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MR. H. W. HARRIS'S ANNOUNCEMENTS -_u H. W. RARRIS, Auctioneer, Appraiser, House, Estate, and ■teneral Agent, BEGS to Inform the Public that all matters entrusted to his care will be punctually and carefully attended to. Rents collected. Fire and Life Policies effected on advantageous tepms. Offices :-Mr Rees Thomas's, Hi ¡t;e¡,t, Merthyr, opposite Cloth Hall. MOUNT PLEASANT, TBOEPYBHiy. j TO BE LET,^= ihpHAT compact and genteel COTTAGE _L RESIDENCE, with an excellent piece of Garden Ground, now in the occupatIon 0 r. Gabriel Williams.—For particulars orient, &c., apply to Mr. H. W. PlARRis^HtJkse Agent, 143, High-street, Merthyr. Q Postponement of Sale to JuJylAJth. CEFN UCHA, CEFNCOEDYCYMMER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. W. HARRIS, On THURSDAY, the 12th day of JULY, 1860, (and not the 3rd, as previously advertised), at the CROSS KEYS INN, Cefncoedycymmer, at Eight o'clock in the Evening (subject to such conditions to be then produced), • nT 1 A LL those TWO COTTAGES and GARDENS thereto belonging, situate near the Unitarian Chapel, Cefn, and now in the occupation of Richard Jones and William Gibbon, as tenants thereof. LOT 2.—All those TWO COTTAGES and GARDENS thereto belonging, situate near lot 1, and now in the occupation of Morgan Probert and Thomas Thomas, as tenants thereof. The two lots are held under lease for a term of 999 years from the 1st day of May, 1780, subject to a ground rent of 16s. 6d. only. They produce a rental of jEll 14 s..perafrtran). For further particulars, apply to Ie Auc- tioneer, 143, High-street., Merthvp^ *IUl Auctioneer's Office, June2^tbfl860./J TREDEGAR TO BUILTH. ■pICHARD JONES'S SPRING VAN starts from Tredegar every Tuesday morning, at Five o'clock, Brynmawr at Six o'clock, for Bmlth and Llandrindod, returning to Tredegar ewy Friday, starting from the King's Head, //Builtli, at Six o'clock. It also runs from Tre- degar to Merthyr every Saturday and Monday. Merthyr to Tredegar THE Public are informed that THOMAS GIBBON, the Mail Carrier between the above places, is permitted to CARRY PAR- CELS, and which he engages to deliver with the greatest care and punctuality. He leaves the Coach and Horses, Merthyr, at 6 o'clock in ) the morning, and the Cambrian Inn, Tredegar, vat 12 o'clock, arriving at Merthyr at a quarter past 1. Parcels left at either of these places, or in any house on the road, will be taken care of and properly delivered. MERTHYR & ABERGAVENNY ROYAL MAIL. rjplIE above the Castle Hotel, Mertbyr, every Morning (Sun: days excepted), at Eight 0 Clock; Tredegar, at a Quarter-past Nine; and arrives in Abergavenny at HplKpast Eleven, in time for the Twelve o'clock Third Class Tram to Hereford, Shrewsbury, Chester and Llverpoo arriving at the latter place at L, ight /í) CJOCK the same Evening. ON ITS RETURN, the Mail leaves the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, at Half-past One o'Clock in the Afternoon, (after the arrival of the Liver- pool Train); and arrives in Merthyr at a Quarter past Five, in time for the Vale of Neath, and Taff ale Trains. To Carpenters, Builders, &c. The Cardiff Depot of Prepared Joiners, Work, the Canal Wharf Ettst, Cardiff (near the South Wales Railway Station.) JAMES and PBICE have always on hand a large Stock of the following named Goods :—Skirtings, Mouldings, Archi- traves, Cornices, Sash Bars, Door Jambs, Angle ,Beads, Doors, and Sashes. Per foot. Ii-inch Doors, 4-panelled square, framed at 6d. >>■ 2-inch Doors, moulded both sides. „ 10d. Ii-inch Bead, But and Square „ 6gd. 2-inch G-panel Doors, moulded 1 both sides 10d. ylX%-inch Sashes and Frames, Deal Casings, Baltic Sunk Sills and Axle Pullies, prepared to hang double. „ 9-Jd. 12-inch do., as above, primed, and 2 glazed with Crown Glass 13,Jd. 7-inch Torus Skirting, lis. per 100 feet run. LOVERIDG E'S RHEUMATIC PILLS. THE numerous Testimonials received during the past two years have fully proved and justify the Proprietor in recommending them to the Public as the best Remedy for the following Diseases: RHEUMATISM—ACTJTE, CHRONIC, AND MUSCULAR PAINS IN THE BACK; PAINS AND GIDDINESS IN THE HEAD; BILIOUS- COMPLAINTS CoSTI VENESS, ARISING FROM INDIGESTION Among those recently received, are the fol- lowing:- H:gh-sfreet, Merthyr, Oct. 7, 1859. Sir,—For fifteen weeks 1 suffered from such violent pain and giddiness in my head that I could not sleep night nor day, and at times /became almost distracted and delirious from the severe pain. I tried almost every remedy—ap- plied leeches and blisters, but could obtain no relief until I took your Rheumatic Pills, which ( gave me almost immediate relief, and in a tew eeks restored me to my usual good health. < Yours, &c., MARY KEALAN, Confectioner. Mr. Loveridge. Cwm Rose Row, Tredegar. Sir, My stomach and head had been bad for many years, and I had tried almost everything Until I tooic your excellent Pills, which have quite cured me. Yours, &c., DANIEL