added to the library, while the tables have been better supplied with papers, periodicals, and publications, than any reading room wo know of on the hills, and to of reference more easy a new catalogue has just been printed in a moyt convenient form for in- spection. Ten entertainments of a very sanerior character (including the soirefc) have been given gratis to the subscribers, yet they bare not only paid their expenses buta&um will be handed over to the general fund. Large additions have been made to the museum, and ths committee rcpori that the introduction of chess and drafts was provided without inconvenience for. the recrea- tion of a class inclined to amusement of that kind. This jo the fair side of th1 picture, but the committee go oil to report that,^though the finances are hi a better state than last year, the number of subscribers has decreased and the improvement classes do not succeed as well as could be wished. This is a circumstance which, conbidsring the advantages held cut at a tvitiing outlay by this institution, must occasion surprise as well as regret, avd we hope this notice may be the means of increasing the number of sub- scribers and clasp ;,f udcrt". PUNCH IN EBBW VALE. Tht? parchment by virtue of which iho Earl or Hopetown holds possession of his Scottish do main, said to be no bigger than a man's band, in the ir.o?t concise 2nd comprehensive document known; givinu posses^ in perpetuity of every thing on the estate "as high as beaver and as ion- as hull." Mu the title wt' Punch, Prince of Gwcr.t to the sovereignty in Ebbw V/de, if ic do not extend quite o far is yet just fi1 decisive IHd inalienable. He goes to that district by the la. of affinity which neither in the chemistry of physical atoms nor of p du\t<vr:s per- mits any power to operate except that of strongest, This beirnj settled, ho ioeksaboui, hL.. tor sC-H.eUi.infT to Every onv# ia bu*y, r-he of la bear busiest ol all, ;;o that P'rucu UBUohunter -is tc"!ri, sec- to »ns "■•M.eriab. and it •lot, se; ibo bel.mau lo^O-K to rr.ia th« car of the neople S'-aeho' BVmg sub-eribed hand- ijomciy to the Liternry institution, and up charming daughters yonder ? Captain—With all my heart, if you will promise to observe a decent reticence concerning our domestic institu- tion. Punch—You desolate me with the thoughts of such a mal apropos. Mr. Brown, Air. Punch Mr. Pauch, Mr. Brown, (courtesies of superlative grace). So we have the he nour of enrolling you in the 2nd Monmouthshire, Mr. Punch,said the great man of Ebbw Vale (profound bow). Punch- No man can boast a prouder title than volunteer, nor among volunteers a more honourable corps than that formed under your own auspices, sir." Ladies—(Graciously)—Ah Mr. Punch, are you really in earnest, or is that only a little Windsor soap ? Punch —" Mademoi. selles, the mane of the British lion bristles at suchaji insinuation, and did not chivalry forbid," Bugle call. Fall in, Mr. Punch, you can talk to the ladies after drill." GARN VACI-I. CLUB FESTIVITIES. —On Saturday last our village was the scene of unusual gaiety. Early in the morning the sounds of sweet music were heard Echoing across the valley, and our working men were seen wending their way towards the principal inn, clad in their uoot attire. About 11 o'clock the club made its appearance in the street, and very soon they were gnzed upon by hundreds of theirneighbourR; tbev perambulated the vilkge, headcd by the Ebbw Vale brass band, until all felt that their appetito was sharpened. They then returned to the inn and were soon found doing themselves justice at the dinner table. The dinner being over, the members went into a little business, and then the evening was spent in harmony and good fellowship. NANTYGLO. THE BUSH INN BENEFIT SOCIETY. — On Saturday last the above society, composed prin- cipally of firemen, held their pnnaal feast. The members met in the morning and after a few- hours' ramble, headed by a band of music, thev sac down to an excellent dinner provided by host Lloyd, who for many years h&? won for tiimsei? a high reputation as a successful caterer to the multitude in the good things of this life. There is a i?h;- sicgu ;my in shops quite ?.s'great a tell-tale of character and habits as that of human individuals, and a man ofimafination could easily transform mentally certain buildings of kind into symbolical men and women. For instance, we find in truck shops many such resemblances not altogether unworthy of note. For instance, In the antiquated company shop at TwyncatEo is an dd woman who has gone through much dirty work in nev tirne, but who, having great refa- lions, is obliged to keep a clean face aad a tidy crown- Lower down the dingle, esd out-be of the river ytaadt? the majestic matron in the meridian of dignity and enbonpviiit. She. dresses well, makes iier servants do their duty. auj looks out for a good establishment for her twin daughters at Pontlottrn and Tyr Phil. Looking still ooiely re the arehicloctura< physiognomy, we find iu Ponliottyn a lady in her teens, who has not yet made her del.,it. but of who.