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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. EXCURSION BY THE VALE OF NBATH AND SOUTH WALES RAILWAYS.—It will be observed by an advertisement in another column, that the second company's excursion of the season is an- nounced to start on Saturday evening (to-morrow) next. There is no doubt but that a large number of our fellow-townsmen, and also of the residents of Aberdare, will avail themselves of this oppor- tunity of seeing their friends at a distance, and also of enjoying a pleaqant trip at the sea-side. So far the railway arrangements of the Vale of ZSTeata Company in the conduct of their excursion trains have been most satisfactory, and should this excursion party number even thousands we are sure that all will be conducted with the punctu- alityand regularity of an ordinary train. Last Saturday they conveyed the Cyfarthfa club— nurturing, we believe, about 1,500 members- to Swansea, and throughout the journey every pp*on. folk.gratified with the perfection of the railw,s$l arrangements and the courtesy evinced -M, tHejofficials. -v. 15^ AFFLICTED.—It is seldom that our town is visited by a skilfu! professional chiropodist, or extractor of corns and bunions, but for the last few days, and until Wednesday next, we have a resident here whose skill in these delicate opera- tions is established by testimonials of the highest character. To all afflicted with these painful growths on the feet we would recommend atten- tion to Mr. Anderson's advertisement in our first page. RIFLE SHOOTING-.—It is a fact that must be observable to every one, that whatever Merthyr people are determined on doing they do with a heartiness which generally produces excellence. Not many days ago our Cyfarthfa band competed against the private bands of the United Kingdom, and not only did they return with a valuable prize, conferring honour on the entire company, but when a solo had to be performed one of its members stopped forth and astonished the hun- dreds of musicians by the excellence of his per- formance, and triumphantly won the highest prize. Again, this place has not until lately been eminent for producing crack rifle shots, but it being known that thera was to be a general com- petition. in rifle shooting, a few mot together for practice, and on the day of trial one of them came off with honour amongst the best shots of not only this kingaom but Switzerland also. This week there was another rine shooting contest at Cardiff, for a prize to the best shot among the volunteers of the eonuty. A youth from Merthyr, (Mr. John Wil'iam Jenkins, of the Glebeiand), who until a few weeks ago had never fired a shot, modestly stood among the veteran "stars," and at the hour of action so far excelled—or rather eclipsed LI,pm-th;it the highest prize was awarded him. This consisted of a beautifully finished Lancaster Title and sword bayonet, of the estimated value of £20, which he here off amid the cheers of the populace, and the astonishment of lis competi- tors, Mr. Jenkins is a member of the 2nd GHarr^rgansbire rifle corps, and his victory is naturally looked upon with exceeding pleasure by his fellow members. FLOWER GABD £ -NS-—Complaints have reached us of the wanton miiccnduet ;f persons unknown in destroying the flowers in front of the houses in Union Street. Instead of wishing to destroy we would think passers by would be pleased wrh the treat of sight and perf ume, and rather thank the owners than seek to injure them. In some cases we hear that flowers have been stolen, roots and all pulled up and taken away. This act, whatever the perprtators may think; is as much a robbery as entering a house and stealing goods. As an example is wanted, doubters had better try and see what estimation the public will have of them, and what opinion Mr. Fowler will give. TRESPASSERS.—A friend suggests that instead of the notices conspicuously placed in every green field, and frowning over green lanes at innocent lovers of ruralities.some yet more strongly worded should have been used. In his opinion these notices, coarse and ill-mannered we called them, were mild as the meekest sky-blue milk compared with those required. He would suggest that every proprietor of a green field, no matter how small, every owner of a little wood, or a green lane, that by law can be claimed as private pro- perty, do at once issue such a notice as this. The public only permitted to enter this place o»«, the following conditions, which must be followed under pain and penalty of the severest rigour of the lawCouples not allowed to walk abreast, husband and wife not to walk arm in arm, all crinolines, sticks, and umbrellas to be left at home, no child under ten permitted, no nurse- maid allowed to walk with any one having the appearance of a sweetheart, no dogs allowed, but in case one should enter and be caught wagging 'his tail he will at once be shot. These conditions he thinks would hara the desired effect. HOWELL'S SCHOOL, LLANDAPP.