EDWARDS, Mr. Lovcridge. Founder. Ynysyfclin, Cwm Taff, June 20, 1859. Sir,—I had been bad for three years with pains in my legs and back, and I had tried Taft's Well and several other places, but did not obtain any relief until I took your Rheumatic Pills, and I have now the pleasure of informing you that I am quite recovered. Yours, &c., Mr. Loveridge. DANIEL BEVAN. Club Houses, Glebeland, Merthyr, June 26, 1859. Sir,—My little girl, nine years old, had been a great suflerer from pains in her chest and through her limbs, but I am glad to inform you ?be is now quite well, after taking your valuable Pills. Yours, cfee., DAVID Griffiths. List oF AGENTS:—Tredegar, Mr. Ciosswell; Aberdare, Mr. Rvmis; Newbridge and Treforest, Mr. Bassett,; Ilirwaun, Mr. Sims; Cardiff, Mr. Evans; Dowlais, Mr. Lewis; Swansea, Mr. Glover ;;Brynmawr, Mr.Jones; Neath, Mr. Hib- Aberaman, Mr. Charles; Aberdare, Mr. Orchard, Mill-street; Abersychan, Mr. Martin. ^-Wholesale Agents, Messrs. Barclay and Son, London. LORD RAGLAN INN, MER TII YR. REES GABE announces to his Commercial Friends and the Public that the above Inn has every convenience for their accommodation, and the Goods supplied are all of the very best quality. Horse and Trap kept for Hire on reasjHrifble OS, oni 11 terms, and Orders for them by post om tly p attended to. VTfrX NOTICE. Y THIS is to give Notice that I, JAMES JL PLATTCHER, Mason, of No. 38, Yew- street Club Houses, Troedyrliiw, near Merthyr Tydfil, will not be responsible for any del) liat may be contracted by my Wife, M.UMIA RJCT FLATTCHER, from this date June 24$M; 1860. mark S The of JAM ES^ATTCHBR./ Witness—BENJAMIN HA^WOOD.VAJK/ CEFN SCHOOL^) CLASSICAL & MATHEMATICAL. THIS Institution, established twenty-three years ago, is conducted by the Rev. OWEN EVANS, who begs to inform the Public that, owing to extensive alterations he has made in his house to meet their demands, lie will shortly be enabled to receive an increased number of Boar- ders, who will be treated with as much kindness as will be consistent with their improvement. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on the 16th day of JULY. O. E. with pleasure and confidence refers to his numerous old pupils as to laracter and proficiency. y/ TEEMS y Boarders .X.Vfiq^fO j/ Day Boarders .*<. ,r\.u2 ltt' 0 Day Pupils /V, 1/3 0 Use of the GUmes (extraM.. 5 0 "Prettv tube of mighty power, Charter of my leisure hour"— A Broseley.. TTONOtfRABLE MENTION" was mad JUL of the BROSELEY GLAZED T BACCO PIPES at the Great Exhibitj*fn, 185m. These Pipes, manufactured by, an^tamfwljm each stem, E. SOUTHORN, BroseJ^ aresiropg^ recommended to Gentlemen^tor private xfre. Hotel keepers will find tliem far s^|erionji0 the ordinary clay pipes. J A. Sold in cases from one gross upws NO MORE SICKLY OR ILL-CONDITIONED HORSES OR OTHER CATTLE. RABEY'S HOKSE AND CATTLE IMPKOYINGR FOOD restores the efficiency, vigour, endurance, and muscle of ill- conditioned or apparently worn out horses, cows, bullock, calves, sheep, and pigs. In a short time it improves their appearance and value by 20 to. 30 per cent. RAREY & Co., 77, Regent's Quadrant, London. In tins at,3s., at 6s., at lIs;; in casks of about 450 feeds, 50s., of about 1000 feeds, JE5, being lid. per feed. Forwarded on receipt of post-office orders. The casks free of carriage. AGENTS Merthyr, Mr. W. Stephens, che- mist, High-street, Aberdare, Mr. W. J. Thomas, al chemist; Neath, Mr. A. Hayman; Ebb ale, B. A. George, chemist; Pontypooler. Ride- rick, chemist. r\^ DU BABBY'S BEVALENTA ABA- BICA CHOCOLATE POWDEB contains the greatest amount of easily assimilated nourishment for strengthening delicate persons, children and infants with weak stomach, chest, or nerves, and, at threepence per meal, affords a delicious breakfast, lunch, or supper. It is the best dietetic homoepathic preparation, and may be eaten either alone or mixed with Du Barry's Revalenta Arabica Food. Admirably adapted to rear infants with. In tins at Is. 6d.; lib., 3s.; 21b., 5s. DcI.; 51b., 12s.; 121b., 26s. The 121b. free of carriage on receipt of post-office order. BARRY Du BARRY and Co., 77, Regent-street, London, and may be had through all Grocers and Chemists. AGENTS :—Aberdare, W. J. Thomas, J. Jones, T. Evans; Abergavenny, J. P. Watkins; Bryn- mawr, O. Meredith; Ebbw Vale, B. A. George, chemist; Merthyr, Mrs. M. W. White, E. Ily Gay, T. Loveridge, Davies and Phillips, grocaw, T T. W. Goodfellow, grocer, T. H. Wm^nk grocer; Pontypridd, C. Bassett; Tredp^ar, m Peaty; Ebbw Vale, T. Y. Lewis. "vs/ HENBI'S HOBSE & CATTLE FEED. HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FEED is the most perfect preparation of the day for HORSES, COWS, CALVES, or SHE HP, as hundreds of Testimonials certify. Price 42s. per cwt.—HENRI'S PIG MEAL, 24s. per cwt. HENRI'S PATENT MEDICATED HORSE FEED, administered nightly, will quickly re- store Horses that are sick or off their feed, into spAendid and healthy condition, without inter- fering with their daily work. In stnbles where this is used, swollen legs, crackedJfeels, or sur/ feit never appear. Boxes, conjuring 56 ieedi. 