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The Turin Gazette says that an officer of the Neapolitan Court, named Bosco, has left for Sicily declaring his intention of either killing Garibaldi (in a duel it is to be supposed) or being killed by him. The same journal asserts that the Neapoli- tan Government has set a price of 20,000 ducats (85,000f.) upon the head of Garibaldi. LORD BROUGHAM ON THE PAPER DUTY IN 1858.—At the annual meeting of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, held in Liverpool, on the 12th October, 1858, Lord Brougham, who, as President, occupied the chair, made the following remarks in regard to the paper duty:—" But the duty on paper is a heavy burden, and goes almost altogether in dimi- nution of the fund destined for authcrs. It amounted to above £ 7,000 yearly on the Penny Magazine, when it was 3d. a pound. Had it not been reduced to lid. the Cyclopaedia must have been given up; and ever since the reduction one of the greatest publishers pays Government between £7,000 and £8,000 a year, the greatest part of which would be employed in paying for literary labour and plates, were the duty repealed. The exaction of this duty is among the greatest anomalies of our political administration. While we profess to promote education, and, indeed, the improvement of the people in every way, and expend large sums yearly to further this great work, we raise, on the other hand, a powerful obstruction to all our operations by laying a tax upon knowledge in each one of its various depart- ments. We pay for schools in all the ways in which such expenses can be incurred, and we wilfully raise the prices of every book which can be used at them. We profess to encourage read- ing among the people, and we directly and effectually discourage it, raising the price and lowering the value of everything they read." REFRESHMENT-HOUSES AND WINB LICENSES ACT.-On Saturday the new Act for Refresh- ment-houses and Wine Licences, which received the Royal assent on the 14th inst., was # printed. It contains 46 sections, and the new duties are to commence "from and after the 1st July, I860," fo that the actual operation of the new law will be on the 2nd of July. For refreshment-houses the charge for a license where the rent is under £ 20 a-year, is 10s. 6d. and at £ 20 and upwards, £ 1 Is. To sell wine to_ be consumed on the premises, where the rent is under £50 a-yoar, the duty ia to be d63 3s., and £ 50 and over, £5 5s. To sell wine not to be consumed on the premises, where the rent is under £ 50 the charge to be £ 2 2s., and over £ 50 it is to be 9.3 3s. The houses are to be properly conducted, and neither drunkenness nor gaming are to be permitted therein. The houses are to be opened to police- officers, and in the license the parties undertake not to mix any spirits or drugs, or to adulterate the same, under penalties. The wine not to be consumed on the premises is to be sold in re- puted quart or pint bottles." When sold in bottles, the licenses are to terminate on the 1st April in each year, and the houses are not to be opened before five o'clock in the moriung or after twelve o'clock at night. The Act is not to extend to Scotland or Ireland. No PARTICULAR HUBBY!—The "Inverness Courier" says that a short time ago a man called on the Session-Clerk with the view to have the banns of marriage between himself and his fair betrothed published in the parish church, and re- quested to know the fees. The Clerk replied that if he wanted to have the three proclamations to be given on one Sabath-day the fees would be so and so, and that if he waited two Sabbaths they would he correspondingly reduced, and if he could have sufficient patience to wait a regular time (three Sabbath-days) the fees would be still fur- ther reduced. The would-be bridegroom shrug- ged up hia shoulders, and taking a short time to make up his mind, replied—"Oh ay, we're nae in ony particular hurry, therefore I wad like to ken what wad be the price if we wad wait for four or five Sabbaths," The Clerk was nonplussed, .:L