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JULY, 1860. \

AUGUST, 1860. V |

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CARDIFF AND BlllSTOjJ\. —^ fpH C Caidiff ^av^, —i X gation O)inpaKy'%l/fH- Steamer H\ ysfitff'K J ON KS," DA v i n DMi 13< V ifk. » Commander, i? :nte)jo^l t« ply between CARDIFF BRISTOL, with Passengers and Alecliand;^ during the ensuing month, as un FROM BUTE DOCKS,jFROJI^BATHUHST BA- CARDIFF. S8I&, jj«ISTOI>. iAug. J" n- y\ I 1 Wednesday 4 pjsel. 2 Th*j*lavL JK, a.m. 5 Thursday. • 4J^an. a,Tn- 3 Friday. *Vnrii#T a-ra« 6 Monday 6J a-uJl/ rtt^jiny 5. a.m. 8 Wednesday 7i liffi-sday.. 10-i a.m. 10 Friday .» u.iii. ixuny • • 13 Monday 12^ p.m.ft* Tuesday 4 p.m. 15 Wednesday 2J r) il6 Thursday 51 p.m. 17 Friday 5* a.m.17 Friday G}t p.m. 38 Saturday.. 5^* a.m.|18 Saturday 7-,t p.m. 20 Mondav fij p.m.|21 Tuesday OJ a.m. 22 Wedr-esdav 8 a.ra.;23 Thursday iO&a.m. 24 Fridav f) a.r<t.;2f> Saturday 12$p.m. 27 Monday.. IL i,.m. 28 Tuesday.. 4Jp.m. 2 '1 «9 Wednesday 3 p.m. 30 Thursday.. to Iro Thursday.. 31 p.w.,31 Fridity 6Jaa.m. ii. Friday 4i p.m. i 4 To-and-Fro from Cardiffj 17th and 18th. a To-and-fro from Bristol, 2nd, 3rd, 30th, and 31'-t. To-and-fro from Bristol, in conjunction with the ELY, 1st, 4th, and 20th. Fares:—After Cabin, 3s.; Fore Cabin, Is. 6d. — Further inJorrmtWi eis f.> freight. See. may be obtained hy applying at the Company's Office, Bute Docks. Cardiff; or to John levered, C!?re- sUeet Ii all, Marsh-street. Bristol., B. J. THOMAS, General Superintendent. NOTICE,