12S. HENRI'S FEED is thp^raly ^pne pa>rate(J (1855) and is sold, with A^iaraflaed AN^O/YSTS, by HENRI'S PATENT CAFVR,* FE^D COM- PANY Steam Milljj HuxLj;he s<M manufac- turers, to whom o^hei*l\ly app^fnted Agents, orders must be^ive^v and Po^Oluce Orders made payable/ K London l/epot, ilhain-strect. Merthyr and Aberdare,/THOJIAS LOYERIDGE, Mprlthyr. The Greatest Boon of tho Age! TEA DOUBLED IN STRENGTH 1 REDUCED HALF IN PRICE Sea Sickness and the ill effects of Drink prevented and Health insured, by using MAGNUM PEOMOTUM, OR THE INDIAN TEA IMPROVER.—Tea, which alone is simply a refreshing beverage, by the admixture ot this INVALUABLE COMPOUND, is made so strengthening and nutritious, so bene- ficial to the nerves, that no emigrant or family should be without it. It effectually prevents sea sickness, and not only imparts a rich taste and more strength to the Tea, which it so resembles as to show no trace of its presence, but, aetin as a tonic on the stomach, strengthens thpr Tjdiole system,^ rendering it equally desirajrffe ttfWie man of business or pleasure as tlys* raosydelicate female. J One Penny Packet Jwll LnsV, a wpfik in most families, and will haJI IhATeaf Sold in packets af IdfjKd., VuK, and Is. each, with full direci.^is torVse, V) varioun trades- men in Pembroke, Swawsea/afirdilt; Newport, Gloucester, Bath, Bristol,/Liverpool, and Lon- don, Wholesale orders to be addressed to Mr. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Glebeland, Merthyr; Mr. BASHKTT, Druggist., Pontypridd Mr. DAVis, Druggist, Cwmavon; or to Mr. GKCRGU MAGGS, Sole Agent to the Manufacturers, 12, 'a Deans tree t, Portlanu-squars, i Bristol. SPONGING, HIP, SHOWER, & EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BATH, MAY DE OBTAINED AT VT. T; G- IR, T "H1 SITUS'S FUBNISIimG AND GENEHAL LONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT. IRON BEDST^A^S -A AT VARIETY. Agent for Price's Patent S^fi^which is undoubtedly the only one capable obf etwreeseisn tiPng ricteh'e s aanccd onMipillinxyIiafe^Q&Quljfcryli—p\ Ac gfr Jjp0rrjtnf^d ley bA y dtxhee rtliastee r, dMisaay st5r, o1u8s 60t.rial at Barnsley, 147, HIGH STBEEXOPPOSITE ANGEL HOTEL. "YN NAWDD DUW A'l DANGNEF." "y GWIB YN EBBYN Y BYD." "DUW APROn DAIONI." EISTEDDFOD 6EHEDIAETH0L DEHEDBiETH CTMED," T) A-Tv, AM A L^A N /& E F I N^186L Testyn y Gadaik,—Awdl MR" GENJIL^YY Cxw&yr. Gwobr 15 Giui. V y Tlws 5 „ Prif Destyn Rhyddiaitliy^—" Trtrtkhaw l"ar Haims Swydd Forganwg, ci Hynodion, ei Phorth- Iaddoedd,ei, Mjroau,ei Afonjhdd 'i Maarach yn gyliredinol"Gwobr 2fl ftini. Ceir Hys^ysis 1 pejlach yn ol llaw. N Y i, |7 T. J. JONES (Cynonwyson), Cofijfdydd. Ystafell Cymreigyddion y Carw Coeh Mehcfin y 25ain, 1860. ZLTOTIOIE OF BBMOY-A.L. RJOHO^WIS, WATCHMAKER, JE"W<EiLLER, & SILVERSMITH, ESPECTFULLY informs liis kifid Palron^lnd the J^iblic generally that lie has REMOVED from Morgan-street to his/J^ew ti Qc^bn-stkket, near the Bank, which he /has just Opened with an entjj^iy New^fl oe|T of ylo^ft and Silver Watches, Jewellery, Plate, &e., which will be offered at. greedy rediig»d p: ices. J. L. returns his sin^re thanksT/*ipa t favors, and begs 1c solicit a continuance of the same. Repairs dime on the protfiise: h■^Experienced Workmen, at low charges. WEDDING AT SEDUCED PItlCES. T. "REES, RBSIDBUT DENTIST, HIGH STREET (opposite the. West of England Bank), MERTHYR, INVITES the Public, and especiKny those aflficted with decayed or defective Teeth, to an exami- i. nation of the durable and jpegaiit A racial Mineral Teeth, manufactured by him on the premises in High-street.. Thejf are ^Irfeojrin their resemblance to nature, never wear out or cor- rode, and answer in every resj^ct of natural Teeth.. Reference is kindly iiert/nttoiJ IJ a number of the most respectable persons in the neigh- bourhood who have pntroiuKedCili. f Rees's Essence forn'hSVToathwpie, which produces an instantaneous cure, is sold m bottles at 6d. and Is. each. J Lr Rees's Tonic A stringen4 MMuth Lotion.—This excellent preparation has been proved, by experience, to be of the greatest benefit for the cure of spungy gums, tender or relaxed gums; and as a general lotion for rendering the mouth sweet and comfortnhk, it will be lou-i-1 ore of the most pleasant ever employed. Too «\sons wearing Artificial Teeth it is invaluable. Rees's Tooth Poiadei prevents and removes the formation of tartar, imparts to the Teetl) pearly whiteness, gives a denghtf jl fragrance to the breath, and entirely prevents the injuriou effects of acid and steel medicines upon the enamel. THE NATURAL 1\ WIITBS OF FBAUCB. 1"\HE recent Reduction of Duties on Foreign Wines having placed good and wholesome Wines, at a moderate price, within the reach of all classes, T. LOTEE/IDGE, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR, Begs respectfully to inform the inhabitants of Mcrtliyr and neighbourhood, that he has just received a large STOCK of well-selected FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, and PORTUGUESE WINES, which he feels confident will give satisfaction to those who may favour him with their patronage. FRENCH WINES. SPANISH WINES. Per dozen Quarts. Per dozen Quarts. ( laret 24s.,28s., 36s. Sherries. 