-e expected attractions half the (shop) ladies in Pontsottyi: are uying of jealousy. As for the young coquet at Tyr Phil, she and her neighbour, the public, dress so ftay that i.jessrs. Powells may be very thankful if the woric is not turned up-side down 1. v thp.m. Not so the gloomy smoke dried face of Dame Truck PI; i-I which frowns upon as as we pass. It is with houses, as wit\ some women -ho aic sunk to a condition of degrada- tion that all care for external appearance has utterly vanishod. Such is the sordid drab who scowls through the opaque glass* of N antyglo shop. How business is conducted. in her domain, whether a dean little face ever peers up in her gloomy countenance, and whether white sugar and spotless calico issue from this retail dungeon we ca"),I; undertake at present to say, but really the old beldame ought to waqli her skin and put on a clean frock for decency's sake. And in the meantime we will try to ascertain whether ap. peamiccs are not after all deceitful, and the really dirty smithy, lor it could be taken for nothmg else, may not under this repulsive exte- rior, be a centre of influences as benign, as that of certain reifneries, whence after much heat and smoke and sweat, mingled with bullocks' blood, issues the pure saccharine crystal, which flavours ray lady's purest Mocha. KHYMNEY. ANCIENT OJIT>T?R OF SHEPHERDS.—On Mon- day, the 23rd ult, a Sanctuarv of the above Order ( which is a branch of the Order of Forest- ers) was opened at the Castle Inn, llhymney, in conjunction with Court "Rose of the Glyn," No. 3,203. The opening cremony was performed by P.P. John Prole, of Sanctuu-v Hobin Hood, and the office of S.P. by P.P. Morgan Emanuel (S.P. John Price being too ill to attend), the °L duties being undertaken by Bro- thers Durham and A.P. Mabbett. Fourteen members were initiated into the mysteries of ohepherdry, and there were several indications that this number would soon be doubled, if not traoied, shortly. After the ceremony of initia- tion was over, tho next thing was to fix trnon officers to conduct the business of the Sanctuary for the ensuing six months. The office of A.P. was given to P.C.R. William Phillips, that of A.b.P. to I.(J.II. Daniel Davies, and that of Scribe to Brother D. W. Jones. The subordi- nate ofhees were also fi led by brothers fully coiripetent to aspire to the chairs in due time. I xhe business of the Sanctuary being concluded, the remaining part of tho evening was spent in cunviviality aud toast drinking. The first toast proposed wm Success to the newly opened Sanctuary," followed by Success to the neigh- bouring Sanctuaries," then Success to the opening Sanctuary," which was ably responded to by P.P. Joan Proie, as were the others by various members present. These pleasing pro- ceedings of ti e evening will long be remembered by many present, particularly as there has been a misunderstanding between the dliferent Courts aud Sanctuaries in that ^aV :y for 8"me time, which ouiy required a friendly meeting and a few words of explanation to terminate, and which, we are^happy to say, was accompiidiied by P.P. ucL.u i-role pnd Jo'.n Price, a ll>knight previous to the op!-ning. It' was aiso anjiounced to th« rucixiberi} tiic above Court, ilose of the ulyn," that the rumour circulated in 'Ifchym- r.y Ihat the Court was suspended by the Order wr° meoireci, a., the Q.0_, iiad sent the quav. tcrly aoo 'tri«-• ITpof/t8 in due time. Tins in- formation vvas received 79Uh by meiiioer« of ■ i.c- yoove C^ui't, and others not connected v- i^; th. Order. xr* AT never to be forgott^o apolegy fc.1" shaleir-4 haud; ("tv-fr-f. dc- it-") WHS not so ve;y unnatural Uituer tho cir;-ums:-aRees, "if i?, seemed to us age. At 2>il' time we had no idea 'hat •"iv> nobL :)1" •-•lt'-d"f' formed any parr, of of the- B,i\ymney youth, ap- por.i„ A. rv "i'^acsU; ..a ior the ot 7 0 if.) it KCOIIS. 'form die ntd ndb'sry em-usiasri of the c h'i. Lakivu *u these W0: k.