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I ABERDARE THE RURAL FETE.-We are happy to hear that the late ill feeling existing between a con- scientious minister of the gospel, and many of the principal tradesmen of the place, is in a fair way to take wings, like all mundane things, and make its exit from this happy valley. The rural fete which was to have been celebrated, is now scarcely talked about, and a general shaking of hands appears on the eve of taking place, and, say we, for the weal of their progressive town, the sooner it does the better, and wiser for all parties. Let the reverend gentleman, as the first offender, come manfully forward and set the example.— Communicated. ACCIDENT.—On Thursday se'nnight, a miner, named Thomas Jones, was killed whi: j working in Ysgyborwen Mine Work, by the fall of a large stone. Lata in the evening the wife of the de- ceased mentioned the circumstance of his not having returned home from his work ,cS usual, to her neighbours, and two or three miners went into the hole in search of him, when they found his body crushed beneath the immense stone which had fallen upon him, and which called for the united effort of three men to remove! On Saturday an inquest was held before the deputy Coroner, and a verdict of Accidental Death" recorded. BeARD OF HEALTH ELECTION.—The election of five members to fill the vacant places at the above board, took place on Wednesday se'nnight. Although there were twelve candidates in the field, the contest was far from being a severe one, and we rejoice to know that the election was conducted in a far more becoming manner than was that of last year. The following is a list of the candidates and their respective number of voteR: Mr. II. E. Partridge.. 704 Mr. William Williams 268 Mr. Samuel Thomas.. 577 Mr. Jenkin KeesCwm 232 Mr. Thomas Williams 529 Mr. Samuel Price. 202 Mr. Rees Williams.. 523 Mr. David Bevan. 145 Mr. William Powell.. 507 Mr. A. Mason "126 Mr. Jenkin Griffiths.. 311 Mr. W. Griffiths, Sur. 119 CRICKET MATCH.—On Thursday, week last, a spirited match was played by eleven of the Aber- dare Cricket Club, and an equal number of the Merthyr Club, on the Cricket-field, near Aber- aman. The Aberdare gentlemen were the first to handle the bat, and then commenced a most exciting game, which was played throughout in that gentlemanly spirit, with which all true knights of the willow like to perform their parts. At the termination of the game, the scorer's re- port, as will be perceived by the following, showed a preponderance of 20 in favour of the Aberdare eleven. ABERDARE. FIRST INNINGS. SECOND INNINGS. W. H. Thomas b Davies 3 b Davies 0 J. Johns c and h Gay. 5 run out 1 J. Egglestone b Gay. 1 not out 10 Thorogood c Hiek. b Sw 5 b Davies 1 D. Williams b Davies. 14 b Sworder I Jones c Davies b Weight 0 b Sworder 7 R. P. Larke b Davies. 1 c White b Sworder 0 W. Davies I bw b Gay.. 4 c Davies b Sworder 4 Rosser 1 b w b Sworder. 5 c Weight b Sworder. 2 G. Williams .b Sworder. 3 b Sworder 0 G. Williams not out. 0 b Sworder. 3 Byes 12 Byes 3 Wides 5 Wides 4 58 36 MERTHYR. FIRST INNINGS. SECOND INNINGS. Gav b Larke 2 b Egglestone 0 Sworder b Larke. 1 b Larke 0 Brown b Larke. 8 b Larke 12 Pickering- b Larke. 0 b Larke. 0 White b Larke. 0 b Larke 2 Davies b Larke. 3 b Eggleestone 0 Sittleworth b Jones. 0 not out 0 Weight b Larke 2 c & b Egglestone 0 Gabeb Jones 0 run out 9 G. Evans c & b Lark.. 0 b Larke o Smith not out 0 b Egglestone 3 Bves 2 Bves 2 Wides 3 Wides. 2 Leg Byes. I Leg Byes 2 25 49 The decisions of the umpires gave entire and unniversal satisfaction, and the gallant party pro- ceeded from enjoyments al fresco, to enjoy an excellent repast, served up in first rate style at the Rose & Castle Inn." This invigorating part of the day's proceedings, passed off in good old English style, and the company broke up at an early hour, eminently satisfied with the manner in which they had played and wound up their last game. We understand a return match will shortly be played, and we doubt not but that our Merthyr friends, who yielded the pabr with so much grace on this occasion, will be ablr to give a good account of themselves on their own ground.. TREDEGAIi AN enormous monster, breathing fire and smoke through its nostrils, as did the relentless dragon slain by our patron saint of old, and drink- ing the blood of the innocent, is ravaging the district of Blackwood. The name of our scourge is The Bedwellty," and though the inhabitants have repeatedly done battle with him, they have been invariably defeated. A wise man of Mer- thyr was called into the deliberations, and the whole matter was lately laid judiciallv before the Queen's deputy. This awful monster had then devoured 12 human beings, and appeared to take no notice of his pursuers. We learn to- day that while chains are forging for him in the courts of Westminster, he has just taken another meal. It appears that recent proceedings have whetted his appetite, so that one victim was not enough. On Monday night, taking advantage of a loose tire, he dashed down into the river, devouring the engineer (leaving wife and 8 chil- dren), and Mrs. Lloyd, publican, of Argoed, on the way. One or two others were hurt by his headlong flight, amongst whom must not be for- gotten a man who got his right leg broken for the second time, but as this happened to be a wooden one, he bore it most stoically. Quous- que tandem." How long, 0 Homfrays and Fothergills, will you give shelter to this fire- breathing, death-dealing "portent," which, while it is licking, with greedy chops, part of our blood, is fast bringing all the rest to the boiling point. This new destroyer will not be pacated by prayer. Is there no St. George living to slay our dragon? or no Hercules to cleanse those Augean stables, in which our yet quivering flesh and yet un curdled blood is weighed in the ba- lance against a little yellow dust ? Arise, men of Monmouth, and answer, not in the manner of old, when Rebecca rose against the tolls laid upon our hardly-wrung sinews, declaring before high heaven, not without awful flame-witness, that this injustice should then and there cease and determine, but in the irresistible might ot public opinion, stand forth and declare that this Sirhowy tramroad shall no longer be manured with the blood of our wives and children,-that our poor-house shall be no longer burdened with the victims of a selfish monopoly,-and that, m fine, if toll must be taken uponaroadfree by statute to all liege subjects, that toll in some other form than human flesh and[blood. The inquest on the victims took place *^8^; when it being given in evidence that th.s tii* and other machinery werei in a^ f fW« vertict of accidental dea M was found. [We have just been informed, before going to press, that the action pending against the Sirhowy Company, for the alleged encroachment on the l iQ likelv to be withdrawn, the Com- offered suck concessions a* are &1T to satisfy the committee m whose names the bill of indictment was preferred.—ED. M. T.] "WESLEYAN CHAPEL.—In our report of the an- niversary held at this English Wesleyan Chapel, we stated that the total collection was j618, in- clusive of the munificent donation given by Mr. pavies. It appears, however, that we were wrong, the total amount being £30, 10s. made up —

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