24s., 28s., 36s., 48s. Ciiablis 28s., 30s., 36s. Marsala. 24s. Roussillon 28s., 30s.. 34s. PORTUGUESE WINES. Old French Port 34s., 36s. Porto. 36s.. 48s., 60s. Sparkling Burgundy 48s. Ditto Old 72s. Champagne 40s., 50s., 60s. An original Case, containing a Dozen Pint Bottles of French Wines, composed of the iollmxUip: different sorts, for 24s., carriage free Claret. Old French Port. y' Chabiis. Sparkling Burgund^ n *0 |/ Roussillon. Champagne. yS I Orders for these Cases, which will give parties an opportunity of trying these FreticlpW ines are "respectfully solicited. 1? IR; OSPBOTUS OF A NEW LIBRARY, READING BOOM, & PHILOSOPHIC INSTITUTION. MERTHYR TYDFIL. npHE Managing Com mittee of the Mc-rtlivr Library respectfully beg leave to! nvite the attention |_ of their Fellow-Townsmen, and'of the Gentlemen connected with this town and neighbourhood, to a project which they have for some time past had in contemplation. Literary Institutions are natural developments of the march of civilization; and are both tin-, products and instruments of sound social progress Ai-zong these Public Libraries necessarily occupy a prominent position. Such Institutions naturally attract to themselves the most brilliant intelligence, and the more cultivated minds ot their respective localities. The members therefore, trom the superiority of their mental and moral characters, and from the greater soundness, variety, nd extent of tueir information, naturally become the leaders of thought in their several circles and in an age who-e every movement and agency tends to widen the area of political power, and when dangers, from crude views and ill-digested knowledge, increase in proportion to the extention of popular influence, it become i the bci'ndeu duty of wise a ad thoughtful men to increase the number of such influential and beaeficial agents to aid and encourage all Institutions that have for their object, to purity and elevate the minds of the people at large; to render the best Works in every department of Science and Art easil-, accessible to all classes of the community; and to diiiuse a knowledge of the most substantial, instructive, and healthy literature, of past and present times, among the teeming masses ot populous localities. Actuated by these motives, and with the assistance of the Ironmasters and their Fellow- Townsmen, a few zealous persons founded the MERTHYR Lihrak*- in the winter of 1846 Irom that time forth th* Institution has not only maintained its ground, but has also been steadily pro- gressive and self-supporting; its regular members now exceed one hundred and twentv; the shelves contain upwards of two thousand volumes of the most approved Works in Science, Art, History, Poetry, Fiction, and General Literature these are all rendered accesihle to the humblest readers at a charge of only Eighteenpence per umter, or rather less than Three-half-pence per week; and the Committee have the satisfaction to observe that the value of the Institution is so far appreciated, that from twenty-five to thirty volumes are taken out nightly. T'le leading- News- papers of the day and several of the mosyap'proved weekly and monthly periodicals are regularly laid upon the Reading Room table. "But the usefulness of the Insti.ul/m is limited hy th^vvant of space. Deterred by the failure of more ambitious proj"cis, the origin contented themselves with renting a comparatively small room. This has now provarfiiiartpquiite to thprequirements ot the Institution, and of their nightly crowds of readers; the-iynooknralfesj whicli/K^upy all the available space, are insufficient to contain the books already in^me Lil|i^r^und/*iiich are steadily increasing in number; for the same reason, they arc unabWto use a Set of Globes, a fine Teledcope, a very good Microscope, and other instruments, the use of v/fiiidi they l/ve acquired by the amalgamation with them of the George-town Philosoplu<uil Society\foun<bm in 18u2; and they are unable to display their Maps, among which are Ordnance Mw otVhcylRerthyr District, geologically coloured, and a very hand- some Map of America, recently dresriWi hy THOMAS FALCONER, ESQ. They have therefore resolveu to JEWeaf-to their FeUcw-Townsmen to assist them in erecting a suitable building tor this purpose; a»>i!g;|u^.fruetifie £ fme talents giveu to them on a former occa- sion, they are encouraged by the/gueceiss of their pasMMfcardship to expect a liberal amount of public support. They calculate that about £ 603 will sjj|Mfccr the erection ot a building suitable for a Library and Reading Room, and to form the a Museum; and they propose to raise that amount by means of a Jo: nx :>roiu: CoMPAN.gL^lit! Limitijd LIABILITY ACT, in Shares ot £ l each. They believe that the i.redit of ifc involved in this proposal. A far more ambitious pro} eel; muht justifiably cLiint tfom the wealthy iu habitants of so large, populous, and important a plan; as ibis &ii$[flHHP^rdl ot the neighbouring towns, especially Neat.ii, Swansea, and Canuartljcu, already hi||jHHp^iistitulions ol this kind, they leel assured that this appeal will elicit a prompt and a hearty rl^fmse from the people ot Merthyr. The Committee have much pleasure in announcing that H. A. IJRtCK, Esq., the Member for be, authorised them to put down his name, for £ 50; liberal promises have been received from other persons; and the Committee themselves wilt promote the object to the full extent of their several abilities. JOHN GRIFF1TH, President. THOS. STEPHENS, Hon. Sec. IfcMT Applications.for Shares to be made to the Honorary Secretary. IfcMT Applications for Shares to be made to the Honorary Secretary. GRAND PIGEON X IEE AT Mr. Gr. CuLLiMOBE's^Palbot Jjm, Tredegar, on Tuesd^; iftlv 1860. jT ( (/^y Prize—A first-rate d<roble-barreted G"un, valued at D 5s., the expert Spmjf^nan. No. 11 bore, 1J oz. afeot/4 21 yaAs rise^m- single barrels; 19 dittoVftt().'lloitbl»^itto/f 100 ditto boundary; tlim/Birds^ich. /rickets<adB Barber supplies the^MBs^TOl the Trap be laid at Two TF YOU WIPP TO KESTOEE i YOUR HEALTH AND INVIGO. RATE YOUR SPIRITS, you cannot do better than take a trip to one or other of the Welsh Mineral Springs. Before you leave home, send for a copy of Pryse's Handbook to the Brecon- shire and Radnorshire Mineral Springs, which contains the History of Llandrindod, Llan- degley, Llanwrtyd, and Builth Wells, with full directions for using the waters, by a tho- roughly qua ified Medical Gentlemrftn; topo- graphical, antiquarian, and geologjffiil notes and exerpts from the writings ot tjjemosj;eminent authors; an Hotel and Lodai/hg-hyrfse Direcy' tory; and descriptive journeys frop nearly afl the principal towns wither a circl<V»f 50 iiyfes. The reader will also fiifd in kte }«ges >much amusing and interesting readicg^or odd/leisure b hours, all of whiclyfs calctff;we(r to a/Tl to the enjoyment and of the yfsitor and tourist. How m obtain K: -ASeym 24 penny stamps to JOIOJ PRYSEJ Ll^dloes, Mont- gomery, and/it will be sent pYst free to any address. N.B.—A cheaper Edition/may also be had, price Is. Gd., copies of whimi arc on sale at the TELEGRAPH Office, Merthyr. -> JULY, 1860. Steam Communication between Cork, Car- diff, and Newport. nnllE CORK STEAM SHIP I M J&R '• COM PANY'S Screw Steamer "PREUSRISCHER ADLER," rfffMl-00() Tons, Captain BYRNH DODO," 1,000 JToni Captain Ck0FTj 01. ''UTPT i-f.V," 800 Tons, Capt.. HOLLAND, ar^nteH^e(^) ply as under, and aiiord couve^ce fOT/'f'ass^fgers, Goods, and Cattle, atv^y mi^atVate^ FROM CARDI^ AMD NWP^T. Cardiff', Saturday W'- .1^ 7 a.m. Cardiff, Saturday lir^'xP'' "p.m. Newport, Saturday 5lstyO. 7 a.m.. Cardiff; Saturday 28pa. 1 p.m. FROM CORK.—For Cardiff, Wednesday, 4th. 4 p.m. Cardiff, Wednesday, 11th 8 a..m. Newport, Wednesday, 18th 3 £ p.m. Cardiff, Wednesday, 25th 8 a.m. To CORK, Best Cabin, 17s. 6d.—Deck, 7s. No Steward's Fee. Horses, Carriages, Live Stock, and Goods for Shipment should be alongside ONE HOUR before the advertised time of Starting. For Freight or Passage, apply at the Company' ;i Office, Cork; or to Messrs. Owen and Downing Ship Brokers, Cardiff or, Mr. Jas. Maddockt vewport. JULY, 18GO. CARDIFF AND BRISTOL. —i —pk rpHE Cardiff Steam Navi- ~~k |N^|\ A gation Company's Fast- Sailing Steamer "JENNY M|FG^M«^JONES," DAVID DAVIES, Commander, is intended to, ply between CARDIFF snd BRISTOL, with Passengers and Mechandize, during the ensuing month, as under:- FROM BUTE DOCKS, FROM BATHURST BA- CARDIFF. SIN, BRISTOL. July. July. 2 2 vTonday 3J p.m. 3 Tuesday 65 a.m. 4 Wednesday 5 p.m. 5 Thursday.. l\a a.m. 5 Thursday.. 5J p.m. 6 Friday y.. 8^a a.m. 6 Friday 6 p.m. 7 Saturd<(y.. 9 a.m. 2 5 Thursday.. 5J p.m. 6 Friday y.. 8^a a.m. 6 Friday 6 p.m. 7 Saturd<(y.. 9 a.m. 9 Monday 7\ a.m. ;10 Tuesday/\ 10^ a.m. 11 Wednesday 8| a.m.|12 ThjBi'sday.\ 113- a.m. 13 Friday •••• 10| a.m.il4 P'm- 16 Monday 2 p.m.j]J^Tuesday[.X5 p.m. 18 Wednesday 4* a.mjUre WeqneSuay 16 p.m. 19 Thursday.. 5* a .van lU^hurkdayT. p.m. 20 Friday 5 £ pmi. 2* BBtuupy 8^ a.m. 23 Monday 7^ p.m. 24 Wiara^v 10^ a.m. 25 Wednesday 9 a.m. 26 TJmrsdty 12 noon 27 Friday 10J a.m. 28 Saturday 2J p.m. 30 Monday 2 £ p.m. SPTuesday 5^ p.m. To-and-Fro fj'om Carciff, 18th and 19th. a To-and-fro from Bristol, 5th and 6th. f To-and-tro from Bristol, in conjunction with the ELY, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, and 24th. Fares:-After Cab:n, 3s.; Fore Cabin, Is. 6d, -Further information as to freight, &c., may be obtained by applying at the Company's Office, Bute Docks, Card'ijff; or to John Evered, Clare- street Hall, Marsha street, Bristol. E. J. THOMAS, General Superintendent. HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. A CURE FOR TIIE AFFLICTED!