=», and c'oves for roc ouijee arc ;unt to the TJ»« fu<i!t "06R V.C^ liC iti L: .VOUOO jji^n Ot i.v.1» ""1..i.,y, V, are nuitc o;. a< inp-jjeotuai oar with 01 ctbron •-•{ .!?!-edeprur and elsewhere, but- a" f.:W;ca Dol:-y hi oh misdirect. the youtJdal nu.;ui- ^aioa.e. fcJo an futs an shoe on me gernr*?: jg in- huu _o;3ta:n-s for his pains & garablei (or a, .=- a superMJiinet JewV utirp in oiace^ot w<;rid Mmeu .nosical genius. J-- ;s-iO, iiovever, it >.p -jr,t- flli, loss a man who can bear a broifn nos" re, «n encounter is not uu- i.u-iy uj_ «t?nd Lata 'puncbu,^ f„t tiose una? in o, ,fc ?'e to ;'vau ourselves o-t the result ot Jiu^iish Hcience against possible rilled cannon, aud other artms de pretisiu-n, how nvaeh bcttc-r »rou!d he tf1 iearo how H) io comb'ned rocvemer ■. <»,ven "vithoul the rifle, than o oe htiav m q.o.aiityir. to »u;uau ,e fuuei -otu- conntrynien scioucificaiiy. Wo need wo assistance to do what .Ebbw Yale has done. Scores (Ii, Id soldiers or militiamen would be proud to instruct the youth oi llhymney in the myhteriea of "right wheel" and' "left about face," and this done, we could shake hands with our good friends across the channel without fearing it to be the precursor of a false blow., THE BENEFIT CLUBS.—Last Saturday a holyday was observed in the forges and mills, to enable the firemen to transact their annual business as members of Friendly Societies, held at the dif- ferent publics in the neighbourhood, namely-tbe Wellington, the Cyclops, the Rock, and the Bute Arm. The whole affair was conducted so quietly that it would have hardly been guessed that nearly all our highly paid workmen were engaged in an operation which seldom passes without much clamour of musical instruments and car- nival demonstrations. Perhaps the absence of the usual dinner in some of these cases might account for the partial lull, though we believe there was no stint of ctorio to make the audit, which is always a thirsty affair, tractable and pleasant. It would seem a very hypocritical auair to scan too closely the relaxation of this bard working class of men. Yet we do feel some surprise that a day devoted to their express gratification should not be taken advantage of to get into the open country. Caerphilly is so fine a place for recreation, and so easily accessible by rail, that it is difficult to imagine how men scorched by six days' labour at a furnace should miss the opportunity thus given them of re- freshing their souls and bodies by a few hours' immersion, in the bunlet verdure of a spot con- secrated by the remains of a hoary and gigantic past. As these club festivities are only just be. ginning, we are not yet without hope that Druids, Foresters, and Oddfellows may give themselves an opportunity with a cold fowl and a bottle of por'or, of proving how much more dainty is the table spread for them by a good appetite anu the chaste magnificence of nature than the gross viands devoured in an atmosphere of steam and crowded inelegance; and how far thoir tawdry symbols are transcended by this mute but (significant aspect of summer in the vale of Glamorgan. SIRHOWY. THIS village, we learn, has caught the scarlet fever, and is about to form a separate corns, which, will probabi.y give tnreo large companies to Pontypool, and raise Capt. Roden, their com- mander, to the rank of major. The number of volunteers is already estimated at 60, while the con of Dr. Coates. now a private in the Tredegar corps, is spoken of A the probable lieutenant, and jvir. Henry as ensign. There is no one named as eapiain yet, but many circumstances lead to the conclusion that Lieut. Coates of the Tredegar corps is tin probable man. Matters do hot seem to go verv smoothly in the last named corps, and there, is no doubt that should our 11 1 ci 11 el hopes be veaUsed they will suffer in every way It is, indeed, reported (on we know not what authority) that CapL. Humfray wishes to ex- change into a corps nearer home, and if tins phould t"ke place nothing but the hearty support cf the Tredegar Company can save the corps, for there is little unankuity amongst them at pre- sent. AN accident of a serious kind happened in these vrorks last Thursday, which will, it is to be hoped, prevent a dangerous practice. It appears thai; a little girl had got up behind the omnibus Coming from Bryumawr, and was riding through Sirhowy, and in attempting to get down she fell and was severely injured. The doctor's house being near at hand she was taken in and had her hurts dressed, and