—We are in- formed that this insxilutton for orphan girls will be opened on the llsliif Auarust. Thirty foun- dationers have been eledtetf almost entirely from the Principality. Twenty-three pay-boarders have also been elected out of the total number of thirty. Three children resident in Merthyr have been admitted on ti^e foundation, namely, Helen Doughty, daughter^aMr. Doughty, commercial traveller Elizabeth Williams>% who is under the care of her aunt Mrs, and Mary Swidenbank, daughter of the late Mr. Swiden- ,bank, cashier at the Penydarian works. All the children will receive a superior education, in- cluding French, music, and drawing. The foun- dationers will also be envied to £100 each, to be applied towards advancingNtvem in life, or as a marriage portion. It is to be egrettecl that the foundation does not /Rroiifte foe still larger numbers, but it shouldHofJbe forgorhm that the sister-school at D^Rjuga oy^tpss another set of sixty girls, and that tnefes arc nip ot^r institutions of this kind in Wales. T^e slhools are open to the children of Churchmen anE Nonconformists alike, the only principle whicurhas governed the nomination of candidates, being the preference of those, who, by the death of one or both parents and other circumstances, have lost their prospect of a superior education (such as is given in these schools), which otherwise they would have enjoyed. THE GLAMORGANSHIRE MILITIA. —We are glad to learn that it in thev intention of the authorities to make the-GrMmorgan Light Infantry Militia a truly Welsh. Wgiment. Formerly strangers from England aridfIr$»nd were accepted aa recruit? but now it is Bhe;wirf> of the officers to enlist Welshmen only, "arid (thus to create a good county feeling in the corps. CEFNCOEDYCYMMER. — BAND OF HOPE.-On Monday last, the members of the Band of Hope belonging to the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in this place, celebrated their annual tea drinking in the Temperance Hall. The proceedings of the day commenced at two (^clock, in 'the chapel, when after the usual busm^ was disposed of, the members formed a proces&iqn and proceeded with their flags aHd other insighqi through the streets, singing merely until tiiey Arrived at the Hall, which was ver^c, tasteiiMy and., prettily adorned for the occasion noff cpljT with>flowers and evergreens, but with Tsi^e mqrtfusefnf orna- ments of maps and pictures o^Jcaaroa^desighed to illustrate some of the moatyStriaing events connected with our religion, &c.xTli<r tea was capital, and the children enjoyed themselves and did justice to it, after which they favoured the company with some pieces of music, which they executed well, to the pleasure and satisfaction of all present. After one or two short speeches had been given, the children returned to the chapel, and again about seven o'clock went to the hall, which was now filled by the Band of Hope and their friends and after the opening of the meet- ing by the Rev. J. Roberts, C e Pantywyll, one or two recitations upon the subje&^pf teetotalism e were given by some of the Jtl^icr mbipbers with1 Strcdit; after which thevi^evg^I. liobeHa, Owen Twans, and Richard Griffit^aS^resged ih^meet- iaw, ami, elicited great applause. /Tne?&hair«as |bly!iilleft by Mr. Howell Jontesj salraler, C^» iartfifa.— Communicated. w .] TifE BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—At a-meeting of tlie Board held on Saturday, July 21, the follow- ing members were present :-G. T. Clark, Esq., (chairman), Messrs. L. Lewis, T. Williams, J. Ansell, J. W. Russell, R. H. Rhys, G. Davies, J. Rees, C. Bassett, D. Jones, E. Lewis, T. Evans, Rev. O. Evans, Rev. J. Griffith, J. C. Fowler, Esq. -Number admitted during the week, 21: dis- charged, 24; number in the house, 177; corres- ponding week last year, 1%, relieved out door, 2523 corresponding week last year, 2522 amount of relief, £ 224 IGs.; corresponding-week last year, £ 219 15s. Id. Religious services in the work- house Sunday morning (chuMi) Welsh and English, the Rector Sevenmg (Pontmor- laia chapel) Welsh, Rev. D. Pmllfps,- VIE are happy to find that Mr. TboBMS Grif- fiths of this town, has successfully passed the Apothecaries' Hall preliminary examination It consisted in translation of passages, Tlgth^iwa voce and on paper, from Horace, Cicero, the Greek Testament and Homer's Iliad, and in solving problems in Euclid and Algebra. Mr. Griffiths bad been for some time a private pupil of Mr. Evan Williams, A.M., Tydvil School. MERTJIYR JUVENILE RIFLE CORPS.—This corps is making very considerable progress in their drill, and a marked improvement is already mani- fest in the bearing of the members. They appeared fcr the first time on parade last evening in their uniform, and looked remarkably well, and went through their movements for the first time on grass, in a field at Thomas Town, very creditably, it being very much more difficult to march on grass than on any hard ground. On reference to an advt. in another column, it will be seen that an out-door fete has been got up for them, to take place on a very picturesqu^spofc at Yscybor Newydd farm, which is easilySaccessibie from Thomas Town. It is being^ot up r a committee of highly respectable ladies, assisted-by the hon. secretaries; and as both corps with the 'band will attend, we have no will (go <fff with con- siderable eclat. CRICKET MATCH.—The Pri'm^oseHill Cricket Club, composed almost entirely of juveniles, having obtained a victory about a fortnight ago over the Plymouth c'ub, consisting of aduit players, a return match came off on Thursday. The Plymouth club had the first innings and made 17, aiter which the youths went iu and made 60. lii the second innings uf the Plymouth club they made 39-thus in the two innings a total of fifi, which being four short of the marks made by the Primrose Hill club gave the latter a victory over their opponents of tour m one innings. We hope this defeat will not phjtu the death of the Plymouth club, but that it may rather conduce to a greater attention on the part of the members to practice, and thus they may hope at some time or other £ o attain a position of eminence as they do now of honour among the clubs ot the district. Mr. HrJm 2-tid an referoe for the Plymouth club, and Mr. Doughty for tin; Primrose Hill club, aDd both .-enilemen gave perfect satidifts^ion by their wise decisions. ,v

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