—Pos sessed of tins remcily every man is his own FamnyPhvsician. If his wife or children are troubled with eruptions of the skin, sores, tu- mours, white swellings, sore throats, asthma, or any other external ailment, a persevering use of the Ointment is all that is necessary to produce a radical cure. Piles and Fistulas. The cures which this Ointment effects, in heal- ing Ulcers of long standing and whhji have re- sisted all other applications, as weJHw in curing Piles, Fistulas, have been so^emmtless and so notorious throughout, the \jidwd, that any effort to give an adequate deprffod statement of their number or characterild be vain. It insuffi- cient to say that tjie 3intme{fV has nevpr proved inefficacious. fV iD G/uat, llow&Jioffy Reiiymy! The diseases of fle skin, to vdKfch children are most subject, such ra enWus^U sores on the head and face, rashes, rii%n toff tetter, pimples, iu: are quickly relieved by y»s onguent. H <& the nnAj-hlls shoid-t! be used in the following cases: — Bad less Corns (soft) Rheumatism Bad breasts Cancers Scalds Burns Contracted and sore nipples Bunions stiff joints Sore-throats Bite or Moselic- Elephantiasis Skin-diseases toes and Sand- Fistulas Scurvy fijes Gout Sore-heads oco-bar Glandular swcl- Tumours Chiesro-Ibot lings Scers, Chilblains Lumbago Vvout'ds Chapped hands Piles laws Sold at. the Establishment of Puofessor HOLr.OWA Y, 244, Strand, (near Temple Bar), London, and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized world, at the following prices;—Is. ljd., 2s. 9d., 4s. Qd., lls., 22s., and 33s. each Box. There is a considerable saving by taking the iarger sizes. N.E'.—Directions for the guidance of patient I in every disorder are affixed t(reoch Box. R X MOEGANXEeebal I)^CTOB, /1\/TAY be CONSULTED »RI/\TELY 011 1\_1 all DISEASES, /Garden-street, Merthyr TydfiL/ y\. MB. JOHNTRICE, Wholesale Provision Factor, 26, Wellington-street, Mtrthyr. Home-cured Welsh Bacon/rft the best quality a^ the lowest racket prices PRIME WE18H^WTEI^B9 TH 5 Always pjf'sale, aJ'Veast aafte n ices. t Stores :—Back Entrailce uij Chapel-street, High-strgef TO DRAPERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, AN excellent Ready-Mraev BUSlNESjSln. the above line, ipr the /iest situsitkm in Dowlais. The premises are tl*>\argestsmd most convenient in the n^igbbourm^d, wKere a re- munerative business lias/ ljef^i do fbr the last 10 years. SaHxfactojw ns its disposal, and any furtlfer pffrftculars yU\ be given on 'It ion to application/to r. VAN JONES Draper, Merthyr^ 'K 0 The above is an mipoRimity that seldom occurs to any Young Mm wi^T a moderate capital. ABERDARE WATER WORKS. Fifth Half-Yearly Meeting. NOTICE is lierebv given^Hut the FIFTH HALF-YEARLY Q«15LN4RY MEET- ING of the Companv^vill l*e.hel^ at the Com- pany's OFFiCEs^<^npn-9fr|<5t, Aberdajsef on Th v rsday, THRL&TH najj oKIuly mj*F; at [H'' hour of 12 o^efock til noon, for tlj^fransaction of the general busing of Ihe CjyafJpany. 1.d FRAN MES, Secretary. Canon-street, Aberdafc, June 26,1860. Prichard's Aromatic Steel Pills ARE successful in all casesjjMflfeebled health, where the vital ffmji^nas beflOm^Kdete- riorated, and physical epg^gies wastes! ?md weak- ened. Prepared by^W. Pjticft^D^^pothe- cary, 65, Charm^Cross, injboxes acls. l^d,, 2s. 9d., 4 s. 6d^ and lisk it behtla of Messrs. Smyth, tunf Recs, cbeitnsts/ Merthyr; James, chemist, "Dowlais; Thomas,yraemist, Aberdare and by order of all medicine vendors. BRECONSHIRE AND GLAMORGANSHIRE. HIGBLY-IMPOBTANT AND EXTENSIVE FREEHOLD ESTATES, VALUABLE MINERALS, COLLIERY, AND IRON WORKS, Comprising altogether about 14,000 Acres. Messrs. NORTON, HOGGART, and TRIST Have received instructions from the Executors of the late JOSEPH CLAYPON, Esq., to offer for SALE, at the MART, on FRIDAY, JULY 20th, at 12, in lots, THE GREAT BRECON FOREST ESTATE, Onllwyn Colliery and IronWorks, a highly- important Freehold Property, situate about 14 miles from the town of Brecon, and 26 from Swansea. It extends over about 14,000 acres of land, sub-divided into various occupations, with farm houses and buildings, each tenant occupy- ing with the mountain pastures a proportion of enclosed, arable and cultivated land with planta- tions,' 'adapted for the rearing and shelter of sheep, let at low rentals, and adapted for the preservation of game. LOT 1 will comprise an Estate called CNEWR, including Van Gyherych, Van Fraith, Gelly, and Cefyder, in the county of Brecon, with two stone-built dwelling houses, for shepherds; cottages, barn, stabling, sheep houses, cow- houses, and other buildings, together with about 5,779 acres (lying in a ring fence) of arable, meadow, and pasture land, including about 33 acres of wood and plantations. This lot con- tains valuable limestone and fire-clay; it is tra- versed by the Brecon-forest tramroad, by which an abundant supply of lime can be obtained. LOT 2.