is in a fair way for recovery. TRED-EGL^lR. ON Wednesday evening a lecture was delivered at Saron Chapel, in this town, by the Rev. Richard Jones; of Manchester, to a numerous audience on the Maine Law," for the benefit of a chapel of the same denomination atDukestown. Lectures of this kind are so much a matter of course uow-a-days, and have so little novelty, that we seldom notice them, nor would this have formed an exception to our course did not the speaker possess qualifications of no ordinary kind. It ia a matter of small consequence what a man says who can mumble for years on a given subject, without ever letting in a ray of light upon it, but when a man of talent tries to per- suade a minority by combination to impose laws upon a careless majority, it is the duty of the upon a careless majority, it is the duty of the press to note the fact with disapprobation. The attempt if successful is most unjust, if unsuc- cessful it is still unjust to the dupes who have sacrificed time and money to accomplish it. Paul said in a like case, Refrain, from fear of giving offence." He never said, Give offence by com- pelling others to refrain." THE very large sale at -the Talbot advertised in these columns, took place on Thursday last and was well attended. The household property went off pretty briskly, at prices that do not augur unfavourably for the building speculations already in progress. The public houses as usual, were the subject of the keenest competition, the Crown being eventually knocked down to Mr. Daniel G wynne, and the Bush, Dukes town, to Mr. Pugh. Altogether in the present state of trade the sale may be said to have more than realised expectations. ON Sunday, the 29th inst., the Sunday school sermons of the Independent chapel, Dukestown, were preached by the Rev. II. Jones, Manchester, whose ministrations in the pulpit were exceed- ingly acceptable to the crowded congregations assembled en that day. As usual, the vocal per- formances of the children themselves were at- tended with considerable interest, and they were rewarded on the following day with tea and plauicake in the usual routine. Tuesday evening was distinguished by a lecture in the same chapel, delivered by the gentleman who ofBciated on the previous Sabbath. Mr. David Hughes, grocer, occupied the chair on that occasion, and the lecturer delivered a very interesting address upon the development cf human power as mani- fested in its three leading aspects—physical, moral, and intellectual. THE progress of tLc Town Hall or Temperance Hall, win eh ever is the right name, is more rapid than we had expected, and we should imagine that the skeli ol the building and a good part of the interior will be finished before next Christ- ian. As a feature ot any architectural character it." III be very unimportant, but when we con- sider bow urgently it is needed for public pur- poses tho less delay there is the better. > -OIL Monday evening about 6 o'clock three colliers from Tyr Phil, William J', John V< !"iams, and Thomas Jones were driailing together at the Britannia of this town and high words rose among them, which termina- ted in the three j^cn going into the back yard to figiit it out. WiJliani Jonei, and John \Villiam» fought three rounds in a very fair manner, in the last cf whicii Williams received a kick on his eye, tneu both men attacked thu de- ee'oa, throw him d 'u \r;+:t great violence tuu afterwardo kicked him. P. C. Pilchard and Coie were soon on the spot, and deceased breathe.; h; in a iiiw minutes after wards in tne arms of tne eouwtuble, A post mortem examination •Vnorr.ade, and. the medical man gave h. as his epiaiou t!J»t tho full, resulting in concussion of the or on. was the immediate cause cf dcacn. An in- quest was Held on one 1bg day before M. A^'i'Hn, liiitj., 1!' which the evidence of tho Ko"iv.i. re.-T., jJi-. Anthony, of ;hc penofe, mid r.f ,fi:-hard Sdwavus, Abraham Davies, Haunxoai iUuoie, and Thomas Hill, witnesses of the atlray, v vo received, and the jury of which Mr. Charles Hunter was foreman, after a careful consirier- r-tion returned a verdict ot Manslaughter against Joiir Williams o.nd Thomas J ones. The prisoners were forthwith put into the bands of the police m oi-.j:v ;lint they might be brought before the v Sessions lu sit at the Castie en the fo'.lovr- iug at which tin y were both committed to tare tbeir fci-icl ?\t ibe next- Weuinonthshire Assizes to be Lcli on Friday 3rd-inst.[See a more detailed report under head of Pet-y Seó- sion?.]