—The CEFNEIL STATE, situate in the parish of Llywel, pri pally bounded by th; road le&Ung from Tr astle to Swansea, the high roaa from Brecon to Swanse^f and adjoining lots 1 and/3. Itrconsists of/a newly- erected dwelling house, witWharn, sibling, and buildings, togetjreriwitro afcwut 1«^47 acres ot land, lying in/a rmg lrence, iafluding eight enclosures, which covLmi about Z6 acres. Lot 3.—-p?iie/CwivmRAY Estate, bounded by lots 1 and 2, rad the highroad from Brecon to Swansea, consisting of ^dwelling house and outbuildings, together wi*n about 814 acres of mountain land, lving in ring fence. LOT 4.—The VAN-JTEDD and ELAENLLIA ESTATE, bounded by lots 1 and 5, and the high road from Brecon to Neath, consisting of two dwelling houses and buildings, together with about 1,617 acres of mountain land, lying in a ring fence, including 161 acres of enclosed land. LOT 5.—PANTMAWR ESTATE, situate 14 miles from Brecon and Merthyr, and about six miles from the Hirwain Railway Station, con- sisting of a dwelling house, two cottages and buildings, and about 1,914 acres of mountain land (including about, 46 of arable and pasture), enclose 1 by a stone wall, and now used as a rabbit warren. LOT 6.—The PESWTLLT ESTATE, including Wern, situate adjoining lots I and 5; it is tra- versed by the Brecon Great Forest tramroad, and consists of about 2,356 acres of monntain land, a portion of which is 011 a bed of limestone, and also contains beds of rotten stone and fire sand. LOT 7.—A Cottage, Garden, and Pasture Land, adjoining lot 6, containing 4a. Or. 30p. LOT 8.—A Piece of Pasture Land, called Cae-helig," or Willow Piece, adjoining lot 1, and containing 8a. lr. LOT 9.—A Piece of excellent Meadow Land .adjoining the Sennv-bridge terminus of the Brecon Forest tramroad at Castell, and contain- ing about 5 acres. LOT 10.—A Farm, known as Pentre-goch- garreg," situate in the parish of Defynnock comprising a substantial dwelling house and buildmgs, together with about 6.5 acres of pro- ductive arable, meadow, and pasture land. LOT 11.—The ONLLWYN COLLIERY, situate in the parish of Cadoxton-juxta-Neath, in the county ot Glamorgan, containing many valuable seams of coal and ironstone the minerals extend- ing under about 300 acres, and the coal is of fine quality, and well adapted for smelting pur- poses. Iron works have been erected on the premises, and there are two furnaces, both of which are expected shortly to be in full operation. Maybe viewed on application to the bailiff, W. PHILLIPS, of Gurnor Whart, Ystradgun- his, Swansea; and full particulars with plans, shortly had of Messrs. BURNHAM and Sow, Solicitors, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire; DAVID THOMAS, Esq.. Solicitor, Brecon; at the Auction Mitrt; and of Messrs. NORTON, lioGGAitT, and TUIST, 62, Old Broad street, Royal .Exchange.. MB. DAVID PRICE'S NOTICES, DAVID/PEICE, Auctioneer, AppraySr, Accountant, Hfivm and £ anc(^ genu. Fire and Life Policies ^f^cted^>n adrsntagMl Punctual ^ttei^iancV to all^natters entrusted .V. PrivayResidenoi-^Thomas-street, Merthyr NEW CASTLE STEEET, THOMAS TOWN, MERTHYR. MR. DAVID PRICE Has been instructed to SELI. BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on TUESDAY next. Jttly 10th, A Quantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNTTTTR1!, the property of Mrs./Sus;vnnnh fJriffitha, (who i« about-to give ur/houser«t»infl'.) Th* "nrnitiire consists of nak/hesti chwvo^s. t*bl«g, chairs, bedsteads»fmilljraff hrasjfend Jwd clotheip wash stands andTwaw>. fepdersvtnn flr» iron*; pi<rht-^v eWk, falid va/ous ottfer'art ieles 0t useful Furniture:' A There will also be soIBW at thp same place RiMl time, a Circular C^APg QFTTER, in gooi repair, and by an eminent nuflcer. Sale to commence at 11 oxlock precisely. No reserve. Auctioneer's Residence, 38, Thomas-afreet, Merthyr. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DVID PRICE, At No. 31, Unper Thomas-ssreet, Thomas Town, Merthyr, on MONDAY, ihe 16th of JULY, 1860, j THE following FURNITURE, consisting of sofa, mahogany aw* othtf chairs, larere trilt frame chimney glass, allota nd other tables, weather erlass, four-nflst and otWr bedsteads, two fpn^her beds and IMstersXAittrafies, carpets, malioeranv and otbpr waaMns stands, mahogany eomtnodp., tailorjs boarnsAcop^r coal box and slip bucket. B nni et ujn and coffee pots, cnndlesticks, warming \>an^^nd various other useful articles for houseKeepjner. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock. No reserve. Auctioneer's Residence, 38, Thomas-street^-Merthyr: MRS. ROPER'Syffmt^Lym re-open on MONDAY, tite 30^fcV^istVat 31, Thomag- sfreet, Thomas^P^wni^ y Mr ABEL S. JONES'S NOTICES. COMMERCIAL STREET, ABERDARE. LONDON WAREHOUSE DBAPEBX ESTABLISHMENT. TO BE LET BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, for i term of years, ALL those large and commodious Premises adapted for an extensive Drapery business, the property of Mr. Samuel Lewis, Draper, and now occupied by him, situate in Commercial- street, Aberdare, where lie has carried on the above trade for the last 12 years, and from which he retires to private life. The premises consist of a Front Shop, 30 feet by 21 feet, with Plate Glass .windows, and re- plete with the most moderiy^xtures and appli- ances, Show Room, Hat Room, Store Room, See. The dwelling,part consists of sitting room,par- lour, kitchen, with evpy other convenience, seven bedrooms, also wwehoua and outhoases. Commercial-street /forms tne Vincinfl tho- roughfare for the lange ancLfast-incVasjfig popu- lation of the toW, and a^ds tBe/very best trading chanced/for toting and yrasual cus- tomers, and th^remises advertise^are centrally placed, and di^tly%)k thX main/road from th* Taff Vale apa Vale orWeam Railway Stations, from each of which Jlundfieds of passengers issue forth thrice a day. J The whole of the premisM are in perfect re- pair, and will be Let to respectable and trades- manlike parties only, at A rent quite moderate in comparison with the/present rates charged for premises in the same trade in the same town. For further particulars, apply to ABEL S. JONES, Auctioneer, at his Office, Commercial- street; or to Mr. S. LEVIS, the proprietor. June 13th, 1860. TOWN OF ABERDARE. i Mr. ABELS. JONES Will SELL BY AUCTION, on MapoiT; J ULY the 9th, 1860, and following daj^ com- mencing each day at Two o'clock, THE whole of the well-selected and useful STOCK of DRAPERY jfid other GOODS, the property of Mr. S. I/e w 1 s VOommercial- street, Aberdare, who is >etirinjf from hjOsmen. The opportunity is now^ttered tFtamili«i (which seldom occurs) of foniishing lfkenwelves with every useful artic thyuire in this department, at cailveniem anaeconomical prices, inconceivably Wwer AanWhoae/which are gene- rally charged DV the tAdeV X The.'whole of the S^bk wfll\ be sold without any reserve. TheWorking Classes are especially invited to attend this sale. Auction and Insurance Offices, Commercial-street, June 12th, 1860. Pursuant to the several Acts.for the ReUtf of Insolvent Debtors in England. THE County Court of Brecknockshire, holden at Brecknock, upon the due filing of the Schedule of DAVID MORGAN, sued as David Morgan, commonly called and known as, and sometimes using the name of David Thomas Morgan, lately and for five years last past and upwards, of Chureb-street, Twyncarno, Rhymney Iron Works, in the parish of Bedwellty, in the county of Monmouth, market gardener, seeds- man, haulier, common carrier, butcher, confec- tioner, dealer in oils, colours, china, glass, hard and earthenware, potatoes, huckster, grocer, provision dealer, general dealer, shop and lodg- ing house keeper, now a Prisoner in the Gaol of Brecon, in the county of Brecknock, whose Estate and Effects have been vested in the Pro- visional Assignee by Order duly made in that behalf; and upon reference of the Petition and Schedule of the said Prisoner for hearing made to this Court by Order of the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors pursuant to the said Acts; it is ordered and appointed that the said Prisoner shall be brought up to be dealt with according to the provisions of the said Acts before the Judge of the said County Court at Brecknock, in the said county, on the THIRTY-FIRST day of JULY instant, at the hour of Ten in the Morning precisely, of which all Creditors and persons claiming to be Creditors of the said Pri- soner, tor the sum of Five Pounds or more shall have Notice by service of a copy of this Order, made within such time and in such manner as is prescribed by the Rule of Court in that behalf. y the Court. TAKE NOTICE. 1. If any Creditor intendeto oppose the said Prisoner's discharge, Notice of siyzh intention must be given to the sala Prisan/r in writing, which may be left at £ a& GoalHmo cletfr days before the day of he in! I- ti ) ex- clusive of Sunday, and exclusive botl^f the day of giving such Notice andl or the^aid day of hearing. IA 2. The Petition and/schedule ill be produced by the propei/ 3fncer foA inspection and exami- nation at tne Offi8fe of fflie yCourt in London, between the hoursfaf TdtaAnd Three, on this Notice being exhibit^; aM copies of the Peti- tion and Schedule, or su i part thereof as shall be required, will be provided by the proper Officer according to the Act 1 and 2 Vict., c. 110, sec. 105. N.B.—Entrance to the Otfiee in Pdrtugal- street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. 3. The duplicate of the Petition and Schedule, and all books, papers, and writings, filed there- with, will be produced by the Clerk or Assistant Clerk of the said County Court, for inspection and examination at the Office ot the said County Court at Brecknock aforesiid, and copies of the Petition and Schedule, or such part thereof as shall be required will be provided according to sec. 106 of the Act. FEW and COMPANY, No. 2, Henrietta- street, Covent Garden, London, Agents for ;David WiLLram Morki6, of Merthyr Tydfil, in the count of Gla- morgan, and of Cefncoedycymmer, Itt the county of Brecon, Attorney of the Insolvent Debtors Court and Attorney for the said Insolvent in the matter of tils Petition.